tagNonHumanYou Sinner!

You Sinner!


Mitchell tossed and turned in his sleep. His sheets were a tangled mess around his legs, his pillow soaked with sweat. Mitchell was restless because it was the witching hour, and even sleeping he knew she was coming.

She didn't come to him every night. Mitchell supposed being a succubus was a busy occupation. He had no illusions about there being emotional attachment in their relationship. He knew she visited other men. Many other men, he was sure. The thought didn't do anything to motivate him to stop her. He doubted he could have even if he had the desire to. The pleasure she gave him in her short visits was beyond anything he'd ever imagined. Such a feeling isn't easily abandoned.

And then, she was with him. Like always she was naked. Hers was a business, and she didn't waste time with trappings. Soft skin and subtle perfume. Hazel eyes, almost glowing in the moonlight. Large supple breasts topped with brown nipples and curving graceful hips. Jet black hair that smelled like lilacs. Mitchell loved that smell and he breathed it deep as she caressed him.

"Mitchell..." she half-whispered, her hands running across his chest and belly to his already-rigid cock. She grasped it firmly and squeezed lightly. Mitchell hissed a breath inward at the sensation. "Ooh you're so hard!" she exclaimed. "Have you been saving up for me?"

"Yes," he replied. He was still asleep but somehow awake. He never understood how that was possible, but with a succubus it was difficult to use logic. "I abstained all week." The succubus giggled softly in delight.

"Good boy, Mitchell!" she said praising him as she stroked his flesh. As she did, his cock grew like always, growing longer and thicker than he ever was normally. Mitchell already felt the desire to cum but knew she wouldn't let that happen until she was ready. She slowly moved down his body, pausing long enough to lick his nipples before moving to his prick.

With a gleam of hunger the succubus opened her mouth and engulfed him. "Ahh!" Mitchell groaned. Inside her mouth he could feel her tongue working his shaft as she lowered herself all the way to his pubic hair. Buried to the hilt in her throat, he knew what was coming. She pulled back until only the head was in her mouth, and then she went down on him again. This time, her throat somehow massaged his cock as it went in and out, sending shockwaves of pleasure through is body.

She went on like that for a few minutes, always looking at Mitchell as she sucked him off. He was on the edge of orgasm, every muscle tense as he waited for the release. Then suddenly she stopped. She pulled back, his engorged manhood falling from her mouth with a wet pop. Mitchell looked at her in an almost panic. "No! Please!" he begged. The succubus smiled evilly.

"Oh, Mitchell," she said. "You'll get your release, sweetness." Mitchell sighed, lowering his head back to his pillow. She was just teasing! She always teased. Then he felt a motion on the bed and looked up again. She was squatted over his cock, holding the massive shaft in one hand as she lined the head up with her pussy.

Mitchell's eyes opened wide in shock and fear. "No!" he almost shouted. "You can't!"

The succubus paused, considering him and smiling as she rubbed the head of his meat along her dripping snatch. "But I can, honey," she reasoned. Her tone suggested an inevitability that he couldn't fight. "We've done this foreplay thing long enough. It's time for you to give me a child." Mitchell tried to move away from her but his limbs wouldn't work.

"No! I'm not a demon-breeder!" he said, trying to stop the event with the only thing he could use- his words. They broke upon the succubus like waves on a seawall. Even as he spoke part of him shivered at the thought of entering the demon. He'd hungered to penetrate her, but knew if he ever did she would become pregnant. She lowered herself just slightly, forcing the head of Mitchell's dick into her tight opening. She moaned and stopped, looking at him again with that evil smile.

"Please, no," he said again.

"Would this help?" she asked. She seemed to shimmer for a moment and her appearance changed. Suddenly, squatting above him with his cock just barely inside her was his niece Libby. Mitchell groaned at the sight. He'd always harbored a secret attraction for his step-sister's 18-year-old daughter. He'd never told anyone and had no intentions of acting on the attraction, but now it was very difficult to fight the urge to grab the girl by her hips and plunge into her to the hilt.

Black hair was now strawberry blonde. Hazel eyes were now baby blue. A beautiful but ageless face was replaced by the innocence of youth. Voluptuous tits were replaced with small A-cup breasts topped with bright red nipples. Pale white freckled skin, and a beautiful little hairless pussy, lips red and engorged with arousal, stretching around the head of his now-massive member.

