tagLesbian SexYoung Kate: Expanding The Circle

Young Kate: Expanding The Circle


It was the sense of power that was intoxicating, Jan thought, as much physical pleasure that having a love slave provided. Sally -- composed, well-mannered, sexy Sally -- would indeed do virtually anything that Jan commanded.

After work quickies were delightful -- laying on her desk still clothed while Sally, her hands bound behind her back, pleasured her to sweet orgasm with only her lips and tongue. Then untying her, stripping her to only panties, commanding Sally to stand with legs apart, to hold her hands together above her head and keep them there while she teased her upraised nipples, teased her gorged clit through slick silk, rimmed her anus with soft touching fingers while Sally pleaded to be allowed to cum, finally saying yes and pushing aside the saturated cloth, sliding her lips into a sodden muff, probing deep as Sally rocked and moaned above her and musky jism poured into her mouth.

The longer encounters of an evening or weekend morning provided different satisfactions. Sally became an ass specialist in a way that her daughter Kate never had, her tongue licking and probing Jan while her fingers massaged her mistress's flowing cunt. Sometimes after an orgasm or two Jan rewarded her by sucking her sweet clit until she came; other days she commanded her willing servant to simply lay on the floor and bring herself off while she watched. Either was enough to arouse her to the point where a quick fucking with a dildo would push her over the edge again. Afterwards they would lay naked again and she would require Sally to tell her in detail of every thought she'd had that made her wet and of every encounter with her husband Larry from the simplest goodbye kiss to their infrequent but thorough couplings. Sally's description of one of these moved the bar of their relationship in two significant ways.

"And what about the mister, Sally? Have the two of you been at it again?"

It was a Saturday morning; Sally was supposed to be at her real estate office but had come to Jan's as bidden. She had quickly licked Jan to orgasm and now was standing with her eyes down and her arms folded behind her back in only a blue brassiere and panties with a dark wet spot between her legs betraying her own desire.

"Yes, mistress," she answered. "We had a few drinks last night and he wanted it."

"Tell me about it, whore."

"Yes, mistress. When he kissed me he put my hand on his crotch and I could feel that he was already getting hard."

"Did it make you wet?" Actually, the thought Larry's cock was making Jan more than a little moist."

"It did, mistress. He has a big cock and I like to feel it in me. And then he began to stroke my nipples which stiffened him more and made me wetter."

Jan stepped closer to Sally and stroked her firm, pointed breasts through the filmy nylon of her bra and felt her nipples half rise in response. Reaching down, she lightly traced the shape of her slave's pussy through the sodden silk of her panties, and listened as Sally's breath came quicker. "How did he take you, slave?"

"He likes me to suck him first, and then to ride him until he cums."

Jan still saw men occasionally and loved the feeling of a cock exploding in her; her only problem with them was that men never knew what to do with their mouths like Sally and her daughter Kate did. True, some of them would suck a little but never more than half-heartedly and usually only as a means to get themselves sucked off in return.

"And did you enjoy it?"

Sally ducked her head lower. "Yes, mistress."

Jan knew immediately what Sally was trying to hide. "And you got off, too, didn't you, whore?"

Orgasm without Jan's permission was forbidden.

"I . . . I couldn't . . . " she stammered, finally whispering, "yes, mistress, I did."

"And you remember that your pussy belongs to me and that it must not cum unless I permit it, don't you?"

"Yes, mistress."

"So you know I'll have to punish you, yes?"

"Yes, mistress."

Up to now, Sally had been so compliant that hard discipline had not been necessary. Jan glanced around the room and spotted her pair of shorts on the bed with a thin leather belt still in its loops. Stepping behind her thrall, she slipped the belt loose and doubled it in her right hand, then came close enough that her own bare breasts brushed Sally's back. Looping her left hand around her slave's hips she eased her fingers into her panties, through her curly pubic hair, and onto her protruding clit, caressing it lightly before sliding her middle fingertip into the brimming slit below it.

"Do you feel pleasure now, my slave?"

"Yes, mistress." Sally's response was low and guttural, more purr than speech.

"Good. I'm about to give you some pain that will make this pleasure all the better when we come back to it."

She stepped back and swung. The belt whistled through the air and cracked sharply against Sally's thighs.

"Aaiiia!" Her cry was immediate and loud -- but Jan noticed two things: Sally's nipples had stiffened to full attention after the blow -- as had her own!

