tagNonHumanYou're the One for Me Ch. 07

You're the One for Me Ch. 07


Caden watched carefully as Elise slid out of bed and covered herself with a robe. She threw a quick smile over her shoulder and walked out of the room, down the stairs and to the kitchen. He heard the rattling of dishes as Elise served up a belated dinner. Caden sighed deeply before he rose, gathering his clothing together in one convenient spot, in case she tried to stab him or something. He wanted his getaway to be quick and easy. He pulled on his boxers and joined Elise downstairs at the table.

As he sat down across from her at the rectangular table, he noticed how beautiful Elise looked, especially with his mark showing from beneath the robe that was wrapped precariously around her body. He watched as her nipples peeked at him from beneath the robe as she moved, reaching for one thing or another. His tongue darted out of its own accord, licking plump lips that were hungry for more than just food.

Elise's head popped up, staring at him as she caught his heated thoughts, flashes of things that she hadn't even thought to imagine up, things that were hot as hell and sexy as fuck. But, she knew then that something had happened between them that was beyond her at the moment. Mostly because she was certain that the vivid erotic pictures that flashed through her mind were not her own, but she wasn't opposed to partaking in those fantasies.

"Caden, talk to me."

Caden looked up and sighed once again. Here it was, the moment of truth. His eyes scanned the table for anything that was scalding hot and capable of being thrown in his face, but he blew a relieved breath when he didn't see anything overly concerning.

"Well, I love you and I wish we had talked before we…made love, but what's done is done and I can't change any of it."

"What are you talking about?"

"I will start from the beginning. I am a werewolf and you are my lifemate. I have seen and known many females over the course of my long life, but you are the first one that made my wolf howl. You are the one who my wolf yearned for, and as such, we pursued you with the intention of making you our mate."

"A werewolf. Are you shitting me?"

"I shit you not, my sweet. Before we had sex for the first time, my wolf emerged and after being repressed for so long, he was a little overeager…He bit you some time during your orgasm and established a telepathic link between us. I believe you've been picking up some of my stray thoughts."

"So you're telling me that you're a werewolf…and your wolf in your body bit me…and you mated with me without my consent?"

Caden watched as anger bloomed across Elise's features. "No, sweet, not at all. We have not mated. You and I can communicate telepathically, but that's the extent of it. The choice to mate with us will always be yours. I would never force you into such a binding and life long contract. Not to mention that you would need to be turned and that's another decision that belongs solely to you."

Elise stared at Caden, her mouth open in disbelief. He really believed this mumbo jumbo that he was speaking. "I don't believe you."

Caden nodded before speaking into her mind, making sure his lips were shut tightly. 'So that means that you're not hearing this? That you can't feel me in your mind…'

Elise jumped backwards at the first sounds of Caden's voice in her head. She had kept her eyes on his lips, but that didn't mean that he wasn't a ventriloquist. "That's a pretty clever trick, but it's going to take more than that to convince me."

Caden stood and stepped back from the table. "I suppose I could demonstrate, but promise not to freak out too much."

He relaxed his body, seeking out his wolf and allowing him to come forward, to take over the shift. Elise watched as Caden's muscles rippled beneath his skin, changing, and the hair on his chest becoming thicker until it covered him. His face became elongated, his ears growing upward, and he threw her a quick grin, showing off the sharpness of his teeth. He dropped to all fours and when she looked over the table at him, he was fully shifted. A large black wolf stood where he had been just seconds before. She doubted that he was keeping a wolf somewhere in her house and she would have seen something that massive trotting into her kitchen. So...that left one explanation…

Elise dropped heavily into her seat and watched with detached curiosity as the wolf walked slowly towards her, dropping down and inching forward as non-threateningly as he could manage. Elise took a deep breath and another as her mind struggled to process what was happening. Her eyes took into the wolf and she tested the theory that she was hallucinating by pinching herself and then tentatively reaching out, touching the wolf that had eased up next to her by then.

