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Bus Ride With Pete

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by Anonymous

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by SplendidSpunk09/24/08

Let's All Ride The Bus

What a greeat ad for using public transportation, at least for us guys. Another great story by Aishagrey, I hope she continues to tell us about her adventures in Panama and the US

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by Anonymous06/21/11

what fun had

Peter is cock humping and grinding her ass and trickle the semen.
Two cocks smearing both of your holes and you pretnding to be helpless!!

I loved this story

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by Anonymous09/07/14

not cool, but...

... There is always a but. I travelled frequently on the London underground from Shepherd's Bush to Paddington, a lot of this line is actually above ground, at the time I was working as a secretary for Foster Wheeler, a large multinational company, often I would work late and I had a habit of always starting work early, this meant I avoided the really heavy traffic and overcrowding of the rush hour, it also meant I tended to see the same faces pretty regularly. My fellow passengers were mainly older men, I was in my early 20s and put the men at between 40 and 60, other ladies on the tube were older and appeared to be dressed for menial jobs. I made it my habit of sitting at the blind end of the carriage on the longer seats, eventually a couple of the men, both very well dressed and not appearing to know one another, became regular companions; we never spoke, we never even exchanged a general courtesy, and never a smile. One morning one man whilst pretending to read his open paper in front of him, removed one hand and attempted to hold the paper up with the other end, in this he was only partially successful. The hand he had freed, his right hand, had gone down to his body and he was rubbing himself on the outside. As this little action was being played out the other man, sitting probably 2 seats down, put his raincoat over his lap and concealed both his hands under his coat and I could see he was fiddling about. We came into a station and nobody else got on, we exited the station but came to an almost immediate halt, this erratic behaviour was more frequent early in the mornings and one just got used to it. The man with the raincoat was intently looking at the other fellow who by now had taken out his cock, it didn't appear to be fully erect and his foreskin was still over the end of his glans, I think he believed that I could not see what was going on and I pretended not to be aware, unfortunately I was getting quite aroused and began to get quite agitated. The other man was now looking at me, his face quite flashed and I hoped the bastard was not going to have a heart attack. The paper man through a quick glance at his fellow flasher but then quickly turned his look back to me. Fuck it I thought, I am going to make the most of this. I undid my business suit jacket and pulled it to the side of my breasts, they are medium size 36b, and firm sporting big nipples
of which I was rightly proud, I always sexy underwear and by now my nipples were rock hard and clearly visible through my blouse. Without looking at either of the men I unbuttoned the top 2 buttons of my blouse, revealing a considerable amount of cleavage and breast. I took a deep sigh and desperately tried not to look directly at the 2 men. My action had surprised both of them, the man with the paper had now let it fall completely away, his cock was now nearly fully errect and he was teasing his foreskin up and down over his glans. The other chap had grown even bolder, his raincoat now on the seat between the 2 of them, he had under his belt and flies and extricated is penis and balls from his underpants, he was circumcised and not that large but the end of his cock was huge and purple, already dribbling juice down over his hand. The 2 men looked at each other once more and appeared to gain strength from each other's action. I looked down the carriage, the other passengers were much further down and facing away from us so I delicately slid up my skirt as far as I could and opened my legs as wide as I could. It was no holds barred now the 2 men, they were both masturbating vigorously, both making threatening noises which I found really exciting, my gusset was soaking and I thought that all I have to do to achieve orgasm is to touch myself. The first guy, the one the paper, ejaculatory first. I've never seen so much semen in one go! He didn't appear to mind where it went which was all over the front of his trousers and down his leg. The other guy, on seeing this began when wanking even more vigorously, he's going to blow soon I thought. To help him along I lifted my foot off the floor and placed it on the seat, simultaneously turning in his direction. He groaned even more loudly, I just had to touch my cunt. I pressed hard, moisture oozed through my panties and tights, I could smell my sex and I could not conceal the trembles that wracked my body as I came. The 2nd guy and then could not control his self, he stood up and he finished, his cum , though not as much as his travelling companion, sprayed across the carriage and onto the seat at the side of me, some of it even hitting the carriage window. He then collapsed, his trousers still around his knees where they had fallen as he stood up. Oh God, he said out loud, bloody fantastic. The newspaper guy was desperately attempting to clean up result of his activity, this was proving to be very difficult as his suit was very dark and semen is a bitch to remove. The train started to move again and the man with his trousers down decided to put his trousers, even though he had adjusted his dress to a certain extent he still left his cock and balls out. His cock had diminished in the slightest, was still standing fully erect, but a little less purple. The train pulled in to the 2nd station but again nobody got into our carriage. I still did not look directly at these 2 characters, anyway one was still frantically trying to clean the front of his trousers, apparently oblivious to me sitting there with my breasts nearly out and my legs akimbo still touching myself. I knew it would be all too easy to reach another orgasm so I slid my fingers under my tights and under my panties and touched myself, I only had to play with my clitoris for a few seconds before another orgasm flooded through my body, this one even bigger than the first. I think I must have yelled out because the man trying to clean his trousers looked up briefly and realised he had missed a treat, he threw a glance at the other man who was also quickly reaching another climax, this one not as impressive as the first in trajectory but still considering how quickly he had managed his 2nd, it sprayed well away from his body onto the carriage floor. Then each of us in our own way adjusted our dress and acted as if nothing had happened. At the next station quite a few people got on, one chap came and sat next to me and sat down right in the puddle of semen that had been deposited there. Nice one! He got off after only one stop and the stain on his backside was very obvious. Now I will have to think very carefully as to my attire for future journeys and select clothing that is more amenable to quick display. I wonder if I'll ever engage, physically I mean, with these 2 men for I am sure we will continue our little performance.

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by Anonymous03/03/16

From the male perspective

These forced dry hump/ass molestation stories you make are fucking delicious. Could you please write a few not from the perspective of the woman, but the guy doing it?

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by Anonymous06/09/17

I love this

Thank you for this story, I've had a situation like that happening to me, and it was so exciting that I almost cum. It was great to be able to recall that.

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by Anonymous07/06/17


I loved it! Such a sexy experience regardless of age and ethnicity. Sounds to me like a sexy experience. I hope now you look back at and get some sort of pleasure out of it. Makes me more hooked thinking if you've had any more experience such as that again. If so do tell! Lovely story though, and thanks for sharing .

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