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The Whore Next Door

byBig Gunz©
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by Anonymous

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by Anonymous02/12/09


Wish I had a sexy, slutty neighbour like that!

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by Anonymous03/08/14


Not sure why this hasn't gotten more attention in the comments. It was a really hot, well-written story!

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by Anonymous04/02/16


I hope on Rays anniversary, he is home and he's waiting on his girlfriend to get home to have a romantic evening with her. Then he hears loud noises from next door.
Then he finally has had enough and goes over to ask Jt to please keep it down. When Ray gets to Jt's door he can make out the sounds of a woman moaning, and he stands listening for about five minutes hearing her begging to be fucked.
Ray was wondering what kind of slut Jt brought home that could be so loud as she was getting fucked, he then relized he had a hard on.
So when Ray knocks on the door and Jt hollered come in knowing who it would be, and when Ray opens the door and his girlfriend looks up at him while Jt is still fucking her and she tells Ray happy anniversary. Ray will cum in his pants on the spot, and then he will go home and wait and listen to Jt fucking his girlfriend until he finally fills her with cum.
If Ray is smart he will then marry her. Because there is nothing better than having a cheating slut for a wife.

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by Anonymous10/09/17

Quite a similar story with my Chinese oversexed milf wife proved to be

I am a 52 yr old Canadian white guy, in great physical shape, and married a hot as hell gorgeous attractive and sexy Chinese woman that is 12 yrs younger than me 10 yrs ago in china when i was there working. At first when i met her she acted very prim and proper and like a very traditional Chinese woman, to the point where she would not even let me hold her hand in public. To be honest, i thought, this woman is going to be a real challenge to get nude and fuck, and that it will take probably a long time before i got to do that with her.
Well surprise surprise, on our 3rd date back at my apartment, i began to kiss her neck softly, and she went into a sexual trance and i had her totally nude and on the bed in record time. She was already going wild, loud moans and sounds, very loud, and when i slid my pretty large cock into her,she was already totally soaking soaking wet down there like u would not believe, and she screamed and had an instant orgasm the second i entered her! And proceeded then to have 4 more huge explosive orgasms in at most 10 minutes time after her first one. I was so shocked and turned on by this, that when she had her 5th one, i lost total control of myself and exploded in her big time.
Then next night at my apartment again we started sex with her sucking my cock, and sucking me like i never thought could be that incredibly good, she actually made me orgasm in her mouth in 2 minutes or so at most, and surprised me even more by swallowing all my juice with no effort or trouble or discomfort at all! So much for the prim and proper lady that i thought having sex with her would be a long time and lots of effort. I found out also over time that she always every single time has more than one orgasm, at least 3 or 4, and many times more than that.
We began living together for a year and then we married in China, and i would have bet everything i owned that she was the kind of woman that would never ever even think of cheating and letting another guy fuck her, i thought and was totally convinced never would she consider that, let alone do it. Looking back now, i obviously was not thinking normal, based on how easy she let me fuck her first time, how incredibly fantastic a fuck she was, how out of this world she could suck my cock like i never thought could be done that way, etc, etc.
Well, 7 yrs into our marriage, i was away on a business trip and finished my work early 2 days before i was scheduled to return home, so i changed my plane ticket and came home 2 days early, but had not been able to reach her by phone for some reason, which was odd in that she always would call me back immediately if she missed a call from me.
So when i arrived at the airport at home, i took a cab to our house, her not knowing i was coming home early and therefore not there at the airport to pick me up.
When i got to the house, and even before i opened the front door, i could hear her moaning and making wild sex sounds and screams, she is always incredibly loud, so i knew she is either having a good masterbation session or god forbid, getting fucked a real good one. I went inside, and quietly went upstairs and i could hear her just going fucking crazy, the bedroom door was wide open, and there was one of the bedside lamps on, and i stood in the hallway looking in the bedroom, and there she was, on her knees at the end of the bed, her ass in the air and legs wide apart, and a guy 15 yrs younger than her just pounding her from behind fast and hard! And i froze for a few seconds, then went to the room across from the bedroom and in that dark room i was in, watched the rest of this shocking event that i had never thought could ever happen! I saw it all for about 40 minutes or so, watched this young hot well hung stud just fuck my chinese wife real powerfully, hard, fast, strong, and shoving his very large thick hard as rock cock in her all the way it would go, then pulling it totally back till just like 1/4 inch of it was in her, then driving it totally all the way back in her pussy. I listened to him saying things to her while pounding her, asking her lots of sexual things, and her very very loudly answering his questions. He asked her stuff like how does she like having a cock as big as his fucking her, and she said loudly that she fucking totally loves it, he said to her that he would really like to get his friend Jerry, that i guess she had met through him, to join him and the two of them together fuck her until she is totally paralyzed, and she said, which i could not believe, she said, and so u know, she very rarely used foul language, she said to him, that she would take both them together and that with her sex drive so massively high, which is sure is, that she would handle all they could give her and after that still be able to take on a 3rd guy! He asked her if she was an oversexed horny all the time chinese slut, and asked her is this the first time u have had a different cock in you other than your husband, and she said no its not! And he said to her that he figured not, and asked her how many guys have u let fuck you besides your husband since u married him, and she said that he was the 8th, and i was totally shocked and also devistated, and had then just had enough, so i walked right into the bedroom, the guy saw me come in but my wife didn't, and i just said out loud to the guy, i asked him, so, i said, tell me, is she as good a fuck as she is for me, and he said she is unbelievable, the