His fur was coarse, thick, beautiful. And his eyes were ice blue instead of the deep purple that she had grown used to. He was larger than most wolves and he looked ten times as dangerous, but she knew that he wouldn't hurt her. Mostly because she cold feel how he felt about her in her mind and it was a comfort. And probably the only reason she hadn't run screaming from the room or hit him with one of the pots on the stove.

This was Caden, another side of Caden, the man that she had grown to love. She could no more cast him out for being himself than she could hate him. She was pissed he hid this part of himself from her and she had a few more questions for him. But, she wasn't about to talk to a big wolf sitting in her kitchen. She felt crazy enough as it was.

"Shift back. I want to speak to you, Caden."

The wolf offered her a slight bob of his head and she smiled, pressing a kiss to his forehead. Caden changed there beside her and as he took his human form, she frowned at him and smacked him upside his head.


"You know what."

"So the wolf gets a kiss and I get hit in the head?" Caden scowled at her while she glowered at him. Damn, she was so sexy, even when she was mad. His wolf was right, he was going to enjoy this.

"Why didn't you tell me all of this before we had sex?"

"Like I said before. My wolf wasn't interested in waiting any longer. I had been suppressing him and he got fed up with my lack of action. He bust through my defenses and took over and then…took you."

"Ok, then, next question. Why were you suppressing him?"

Caden looked a bit sheepish as he answered, not knowing how she would react but feeling ashamed for not telling her straight up. "I wasn't sure that you would accept us. I wanted to see how long I could hold him back…just in case I had to in order to be with you."

Elise's frown deepened. She smacked Caden in the back of the head again for good measure.

"Ow! What the hell?"

"What is the matter with you? What kind of woman do you take me for? Why would you do that to yourself? Why in the hell would you think I wouldn't accept you? I love you, for heaven's sake. Why would I cast aside a part of you that is such an integral part of you? You should have told me this before. I could have handled it just fine."

Caden watched as Elise's hands flew all over. They mostly pointed at him accusingly with a few fist shakes thrown in, but as she gestured towards him, he could see her breasts jiggling under her robe and a few times they popped into view briefly. Perhaps he would have to pick fights when she was wearing nothing but a robe more often.

"I have to say, you've reacted much better than I had imagined. I mean, I expected some yelling and some throwing of dangerous objects. At the very least, a few screams," he admitted.

"You obviously underestimated me."

"Yes, I did and I'm sorry. I won't hide anything from you if I can help it. Now, let's discuss the part of your tirade where you said that you love me."

Elise blinked hard. "I don't remember that."

Caden smiled. "No? You said, 'Why in the hell would you think I wouldn't accept you? I love you, for heaven's sake.' When were you going to tell me that you were in love with me?"

She let out a snort. "When I felt like it," Elise stated as she turned towards the food on the table and away from the object of her desire. Caden was sitting on her floor completely naked and it was really starting to get to her.

Caden smiled up at her. It began as a sweet smile, but as the scent of her arousal tickled his nose, it became a little more devious and a lot hungrier. "When you felt like it? Would you like to know what I feel like doing right now?"

"No. I want to eat and then we can discuss your wants."

"That's interesting, considering that what I want involves eating as well…but it's not food that I'm hungry for."

"Caden! You're such a horny bastard. Food first."

Caden eyed the belt tied tightly around the waist of his love, trying to think of ways to get her out of the robe and naked, splayed out on the table. She would need energy for what he had planned for them for the rest of the night, so he reluctantly decided to allow her to eat. She was his mate and as such he was responsible for her well-being. It wouldn't do to have her pass out from low blood-sugar instead of his loving. He nodded and rose from his place on the floor, making sure to advertise his thickening manhood as he took the seat across from Elise again. He chuckled as Elise shook herself from whatever fantasy had taken flight in her mind as she stared at his body.

Elise narrowed her eyes at the fine as hell man that sat at her table. He thought he was all that, didn't he? Well, he was, but she was going to rain on his parade one way or another, the arrogant bastard. "Don't think you're getting off so easily, Caden. I still have some choice words for you concerning you holding things back from me."

Caden laughed. "I wouldn't have it any other way, sweet."

