tagSci-Fi & FantasyXXXecil's: The Siege Book 03

XXXecil's: The Siege Book 03


The throbbing had stopped now, and she was relieved. It shouldn't have happened! What about the cures! Two of the them! They were the best, the latest thing! But... but it hadn't worked! Jason had awakened naked in the bushes of the municipal park, the Slut Bus long gone, as was all the hair on his body. He'd watched in horror as his slimming chest began to sprout enlarged nipples, which began to blossom into boobs! Real boobs! Then... blackout... he'd heard that the Change was enormously stressful on the body.

He tried to go for help... someone... somewhere... when next he'd awakened. As he'd feared, his penis had gotten smaller yet... arms... slimmer... less muscle... as Jason had crawled through the grass, stark naked, he resolved to remain awake... to get help... when he felt his hips crack... another blackout, as his body was forced into unconsciousness by the physiological strain of the transformation.

She'd awakened with a shout of lust, as a new pussy unfolded where once a cock had been. Immediately, she began to foam and froth. And all who saw her would know that she was in an advanced stage of infection by Triple; so named on the street from the appearance of three X chromosomes in cells that had been infected; according to egg-head scientists studying the thing. But it had many names; and the new girl scarcely cared.

She was sleek, muscled, powerful. Her legs were of special interest; they were the firm and taut legs of a fitness model or female track star. Jason... er... no... not Jason... Jocelyn now... had noticed that she'd retained her powerful, six-pack abs. But... but these boobs! "AHHHNH!"

She yelped as her tits began to inflate yet more; that part Jocelyn didn't understand; why her boobs were expanding, inflating with hot, sweet milk. Her slim, feminine fingers clutched her rampant orbs, as the taut, firm girl flesh swelled through and past her grasp, pure boob surpassing her hands as she tried hopelessly to contain herself. When she'd awakened, each tit was no larger than a cereal bowl, but with each furtive quiver, with each swollen throb, bulging bazookas engorged with a life of their own, with a force from within.

As Jocelyn tried to stand on her muscled legs, she was momentarily caught off-balance by the shifting water-weight attached to her chest. Soon, the swelling sensation of painful pleasure tore a primal howl from Jocelyn's shapely throat as her boobs slowed their expansion at a vast size that was large enough for her to hide a pencil in her cleavage, and taken together; her tanned tits could have contained an entire jug of Gatorade, so plump was their girth. Yet it was not an electrolyte supplement that filled her boobs, it was colostrums, lactic acid, and other vital nutrients, that leaked from bulging nipples in ivory-white rivulets.

The thrill of the hunt seized her as she beheld the man. He was a pleasant enough, average fellow with neatly-trimmed brown hair, a dimpled chin, and a dazed smile. The tuxedo he wore and jewelry box he carried suggested he was on his way to make a romantic proposal of some sort. A fit of jealous rage seized Jocelyn at the thought of another woman having a lifetime claim on this man. She deserved him! Her cunt was frothing furiously; aching and twisting with a flaming lust that only a penis would satiate! As her long, powerful legs propelled her at the man, Jocelyn was dimly aware that she had once been Jason, a manly man that could never have tolerated such interest. But Jason's ideas and desires were mere academic footnotes now, as the predatory libido burned in Jocelyn's blood; and powered her muscles.

Hapless and helpless, the man was clobbered by an athletic whirlwind of sleek legs and muscled thighs. On instinct alone, Jocelyn subdued her prey, cast him into the bushes even as she shredded his clothes. She was on him before he could call out for help. His penis was out, her sopping cunt ground against his flaccid manhood, enticing him to erection, while a spurting teat was thrust into his open mouth. The sweet richness of her spewing breast milk would stifle his cries for help, and the wholesome sweetness would calm his fears.

Swifter than she had dared hope, his rod had become erect! Long before his manhood could attain full length, he was already inside the slippery cavern of lubricated bliss that gaped with feminine hunger between Jocelyn's thighs. She would not be a weak, foolish woman that would gyrate herself in an attempt to entice a man; to see a man was to hunt him, and she would claim his body and seed through her strength alone!


"The truth is, this is what you've wanted all along." Natalee explained, as Todd's throbbing penis detonated into her frothing, foaming cunt; a potent surge of jism jetted into her moist core, provoking the narcotic state that had all the XXX-girls addicted to semen.

