Zachary & Ciara Ch. 05


"It's about that woman you married," Abigail replied. "I found out something that I bet she didn't tell you before she accepted your marriage proposal."

"And what would that be?" Zach asked.

"She isn't the little girl's mother." Abigail said. "The little girl is her niece whose mother died after giving birth to her because of a drug overdose."

"Abigail how did you get this information about Emilee?" Zach asked.

"I was concerned that, that woman might be using you," Abigail replied. "So I had her investigated."

"You don't know anything about Ciara," Zach said, "neither of you do. So how did you have her investigated?"

"Colin called me and told me about an argument that you and Ciara had last night." Mrs. Collins replied. "I asked him if he knew anything about Ciara, and he told me that she had a sister who worked at the hotel you have in Atlanta. I called there and spoke to her sister, and she told me about Emilee and gave me all the information I needed about Ciara to have her investigated."

"He told me the same information," Abigail said, "after I paid him six thousand pounds."

"He charged me five thousand pounds," Zach's mother said.

Neither of you had the right to have Ciara investigated or to interfere in my life," Zach said.

"I have every right," his mother said. "You're my son and I love you."

"If you love me mother you'll accept the decisions I make concerning how I live my life," Zach said.

"I know that you have the right to live your life as you please," his mother said, "and as you stated if I love you I'll accept those decisions, but this is one I don't think I can accept, Zach. Not when it's so obvious to anyone with eyes or half a brain that it's wrong."

"Whether my decision to marry Ciara is right or wrong you have no say so in the matter," Zach told his mother. "I won't have you nosing about in my affairs."

"You've never spoke to me this way before you married that woman," his mother said.

"You never interfered in my life before I married Ciara," Zach replied. "There was no need for me to speak to you in such a manner before."

"Well," his mother said getting up from the couch and standing preparing to leaved Zach's office, "I'm not going to stand by and watched that woman ruin your life."

"I'm not going to allow you to keep interfering in my life," Zach said. "So you have a choice to make mother one that you'll have to live with long after Ciara and I go our separate ways." His mother didn't say anything in response, she simply straighten her back and walked out of her son's office.

"Zach, I only wanted to..."

"Goodbye Abigail," Zach said going over and holding the door to his office open so that he could close when she left.

Zachary went over to his desk picked up the phone and dialed his home number. He smiled when Ciara picked up the phone on the third ring.

"Hello," she said.

"I heard you had a visitor today," Zach said.

"Yes, I did," Ciara replied. "How did she react when she found out you already knew?"

"I'll tell you when I come home," Zach said.

"I'll be waiting," Ciara replied.

"Are you going to do as Zach asked and not interfere in his life?" Abigail asked Mrs. Collins as they rode the lift down to the lobby.

"I'm going to make him think I'm not interfering," Mrs. Collins replied. "But I assure I'm not going to stand by and watch that woman get her claws into my son."

"I'll do all I can to help you," Abigail replied a big smile on her face.

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