They sat and enjoyed a leisurely dinner together, talking about life and what the future held. Caden explained the entire mating procedure to Elise, leaving out nothing and letting her know that even if she didn't choose to mate with him, he was never going to let her go. His wolf was terribly possessive of her and would be until he had fully claimed her.

Elise, for her part, listened to everything that Caden had to say and then laid into him about holding back the truth and suppressing his wolf once again. She cussed him out, up and down before she was satisfied that he would be thinking twice before trying it again. She sealed her tirade with another slap upside his head for good measure.

Caden was about to take Elise back up to the bedroom, to show her just how sorry he was for keeping things from her, when a knock at the door interrupted his prurient thoughts. He lifted his head, a familiar scent tickling his nose.


Elise looked over at Caden, confused. He could tell who was at the door from the kitchen? Who in the hell was Bennett?

A voice whispered inside of her head as Caden left the room to find a new pair of boxers and a t-shirt. 'Love, be a dear and go upstairs. I don't want to have to kill Bennett for looking at you…and I would, brother or no.'

Elise smiled. She loved it when he got all possessive. 'You have another brother and he's here?' she thought back to Caden as she headed towards her bedroom.

'I have four brothers and two sisters. My brothers, my littermates, Austin, Bennett, and Darius, joined with me when I left my father's pack and we began our own. We are each Alphas in our own right, and as such, we rule our pack as a group, or Council. Austin and I make many of the every day decisions regarding our pack. Bennett is our enforcer and Darius is the law.'

'I see. And where do I fit in?' Elise asked.

'You, sweet, will sit on the Council and rule by my side…just as Benjamin will be at Austin's side.'

'Where are your other brothers and sisters?'

She felt his joy flit through her mind. 'My sisters, Ellen and Fiona, have joined the packs of their mates. They are both heavy with their first litters. I will be an uncle soon. Gregory is my father's heir. He sits at my father's right hand and learns the inner workings of the pack. He will take over as Alpha when my father is no longer able to rule.'

Elise nodded, mostly to herself. It almost made sense. 'So why is Greg your dad's go-to guy instead of you…and why is Bennett standing outside my door?'

'Good questions…Gregory, Ellen, and Fiona were born in my mother's first litter. Gregory is the oldest and as such, he is first in line. Darius was the first-born in our litter and could have taken his place as Alpha Prime in our pack, but he prefers to be judge and jury. So that title fell to me. Austin and I are twins, but Bennett was born just before him and just after me.'

'Alpha Prime, huh.'

'Yes, that is my title and one that I look forward to sharing with you. As for why Bennett is here, I am just about to find out.'

Caden focused on the door, instead of the warm, willing woman in the bedroom. Bennett had better have a good excuse for showing up and interrupting his time with his woman. He threw open the door and scowled at his grinning brother.

"Hey there, Caden. What's shaking?"

Caden growled at his brother. The asshole showed up, fully intending to interrupt him and Elise on purpose. "Your damn neck, if you don't state your purpose and then leave."

Bennett continued to smile. "Why so tense, brother? Still suffering from blue balls? Really, you and Austin bring shame to the family name with your hesitation. I would have claimed my mate by now, no question. You've been lurking for months and still nothing to show for it?"

"You know, Austin made a similar claim and ended up in the same boat as I did. I wouldn't be so cocky if I were you."

"I'm an Alexander, Caden. It is in our nature to be cocky and self-assured, to take what we want…something you should remember when it comes to mating with your woman."

"You'll see when it is your turn."

"Perhaps I'll show you how it should have been done, when it is my turn. Too bad I couldn't have found my mate first because it seems that you and Austin could have used a few pointers."

Caden fought the urge to rip his brother's head from his body, an urge compounded by Bennett's proximity to his mate. His wolf was unsettled and would be until Elise accepted their claim and fully mated with him. That was one reason, the other was just because Bennett was so damn smug. When his mate finally did roll around, Caden hoped she would give him a real run for his money.

"Bennett, shut up and tell me what you're doing here."

