tagNon-Erotic PoetryYears Go By,Till You Learn How To F

Years Go By,Till You Learn How To F


There is no greater feeling, than to be able make your own choices. Make your own decisions. Not being under someone else's thumb. Or controlled by another. There is a wonderful life out there. Not being treated like a doormat...or threatened day in and day out. Happiness will grow, the bitterness will go. And you'll let all the good things in....

      It might have taken years to get into. It also takes years to get out of. The longer it goes on the worse it will be. The vicious circle will not end, until you stand up and stop it. It will ruin you and your child's confidence.

      A strong Mother will walk away,not be destroyed another day.

Sometime's love's hard to figure out. Your best can't be done from a scream and shout. A child will remember

and their spirit breaks. They get smothered  by one's mistakes. Happy Mother's make happy children.

       Word's from the wise, wish I'd taken in then. No on can tell you it comes from inside,

The reward is waiting for when you decide....... So sweet and worthwhile....No more tears, it's time now to smile.

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