tagLoving WivesAdventures: Jet to New Orleans

Adventures: Jet to New Orleans


Editing by Angel Love

"Guess who called today?" Jan asked, as Mark entered their kitchen and pitched his car keys on the granite counter by the door.

Mark sighed. "Just tell me, honey, I'm too tired to play twenty questions," he groaned as he sat down heavily.

"What's your problem?" she asked with a note of genuine concern as she poured her husband a glass of wine.

Mark sipped the California Cabernet and leaned back. He gazed lovingly at his tall, attractive wife. "We won the Monroe case today. The judge found in our favor on all five counts. Jerry, our senior partner, was sick, so it fell to me, as the other attorney of record to make our case."

"That's wonderful, Mark," Jan gushed. "I know how hard you worked on that case. I'm so proud of you."

"Yeah, it was another positive outcome for me, but it still won't win me a partnership," Mark countered. "I worked my butt off, but Jerry will ultimately get most of the credit with the client."

Jan leaned over and kissed her dejected mate. "They'll make you a full partner eventually. They know you have an excellent litigation record. Be patient and you'll see."

"Enough of soothing the savage beast. Tell me who called," Mark countered as he patted Jan on the rump.

Jan leaned against the counter and smiled coyly. "I'm sure you remember Brian and Dorothy, the older couple we, uh, met in Mexico at Playa del Maya, right?"

"Who could forget!" Mark replied with renewed interest, forgetting his fatigue. A mental picture of watching Brian with Jan while he fucked Brian's slender, yet voluptuous wife, Dorothy, flashed across his brain.

"Well," Jan continued, "Dorothy called me this afternoon. We chatted for quite a while. Evidently, they enjoy their time with us a lot. She called to invite us to join them for a long weekend in New Orleans."

Mark cocked his head to one side. "Really? What's the occasion?"

"Brian has business in New Orleans on Friday. It seems he is in the oil and gas business and he wants to arrange for some new offshore leases in the Gulf. Dorothy wanted us to fly down this Friday and stay through Monday. Can you get a couple of days off?"

Mark nodded. "After wrapping up the Monroe victory, I'm sure Jerry won't mind my grabbing a couple of days. I can sure use some time to recharge my batteries."

"I'm sure that Dorothy will be happy to supply a boost for you, dear," Jan chuckled. "She sure got you jump started down in Mexico."

Mark smiled. "Yeah, she was insatiable. Brian was more than happy to keep you occupied too, as I recall! I'll talk to Jerry tomorrow and arrange to take the time off. What about plane and hotel reservations?"

"Dorothy said not to worry, that they would handle everything. I asked her about it and she told me that we would be flying down to the Big Easy in their company jet. They live in Midland, so they will pick us up at the Addison airport on their way. Can you believe that?"

Mark shook his head. "Their company jet? Wow, that's a surprise. Brian didn't let on that he had access to a company aircraft when we were in Mexico. I wonder how he arranged it."

Jan continued to feed Mark more information, little by little, just to tease. "There's more, sweetheart. It turns out Brian is the Chairman of the Board of a very large oil and gas company, headquartered in Midland. The company has a big Gulfstream jet. Brian and Dorothy also have a second home in the French Quarter, so we'll be staying with them."

"Good grief," Mark stuttered, "I had no clue as to whom they were, did you?"

"Absolutely not," Jan responded. "You could have knocked me off my chair with a feather when Dorothy told me about the trip. They never mentioned anything while we were playing around in Mexico."

Mark thought for a moment. "I'll call Jerry at home and get the okay for the time off right now. Then, you can call Dorothy back and accept her invitation. This is too good to pass up!"


Mark sipped a cup of coffee in the sumptuous lounge of the airport fixed base operator and watched through the tall picture windows as the sleek Gulfstream jet taxied to a stop. The aircraft's door opened and two familiar figures stepped out onto the tarmac. "There's Brian and Dorothy, I guess we'd better go down and meet them."