Bennett sighed, the smile finally slipping from his face. "I need to confirm the fact that you and Austin have mated. Achlys and Takis have come from Urian's pack as ambassadors, offering two of their finest females to the Alphas of our pack. They want to unite our packs and help secure our strength in the area. Darius has already refused and actually admitted that he prefers men, can you believe it? I thought it would take an act of God to get his ass out of the closet. As for me, those two didn't do a thing for me. I told them I liked boys too. I've been hitting on Takis for good measure. He is damn fine, so it's not that much of a stretch or anything."

Caden nodded as he absorbed all that Bennett was telling him. He didn't think that Bennett's mate would be a man, but Darius, there was no doubt in his mind that he would find a mate that was male and would be the one who could make him live for once, instead of locking up his feelings and hiding himself from the world.

Bennett continued, "That leaves you and Austin. But if you two are already mated, then we will have the opportunity to suggest another course of action…one that would be more beneficial to our pack and less of a burden. But, we also need to convene to talk this all out. Austin is already on pack land and woke me up with his incessant howling and his mate is just as loud. I figured that I should check to see if you have made your move as well, since I was up."

Caden chuckled, glad that Austin and Ben had moved their rendezvous to a private place. Austin finally got some without being interrupted and he and Elise were undisturbed for their coupling. He turned his attention to his woman, who was currently coming down the stairs. The closer she got to them, the more agitated he became, as instinct told him that he should rip Bennett's throat out to keep him from his mate.

Bennett, for his part, seemed to understand and jumped off the porch, moving to a safer distance. He may have been the pack's enforcer and in charge of kicking ass, but he didn't want to go up against an angry mate-crazy Caden. He wanted to live.

Elise slid next to Caden and looked out at their visitor, feeling Caden's body relax as she snuggled closer to him. Bennett was just as fine as Caden and Austin. Wasn't it illegal to be fine enough to incite riots? She could only imagine the area women in a knock-down, drag-out brawl to be the one that these hot brothers took to bed. And if Darius was just as smoking, she was in trouble, because she would be fighting off the trifling females for years to come. If she did mate with Caden, it would be her duty as their sister to make sure that Bennett and Darius picked good women…or men…as their mates.

Bennett's dark hair was short, spiked up on top of his head. His eyes were a stunning shade of green and his face held many of the same features that Caden's did, the perfect nose, the cheekbones, the plump pink kissable lips. His shoulders were wide, his body was incredibly muscular, and Elise could see why he was the pack's enforcer. She could feel Caden's growing agitation at her favorable observation of Bennett, so she threw in the fact that Bennett could never hold a candle to him and that he was the one she loved.

Caden moved the arm that had been casually slung across her shoulders to her waist and pulled her closer to him, planting a quick kiss on her forehead. He watched as Bennett's eyes widened and when he looked down at Elise, he saw his mark stood out proudly against her skin.

Bennett's grin returned once more. "So you are the one that has Caden totally out of sorts. Beautiful lady, I am Bennett Alexander, Enforcer and Alpha. And you are?"

"Elise Roberts, mate of the Alpha Prime. That makes me an Alpha as well, so it would do you good not to forget it, lest I have to put a foot up your Alpha ass."

Bennett's laugh rang out clearly. "I gladly share the title of Alpha with such a feisty beauty. You will give my brother a run for his money, I can tell already. Consider yourself acknowledged."

Bennett bowed to the couple before turning and walking towards the edge of campus. He called over his shoulder, "Our meeting is in two days, Caden. See if you can manage to fully mate with your fiery temptress before then or we'll have some explaining to do."

Caden sighed and looked down at his woman. "Sweet, I think we have to have another talk."

Elise looked up into his violet eyes and smiled. "Hmm…sex first. Then we can talk all you want."

Caden growled, his boxers feeling the strain of his cock as it grew. "Mate with me. Be my wife and rule by my side."

An elegant eyebrow arched as Elise stared at Caden. Was he serious? She watched as Caden sank to his knees, taking a hand in his own and smiling brightly at her. "Elise, marry me. Be my wife, my mate for all time. Allow me to be your lover, your protector, the father of your children…Let me love you as you deserve and cater to your every need."

Elise felt her mouth move, but she wasn't sure anything had come out until Caden jumped up, hugging her tightly, before he scooped her up in his arms and rushed to the bedroom.

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