tagGroup SexYes Mr. Young

Yes Mr. Young


I arrived at the address he sent me dressed in my new strapless red baby doll dress. It was much shorter than the rest of my dresses, but I loved the way I could feel the breeze between my legs as I walked. I didn't expect for the location to be a club, but I went in anyways without having to pay a cover charge. The music pumped and pulsed through the veins of the hoards of the people crowded inside. Immediately my body synced with the music as I walked to the beat in my patent leather heels. He told me he would meet me there but I could not see him as I scanned the room. I felt awkward in the midst of it all so I found the bar which gave me a better view of the club.

My cell phone buzzed inside of my small black clutch with a message from him. Mr. Young: Hello sexy, are you ready to play?

Me: Yes Mr. Young

Mr. Young: Okay my darling; first I want you to order yourself a drink, something strong.

I got the bartender's attention and got some rum and coke, not the strongest, but it was in my taste. Sipping on my drink I waited for his next text as I looked around the room. There was so much sexual energy on the dance floor. Two girls danced with legs intertwined, rubbing pussies on each other's thighs. A couple vigorously grinded in the middle of the dance floor attracting a small audience, and there was a man sitting at a table in the corner trying to sooth his hard on underneath the table with his hand. I stared at the man, taking a break from my drink. He didn't know that he was being watched from across the room by me. It was really sexy watching a man get hard and watching him giving into his need of touching himself.

Mr. Young: Go over to that young man and touch his cock.

Me: Yes, Mr. Young, gladly.

I said gladly but honestly I was a bit nervous. I had never touched another man's cock before, but right now it looked so good. I made sure my hair was in place and my breast were pushed up and walked over to where the lone young man sat. We made eye contact and I smiled mischievously. I then asked could I sit next to him. His smile said yes in return. I could feel my heart in my chest as I sat down next to him and eased my hand onto his lap. He looked at me in shock but there was no protest. He had an exceptionally large and thick cock, the kind of cock you wouldn't mind ramming into any of your holes. As I stroked him I felt myself getting warmer and warmer. He pulled my chair closer to his and I continued to touch him through his pants. He was so hard. "Oh baby, that feels so fucking good," he whispered into my ear leaning over to me. My big lips parted thinking about taking his cock into my mouth. Just as I reached for his zipper I felt the buzz of my phone. I told the young man I had to go, leaving him wanting more, but I was anxious for my next command...this was getting very sexy.

Mr. Young: Not just yet my love, we need to get you wet. I want you to go into the bathroom and ask a woman to take your panties off.

Me: Yes Mr. Young.

Mr. Young: And ask her to kiss your pussy gently.

I did as he told me to and found the women's bathroom, which was strangely empty. I checked myself in the mirror and saw that I was indeed breathing hard. My breast rose and feel with each breathe but it was an exhilarating feeling. Let's go, I thought to myself. I climbed up on the sink of the bathroom and sat with my back up against the mirror. I lifted the hem of my dress over my thighs and spread my legs with my heels on the counter. I watched the door waiting for lucky lady who would get to see my bare pussy. Already in my anticipation I could see my sheer light pink panties getting a wet spot right over my pussy hole. Just looking at myself down there made me even wetter. I couldn't help but touch the wet spot of my soft panties. I ran my finger down the slit of my pussy lips, with each stroke I got deeper and deeper...

"Hello,"she started, a gothic girl with bright red hair. She looked at me like she wanted to tear me apart with her teeth. I couldn't help but smile once more. I had never been touched by a woman but right there on the counter with my legs spread, I would have let anyone touch me.

"Can you take off my panties and kiss my clit," I boldly asked. I continued to touch myself as she got closer. She looked so familiar to me and then I remembered she was one of those girls on the dance floor who was using anther girl's thigh to get off. She had massive breasts that spilled from her corseted top that I could not turn my eyes away from. I was completely straight but there was no denying that the woman had beautiful breast.

"Mmmmm, I knew tonight would be a good night...I love," she began then got half an inch from my ear and whispered "sweet cunt." A knot grew in my throat as she slid off my panties from my long brown legs. She threw them onto the floor and spread my legs as far apart as she could get them. "I only get a kiss?"

"Only a kiss," I teased. She then told me that she would make it a good kiss. She lowered her head so that my clit was eye level to her. Slowly she came at my soft skin with her lips. First contact made me gasp as I felt her tongue run up my slit to my wanting clit. Suddenly I could hear my phone buzzing once more, but I did not go to it immediately. The woman took my clit into her mouth and gave it a nice strong suck. I closed my eyes taking in the feeling of her mouth on my privates. The pressure and the wetness were just right, but I had to stop her and get my next order from Mr. Young.

Mr. Young: Do not put those panties back on my little slut. I want you to go upstairs to VIP room number 3 and masturbate for whoever is in that room.

Me: Yes, Mr. Young

Mr. Young: Get nice and wet for them sweetheart.

I thanked the busty woman and made my way up the stairs to the VIP rooms. No one stopped me from wondering about trying to find room number 3. As I walked I could feel just how wet I was from those previous episodes, which made the breeze between my legs even better. I was feeling so sexy, strutting my stuff like I was the hottest woman in the world. I heard footsteps behind me and turned around to see the young man with the hard cock following me with a sexy smirk on his face. I let him follow me to VIP room number 3. I opened the door and there were 3 young men taking shots. They looked up at me when I entered and starting cheering. I did not know if they were expecting me or if they were just drunk but I didn't care. I was ready to go and do my thing.

