tagNonHumanYou're the One for Me Ch. 06

You're the One for Me Ch. 06


Just a word of warning: This chapter is all about Austin and Ben, so there's going to be m/m sex. Let me know what you all think. :)


Ben found himself wandering around the small campus of the college that he attended. He stuck to the shadows, seeing as there was a large hole in his pants and it would draw a lot of unwanted attention if he were walking around exposed. He roamed with no particular destination in mind, the weight of denying himself and Austin once again bearing down on him. His cougar was upset, and rightly so, for his running had prevented them from being with the one man that had appealed to them after so long. He was their mate, the one that would be with them forever if they allowed him to be.

And why? Most Weres were unafraid to show their bodies in public, to couple with their intendeds or others when they were in need. There was no shame in showing off in either form, but for Ben his embarrassment became acute the moment Caden and Elise had walked in on them...again. It was as if being caught flipped a 'get the heck out of there' switch inside of him.

He explored the events of his life, looking for a moment that would have caused him to behave the way that he did, but there was nothing. Nothing that would have him running for the hills, except...he thought of those memories that he had buried away, memories of the first man that he had given himself to.

"He was trash, less than that, and I am surprised that you allow him to continue to haunt you as he does. You let your fear of him and what he did keep us from our mate, our destiny." Ben sighed softly, the voice of his cougar broadcasting clearly in his head.

"He was our first. He used us, took what he wanted and threw us away like we were nothing to him. That is hard to forget," Ben countered.

"You have a poor judge of character when it comes to men that you are attracted to. His cheap lines and false promises lured you in and made you think that he was a man in the truest sense of the word instead of the fraud I knew him to be. I warned you, that he was not our mate and would only bring us heartache, but you would not listen. It is of no consequence now. We have found our mate and he will not hurt us as that man did. He will cherish us and love us as we deserve."

His cougar had a point, but then again, he often did. It was strange, the mix of pure animal instinct and insight that made up his cougar's consciousness. But, more often than not, his cougar was right. Austin was their mate and there was no need to fear that he would leave them willingly. Perhaps it was time to give in and heal the wounds that he had allowed to fester for so long.

"Austin...," Ben murmured softly into the night.

"Yes, kitty cat?"

Ben felt himself jump, his heart exploding in his chest. He had been so engrossed by the conversation he was having with his cougar that he didn't hear or sense Austin sneaking up on him. "Holy shit! You're going to have to stop scaring the piss out of me, Austin, or I'm going to have a heart attack," Ben chided.

"You should be more aware, kitty. There are more dangerous things creeping through the night than horny werewolves and their wayward mates. I would hate to have to slay someone because they caught you off guard."

Ben smiled. "You would kill for me?"

"Kitty cat, I would die for you. You are my mate, my other half. Without you by my side, there is no me. I would sacrifice any and everything to keep you happy and safe."

Ben smiled warmly at Austin, his heart now beating rapidly from arousal rather than fright. "You better watch out or I'm going to get used to you being so sweet. It will totally ruin that bad boy aura you give off."

Austin snorted. "Bad boy? I think you're the bad boy, running off all the time. And you know, I think it's about time I taught you a lesson."

Ben didn't get a chance to respond before he found himself scooped up and hanging over Austin's shoulder. He felt a hand running up and down his legs, occasionally resting on the curve of his behind, and his cock responded. Apparently it liked his being caressed while slung over Austin's shoulder like a sack of potatoes.

"Austin, really, put me down. I won't run off."

"I know you won't. But that's just because I won't let you."

Austin continued walking in the shadows, caressing Ben and letting him know exactly what he was planning to do to him when they got to their destination. This time, he wasn't going to let Ben get away until after they had mated fully. He knew that his words were keeping Ben on edge, but that's where he wanted him, on edge and near begging.

Ben watched as the scenery changed, from the sidewalks that traversed the campus to lush green grass, twigs and soil. He was taking him into the woods. They continued on for a long while until Ben felt himself being placed upright. He stood on wobbly legs, as most of the blood was only now draining from his head, and looked around.

There were in a clearing and a two-story cabin sat in front of them. Well-built, but worn from the many years it had stood and withstood the elements. It gave him a warm, comforting feeling that reminded him of home, despite never having seen it before.