"Do you need another, slave?"

"Yes, mistress," Sally gasped. "I do."

Another swing, another cry. And now Jan felt her own cunt juicing again and knew that Sally was as aroused as she was -- a wonderful discovery. "You will lay back on the bed and I'll suck you now," Jan commanded, "and then I'll tell you the rest of your punishment. But you will not cum until I permit it. Is that clear?"

"Yes, mistress."

Sally backed to the bed and laid on her back, eyes closed, her shapely legs still reaching down to the floor. Jan approached her appreciatively, appraising her curves, her lips, her hands, any and all of which could be put to use for her pleasure. And will be, she thought. And will be.

"Raise your legs, slave. Straight up."

She complied instantly. Her feet were now at Jan's shoulder height, her toes pointed. Two red welts were rising across the back of Sally's thighs, and Jan stroked them softly with her fingertips, kissed and tongued every inch of each line, listened to her chattel's breath begin to rise toward a pant. "If only," she sighed, "if only you had obeyed."

Now she slowly knelt on the floor, tonguing her way down Sally's splayed legs, alternating from left to right and back again, until she reached the blue silk panties which were now nearly dripping with love's sweet juice. Sliding her fingers under the fabric, she found her slave's swollen mound and worked it quickly with two fingers until Sally's panting had turned into low moans.

"Remember not to cum, slave," she whispered huskily as she slid the soaked crotch of the panties aside and eased her tongue into the brimming slit, licking first one then the other labia before plunging two fingers deep into the dripping cunt to find her thrall's swelling g-spot.

"Aaaaahiyah!" Sally's backed arched and she writhed in pleasure as she fought the orgasm that wanted to seize her. Jan caressed her spot with her fingertips to intensify the agony of pleasure.

"Do you want to cum, whore?" Jan said, cruelly teasing her by removing her fingers for a moment before sliding three in more deeply than before.

"Yes . . . aaaaah . . . yes . . . mistress."

"Then you will bring Larry to me to use. Do you understand that?"

"Yes . . . yes . . . please . . . yes . . . aaaaaah . . . yes, mistress."

"Then you may cum now." Leaving her fingers deep in Sally's love slot, Jan's lips engulfed her clit, and the slave exploded in squirting ecstasy, bucking on the bed, laying her legs over Jan's shoulders and soaking her hand and face in sweet musk of her flowing cunt.

Jan lay on the bed and reached into Sally's brassiere to stroke her hardened nipples as her slave whimpered next to her. "Do you see now how much pleasure there is in obedience?"

"Yes, mistress," Sally whispered.

"Good. Now give me an orgasm like I just gave you."

Now Jan knelt on the bed, bending forward as she did to rest her elbows on the mattress, her face on a doubled pillow, and thrusting her tight buttocks up and back. Sally rose and stood behind her and, bending forward at the waist, started licking Jan's wet pussy with long slow strokes that began at her mistress's mons and rose through the slit itself, continuing up to circle the dusky rosebud of her anus. Jan lifted her forearms off the mattress and reached up to her own breasts, circling their hardened nubs with her fingertips in time with her slave's tongue. With each of her slave's licks, she felt more and more tingling energy collect in her cunt as her breath came in quick sighs and her nipples ached ecstatically. Midst the tongue work, Sally now began to invade her cave with her fingers, curving them to find her spot, then pulling them out to smear her juices up between her buttocks, the licking again, then sucking her clit, then working it quickly with her thumb until Jan's hips rocked in a rhythm that itself became a part of the gathering ecstasy. Finally, her concubine began to probe her nether hole with her tongue while she finger fucked her pussy. When a thumb pushed into her anus while three fingers occupied her love alcove she went off in a long, flowing eruption of liquid pleasure that left her drenched and spent on the bed. She rolled over and spread her legs.

"Clean me up," she purred, "with your tongue."

Sally readily complied, finding every drop of cream like a cat over spilled milk while Jan sighed and rocked gently on the bed. At last, she reached down, grabbed Sally's blonde hair and pulled her away from her work. "Next weekend, slave," she said, "you will bring him to me."

Her wet-faced whore was blushing. "What . . . what will . . . what will I say to him, mistress?"

Jan pulled her head back further to watch her wince. "You will tell him that I think he's hot and that I've invited you over for drinks. Is that clear?"

"Yes, mistress."

This, Jan thought, would be the ultimate test.

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