"N-no... " Todd moaned, feeling the first stages of infection.

"Oh, it's true Todd." she insisted. Rocking backwards on the bed where her date was tied-down, spread-eagle and naked. Todd was fully restrained to the bed-posts of the plush king-sized, using handcuffs, and an assortment of leather belts to keep him helpless. "You see, we didn't meet at the Cafe last week; we first met years ago, when you were just a child." Even through the delirium that was claiming Todd's thoughts, he was intrigued.

"At that time, I too was a Peace-Corps volunteer like your parents; but I was getting into my seventies." A thoroughly absurd statement, in light of Natalee's firm, youthful voluptuousness, the tight perfection of her silken skin, and the firm buoyancy of melon-sized tits that stood high and dripped milk like the most fertile of young women. Not a trace of gray at all in her amber-colored hair.

"I heard about what happened to you in Central Africa, and I was such good friends with your parents that I... I started to worry about you to. And I shared their joy at your survival, I was interested in you as you grew up. Even as a young teen, you had a depth of character that I came to respect." Todd was baffled.

"Auntie Nat?" he asked, remembering a nickname he'd used for a friend of his parents from childhood. She smiled and nodded.

"That's right. I've got my youth back, and... well, who am I kidding; I NEVER looked this good, even when I was your age! And a few months ago, I found out where you were living, right when the Triple X epidemic started."

"Wh-what do you know about... it... " Todd stammered, sweat moistening his brow, as his penis hardened yet again; that was one of the early symptoms of the infection; sweats, delirium, and chronic erection. Natalee shrugged, bending down to lick his hardened penis.

"*SLHURP* As much as anyone I guess. After the manned mission to Mars, the astronauts brought back some rare, underground soil samples. The word was that they'd all died in a mysterious life-support failure; but a lot of us think that they survived, and were under quarantine; because they'd turned into busty, lactating sluts!" Todd remembered, six months ago, some strange reports of unusual, sexual improprieties around a NASA facility.

"That was the epicenter; an ever-expanding army of nymphomaniacs spread out everywhere from that point. Of course, the government tried to cover it up; maybe to avoid a panic, we're not sure. Some scientists have named the thing Gynomycota genitalium, it's some kind of fungus, unlike anything ever seen. It penetrates the body, consuming testosterone, leaving as a waste-product a super-potent version of estrogen, some say that it even implants some of its own DNA in cells in feeds upon, so biologists have reported seeing three X chromosomes in affected cells." Todd's mind was reeling, and not just from the infection itself.

"It seems to be rebuilding the host cells into a delivery system for its spores; that's what's in our pussy foam, spores for the fungus. The end result of all this is that everyone infected transforms into a young woman afflicted with irresistible nymphomania, and of course the condition is sexually-transmitted. We think the fungus is also feeding on something, some nutritional component of male semen; which is why I get High whenever a man cums in my pussy."

"C-condoms...?" Todd wondered. Natalee shook her head, and began massaging her swollen breasts.

"The spores are too small; condoms fail more than they succeed. But really, I've come to see that all these 'cures' just make it worse. The mycota apparently has an incredible ability to adapt itself to hostile conditions; and our best antibiotics rarely work. But these tiny, private corporations springing up, promising cures and preventions only make people lose caution. In the end, the triple-X gets them anyway. I've heard of a few, lucky guys that could bed a handful of X-ers and not get infected; but the mycota will eventually adapt; and it seems to get everyone eventually. But... these cures have an effect; it changes some of the symptoms of infection; that's why we get different types of girls."

"You remember that desperate redhead outside the theatre? covered with sweat, unable to keep her breasts from lactating?" Todd gurgled. "She's what we call a Teaser; it's from people who use ointments and topical treatments thinking it will stop the mycota. Instead, the reaction with their skin turns them into sweat-slicked whores who can't bear to wear clothing, most of them wandering the streets, naked and dripping, pleading with any man in sight to take a chance inside their frothing pussies. Probably the worst off."