"Don't you want to put your thing inside me, Uncle Mitchell?" the succubus asked in Libby's sweet teenage voice. She bounced slightly, moving the head of his cock inside her just enough to make him moan. "Please, Uncle Mitchell! I'm just a girl; you can make me a woman!" He watched a drop of her juices run down the shaft of his cock as she stroked him and moved up and down at the same time.

"Please don't..." he groaned, closing his eyes to avoid the temptation. It didn't work. He felt his cock slide in her pussy a little more and it twitched again, precum running out of the tip. His eyes shot open. Libby was still there, on top of him, smiling almost innocently. His cock was even bigger, a full foot long and as thick as a soda can. The head stretched her tiny cunt obscenely. Her clit was swollen to a huge size, almost as big as the tip of her little finger.

"I've wanted you for so long, Uncle Mitchell," she said. "I'm going to put it in now. I'm going to sit on your fat dick and make myself cum!" Not waiting for a reply, she slowly lowered herself on his turgid member. Mitchell groaned, unable to stop what was happening but fighting with the desire inside him. He'd never felt anything so tight and wet in all his life! As the lips of her sopping vagina met his pelvis and he felt the head of his cock push against her cervix, he sensed his will to fight crumbling.

"Oh! This feels so good, Uncle Mitchell!" Libby moaned sweetly. "Your cock is so huge! I feel so full!" She began moving up and down on him, her tiny breasts bouncing with the movements. "Oh god... oh god... oh god..." she said over and over as she came for the first time. Her pussy massaged his member as she moaned and stopped riding him, her cum leaking out around the shaft and collecting at the base. She shook and trembled as her orgasm passed through her. Mitchell found he could move his arms again. But instead of flinging the girl off of him he reached up to play with her nipples, making her squeal in delight. She started bouncing on him again, each bounce ending with the head of his cock pushing against her cervix like an insistent intruder.

He looked down at his cock stretching his niece completely. Every time she raised up he saw his shaft glistening with her juices, some of it creamy and white with arousal. Libby looked down at their copulation and said, "Oh wow! That's my cum all over your cock!" The dirty talk was almost too much for Mitchell, but then the next time she rose up, she reached down and ran her finger up the shaft, sucking her cum off her finger with a girlish moan of delight. He felt precum still leaking from his cock as his niece rode him and knew he was at the point of no return.

"You like this cock, you little minx?" he asked. He slapped one of her tiny tits roughly. The girl yelped and grinned as he began thrusting up into her.

"Uh-huh," she said. "It feels super good, Uncle Mitchell! Your cock is so big!" Mitchell growled as he rubbed her distended clit with his thumb. He would breed this girl, he decided. He would fill her with his seed! Imagining Libby's belly swelling with his child pushed him to the edge.

Sensing his imminent orgasm, Libby stopped bouncing, instead sitting down and burying him deep in her pussy, forcing the head well past her cervix and into her womb. She started rocking her hips back and forth, massaging his member to its release. "Please cum inside me, Uncle Mitchell! Impregnate me and make me yours! I need your cum, Uncle Mitchell!" It was too much for him. He felt an overwhelming desire to inseminate the girl on top of him. He had to cum! With a shout he did, sending spurt after spurt of his potent cum into his niece's womb. She moaned at the sensation, her tiny pussy massaging the cum from his prick with her own orgasm. He came for minutes, constantly shooting more and more semen inside her. He closed his eyes as the orgasm overwhelmed him.

When he opened his eyes Libby was gone, replaced by the dark haired succubus. She was still sitting on his prick, which was slowly softening. She grinned evilly. "Lusting after your niece? You sinner!" She raised herself slowly, torturously off his cock. When the head slipped free some of their cum ran out, dripping onto Mitchell's scrotum. She reached down to her pussy and scooped some of his cum up, sucking it off her fingers like nectar.

Mitchell groaned, knowing full well what had happened. He'd given in to the succubus and impregnated her. She'd bear an offspring now, propagating her kind. His weakness was to blame. She leaned forward and gently kissed him on the cheek. "You know," she said softly into his ear as he drifted deeper into sleep again, "I don't let every man do what you just did. You're special, love."

When Mitchell woke in the morning he was alone. The room stunk of sweat and cum and his cock was still sticky with fluids. Like always, he wondered briefly if the encounter had been real. There was a possibility that it had just been a wet dream, wasn't there? He sat up and moved to the edge of the bed. Then he saw on the nightstand a small locket of black hair, tied with a red ribbon. He picked it up and smelled it.


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