The two couples were smiling broadly as they exchanged hugs and kisses in the spacious lobby. "Good to see you both again," Brian said as he held Jan tightly. "I'm so glad you can join us."

Mark gave Dorothy a lingering kiss and she wrapped her arms around his neck. "We're delighted, Brian. I can really use a few days away from my legal duties. Your invitation is most welcome."

"Great! I told Dorothy that this trip would be so much more pleasurable if she could talk you two into joining us."

Dorothy laughed. "It didn't take much persuading, Brian. When I mentioned the company plane and free lodging, Jan was ready to go."

Brian leered at Jan. "Well, there are strings attached as I'm sure you can imagine," he replied.

"I sure hope so," Mark responded as he squeezed Dorothy to him. "We're up for whatever you have in mind, aren't we Jan?" Brian and Dorothy saw Jan nod and blush sweetly.

"We won't need fuel here, so if you're ready, let's get your bags out to the plane and go to New Orleans," Brian urged. "A rental car will be waiting at the airport in New Orleans, so we can drive straight to the house. I'll just need about three hours away for business this afternoon, then we'll have the rest of the time for some monkey business!"

The luggage quickly disappeared into a rear compartment. Mark noticed two sofas as they made their way forward to their seats. "This is like a flying home...sofas, tables, the works," he commented as they began the takeoff roll.

"Yeah, it's a very comfortable way to travel, especially if you fly out of Midland," Brian agreed. "In fact, Dorothy became a member of the Mile High Club on that starboard sofa right after we bought this plane."

Jan looked puzzled. "Mile High Club? What's that?"

Dorothy giggled and patted Jan on the arm. "Obviously, you're not a member yet, Jan. Perhaps, we'll have time to initiate you into the club today."

Mark eyed the sofa and winked at Brian and Dorothy. "I've heard of it, but neither of us are members."

"Oh, that's even better," Brian responded. "We'll make you both members of the club."

"I don't understand," Jan insisted. "What's the Mile High Club anyway?"

Dorothy released her seat belt. "Let's go back and sit on the sofa, Jan," she suggested. "I think some girl talk is in order."

Jan rose and followed Dorothy. They sat close together on the starboard sofa and began to whisper.

"Oh for heaven's sake!" Jan exclaimed. "You mean right here? You and Brian? You got naked and made love while you were in the air?"

Dorothy nodded. "Yep, and it was great. Can't you feel the vibration of the engines through your bottom right now? Just imagine how it would feel if you were reclining on this sofa with a nice big cock moving inside you."

"That would definitely be an incredible experience," Jan agreed. "How high up are we now?"

"We're still climbing," Dorothy replied. "We should be in level flight in another few minutes. When I was initiated, Brian and I were alone. It would be fun to get double-initiated this time...that is if you're agreeable. I think Mark should go first with you, then Brian can take over while Mark re-initiates me, okay?"

Jan gave Dorothy's suggestion a moment's thought. "That sounds like a good plan. Mark and I can try it and you two can watch us and give us pointers. Wait, what about the crew?"

"Don't worry. The crew has strict orders to stay in the cockpit during this flight. I told them that we would serve ourselves. By the way, would you like some champagne before we get started?"

As soon as the aircraft reached altitude and leveled out, Dorothy fetched flutes and a cold bottle of champagne from the galley. "Here's to the Mile High Club and to today's membership ritual," she toasted.

The last drops of champagne consumed, the two couples anxiously waited for the initiation ceremony to begin. Dorothy again took the lead. "Mark, the women have decided that you and your lovely wife must initiate each other into the Mile High Club. Brian and I will act as your coaches at first. But, here's the rest of the deal; you must stop partway through. Brian will complete Jan's initiation while you move to the other sofa and re-initiate me. Is that clear?"

"Crystal clear," Mark replied smiling. "We get double initiations! What a deal."

Brian set his glass down and rubbed his palms together. "If you two are ready, we will proceed with the ceremonial rites."