best he had ever had, and i said, well she is also the best i ever have had! And she turned her head to me and saw me, and i said, dont worry baby, now i know, which is better than not knowing at all, and said also to her, and i should have without a doubt known and expected this would eventually happen, with u being so fucking oversexed all the time and wanting to fuck so often, able to orgasm so much every time, your love and ability to fuck so hot and suck cock so incredibly well, the way u react when u and i are having an out and out wild fuck session together and i ask u about other guys we know and the couple of them that i have told u i have seen in the shower at the racquetball club and what they look like nude, and your reaction when i told u about Barry having a cock soft that is larger most men, and also about Todd, my black friend, and how outrageously huge a cock he has, i guess i am not all that surprised finding coming home few days early and finding you here being fucked by this young guy, and then i said, so dont let me ruin this for you, and said to the guy, dont stop, give her what she obviously needs, and then told him, but first let me tell u what this chinese nympho of mine really loves sexually. And told him her top 2 sexual positions and told him so do her those ways i just told u, and he said ok. then i said to her, i said, being your husband, i think it would only be fair at least if u let me join in, and she said to me, that i have many times during sex told her i would love to fuck her with another guy at the same time, and i then just undressed totally, put on one of my cock rings, went to the side of the bed, turned her head towards me and put my rock hard cock in her mouth and then said while she sucked my cock and the other guy was fucking her from behind still, her on her knees, i said to her, tomorrow night be prepared when i get home at 8pm. i want u dressed in one of your short short sexy as hell skirts, with those semi hi heel shoes that only have a thin strap at the front on top for your toes to go through, with your feet being totally visible, and one of your thin white sexy as fuck dressy tops that are like sa muscle shirt, no panties, which i said, to her, u hardly ever wear, no bra, your hair up on your head, and also prepared for what i now want from u, and she took my cock out of her mouth and said, and what is that u want?
And i said, i am going to invite Todd and Brian over, both of whom u have told me when we have fucked that you would with no problem suck off and let fuck you when i asked u, so seeing as i have caught u doing this, and hearing u tell this guy u have let 7 other guys fuck u behind my back, you should have no problem letting Todd and Brian and myself show you what we can do to you, and after seeing the size of the guy with u now here, i think that you probably can take Todd's cock in you and also get fucked by a hot hot black guy, Todd, like u also have during sex with me said you would someday like to see what it is like being fucked by a hot well hung black guy, so lets find out with Todd banging u, while Brian and i watch, as well as Amanda, your chinese female friend, u can invite her over also, and while Todd and Brian are all over you, u can also watch and hear me fucking Amanda, what do u think of that? And again, she totally surprised me by saying loudly, and remember still getting pounded a real good one by the other guy, she said to me, if you want Todd and Brian to fuck me, probably cause also u have told them all about how i am sexually, and probably you want to prove what u told them is true, then if you want that to happen, i will do it for you no problem, and also, so u know, if u want me to do that then u need to know i intend then to give both of them all i have, let them know then that what i am sure u have told them about me being a great fuck and great at sucking, let them know how good i really am! And i dont know why really, but hearing her say that to me, i told the other guy, get dressed and get out, you are done here, and he got dressed fast and left, and then i was with the wife alone, and i then told her, i said to her, i really am not now surprised at all to find out that my ovesexed sex addicted hot gorgeous Chinese wife for years now is a total fucking slut, not in a bad way i said, but a good way, a total slut that has no concience or problem it seems having a guy she desires slide his cock in her easily, and i understand now also that u have fucked other men on me because u like your gf Amanda, who u better get over here tomorrow night like i said, u are like her now, and probably she has been a big influence on you also, cause she as u know i know from you telling me, she gets fucked so often by different men that now it appears is of interest to you also, then i just picked her off the bed, leaned her over the sink counter in our bathroom, made her put on a pair of sexy as hell hi heel shoes, grabbed a footsool we have in our bedroom and got her to put one foot up on it, and legs wide apart, and me behind her standing, and with her leg on a footstool higher up than the other foot, that position with her allows me to really get into her pussy, and started fucking her a good one, and then told her while fucking her, i said, so lets hear about the other guys that have fucked you behind my back, and she said why do u want to hear about that, and i said just lets hear it and in detail and dont lie or bullshit me, and she said,, loudly , she said ok fine, u want hear all that then fine, but make sure u dont get real mad, u want me to tell u then accept what i say, and i said that is fine, no problem. And she then proceeded to tell me about each one, how she met him, how it came about for him to fuck her, where they fucked, which a few of the places with a few of them really stunned me big time, how each of them fucked her, told me the details of sucking off the ones she did, and also told me how many times she had been fucked by each of them, on different occasions And i then realized, this prim and proper Chinese wife of mine that i never thought would even think of cheating had been getting fucked so so much over the last year or so that it was unbelievable! 4 of these other guys that had fucked her she had been getting fucked by pretty often, and 2 of them had fucked her 4 or 5 times a week minimum for months and months now, and she also admitted one of them was a 27 yr old fitness trainer that works at the gym so goes to that is very good looking and with a tight muscular body and also he is a black guy with she told me a 81/2 inch cock, and when she told me all about in detail the first time he fucked her at his house one night when i was out of town on a business trip, what she told me of that in detail caused me to totally explode in her pussy, i had a fucking out of this world orgasm!
So, if by chance u would be interested in hearing what happened after that night i just told u about, let me know, i think u might really enjoy hearing more! What has happened since then is incredible, trust me!

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