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You Never Can tell


As I walked into the living room after a day at the golf course I was greeted by the sight of my loving wife watching the idiot box. Nothing was out of the ordinary and I asked her if the dinner was ready. She replied that she had called for a pizza because she was not in a mood to cook. Funny, I always thought that sex increased your appetite, it did for me.

Yes, my wife was back today from another of her fuckfest with her toy boy Darin. She thought that I was an oblivious bastard who had no idea he was being cuckolded but that was as far from the truth as possible. I was sitting in a rented car right outside the motel when she went inside the room and I was there when she came out two hours later looking well fucked. She was escorted to the car by Darin and shared a hot passionate kiss with him in plain sight. Of Course my new Nikon Digital SLR was capturing some nice memories. I even got a picture where she squeezed his cock before getting in her car and driving away.

Darin was a hot shot salesman at Nicki's Office and had been bonking her regularly over the last two months. Of course, I knew of the cheating from one day before they actually consummated their relationship. Right from the day the affair started I started working on a serious project that was all consuming and my sex drive nosedived. In fact, except a few necking sessions I had no physical contact with my darling wife.

Oh, so rude of me, my name is Kevin O'Toole and I am a 34 year old martial arts trainer. I am very high in demand and my clients generally were movie stars who were preparing for an action movie or who had just the knack of keeping fit. My wife Nicki is a former child model who was one of my clients before marrying me. She had come to me when she thought she was ready for modelling again after losing the awkward pimples and braces that took her away from modelling during her teenage years. She never did go back to modeling and today she works as a PR manager with an insurance company in Sacramento, California, our hometown. At 32 she could pass for a teenager except for the kickin' ass that spoke more woman than girl. Her face was innocent, almost angelic and her petite frame with her B cup breasts were like a wet dream come true.

That said, beauty is more than skin deep, is it not? Now, whenever I looked at her, I saw an ugly woman with a heart of stone. The evening went without any incident and next morning we were off to work like usual. We were supposed to go to a farewell party at her office. At 4 in the evening I received a phone call from Nicki telling me that one of her colleague had been mugged and she would be leaving office early to go change her dress for the party and then she would be spending some time with her colleague and would meet me at the party.

I duly arrived at the part dressed to kill in a black T shirt that showed my six-pack beautifully. I looked a little and found her sitting in a corner with Darin, who had his arm in a sling, and their bosses. I approached her and kissed her gently on the cheek. Then I shook hands with both the elderly gentlemen and asked Darin if he was feeling alright and the usual small talk about how sorry I was something like this happened to him. Even before I had finished my small talk he shouted, "It was you! You mugged me!!"

Suddenly he had everyone's attention. I guess at that moment he realized that he had spoken his thoughts aloud.

"Unless you want your other arm broken you will explain right now how you reached this ridicules conclusion." I hissed at him and got up. Now, I am an imposing figure at 6 feet 4 inched and when I loomed large over him he looked frightened.

"You are wearing the locket that was taken from me during the mugging." He shouted at the top of his voice. I was impressed that he had enough in him to follow up on his initial statement even after I threatened to beat him up.

"This is my locket which was given to me by Nicki yesterday. I have no clue what you are talking about. This has a diamond studded "N" which is the first alphabet of my wife's name. " I replied

"What are you saying? I never gave you this locket!" it was Nicki who had just put her foot in her mouth.

"Why are you saying this? You know very well that you gave it to me yesterday. In fact I am sure that I even saw the receipt of this locket in your purse in the morning when I took the spare set of my car keys from it." I showed as if I was surprised by the sudden denial of Nicki. "I demand that you let one of the ladies present here check your purse. If I am not proven innocent here I may be arrested for assault and I do not want to give you any chance to destroy the evidence as it is clear now that you are in cahoots with Darin on this accusation."

Suddenly everyone was looking at her.

"I will do no such thing. It is you who attacked poor Darin and you should pay for it." She shouted

"Please call the police and make sure that she does not get a chance to go anywhere with her purse. I beg of all of you. This is an obvious ploy by these two get me arrested on drummed up charges. I know all of you are their friends but you do not want an innocent man to be in trouble, do you?" I started pleading with the two elderly gentlemen and all the other people who had gathered around us by this time.