"Where are we?" Ben asked.

"My place."

"Your place? You live in the middle of the college's arboretum?"

"This is part of the land that my pack owns. This is my place on the outskirts of our territory, which borders the college's arboretum. I have one other, but this is my favorite. It's quite a fitting place to take my mate and make him mine. There will be no interruptions and no excuses. You can run, but here, you won't be able to hide," Austin explained.

Ben ignored the last part of his statement and the way it made shivers run up and down his spine. "You have more than one house?"

"One of the perks of being an Alpha. I usually get what I want and what I want now, more than anything, is you. Come with me." He held out a hand that was hesitantly accepted by his mate.

Austin smiled and Ben could see his intent written all over his face. He pulled Ben inside the cabin, letting him go briefly to start fire in the fireplace in living room. Ben took the opportunity to look around. The living room had a comfortable looking couch, a recliner and a large plasma TV hanging on the wall. The kitchen was only a few steps away, its marble countertops and chrome appliances drawing his attention. There were stairs behind him, no doubt leading to Austin's bedroom and any other bedrooms that the cabin might house.

Ben visibly gulped, his mind lingering on the bedroom. Here it was, the moment of truth. Would he be able to stay and submit to the one that made his cat purr or would he run, faced with the possibility that Austin would only use him to get off and discard him?

The final decision was taken away from him, for as soon as he had distracted himself with the many questions running through his head, Austin had stripped him of his jeans and sucked his hard cock down his throat. And there was no leaving that warm cavern of pleasure.

Ben thrust his fingers into Austin's dark hair, feeling him move as his cock dipped in and out of his mouth over and over again. His groans of pleasure mixed with his purrs as the cat fought the man for dominance. His cougar was ready to mate and he would not allow his human side to ruin it once again.

"Austin...please." A breath, a prayer and then pleasure multiplied by the hurried movements of a tongue dancing over the silky hardness of his dick.

There was only so much he could take after denying himself for so long. Austin had the honor of giving him his first blowjob, for it was something that his previous lover refused to do, but demanded almost daily. But, now, as he focused on the sensations that were zinging through his body as Austin stroked him with his mouth, he could see why. He could feel his orgasm approaching, lapping at the edges of his consciousness, his balls tingling from the effort to hold off the inevitable.

Austin could feel him holding back and that wouldn't do. "Come for me, sweet kitty. Let me taste your cream."

Ben let out the beginnings of a sharp laugh before it died on his lips as Austin engulfed his entire cock. Ben could feel his throat squeezing the head of his member, massaging it with subtle swallowing motions.

"Oh, goodness."

Austin nearly laughed around his mouthful. Ben was gyrating wildly against a wall in his home, his cock was balls deep in his mouth and the only thing that he could say was 'Oh goodness'?

Austin decided to see what else he could get his kitty cat to say as he opened his throat, sucking him even farther in, so that his tongue could lap at the sac that brushed against his lips. It was slightly more difficult than he had imagined, his mate's cock was larger than he had given him credit for, but he was doing it. The sounds that Ben made, alternating between growls, moans, and the yowls of his cougar, caused something in Austin to spread. The satisfaction that he felt at bringing his mate pleasure was all consuming.

The moment Ben finished screaming his release to the heavens, his orgasm overwhelming him in every way, his body shaking with pleasure, Austin rose, gathering Ben into his arms and lifting him easily. He carried him up the stairs to his bedroom.

He barely convinced his wolf to allow him a moment to start another fire in the fireplace, but he somehow summoned the willpower and warmed the room up, filling it with a soft, romantic light. He walked back over to Ben, who was lying limply across the bed where he had deposited him. His eyes were barely open, but the desire in them shone brightly.

His eyes danced on the half clothed body of his mate and he knew that wouldn't do. Austin stripped himself of his own clothes before he denuded his mate. He pulled the shirt off over his head and sighed as he finally got a chance to set eyes on his mate fully naked and exposed to him. Ben's body was beautiful. His muscles were firm, almost every one of them defined and begging to be covered in chocolate sauce and licked clean. He had a little softness around his middle, which Austin found extremely attractive. He liked a hard body, but not totally, he needed a little cushion. His pink nipples were erect, straining for attention from Austin's lips. But they were not the only things that were erect in the room. Looking from Ben's hardness to his own, he realized that the cock he had down his throat was a monster and it had at least an inch on him.

