You've Been Flirting Again Ch. 04


I hit him. "Motherfucker, you quoting Bon Iver."

Chris thought really hard, and then his eyes widened. "Oh! You said you didn't know anything about him, though!"

"Well," I touched his face. "I do a lot for the boys I like. One thing is listening to the bands they talk about."

Chris blushed. Next thing I know, he grabbed the back of my head and we started going at it. He was still careful about my bruise, but he did it with such passion. I wanted to kiss him all night. To think, just a few hours ago, I had gotten cheated on and almost raped.

Just as we stopped momentarily, his roommate's keys were opening the door. When he came in, he was with a giggly blonde, who was holding his hand. Fucking couples.

The bearded, Iron & Wine-looking roomie looked at us. Chris didn't move away from me, loosen his grip, or act like he didn't know me. He kept stroking my arm, kissing me lightly, even while the guy was there.

"Chris! Oh my God, what's this?"

He replied, "What's it look like, Dan?"

Dan laughed behind his hand. "Hello, Chris's friend."

I waved.

"Well, I guess we're gonna have to go elsewhere tonight."

Chris nodded. "Yeah, you sexiled me the other day, now it's my turn."

Chris's girlfriend laughed. "Okay, then. You guys have fun." She unzipped her hoodie and followed Dan out of the door.

"Bye Chris! Bye Chris's friend!"

I chuckled. That was totally random. But it was super thoughtful of Chris to want the room to himself while we were together.

"Well obviously, we won't have sex. We can do this all night if you want, babe."

I leaned forward, reaching his lips, sort of gushing because he called me babe. My lips grazed against his, but then his warm, moist tongue started dancing with mine. He bit my bottom lip and tugged at it. Then he sucked on it before he continued kissing, shoving aside that loose strand that escaped my ponytail when I had to put on a wig cap.

"Turn off the light, Ro."

I reached over and shut the lamp off. We continued making out, my body turned to his. I could feel his hard-on through his cargo shorts. He indeed had a dick.

And it was hard as hell for me not to touch it. I just wanted to caress it. I got off on seeing that I made a white guy hard. Andi always told me I turned heads a lot but just didn't see it, but I didn't believe her because I never saw it myself. But to see that this guy who I liked was totally turned on by me, moaning as we kissed, it definitely made me aroused, too.

"Your lips are soooo soft, Ro."

"You're a good kisser," I returned, still playing in his hair.

He moved down a bit further to my neck. Delicately but passionately, he sucked on my neck, kissing and nudging, listening to my moans. He was totally into it, and so was I.

He had moved up now, kissing my chin, then sticking his tongue back into my mouth so we could keep making out. I let my hands explore his burgeoning abs under his shirt, and his soft moans and deep laughs as he heavily breathed, still exploring my mouth.

"So fucking sexy," he breathed, licking my spiderbites. "I have a weakness for hot girls with piercings, babe." His voice was so sexy and low.

We kept going at it. I kissed his abs, and then I discovered he had pierced nipples.


I was so tempted to suck on them, but I didn't know if he was into that, and I didn't want to send him the wrong signals. Eventually, we figured we had to stop because if we continued, we'd end up doing something.

Like fucking.

So he held me while we went to sleep, whispering stupid shit in my ear—South Park quotes, the 'same question three times' speech by Will Ferrell from Austin Powers 2, random shit. I was laughing, even though it slightly hurt, but I didn't care. I was in the company of a boy who liked me, wanted to fuck me, and wanted to be with me all, at once.

And that shit, as Incubus so eloquently put it, was a "three-fold utopian dream."

The next day, Chris walked me back to my dorm. We held hands. Even though it was early, there was still a lot of people around, and I caught stares from some of them. Yes, we dug each other. And?

He lent me some of his shorts so I could have something to leave in, without looking like I'd just done the ridiculous walk of shame, even though my leotard was crumpled up in my hand, along with my shoes. I walked barefoot and didn't even care.

When we arrived at my door, Chris still picking the crust from his eyes because it was only ten, but we woke up at the same time. It was cute to see him so groggy. He looked high, sans the red eyes.

I leaned against the door, my key in hand. He put his arms around me and our foreheads touched. "You feel any better?"

Of course I felt better! Chris was right here. And he was all over me, once again.

"Yes." I kissed him and nuzzled in his chest.

"Thank you." He rubbed my back. "Anytime, Ro."

I kissed him again. I loved his thin lips. I liked knowing that they were bigger than his, because I could tell he liked them, always sucking on them and stuff.

"You like kissing me, huh?"

I nodded. "Of course." Someone walked past.

Apparently she went to the party too, because her Rihanna wig was all over her head, and her outfit was totally ripped to shreds. Someone was doing the walk of shame, alright.

"Okay, I'm gonna go. I'll see you later. We should hang. Let's go get lunch with Andi or something."

Reason #57 why I liked Chris: he wanted to get to know my friends.

"Okay, bye Chris." One more kiss and then I opened the door, eyeing him seductively before I closed the door.

In the movies, when a girl had a satisfying date, she rested on the door, playing back every moment from the kiss to the looks, to the flirty gestures. I was such a hopeless romantic, studying corny romantic comedies, wishing to be the protagonists in those movies. I wanted my best friend to fall for me like Gordo did for Lizzie. I wanted Judd Nelson to proudly walk across the football field with my earring in his ear, defiantly pumping a fist in the air. I wanted Paul Rudd to tell me I was beautiful and kiss me at the top of the stairs after taking up for me because some guy thought I was an idiot.

Well, you know, minus the whole 'he's my stepbrother' thing.

And I felt like I had it. I was beaming, dropping my shit to the floor to take another nap before I dove into my homework that was due Monday. But I heard a ruckus on the other end. I put my face to the peephole to see Chris and Roy.

What the hell?

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