I saw one of her colleagues dial her cell phone and within the next ten minutes two patrolmen walked in and took control of the situation. I was sitting in a corner by then with a dazed and confused look on my wife mumbling something like, "I had no idea..." "How could she do this to me?" "Are they lovers?". I had a fair share of the crowd bringing me drinks and patting me on the back.

The patrolmen took charge of the purse which was going to be evidence in the dispute. One of the patrolmen asked me where I was between six and seven the last evening and I said that I was with my golf buddies at the golf club. I told them that I left the club at around seven and went home after which I was presented with the locket by my wife. I had asked how much did it cost and she had showed me a receipt which she had kept in her bag after showing me.

I said that I was afraid that my wife might do something drastic like accuse me of beating her so I wanted to stay in a hotel somewhere. I asked if I could get an escort to take some essential things like my shaving kit and some clothes from home. I also handed the locket over to the patrolmen.

Next morning I was asked to reach the police station where my wife and Darin were also being asked to be present. I turned up at the police station with my lawyer friend Perry and left all the talking to Perry. Essentially Perry was charging Nicki and Darin with criminal conspiracy to implicate me in criminal charges of assault and robbery.

We were all huddled together in an interrogation room and advised that we were being recorded. Perry argued that Darin had set up this mugging and my wife gave me the locket to prove in a public forum that I had mugged him. Nicki had a picture of Darin wearing that locket on her mobile phone and the only surprise was that the locket was all he was wearing. Naked as the day he was born, he had the locket around his penis and nothing else. She also showed a similar locket with D which she claimed was a present from Darin to her.

She openly admitted that she was in love with Darin and was in the process of getting a divorce. Perry asked her if she had already started the ball rolling for divorce or if this was an afterthought now that they were being charged with conspiracy to implicate me in criminal charges. When she answered that the ball was already rolling Perry asked the name of the lawyer who she was consulting. Nicki said that she was not consulting any lawyer, rather she was looking up information on the internet.

"So, there must the some trace of you having visited such sites on your home computer. " Perry asked Nicki.

"No, I was doing it at the office." Nicki said

"Even better, all big corporations keep a record of the websites that were accessed from each of their computers. I am sure we will find some trace of this activity there." Perry said.

Nicki's face paled and then she said something like, "I was just talking with my friends who are divorced. I have not done any research on internet as yet."

"So, essentially you lied to make it look like that you had divorce in action when apart from a few stray talks nothing has been done about the divorce." Perry asked

"Yes." Nicki said

"Whose idea was it to implicate Kevin in this assault and robbery case?" Perry asked

"I have no idea what you are talking about. I did give that locket to Darin and it was taken away in the mugging." She repeated

"Do you know that your husband was always in the sight of the security camera at the club at the time Darin was been robbed?" Perry asked

"No. But he could have hired someone to do it." Nicki said

"Just as you could have hired someone to break Darin's arm so that you could get a more sympathetic hearing at the divorce hearing and walk away with larger chunk of Kevin's money?" Perry asked

"No ... no ... it was not this way." Nicki was sobbing now.

The policemen were amused by the whole proceedings and did little to break up the questioning except ask Nicki if she needed water.

"How long have you been sleeping with Darin?" Perry asked.

By now all fight was gone from Nicki and she said that they had been at it for the last two months.

"Did you feel good about cheating your hapless husband? At least have some consideration for all the love that he has given you and let the police know that it was your plan and Kevin had nothing to do with the setup." Perry pushed and Nicki kept on crying.

When we left the police station, it was pretty clear that Police at least did not suspect me for the beating and were seriously looking at the conspiracy angle. The next few days were going to be mighty interesting.

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this seems like half a story

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That was not a dumb ending

It was no ending at all. It was just someone who thought they had a story, then halfway through realized that they did not.

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What's your native language?

Cause writing in English is not working for you.

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