tagGroup SexYour Dreams Can Cum True

Your Dreams Can Cum True


This story is a work of fiction. The names have been changed to protect the innocent from my fantasies.

I've been friends with Bill and Gina ever since High School. They had just recently moved in to a nice condo together. Since Gina worked near my office, I usually would catch a ride with her and hang out at their house. Well, since this was like every other day, we were hanging out smoking some joints, and watching TV.

Now Gina isn't ugly, but she ain't no super model either. Pretty face, huge tits, and thick (I don't mean fat, she doesn't have rolls, but she's not skinny either). She was wearing these fuck me boots and a skirt, since we had just gotten off of work. Bill, of course, was playing video games when we came in, considering he was home from work for like an hour already. Well, as usual, they started mildly fighting with each other about some BS.

"You know, your such a dick to me," Gina said from the kitchen. She was calling in a delivery order for the three of us. I, being the nice guy I am, was paying for it.

"Well, you never blow me anymore," Bill said laughingly.

"I wonder why? Your never nice enough to me," Gina replied.

I jumped in with "I'm nice to you," in a smart ass tone. "Yeah, Jack's nice to you, and your not blowing him either," Bill chimed in.

"Yeah, and he's buying me dinner, which is more than you ever do," Gina said. Then, in the sarcastic tone she uses when she's joking, she said, "Jack, would you like a blow job?" We all laughed, though only for a minute.

Like I stated earlier, I've known these people for years, and always suspected Gina of being dirty, but never got the chance to find out because she'd been dating friends of mine for as long as I've known her. So, this being the situation, I decided to take a shot.

"Hey, if Bill's cool with it, how could I turn an offer like that down?" I said, still trying to keep the joking mood going.

"Well hun, would you mind me blowing Jack?" Gina said with a chuckle, kind of half serious, and half joking.

"Your gonna do what you want anyway," Bill replied, smiling still but seemingly a little tense. He knew, like I knew (and I'm sure YOU all do) what was going to happen next.

Gina came over in front of the couch, with her hands on her hips and said "Are you serious?" looking at the both of us.

"Only if you are," I said, trying to keep the aura of a big joke in the air.

"A'ght, lets see it," she said, licking her lips with a look on her face like a kid on X-mas. "You sure," I replied as I stood up. She looked at me through the tops of her eyes with that wanton look of need. So, I unbuttoned my pants slowly and seductively as she dropped to her knees and finished pulling my jeans down. She then scraped her nails back up my thighs and took off my shorts. Of course, my cock popped out and almost gave her a black eye I was so ready.

She said, "You do have a big cock," as if I'd been lying all these years. With that she engulfed my shaft with her moist mouth, swirling her tongue as she did. I, of course, was in heaven having one of my fantasies actually come true for once. She was working my cock like that was all she was born to do, sucking my balls when she came down, licking the head of it with precision. All the time she had this look of pure enjoyment in her eyes, staring up at me, unlike most who think of it as a chore. I thought to myself that my assumptions were right, this girl is dirty and loves it. So when in Rome...

"Let's see those tits of yours," I told her, as I pulled the semi-professional sweater off of her. She reached back and popped her bra open without missing a beat on my cock. "You like sucking dick, don't you?" "Mmmm," she said and then took my hard-on out of her mouth, "I love it," and proceeded back to the task at hand.

I was pinching her nipples, rolling them in my fingers as she sucked me. Bill was on the other couch, pecker in hand, as he watched his girlfriend suck me. I never had Bill pegged as a voyeur, but at that point it didn't matter to me because I was in heaven.

Gina started incorporating her tits into it, rubbing my shaft in her cleavage, my head across her nipples. She had one hand on her own crotch and her eyes had a glossed over look to them. "You like getting your tits fucked don't you?" I said, pushing to see how dirty I could be before she gets offended. "Fuck," was the only thing that escaped her lips, as she was to into blowing me to think about anything.

She continued to rub my cock between her breasts, licking the tip with her tongue. I was going to explode. "Damn, I'm going to come," I panted. Gina took me into her mouth and milked my dry. She tried to swallow it all, but cum dripped from her mouth and onto her now hardened tits. She got it with the tip of her finger, looked up at me and licked it up. all I could say was "Wow, that was amazing," to which she replied "Mmm hmmm," still sucking her finger like the cat that ate the canary.

"Would you like me to return the favor?" I asked, always ready to show off my own oral talents. Gina nodded, and I laid her on the couch. Bill came over, gave me the "what's up" nod and stuck his dick in his girlfriend's mouth. I pushed her skirt up and could smell her desire. Sucking my cock made her incredibly wet, and I mean like visually apparent.

I ran my tongue up her slit very gently at first as she moaned through the cock in her mouth. I continued flicking my tongue around her clitoris, being very careful not to touch it. My tongue darted in and out of her slit, then I swirled it up to the hard, red bud. I flicked it with my tongue, causing her hips to buck, and the fuck me boots to rub on my back. I then sucked it in my mouth, giving it a little blow job. Gina must have took the cock out of her mouth because I heard her say "God, your so good!" (as if I'd been lying all these years). I then crossed my fingers and slid them into her soaking cunt, curling them up as I went. She went nuts. It was all I could do to keep my mouth on her clit as she rubbed it all over the place, bucking and rolling. Then it came, (or rather she came) with a scream. Her thighs clamped onto my head and I felt her juices flow into my mouth.

When I finally got out of her thighs, I stood up. Gina was in ecstasy, with cum all over her chest. (Bill must have timed himself just right). I looked at Bill, he looked at me, we looked at her with her eyes rolled in the back of her head, and her body trembling and turning from side to side. I looked back at Bill. He gave me the grin, and we proceeded to take our positions.

To be continued...

Please send any feedback to the email address in my profile. Please include your gender (because I want to make sure the ladies appreciate it too. :)

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