Moving to the sofas, Brian led Jan to the starboard side. She sat near the middle and waited while Dorothy and Mark took seats on the port sofa. "Now, the first step is to defrock our maiden. With your permission, Mark, I will do the honors."

Mark nodded his approval as Dorothy let her hand wander along his right thigh.

Brian knelt at Jan's feet and removed her shoes. Then, he asked her to stand while he unzipped her black slacks. His fingers slipped inside the top of Jan's lacy black panties and he slid them down her long, slender legs. Brian paused for a moment and put her warm panties to his face, inhaling her aroma.

"Ah, there's that trim, sweet pussy I so admire," he mused out loud.

Unbuttoning Jan's blouse, Brian let her shrug it off while he unhooked the single loop on the front of her matching bra. Jan sat with her legs together and her full breasts in full view. Her erect nipples signaled her arousal as she looked across the narrow aisle at her husband and Brian's wife.

"Mark, your vestal maiden is now ready for her initiation into the Mile High Club. Dorothy, please help Mark prepare himself to perform his duty."

Dorothy quickly assisted Mark as he shed his clothes. As she slid his briefs down, Dorothy gazed at his hardening cock. She turned Mark to her, kissed the head, then slipped him into her mouth to complete his preparation. "I think Mark is more than ready," Dorothy announced.

Brian moved next to his wife and motioned for Mark to join Jan. She and Mark kissed, then she reclined on the sofa as her husband kissed and licked his way down her nude body. Jan's legs opened as Mark reached her trimmed bush and he began to taste her womanly nectar.

"Mmm," Jan groaned as Mark's tongue tapped lightly on her swollen clit.

Dorothy and Brian undressed quietly as they watched the scene across the aisle. Soon they were naked, caressing each other. "That's it, Mark, lick her pussy. She tastes so sweet," Brian urged.

Jan gripped the edges of the sofa and raised her hips in response to Mark's ministrations. "Oh yes, baby, lick my pussy. Touch my clit. You feel so good, honey."

Mark's cock responded quickly to Jan's pleas. He was steel rod stiff and drops of pre-cum began to ooze from his cock. He slid upward and kissed his horny wife, allowing her to taste her own love juice on his lips and tongue.

"Oh God, fuck me now. I need you inside," she pleaded.

Mark found her soaking slit and easily slid into his panting wife. Their bodies came together and he held still for a few moments, giving himself relief from the strong urge to squirt his cum into her.

"Jan, can you feel the engine vibrations?" Dorothy asked.

"Mmm, yes, this feels divine," Jan mumbled in reply. "I'm on fire. This is incredible," she panted.

Mark fucked his pretty wife slowly, pacing himself and knowing he must not give in to his urge. He remembered that he had to save his load for his hostess. "Baby, I've got to stop pretty soon or I'll fill you up," he gasped.

"Oh God, please don't stop. Fuck me more, I love to feel your cock," Jan begged.

Mark suddenly stopped and pulled out. "I've got to stop," he groaned. "I'm too close. Brian will have to take over!"

Rising, Mark stepped across the aisle, his glistening cock swaying. Brian gently lifted Dorothy's mouth off of his thick cock. He moved to the starboard sofa and positioned himself between Jan's legs. Her inner labia were wet with nectar and swollen with lust. As he looked into Jan's eyes, Brian sank his cock into her and felt her vaginal muscles grip him.

"Oh yes, you feel good. I need more. Fuck me Brian," she purred.

Mark felt Dorothy's arms encircle him as she pulled him down. "It's my turn," she whispered. "Put your cock in me. I want to feel you and the vibrations again."

Jan heard Dorothy as she urged Mark deeper. Her moans excited her as Brian moved in and out of her tight cunt again and again. "Oh yeah, fuck me hard, fuck me fast," she urged her older host. "Give me your cock. I want it all." Brian worked hard to satisfy Jan and he was rewarded when he felt her begin to shake with the onset of her climax. She gripped him tightly and her warm juices flooded over him and leaked onto his balls. Her lust set off a virtual volcano within him and Brian emitted a quick series of grunts as his hot cum bathed Jan's insides. He continued to move inside his friend's wife until, finally, his soft cock slipped out of its own accord.

