Young Master Ch. 02


"Why do you look so surprised, boy? Surely you didn't think we let sissies live upstairs with us. Some liberal, lawless households might allow that, but most men of means recognize that a sissy's place is out of sight until their services are required. The only way they can come upstairs is during designated walks or if a Master calls on their services. Sissies like Isabella, Cunt and Lola can stay in their Master's room at his discretion, but a good Master doesn't spoil his sissy with too much attention or comfort." Every word hit like a nail on my coffin, burying me alive as I entered the dark, claustrophobic corridor. I had always been terrified of the basement; it was the one part of the house no one ever had to bar me from. But I didn't want Darren to see me shiver or to know about my fear of the dark and tight spaces. I held my breath, counting each step as I tried not to imagine living down here, finally able to exhale when we got down to a more open area and he turned on the lights...

"Gasp!" My relief was short lived as the sight of the 'sissy foyer' loomed before me. Cages hung on the walls...enough to house an army of sissies. Sleeping snugly in the cages were all of the family's sissies save for Cunt, and if she was with Darius, I'd almost rather be locked up. Isabella smiled wickedly at me, as if to say 'Like what you see?'...

"As a Master this room is your own personal candy store. You can select as many unowned sissies as you'd like and let them loose. You can imagine how grateful they will be for your attention. As a sissy however, it is a long torturous grind of dull nothingness. But don't feel too bad for them, we do allow them plenty of playtime during the day as well." He leads me down another corridor, plain white walls and halogen lighting giving it the air of an abandoned hospital, or a morgue. Finally I come to a large open room, filled with stocks, locks, and a barrel of fun...if you were the Marque de Sade. There were chains hanging from the ceiling, attached to the walls, and bolted down to the floors. Everywhere I turned there was another more painful looking device to hold me firmly, leaving me helpless and exposed to any pleasure or pain anyone might capriciously inflict upon me. "This is the playroom. If they are good gurls, we let them play with the toys on their own. If they are bad gurls, well...I don't think you're quite ready for that image. We wouldn't want to disturb your beauty sleep."

He leads me to another room, almost as big as the playroom, this one filled with exercise equipment. I suddenly realized how the sissies kept so perfectly fit. God, they must have to exercise an hour a day. A month's worth would be more than I'd exerted in my entire life. "The sissies are expected to keep in perfect shape, as decided by their owners. They exercise a good four hours a day, every day, well except Christmas of course. We only make them exercise two hours on the holidays. We aren't monsters after all." I thought I might collapse from the strain of just imagining all that effort. I was feeling more and more lightheaded, the tour taking the shape of a waking nightmare. The walls seemed to be sliding closer and closer, the lights dimming...I prayed silently that the tour was almost over...

"The tour is almost over, which should tell you something about the spartan simplicity of a sissy's life. Only two more stops. First, on your left you'll see the shower room. Communal of course." I hear an evil giggle from behind me and I know I never want to be in those showers surrounded by a bunch of frustrated sissies looking to blow off some steam. "And on the right, is our world class cafeteria."

I step inside the plain room. A few tables with benches are bolted to the ground. I follow him back to the kitchen where I see giant pots warming on the stove. "Now you might have imagined sissies dining on the same delicacies you regularly enjoy. And to be sure, when entertaining at parties or serving their master, they might get to enjoy sucking the scraps from a man's fingers. But in order to keep within their desired weights and figures, they eat from these." I noticed the pots all had names engraved in them, no doubt with different dietary supplements and who knows what else. I looked at the gray paste like texture and smelled the smell of sour oats and couldn't keep from gagging a little.

"Now you see what a sissy's life is truly like. And this is just the tip of the iceberg. They live to please others and the only pleasure they get is in service to that goal. But don't think I showed you this to give you some misguided sympathy for them. They are pets, toys, holes...and if I EVER see you getting used like a sissy cum dump again," He pulled me by my shirt so I'm at eye level, my feet dangling just above the ground, "then this will be your new home. I don't care who you think you are. Trust me, I can make you disappear. And no one will bat an eye at the vaguely familiar looking new addition to my harem. Is that understood, boy?" He dropped me to the ground, sending me sprawling into Isabella's waiting arms...

"I...uh...yes...I mean, yes, sir, I understand." He simply nodded and walked off, leaving me down in the dark with my new pet. My mind reeling as I tried to process all I'd just seen and heard. I couldn't let this happen to me...I wouldn't. I would ignore the heart wrenching empathy I felt towards Isabella and force myself to treat her the way she seemed to want to be treated. I sighed as she stroked my hair, holding my tight against her...

"You heard him, Master. If you get caught sucking my cock or taking it up that tight little ass again, you'll be one of us." Hearing it from her lips made it sound even more terrifying. I wanted nothing more than to run from her tender touch and never see her again. But I didn't know my way back on my own. Besides, she seemed to understand my predicament so I figured she wouldn't try the same tricks on me twice...that is, until she started sucking softly on my ear, flicking her tongue in and out of it before whispering, "So we'll just have to make sure we don't get caught..."

I felt her erection pressing up against my cheeks...I struggled to sound forceful, to respond with an unwavering refusal, to put her in her place, but all that came out was..."whimper."

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