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Alice Crimmins Confusion

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by Anonymous

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by fourthwire01/20/09

Alice Crimmins case

Denise, I believe that you are right on target with your assessment of the Alice Crimmins case in every respect.

Your analysis of the criminal case against her was as usual for you, extraordinarily incisive. Alice was not a feminist, at least in the usual sense of the word.

She married badly, to a man for whom she had no respect and who did not fulfill her needs and expectations.

And instead of fixing her situation with him, or ending the marriage she chose infidelity as her means of coping.

Perhaps she was complicit in the murder of her children, perhaps not.

Other women have been so self-absorbed in their own sexual endeavors to kill their own children. One can find such an example in Susan Smith who drowned her own children in 1994.

The world may never know the truth about Alice Crimmins and the murder of her children. She may have been involved in a travesty of justice, simply because of her promiscuity.

Your essays on crimes, particularly your essays on crimes involving sex, romance, and murder are very well-written. It will be a pleasure to read more of those. Please write more!

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