You Can't Handle Me Ch. 02


Then, as the scene played where he had placed her vibrating egg on her navel, she felt something press on her stomach, something buzzing lightly, and through the fog she realized he had her egg again, and was using it on her. As the egg was slid into her panties on film, Dick slid it under her skirt and panties and against her tingling labia. She didn't even realize that another pair of hands had pulled up her top and bra, until the moment when her top was pulled completely over her head and off. Her breathing was getting faster, her body was on fire, as she felt him push the egg inside her. She knew she was going to come, the moment when she saw herself climax on film; she could feel herself getting close, almost to the edge, when suddenly, without warning, the screen went black.

"Huhhh...wh-what happened..." Denise moaned, as she felt Dick's strong hands under her arms, helping her to her feet.

"I think you were enjoying that a little too much," she heard Mr. Masters respond. "Besides, it's time for dessert," he added, as a pair of hands reached over to the excited, dizzy teacher, sliding her skirt and panties down and off. Denise stepped out of them without a thought as she looked down at the table in front of her. She blinked her tired eyes; it looked like a large rectangular serving tray, covering the entire table, with what appeared to be strawberry Jello filling it. She blinked again, thinking she was seeing things, but the image her eyes saw remained the same. She glanced to her right as she heard a cart being wheeled in; it was Candy, bringing in the ice cream, strawberries, and whipped cream.

"You look tired, dear," Mr. Masters said as he walked over next to Denise. "Why don't you lay down for a bit," and he reached down to her legs, helping his son lift the dazed and confused teacher into the serving tray. Once she was completely inside the tray, Mr. Masters reached down and slipped off her heels, leaving Denise completely bare on the bed of Jello.

"Uuuunnnhhhh..." Denise moaned as she lay there inside the tray, the egg in her vagina keeping her on the edge of climax. She looked up just as Dick placed a red scarf over her tired eyes, tying it around her head, and blindfolding her once again. Denise squirmed around in the Jello, her inability to see combined with the egg and the Jello were driving her absolutely crazy!

Denise could sense someone breathing close to her stomach, then she heard Mr. Masters' voice. "Mmm, you still smell like strawberries,'re going to make the most delicious strawberry shortcake ever!" Denise gasped as she realized she was going to be the cake! She trembled and writhed inside her serving tray, and then a sensation between her legs, an icy cold sensation, caused her to lose control completely. She climaxed hard, her juices flowing all over the gallon of vanilla ice cream that had just been scooped between her legs.

Denise could hear the 'oohs' and 'aahs' as the ice cream was mixed with her juices, and then scooped up and placed all over her quivering body: a large scoop on each of her bare breasts, another on her navel, one on each thigh, and one right in the middle of her forehead; that left the remainder pressed against her still buzzing pussy.

"Now for the strawberries," Mr. Masters said, and strawberries were pushed down into each scoop of ice cream. Denise could smell them, even through her deepening fog. "And now the whipped cream," he added, as she heard the familiar sound of whipped cream being squirted out of the aerosol cans. She moaned as she felt her arousal growing once again, stimulated by her situation as well as the egg inside her.

"And now for the final ingredient," Dick exclaimed, and Denise felt something sticky being poured all over her body, covering her. Strawberry syrup. Her body shuddered hard as she climaxed once again, and the last words she heard before she passed out were, "Dig in!"

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