"Some others tried steroid-based compounds that the cure-companies promised were effective. Most often, they fail. And these people become tall, athletic amazons with an aggressive urge to chase down men. Some call them, Mamazons (snicker) And they're the most likely to simply attack a man, not bothering at all with any seduction." Todd grunted, feeling his penis growing harder, longer, even though he'd just orgasmed minutes ago. That symptom enabled infected men to continue to pleasure their partners for hours on end, even as the infection consumed their manhood.

"And then, I've noticed a lot of shady characters; the same ones that used to sell marijuana, cocaine, you name it; but now they're selling some new herbal remedy for the Triple-X mycosis, some people believe them. But often, the fungus adapts and infects them anyway. These people become horny sluts too, but they have a strong, musky body odor that contains highly enhanced pheromones. Some of them cover up the musk with perfume, but the pheromones remain potent. Around one of these girls, a guy could know full well who and what she is, and still give in, when the pheromones get ahold of his brain. We call them-"

"Skanks... I heard... " whispered Todd, remembering the warnings that had turned him away from the new, transformed sluts. "B-but... why you... I remember you... Auntie Nat... you were always a woman... why?" Natalee shrugged.

"It was no choice at all; I was in my seventies when the epidemic started. I'd already lived a full, normal life, done all the 'normal' things that a woman is expected to do. And then, this alien fungal infection comes along. It rebuilds cells, making its host into a delivery system, but to do that, it ends up giving you your youth back. Why wither away and die when I could become young and beautiful again, get a new lease on life, and take you as a lover?

"I'm not like that slut Denise, or that naked redhead, I know you, and I chose you as a person, for who you are. Not just because you had a cock. Denise, and most triple-girls couldn't care less about a man's character, so long as he has a hard cock. She never cared about you as a man, only that you are a man." Todd had figured out that on his own.

"In the end, there's no stopping this plague. It will spread among men because you crave sex with fabulously beautiful women, who are now abundant, willing, and insistent. It will spread among women because we want to become those fabulously beautiful women. Many deny it, some will insist they they're not like that, or that they've 'risen above' something so carnal and petty. But women will do it anyway, expose ourselves regardless. Our desire to become such a gorgeous creature is just as compelling as a man's desire to screw such a gorgeous creature.

"It takes longer with women, though. With so little testosterone, the mycosis takes time to complete the changes, but that only makes it less suspicious. A man's wife will gradually become younger, bustier, and hornier, and by the time he gets suspicious, he'll already be infected, and wake up a lactating, female nymphomaniac." she bent over and kissed Todd on the forehead.

"I know you're angry at me for this; but you'll understand my need for you when you become like me. When you're a woman, I'll take you under my wing, teach you all I've learned. For now, I want to savor your manhood... " The tension had grown too great; Todd bucked his hips, his penis now past eight inches in length, he rubbed his shaft against Natalee's young, dripping cunt. Eagerly, she impaled herself upon his questing shaft, with a long and lurid suction sound as his manmeat settled within her hungry chasm. With a yelp of glee, Todd's initial thrusts managed to trigger her breast-gasm, and a potent stream of milk jetted; hot, sugary, and creamy from each nipple.

"That... nnngh... I don't understand... *SHLUCK*... why... why the m-milk... *SHLUCK*... why do we... lactate... so much... why... mmm... Get some... light in here... " Natalee parted some nearby curtains to let sunlight stream in on their captive mating. Even through his delirious lust, Todd noted the strange presence of large, pink shafts in the yard outside Natalee's apartment. The objects were sprouting three-feet off the ground... how odd... they sprang up so quickly... could they be... mushrooms of some sort?

As if in answer, a naked, sweat-slicked Asian girl with breasts the size of footballs shambled over to one of the odd mushrooms, thrust her naked, frothing cunt upon it, and began to moan. The fungus twitched, changing shape slightly, and the girl tensed, then shrieked in ferocious passion. A steady cascade of white nourishment poured from either boob, trickling down onto the ground. The girl had received temporary relief from her burning nymphomania, and the mushroom had received...

"That must be it!" Natalee proclaimed upon viewing the spectacle. Breast milk contains a host of growth-nutrients; that stage of the fungal life-cycle must depend upon it for food!"

So that was it, then? Human civilization was being turned upside down just so a stupid fungus from Mars could release its spores? Well, not really the first time something like this had happened; in the Middle Ages, a fourth of Europe's population had died just so a brainless bacteria could reproduce. Todd's world soon became the undulating thrusts of Natalee's beautiful pelvis upon him, with the occasional spurt of milk, which seemed sweeter the more he drank of it. He would miss being a man; miss it...


