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Common Errors Ch. 06

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by Anonymous

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by Anonymous08/29/09

to the "Editors" of the authors of the stories

This should be a required series for ALL of the contributors of stories in the story lineup.Ignorance of the proper use of words while writing stories to be read is distracting,sometimes amusing,most times a heinous assault on the assumed intelligence of the readers.

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by WyltEmrys03/20/12

I would add immanent to eminent/imminent, although it is less commonly used, unless one is referring to religious/spiritual or mythological/supernatural beings. :-)

Also, a clarification for ensure/assure: Both are verbs, and have similar meanings, but can be disambiguated because ensure refers to the physical act and assure refers to the mental/psychological. You ensure that something happens a certain way by acting (or preventing a recurrence of a negative behavior or outcome). An assurance is uttered, and likewise, assuring someone that something will or will not occur involves communication, in speech or writing.

I disagree with several of your pronunciations in the last few articles, however. I believe that when using suite to refer to a collection, the pronunciation does not change to become like suit, and a quick search of online dictionaries seems to bear this out. [Also, you have a typo or an error at the beginning of this example. You start by saying: "The word, SUITE, is a noun and can be pronounced two different ways with each pronunciation." You repeat the use of the verb pronounced/pronunciation, and it is unclear what you were going for with this sentence. Plus, as an aside (alluding to your excellent puntuation article), it elucidates a common use of brackets -- for editorial asides during text; to offset text that runs more than one sentence, but would otherwise warrant the use of parentheses; or in addition to the alternate use to highlight a change made to a quote, either to correct or point out an error in the original quote, or where a change was necessary to fit the original quote into the current text.]
Eminent and imminent differ in the initial vowel, however imminent and immanent are very similar in pronunciation.
Allusion and illusion are similarly pronounced differently at the initial vowel.
In part 5, vary and very are not pronounced the same, the emphasis on the vowel differs, vary being similar to marry, and very being similar to merry.

A common mistake that could be mentioned along with taught/taut is the misspelling taunt used in place of taut; it occurs way too frequently on literotica!

Overall, a very informative and well-written series of articles. Unfortunately, not everyone will take the time to read them, or remember to apply them, being in too much of a hurry to 'get to the money shot' so to speak. :-(

Overall, the writers here are either well-educated, or spend a fair amount of time writing and editing their work(s), or avail themselves of the editors who make themselves available. Some contributors do not seem to have bothered to have even spell-checked their work, let alone do editing for grammar, punctuation, or word choice! Having edited and graded more than my fair share of papers in college and graduate school, I can say that I wish the students spent as much time on their assignments as many (most?) authors here spend on their erotica! I have seen English majors in the last year or two of their college careers who did not (or could not) write as well as many authors here! That may be the defining difference between those who contribute their 'porn' stories (wham, bam, thank you ma'am style, fit as many sex acts into as few pages of poorly edited story as possible) and those who contribute their 'erotic literature/erotica' (character development, editing, proper spelling, grammar and punctuation, believable plot and dialogue) here.

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by Anonymous12/23/12

Amen WaltEmrys

I agree with WaltEmrys especially regarding the disparity of writing quality comments in the last paragraph. I do believe that velvetpie may have "borrowed" most of this material, except for her anecdotal comments, from another source. Please give credit to the original author of the work.

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by tygz10/08/13

This series needs to be required reading here - for authors, of course, but also for readers, soi they can start to get a clue!

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