I walked over to the table in the middle of the small room and got on top of it like I did in the bathroom. The young man who followed me in got in a better position to see the show. In my hand were my wet panties which I used to then wipe the juices away from my wet cunt. Immediately the men started to whoop and holler at me in encouragement as I swirled the panties over my head and flinged them to my admirers. They all looked at me with wanting eyes just like the girl in the bathroom and I couldn't not help but give them what they wanted. I closed my eyes and listened to the music blaring in the club. I pretended like I was dancing for Mr. Young while I slowly took off my little red dress. When I was done stripping all I had on was my strapless bra and my black heels. I danced on to the table rolling my hips and thrusting them into the air. My body felt like heaven to myself. My hands went everywhere, from my neck to my stomach and down to my thighs. I did not open my eyes to see what my admirers where doing but I had some idea. Just the thoughts of cocks made me want to touch myself and perform for them, cocks all around me and in me...cocks, cock, cocks, cock! Wet one all for me.

I opened my eyes when I finally came out of my trance to see two cocks in front of my face ready for me to suck. Yummy, I thought. I didn't know which cock to suck first, I wanted them both. On my knees I took the cock closest to my mouth straight into my mouth and grabbed onto the other one to get it ready. My mission was to make them all cum whether it was in my mouth or elsewhere, no man would walk out of this room unsatisfied.

"That's right my little cumwhore, suck those cocks," Mr. Young told me. I could not see him because I was too busy with cock number 1. He was deep in my mouth getting harder and wetter but I pulled him out to get a taste of the other cock. When I looked there were not only two cocks now, but four, none of which were Mr. Young's, I could always recognize his appetizing cock. Cocks 2, 3 and 4 all had a go at my salivating and welcoming mouth. Those lovely cocks filled my mouth and peeped at my throat. I sucked them each like it was my last time. Precum was all over my face and dripping onto my chest. They started to get inpatient and jab any part of my face with their hungry cocks. From behind someone unsnapped my strapless bra and it fell releasing my large C cup breasts. While I sucked cocks and rubbed my moist pussy men grabbed my tits and squeezed my nipples. I was so fucking amazing! "Where do you want to cum?"

I asked cock number 1. He told me he wanted to cum right in my mouth. I liked his answer. I sucked him vigorously with my large and powerful lips. Then my mouth covered the top half of his large cock and my hand covered the rest in a slippery grasp. I was now in the cock zone where nothing existed but my mouth and his cock. His warm cum surged into my mouth and I swallowed all that I could. Cock number two pushed cock 1 out of the way and came right onto my tits without me even touching him. I rubbed the cum all over my big tits like it was a nice lotion. Cocks 3 and 4 just wanted to cum on my face and I let them lace my lips, eyelashes, nose, hair, and cheeks with fresh sticky white cum. It was truly a cum bath.

"Get over here my sexy little cumwhore." I rose from my knees and followed the voice. There he was, Mr. Young, dressed in a nice all black suit. He looked so handsome and distinguished and most of all ready to do some very naughty things. I could see the bulge in his dark pants and I immediately reached for it. He dismissed the four other men in the room and told them to close the door behind them. I was covered in cum, but I still wanted more, his cum. He told me to get on my knees and suck his cock. I hurriedly undid his pants and found his cock. There was no hesitation as I shoved it as far as I could in my mouth. "You've been such a good little cumwhore, sucking all of those cocks like that and showing all of those men your sexy cunt."

"Mmmmm, but all I really want is your cock." I told him with his precum lacing my lips.

"That's right baby, suck my cock." On my knees I grabbed onto the back of his thighs and held onto his cock deep in my mouth, going in and out, getting tighter and tighter.

"I want your cunt baby, sit on my face." He took off his clothes and sat up against the wall. With my hand I parted my pussy lips and straddled his body standing so that my clit was right on his face. His pink tongue greeted me in a sweet lick, even better than the busty goth in the bathroom. I threw my head back and grinded my clit against him. I loved the way Mr. Young ate my pussy, he treated it so right...

He couldn't get enough of my cunt and I couldn't get enough of his tongue, but I wanted his cock again, but this time deep in me. "Oh put it in me please, please Mr. Young. He pulled me down to him, on top of him, and rammed that hard cock deep into my pussy. When he penetrated me I cried out and yelled his name. As he fucked me I looked deep into his eyes and thanked him with my pussy. I made sure I was tight and snug for him, contracting my muscles. He held onto me and pinched my bouncing nipples. "Yes, Mr. Young, oh yes....fuck me!" He pumped his hot cock into me and I thought he would cum, but he stopped and demanded to have my ass. I crawled on the floor on all fours. My pussy was dripping wet and stretched. I was ready for my ass to get some action as well. Bent over, I felt his fingers dig into my cunt and scope the wetness out to lub my asshole and his hot cock. "Give it to me Mr. Young. Fuck my ass!"

"Oh I am going to fuck you alright—"

His cock probed into my tight asshole slowly. Feeling his cock push into me was the most amazing feeling ever. I licked my cum covered lips as his cock went deeper and deeper into my ass. I felt like I was being massaged from within. He had fucked my pussy viciously but this time he took his time and fucked my ass gently just like I liked it. We rocked into each other both enjoying the sights and feelings of it all. We took our beautiful fucking to the wall and he fucked me from behind holding onto my swollen breasts. It was the perfect way to end the night, especially when he came into my asshole just as I was cumming from rubbing my own clit. In the VIP room we laid on the floor in cool down mode stroking each other's worn privates. "Did you like that game?"

"Yes, Mr. Young," I told him before kissing him in great appreciation.

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