Natalee had said that she would take Todd 'under her wing', teach her the tricks of being a Triple-X girl in this Brave New World. Apparently, one of those tricks was to share. During his few, lucid moments he heard the many girls that now crowded the apartment refer to the practice as a 'Cock-tail party', and it was clear that he was the Cock.

Writhing asses and frothing pussies filled his field of view; as the women took turns with him, teased him, and played perverted sex games. Jiggling rumps and lithe thighs paraded before him as the girls held a contest to see who could get him erect again after two days of sexual activity.

After the third day, the girls were pleasantly surprised that Todd still seemed to be Todd; although he knew without a doubt that he was infected. It was possible for some men to remain essentially masculine until the fifth or sixth day after exposure, but most succumbed to femininity within two days or less.

Then, there was the game involving the chocolate body-paint... Todd could never be sure what the point of that was; except that the naked women just liked him to lick them to orgasm. In addition to chocolate, Natalee saw to it that he was well-fed; though he couldn't taste his food during this horrible infection. That afternoon, they brought in the Skeptics.

By this, they meant the valuable fools that still believed the CDC's denials of the sex-changing, Triple-X chromosome plague. They'd instead believed the false rumors of a new narcotic with aphrodisiac properties. Such misconceptions were precious to the Mamazons, Skanks, and Teasers when the local man supply began to dry up. During his few, conscious moments on Day 3; Todd could see them; blond, cocky, Ivy-League types. Thinking they had outsmarted the yokels who believed in this silly sex-plague. He remembered them, licking the glistening skin of the Teasers, reveling in the pungent cunts of the Skanks, writhing beneath the muscled thighs of the Mamazons. What he didn't remember was whatever excuse the girls gave as to why they had a naked man tied down spread-eagle to the bed.

They hadn't counted on such a rich crop of Skeptics, the party would last even longer; now that there was more than just Todd's cock. By day 4, Todd's bleary eyes could see the blond, handsome, self-assured Skeptics squirming naked on the ground, infected just as he was. He could see their tits swelling upon their once-male chests; could see their arms and legs thinning with each passing hour, could see their penises stay ram-rod straight for many hours of lust and sex before dwindling rapidly into frothing pussies. By the end of Day 4, the 'early-birds' had already secured gullible studs for the evening that the cycle might continue all over again. The others were still moaning in shock and surprise as they struggled to control their expanding, ballooning, milk-spurting boobs.

Day five was a perverted spectacle of women that had been men two days ago, grinding their dripping vaginas upon the cocks of other men that didn't believe the warnings. Thrashing obscenely in the laps of the new guys, the transformed Triple-X girls had adapted so quickly to their new lusts, and new drives that their prey could be forgiven for believing they'd always been women. Still, a few refused to accept their new sexuality; the last hold-out had been a large, squat, high-school offensive lineman awash in machismo. Only 12 hours after cumming inside of a Nordic-looking blond, he'd become a horny skank with a freakishly large ass and basketball-sized tits that spurted milk with unusual force. He was one of the first transformee's, but he'd spent the next day and a half denying his new self, masturbating with one of Natalee's hard, black dildo's. Before finally giving in at the evening of Day 5 and plunging her pungent pussy upon Todd's convenient cock. Todd would have enjoyed the experience more, if only her tits had spurted his face with a little less force.

But for her part, Natalee screwed only him. There were other Skeptics being lured to their doom; but Natalee reserved her sopping womanhood for Todd alone. Whispering in his ear how impressed she was that he was still male after 5 days of infection. It was extremely rare, she assured him. For her, it wasn't just his erect cock, she liked to spread her naked body out across Todd's entire frame. She enjoyed the total experience of coupling with him. His mind clouded with fever, it was hard to remember why he should be angry with her.

Of course, by the evening of Day 5, Todd's body hair had all but fallen out; and he was attacked with renewed interest, no one believed his manhood could remain past Day 6. Each slut needed to savor his rod while he still had one. Their faces... names... were a blur... but he knew there were at least three new girls; once Ivy-league snobs, that were now milk-dripping sluts for his cock. But after that night... the blackouts got worse...

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