"Delicious," Austin murmured.

Ben's eyes shot up to Austin's face, watching the desire and lust in his eyes grow. But, his eyes didn't stay put for long. They roamed down the muscular torso, following the trail of dark body hair that spread from chest, down past well-defined abs, to...an enormous cock, the veins pulsing beneath the silky smooth skin.

Ben gazed as his own dick and then back to his mate's, comparing the two. Sure, his was a bit longer by the looks of it, but Austin's cock was thick. So thick, it made him think twice about mating with him. But, one look in those fiery violet eyes made him forget what he was thinking, wiping away all thoughts but one. "Take me."

"Kitty cat, are you ready to become mine in every sense of the word? Once we do this, there's no going back. You won't be able to run from me anymore, because I will not let you go."

Ben could feel the warmth that spread through his body at Austin's gently spoken words. Of course he wanted to be claimed. Mated. Loved. He nodded his acceptance, a silent acquiescence to Austin's terms.

"I would rather hear you speak the words, Benjamin."

Ben rolled his eyes playfully, but after a moment, he looked deep into the swirling depths of the violet-blue eyes of his mate, both man and wolf waiting for his answer. "I am your mate, Austin, and yours eternally. Please take me."

Austin grinned, his smile becoming almost wolfish. "Lift your legs for me, kitty cat. Let me see my prize."

Ben chuckled, but complied, watching as Austin sank down between his legs, his eyes intent on the puckered rosebud between his rounded ass-cheeks. He felt his breath a moment before he felt the tongue tentatively lap at his entrance.

Ben arched up, groaning at the feeling of pleasure that swept through his body. "More."

Austin ran his tongue around Ben's hole until it was slick with saliva. His tongue dipped inside, once, twice, and once more before he replaced it with his probing fingers.

"Austin! Oh goodness."

Austin laughed. Perhaps he would count the number of times Ben said 'Oh goodness' instead of trying to get him to say something else. He sawed two fingers in and out of Ben's ass while his other hand pulled the lube from the pouch around his neck. He pulled his fingers out of Ben's hole, covering them in the slick jelly before sliding them back inside.

"Oh my...Goodness...Austin, more."

Austin added another finger and finally a fourth, insuring that Ben's passage would be able to accommodate him. His love writhed beneath him on the bed, purring, groaning, begging, just the way he wanted. The way he had dreamed of since he first laid eyes on Ben.

"Now, my kitty cat, are you ready for me?" Austin questioned softly.

Ben was beyond coherent. All he knew was that the fingers stretching his ass so deliciously were no longer moving and he needed them to start again. "Please, I need it. More, I need more, Austin. Now."

Austin smiled and rose up, pulling his fingers free and rolling Ben onto his stomach. He propped Ben up on a few pillows, elevating his ass to the right height for maximum penetration. His wolf howled and he joined him as he slid home, sinking in quickly, his balls pressed against the round ass of his mate. He knew then that Ben was the one for him and he would never find pleasure as sweet in the arms of anyone else. He was home.

"Oh, fuck, baby, you're so tight." Austin felt cliché, but it was true. Ben's ass was squeezing him like a vice and it was so warm and welcoming inside of him.

Ben sighed as the initial pain of entry eased. It was replaced by the feeling of being extremely full and he couldn't help but love the way Austin's fingers gripped his hips so possessively. He mewled softly, wiggling to urge him to start moving. Austin quickly got the hint and pulled almost all the way out before plunging back inside that delectable ass. Again and again, he surged forward, plundering his mate's booty, as he had wanted to for so long.

Ben lifted his head up and yowled once again. It was so good, the way Austin felt inside of him. His cat grabbed hold and surged to the forefront, his fingernails turning to claws, ripping into the bedding below him. His eyes shifted to the amber color of his cat's and his tail grew from above his hind parts, wrapping around Austin and trying to pull him deeper inside of him.

