tagErotic CouplingsWrestling with My Sister's Friend Ch. 01

Wrestling with My Sister's Friend Ch. 01


Frustrated with another hard days work dealing with angry customers and his asshole boss at the local grocery store, Mike walked into the living room of his house and plopped down on the couch. Flipping on the TV he was happy to be alone, his parents and sister out for the night, he had been looking forward to some time to unwind from a long day. Mike was a 20 year old college student home for the summer, forced to work by his bitch of a mom 40 hours a week...so much for summer he always thought. Mike stands at 5' 10" and had a thin but toned body as he was on the track team at his school. He loved to work out and was always able to squeeze in an hour workout before work.

A few minutes into the movie, the doorbell rang, he cursed out loud at the sudden disruption. Sighing with frustration, he got up from the couch and moved to the door hoping it wasn't someone trying to sell him bibles or magazines.

As Mike opened the door he was surprised to see his sister's friend Ashley standing in the doorway. Mike always had a thing for Ashley, she was a tall and thin 19 year old brunette with light green eyes and a set of tits to die for. Every time she came over he had to stifle an erection by going upstairs and avoiding her. She was particularly sexy tonight with her short skirt and tight t-shirt that left little to the imagination. She was clearly a little drunk as she slurred her speech.

Her voice snapping him out of his stare, he looked up to see Ashley staring right at him laughing as she asked, "Hello???? You know my face is up here? Have you paying attention to what I've been saying Mike? Or have you just been staring at my tits again?"

Embarrassed, Mike began to blush as he replied, "Look Ashley...Kimberly isn't home...maybe you should call her and ask where she is?"

Her smile quickly turned to a frown as she shouted, "Oh well fuck me then! Your sister said she would be here! Look...can I just hang here with you until she gets back?"

Knowing it would be a challenge to behave around her he decided it would be a dick move to just have her wait alone so he responded, "Sure Ashley...you can stay."

Letting out a slight giggle she jumped through the door and ran over to the living room and sat down on the couch, and flipped the channels until she shouted out, "Mike! Look! Risky Business is on TV!" Patting her hand next to her on the couch she smiled and begged, "Come on Mike...sit here and watch it with me!"

Unable to resist her charms and the cute face she made when she begged, Mike sat down next to Ashley and was surprised when she quickly scooted closer to him, leaning her sexy body against his. The feeling of her warm body against his made it harder for him to keep down his growing erection. The fact that the hot sex scene on the subway was coming up did not help in the least.

As the in the movie scene progressed, he could feel Ashley breathing hard and slowly leaning into his body more and more until her head rested on his shoulder. Wondering why Mike was so uptight, Ashley thought it would be fun to tickle him knowing how ticklish Mike is. As Ashley jammed her fingers into his side, Mike let out a roar of laughter but fought back by tickling Ashley and eventually wrestling her to the ground. In the struggle that followed, Ashley's skirt and shirt were hiked up high onto her body and Mike began to enjoy the feeling of her hot body rubbing against his own.

Her tits smashing against his chest, and the feel of her soft skin against his hands as Mike walked the fine line between tickling her sides and caressing them was causing his cock to throb harder in his shorts. Ashley's warm breath tickling his neck as she giggled into the crook of his neck caused a tingle in his spine. His laughter started to fade as both of them began to caress more than tickle each other. He could feel the swelling in his cock as it began poking Ashley's tight stomach.

Ashley looked down and gasped as saw and she felt Mike's cock poking against her flat and firm stomach. Hearing her gasp at the sight of his swollen cock, he expected the worst. Wondering if she was gonna freak out and tell his sister. Mike was surprised however when he saw the shit eating grin form on her face.

Giggling she said, "Well Mike what's this down here?" He groaned as she pressed her hipbone against his hard cock. "I never knew you felt this way about me..."

Looking away from Ashley with embarrassment, his face flushed red with embarrassment, he replied nervously, "Well...Ashley you are a pretty girl...and um..."

Ashley grinned with excitement, surprising Mike as she wrapped her hand around the back of his neck crushing her lips against his, her sweet and soft lips caressing his own caused his cock to swell even more as a feeling of ecstasy filled his body.

Both Ashley and Mike tore at each other's clothes as a feeling of raw lust overwhelmed them. They desperately wanted to release their sexual tension, to satisfy their primal needs. Their clothes strewn everywhere, Mike smiled as he realized he finally lay naked on top of Ashley's hot perfectly shaped body. His eyes traveled down towards her cunt, pausing to take in the sight her round perfect D cup breasts heaving with each of her breaths. Her cunt already dripping with need, Mike grabbed his cock and easily slid inside her cunt, both of them groaning with pleasure as they started fucking each other with raw desire.

As he thrusted into her tight cunt mercilessly, Mike shouted out, "Oh fuck Ashley! This feels so fucking awesome! Is it good for you? You like being fucked by your friend's big brother?

"Oh fuck yes! I love it Mike! I always wanted to fuck you since the day I first saw you! Don't stop Mike! Fuck the shit outta me!"

Both Ashley and Mike lost track of time as their rough fucking on the carpet continued, their only care in the world was satisfying their desire without thought or pause. Overwhelmed with lust, they both groaned out as they began to feel the beginnings of their orgasm.

The feel of her hot tight cunt combined with the sight of her hot body shuddering beneath him was too much and Mike shouted out, "Oh shit Ashley! I'm gonna cum! Where do you want it??"

"Oh yeah Mike! I'm gonna cum too! Shoot that cum inside my pussy! I wanna cum on your cock! Oh shit! I'm cumming!!!"

As Ashley's cunt contracted hard around Mike's shaft, both of them didn't even register the consequences as he shot a huge load of cum deep inside her hot pussy. Millions of his sperm flooding Ashley's womb, swimming around inside her searching for her egg. Mike came all the way through Ashley's orgasm, shooting her full of his hot white healthy cum, the tight contracting walls of her pussy massaging his cock, milking every last drop of his hot seed deep within her. Occupied with their orgasms, they didn't hear the front door open as Kimberly walked inside the house, moving towards the strange noises coming from the living room.

As they both came down from their orgasms, their lips met to share a hot passionate kiss. Just as they were getting into their kiss and mutual caressing, Mike and Ashley both jumped and their eyes darted to the doorway to living room as they heard Kimberly gasp at the sight of her friend freshly fucked by her brother.

She smiled and said seductively, "Well Well Well big brother...what do we have here? Looks like you two had fun! Of course it's only right I get to play too..."

Part 2 to come....

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