Yoga Class


"Oh my god, there she is again. God she's so hot." Said Natalie as we stretched before yoga class. The rest of the students, mostly women, were filing into the studio where we practiced yoga. It was a small class, maybe twelve students. The object of Natalie's adoration was our beautiful instructor, Annette Boniganzi. Our teacher Annette was kneeling with her torso falling across her knees, studying the attendance sheet. She always wore such revealing tops. Annette was maybe 40 something, but a lifetime of yoga had kept her young. She was tan, with an Italian bombshell's face, full lips, a knowing half smile always at the ready. She pulled her dark curls back in a pony-tail for classes, and wore black stretch-pants and a low-necked spandex top where her massive, firm and full breasts would always threaten to tumble out. She had to be at least a double D. I sneaked a longing glance down her vast cleavage—the way she was bent over really let me see all the way down her shirt. I realized I was becoming aroused and realized I should cut it out, I didn't want to do yoga in this small class with all these mirrors with an erection! I glanced a little too fast.

"Where you just checking out her boobs?" Natalie whispered to me. I felt my cheeks redden.

" . . . Maybe. God damn it—busted."

"Ha! You are such a perv!" She whispered back a little too loudly. Natalie was one of my best friends, we had known each other a long time. We were pretty comfortable with each other as we had always been neighbors. She normally had boyfriends, but they never lasted too long. She had one right now: Matt. He was a nice enough guy. He was one lucky guy, that was for sure.

Natalie was Italian, skinny, and very tan. She had long brunette hair spilling down her back, thin arms and wrists, a tiny and very cute butt, pert a-cup breasts with dark nipples, and some freckles on her tan shoulders. She had a very juvenile body for a twenty year old, but it was comfortable, sure. Right now she was wearing little yellow sports shorts that showed off her but, and basketball jersey with no bra. Her breasts peaked like ski jumps, with her large cone-shaped nipples.

I had seen her breasts before, she would often walk around her house in her underwear and sometimes walked from the shower to her bedroom with a towel around her waist. I had stayed the night at her house many nights after watching movies until late, and then heard her moan and groan as her boyfriends pounded her. I could hear slaps and squelches, and knew that she probably was trying to be quiet, but couldn't help but squeal as her cunt convulsed around Matt's huge cock in wet ejaculatory orgasms. Natalie had told me that her last boyfriend had taught her how to squirt. We were talking about squirting one day and she shyly raised her hand and said "Well . . . I have to admit—I'm a squirter. I squirt so fucking hard sometimes when he fucks me from behind. I also squirt from reverse cowgirl, when he just jams it up into my g spot."

Natalie enjoyed telling me about her sexual escapades, I think secretly because she knew it turned me on, knew that my dick was getting hard and sensitive when she would describe her boyfriends long dicks and pointed to her tummy and showed me how deep it was inside her. "Seriously, that guy was so big I thought he was gonna mess me up inside." It was a big charade that we were just swapping stories when actually it was turning her on that she was getting me aroused.

I had a dirty secret with Natalie too, that if she found out she would probably never talk to me again. There was one time I had walked over to her place to hang out, she hadn't picked up my calls and the door was locked. I went around the side to see if she was in the garden and as I walked by the kitchen window I could see that she was bent over the kitchen table getting pounded doggy style by her lover Matt. He had her arms pulled up behind her and her chest was thrust out in front of her, her firm tits wagging up and down with every fast thrust. He pulled on her hair, slapped her ass a few times and called her names, called her a slut and asked her if she liked his big dick in her wet little pussy. "YeeeEEEeessssss" she would moan. He got her to say "I'm a slut, a big dick slut, fuck my tight hole with that big fat cock daddy. Yes daddy I'm a little slut, I'm a little slut whore daddy, YES!!!" He took out his dick and slapped her vulva a few times, then forced it back in, with a yelp from her, and resumed fucking her while she spouted "stick it in my hole, fuck me in my little wet cum hole! Fuck me daddy! Fuck me like a little slut! I'm a slut! I'm a fucking slut! Oh I love that big dick cause I'm a nasty fucking slut!!!"

Her diatribe, coupled with the lighting fast hammering her cunt was getting from that enormous dick, made her pussy gush out 5 or six feet behind them.

"GAAAHH!" she grunted. A few seconds after the first squirt, she screamed and slammed her fists on the table as three little squirts "fft fft fft" shot out of her cunt.

"Oh my fucking GOD!" she yelped in a high-pitched voice.

Matt couldn't take any more. He pulled her off the table, forced her on her knees, and as she kneeled she spasmed and I saw anather thick stream squirt out of her cunt onto the floor. She sounded like she was sobbing. Matt slapped his dick on her face and asked her "are you a little slut for me? Are you a little fucking slut?" As he smacked his dick repeatedly on her face. Her cunt squirted on the kitchen tile again and her stomach muscles flexed under her skin as she grunted and spasmed through her multiple-full-body orgasm.

He pumped his dick furiously and growled as he shot a huge stream that ricocheted off her forehead into her hair. The next gob shot onto her cheek. Then a double volley stretched all across her face and into her hair. Her stomach muscles tightened again and she squirted on the tile behind her. "FFFfffffft—fft." She wailed like a banshee with her final contraction.

I turned around and quietly left the house, then went home and jerked off thinking about what I had seen.

"Okay everybody, now I'm going to show you a new pose today, we are going to try this in pairs." Annette's voice pulled me out of my guilty reverie. Class had started.

Annette raised to her hands and knees and thrust out her large tits.

"Open the hips, roll the hips 'round like this, but keep your chest thrust out like a lion." She undulated and gyrated and I found my gaze returning to her big boobs. I wanted walk up to her, kneel, and just cup them in my hands. They were both at least two hands each—maybe I would need help from Natalie!

"You're doing it again." Fuck. Busted. I looked over at Natalie. And she was grinning at me on her hands and knees.

"I don't blame you, they're magnificent. I get to see them in the locker room. Jealous?"

I felt the flush returning to my cheeks.

"Yeah, she takes off her sports bra and changes into these hot lacy numbers. Her boobs stand up like creamy cakes. She's got big, round nipples, too. I think she saw me staring at them yesterday."

Natalie's whispering was starting to get me aroused. The thought of her checking out another girl—Natalie often complimented women's bodies but espoused that she was in no way gay—I remember her saying: "I just couldn't have sex without a penis there. I need a penis—you know, 'put that in my tummy! Now! If I tried to fuck a girl I'd get sick of all the oral. Oral is nice, don't get me wrong, but after a while it starts to tingle inside and I just wanna get FUCKED."

"No seriously, she's a goddess. Look at her cleavage right now, she's practically begging you to." I looked back at Annette and yes, I could see right down her shirt. "God, I'd love to watch them get pounded by a big dick. I love my little boobies but they're too small for titty-fucking, and I've always wanted to watch somebody do it." She said.

This pushed me over the edge and I realized that I had an erection. Oh, no.

To be continuted...

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