"Harder, baby, fuck me harder, and do it now," Ben called out, his voice smooth and melodic, an octave or two deeper than normal.

It was a demand that Austin could not ignore, especially when his kitty cat had said it so forcefully. Austin liked that little flare of dominance and hoped he'd see more of that side later. Right then, he would oblige and give his mate the fucking he wanted.

Austin continued to plow into the willing ass that gripped his cock, faster and harder, so hard that the bed shook beneath them, watching as his balls smacked against his mate in the most appealing of ways. Ben's moans turned to shouts of pleasure with every thrust. He could feel Austin's shift, his claws digging into him slightly, spurring him to new heights of passion.

"You are MINE," Austin growled. It was a statement, a command and a profession of love all wrapped into one.

Ben could feel the fur brushing against his behind as Austin's wolf came to the forefront, ready to claim him totally. Austin shifted to complete the mating. He leaned forward, covering his mate with his body, and growled softly into his ear. His shoulders were broader in his werewolf form, his muscular chest covered in black fur, his eyes an icy blue instead of their normal violet. He groaned softly, the change in position and growth of his cock causing his mate's ass to grip him in a totally new and exhilarating way, creating more friction. He thrust upwards as he slid in and was rewarded by another shout from his mate, this time Ben was screaming his name.

Both Austin and his wolf enjoyed hearing Ben name them as the source of his pleasure. "Say it again, kitty," he hissed into his ear. "Scream our name again."

"AUSTIN! Goodness. Oh shit. That spot. More..." Ben panted, feeling his muscles rearranging themselves, his own fur beginning to sprout across his body as he shifted into his were-cougar form.

Austin did him one better, reaching around and lifting him from the pillows to grip his cock in his large hand, massaging it in time to his pumping. He continued to pound into his mate, his thrusts causing his cock to slide against his mate's sweet spot repeatedly.

Ben could barely control himself or the words and sounds that were being pulled from his body, the pleasure he was receiving was so great. He felt his balls tingling, rising up closer to his body, signaling that his moment of release was close. As his pleasure overwhelmed him, Ben felt the sharp, stinging pain of Austin biting into his shoulder, completing their mating and staking his claim.

His cum shot into the pillows and onto the comforter beneath him as Austin continued to pump his cock into him, his teeth still locked onto his shoulder. His passage pulsated around Austin, taking him higher and making him lose it. Austin continued until his own pleasure took him. It was heaven. It was everything he ever wanted. It was not enough. His cum painted Ben's insides, causing Ben to cum again, as he rammed his cock home, once more thumping against his sensitive prostate.

He gently removed his mouth from Ben's shoulder, lapping at the blood that seeped out of his bite, and helping the healing process along. He nuzzled into the golden brown fur that covered Ben's neck, delighting in the way their scents had mingled on his body.

He eased Ben to the bed, following him down and resting beside him, his penis still embedded in the warmth of his lover's ass. He felt himself returning to his human form and smiled as Ben did the same. His lover was so amazingly sexy and all his. He was mated and marked. Ben belonged to him and he to Ben.

After some quick repositioning of pillows and bodies, they laid down spooned together. Ben loved the feel of Austin's strong chest and soft hair pressed against his back and his arms wrapped around him possessively.

"I can still feel you in me," Ben murmured.

Austin peppered his back with small kisses, running his hand up and down Ben's body as they lay spooned together. "I will be in you for a while, kitty cat."

Ben frowned at that. It didn't sound quite right. "You mean you want to be able to get in me for a long while? Because that can be arranged."

Austin chuckled. "No, love, that's not quite what I meant, though it is true. It's more of a wolf anatomy thing. When I have sex, there's a knot at the base of my cock that expands, locking me together with my lover. But, I have never allowed myself to be tied to anyone. I was saving that pleasure for my mate."

Ben frowned. "How long will we be...together?"


"You know that's not what I meant."

"What, you don't like being tied to me in the most intimate of ways?"

"Well, it's not that I mind...I just want to know..."

"Until you become impregnated by my seed. How about it, kitty, want to pop a litter out of this sweet ass for me?" Austin asked as he caressed him, squeezing his ass lightly.

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