tagFetishYour Tattoo Ch. 01

Your Tattoo Ch. 01


He had a tattoo on his left arm, on the elbow actually, of a spider web.

While he fingered me I noticed it, as three fingers of his hand deliciously slid in and out of me. I grew wetter as I watched him, his face a vision of pure animal lust, and I begged for more.

"Please" I whimpered, and he complied by fingering me a bit harder, faster....I bit my lip to stifle a loud scream of agonizing pleasure as my hot juices ran down the back of his hand.

I met him about two hours ago at a friends house.

Now, I relaxed back on the couch and spread my long legs wider to give him better access to my almost shaved pussy. He was on his knees in front of me, sweating and moaning, enjoying the sight of his manipulations...enjoying the sight of me squirming because of what naughty little things he was doing to me. He looked up at my face, away from my pussy he was so enjoying, and I started to beg him again.

"Please make me cum...please...." My eyes were pleading with this man I barely knew, which made it all even sexier, and he bent his head and began to lick my clit. I thrust my slim hips to his face harder than I 'normally' would; my intent focused on my release as he deftly licked me, his hand still fucking my slippery tight pussy rhythmically.

His mouth felt hot on my engorged clit. He licked me slowly; in a repetitive but teasing up and down motion.....his tongue light....soft. Three fingers were pounding me hard all while his mouth was almost agonizingly gentle and the combination of the two different and opposite feelings began to make me pant and hump at his thrusting fingers.

I soon felt those stirrings, the wave beginning to crash signaling the beginning of a hard climax. He must have know, as all of a sudden I felt so full. I looked down and saw his hand fucking my pussy.

His hand.

In my cunt, the entire hand in my cunt.

He was fisting me.

It hurt like hell but for some reason I just did not care. He looked at me as if to ask permission, but I was lost in a sea of raw emotion and lust. Tears ran down my face as I begged for more.

"More, please..." I whispered, as I watched, transfixed by the view of his hand impaling me. I threw my body back and forth, loving the feeling of his hand moving in and out, around and around...and the pain diminished enough for me to grab his wrist to make sure he kept it there, in my pussy. My hand became soaked as well from my juices, and I began to convulse inside.

I was so scared by the strength of the orgasm that was impending, but all I could do was begin to moan as I tried to whisper to him that I was going to cum. I dug my long nails into his strong forearm which made him wince slightly as I began to cum. My breath quickened, my heart began to race faster, my face felt hot, and my body was almost feverish in ecstasy.

I felt out of control, yet I didn't care.

"Cumming...cumming...cumming...please don't stop, I have to cum...please..." I felt like I was screaming now, I actaully must have been. I kept pleading like that with him while he didn't say a word.

To my shock right then he abruptly took his mouth off of my aching clit, as I began to thrash wildly. I almost grabbed his head to shove his shaved head back between my sexy taut thighs yet he suddenly put his mouth on mine, as he then rubbed my clit with the thumb on his other hand. His hot tongue was in my mouth.....that same tongue that was just savoring my pussy...and I could taste myself as we kissed deeply, which stifled my cries and took me right over the edge.

I came harder than I had ever remembered.

I was drenching his hand as he kept on rubbing with one hand and fucking me with the other. I moved my hips to push him further inside. I had no control anymore...I screamed as my pussy spasmed around that fist lodged within, which made him moan...but we kept our lips locked together...eyes open...he actually watched me cum.

I watched him make me cum.

My orgasm subsided and left both of us sweaty and panting. I started to blindly beg for 'no more', as I couldn't take it, my cheeks were wet with my tears and my heart pounding. He then broke the kiss and stared at me....my long hair tousled, my panties hanging off of my left foot, my tanned skin flushed. He smiled which made me blush slightly and turn my eyes downward. Speechless, I tried to regain control as he sensuously slipped his full hand out of my soaked pussy and brought three fingers to my lips. I opened my mouth and sucked on them, tasting myself yet again. He pushed them in and out slowly as I sucked off my own cum. It made me whimper...it made me hot. I pulled his head to me and we kissed yet again, softer this time. The bulge in his jeans and the fact that his girlfriend was out of town made me realize this wasn't over...and my pussy was already missing something...

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