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Writer's Block


"Aw JEEEEZE!!" I shrieked when the ice-cold touch of the tin can touched the back of my neck, releasing me from the trance I had been in looking at the p.c.'s screen as if the words would type themselves. "Sorry!" she giggled, not really being sorry for getting my attention in her usual way. Her bare arm reached around my peripheral view and set the Pepsi down on the cork coaster beside the empty can that had been drained an hour earlier. "Whatcha working on?" she said, slowly combing my hair with her fingernails.

"I just can't figure out a way to get these two chapters connected," I told her without turning my gaze away from the screen. "They're related, but I just can seem to find the link to make one flow after the other."

Massaging the kinks out of my shoulders, she leaned over and teasingly licked the back of my neck, the damp spot left by the condensation from the Pepsi can. I felt a sudden tickle that didn't feel like a tongue, so I brushed my hand back, but caught only thin air. Then, just as my fingers resumed the familiar 'home key' posture, that tickle hit me again... in two different spots at the same time. Her hands touched the sides of my head then and pulled me back.

"Mmmmm..." I moaned, suddenly realizing that she was topless. I rested my head in the valley of her breasts as her hands returned to the tightness between my shoulder blades. "Looks like another writer's block today!" I said, spinning around on Granny's old piano stool that I use instead of a chair when I'm working. (Somehow forcing myself to be uncomfortable when I write, makes it easier to focus on the writing.) I planted my face where the back of my head had been, and noticed that her breasts weren't the only part of her that was bare. The only thing she was wearing was that smile... that sexy smile that makes me melt.

"Yup... writer's block for sure today!" I whispered, touching each of her breasts with each of my hands, then cupping them firmly, but gently. Still squeezing, I softly kissed each hardened nipple in turn. The bulge in my cut-off sweat pants was quickly becoming just as hard as those bits between my lips. My hands slid down her sides to her smooth legs, then slowly roamed to her thighs, then to her butt, while my mouth remained content enjoying the 'appetizer' of this fine meal she had obviously been preparing. Her fingers kept combing my hair, holding my head tight against her chest. She moaned sweetly, and without looking, I could tell she had dipped her head back with her eyes closed.

I moved my hands to the small of her back, and locked my fingers together. Just holding her then. My cheek riding the ebb and flow of her breathing; the thunder of her heart beat filling my ear. Just wanted to hold her like that... cherishing the memories of things we haven't even experienced yet... like hand-in-hand walks at sunset through the gently rolling surf as it inches its way to high tide... body-to-body slow dancing to familiar tunes ("Unchained Melody" and "I Know You're Out There Somewhere" and "Sounds of Silence" and "Peaceful Easy Feeling"...)

"Are you ready for the 'main course' Babes?" she whispered, reaching around her to take my hands. She kissed me lightly on the lips then as I stood up to embrace her with the full force of my strength. My favorite blue pocket tee-shirt slipped over my head and landed on the floor in front of the television as that commercial for Johnson's Baby Shampoo rambled on unnoticed. Bare chests now feeling each other's heart beats, our gazes froze on each other as if we were having the exact same thought at exactly the same time: "No more tears."

She kissed me quick then, and gently broke free of our embrace. She strolled to the coffee table in front of the sofa and bent over straight-legged to pick up the remote, all the while keeping her stare on me and licking a finger. The baby shampoo ad ended in a sudden blip on the darkened television screen. She slowly stood and faced me, then beckoned me to her with that curled index finger come-hither motion. Shirtless and barefoot, with a tent for a crotch in my cut-offs, I hurried those few steps and picked her up, cradling her as though she was a bride crossing a threshold for the first time.

She giggled all the way to the bedroom, arms wrapped around my neck, legs swinging alternately at the knees. She had been preparing 'dinner' that was for sure. It took a few seconds for my eyes to adjust to the dim, flickering light cast by at least fifty candles; reds placed all around the room, white ones on the nightstand. The bed's down comforter was carpeted with rose pedals... whites, pinks, reds. And her feminine scent hung in the air like that familiar fragrance at the cosmetic counter of any fine department store.

I laid her on the bed in the same way someone might lay a delicate flower on a park bench. Her eyes followed my hands as I slipped my cut-offs to my ankles and stepped out of them. We met again in a tight embrace, tongues dancing in each other's mouths. She was by this time not just combing my hair with her fingernails, she was digging my scalp. My mouth went back to the 'appetizers' briefly, then suddenly, she pulled my face back into view of her own.

"Uh-uh... you've already had the appetizers... dinner is served!" she said, pushing my head to the top of her spread legs. Her smooth and trimmed pubic patch, glistening with her wetness, greeted my hungry lips... and I dined.

Fine dining... and even second-helpings of this meal wasn't enough. Her clitoris was like a piece of hard candy between my lips and against my tongue. A sweet piece of candy that could be sucked through eternity without getting any smaller. The hot, damp tunnel inside swallowed my probing, darting mouth organ to the point that I thought I would surely suffocate with my nose pressed against her in order that my tongue could slip deeper inside. Her labia quivered as my wide licks swiped them repeatedly from her butt to her clitoris, then suddenly, her womanhood wasn't the only thing quaking. Her legs bent at the knees, and enclosed my head like a vise... her back arched and her butt bounced on the rolling waves of the waterbed. Her fingers clawed my neck and shoulders... reaching without success to drag themselves across my back. Then, without warning, I felt my head snap back, freeing my face from the soft wetness between her clenched thighs. She screamed.


I mounted her shivering flesh and penetrated her, slowly and deeply. Then withdrawing just as slowly. Just barely all the way outside, I plunged again, not much faster. Then withdrew to nearly all the way out again, then plunged hard, and deep. Faster and faster my jabs went, tingling sensations building in my sac, then with one last hard dive, I exploded inside her wet warmth ...

And, like those old Maxwell House coffee ads, her tight squeezes made sure it was "good to the last drop" ...

# # #

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