Meanwhile, Mark continued to move his stiff wand inside his hostess's slippery love tunnel. Her legs held him tightly as he slowly moved in a sensuous rhythm. Dorothy opened her eyes and saw her husband and her friend, Jan, watching from the opposite sofa. Brian was fondling Jan's full breast as he observed Mark's lovemaking style. The two voyeurs ignited new fires within Dorothy and she began to spasm as Mark touched just the right places inside her womb. Dorothy released waves of orgasmic fluid that, in turn, signaled Mark that he could finally release the pressure that had been building since he first entered Jan.

"Yes, oh yes, fill me with your hot cum," Dorothy begged as streams of Mark's thick cum shot into her. "Fuck, oh fuck," she moaned aloud as the pair slowly returned to their lofty, fast-moving perch.

"Now, you are both bona fide double members of the Mile High Club," Brian announced pompously. "And, Dorothy, you and I are double members now, also."

Both couples laughed when Brian and Mark gave each other 'high five' across the aisle. "I have a feeling that it won't be long until we begin our descent. Maybe we'd better make ourselves more presentable," Dorothy suggested. "We can resume our activities later when we're back on solid ground."


"Come on in and make yourselves at home," Brian said as they entered the second floor foyer. "The storm made a bit of a mess for our tenants on the street level, but we came through just fine. Insurance took care of all the damage."

Jan stood in the center of the entry. "Wow, this is beautiful. Your place looks like a palace!"

"Thanks," Dorothy responded. "I have to give our local decorator all the credit. She took what was an old fashioned French Quarter pad and turned it into a very lovely getaway for Brian and me. I love this city's atmosphere, especially the Café du Monde's coffee and beignets. Come see our balcony."

Moving through several tastefully decorated rooms, the two couples stepped onto the long, narrow balcony that overlooked one of the French Quarter's busy intersections. "We like to come out here in the evening and watch all the crazy people. It's really wild before and during Mardi Gras," Brian told them.

"Brian likes to toss beads to the gals who show their tits," Dorothy chuckled. "I can't believe how many are willing to pull their tops up for a dime's worth of ugly beads."

Brian patted Dorothy's rear and smiled. "Last time, Dorothy got drunk and showed her tits and ass from up here. How many beads did you collect that weekend?"

Dorothy punched Brian's arm playfully. "You promised not to tell anybody!"

"I only told Jan and Mark. After all, they've recently seen your tits and ass again, so it's no big deal. Maybe later this evening, we can talk the girls into another performance, Mark."

The thought of exposing herself to wandering groups of Bourbon Street tourists suddenly made chills run up Jan's spine. She glanced over at Dorothy and tried to visualize her holding her top up and letting her soft boobs hang over the wrought iron railing of the balcony. The damp spot in her black panties, caused by Brian's thick cum, also reminded her of her recent initiation ceremony.

Brian noticed Jan's far away look. "Jan might even enjoy drawing a crowd," he teased as he squeezed her right breast through her blouse and bra. "It's just a lot of harmless fun," he added with a wink.

Dorothy gave Jan and Mark a tour of the house as Brian left for his business meeting on the other side of Canal Street. Mark carried their bags to their respective bedrooms. Jan was somewhat awed by the size of the rooms and the designer décor. "This is better than a four star hotel," she told Dorothy. "The only thing Playa del Maya had going for it was the view and the nude beach. This is so much nicer. I'm so glad you asked us to come along."

"I'm pleased that you like it, Jan," Dorothy responded. "Brian and I really enjoyed our trip to Mexico...once we met you and Mark. Before that, we felt like outsiders. Brian is already 57 and I am 54. I'm sure we were one of the oldest couple at Playa del Maya. Sure, we had a good time with each other, but I know Brian was hoping to loosen me up. He wanted to see me on a nude beach, and he wanted me to experience another man. We didn't think anything was going to happen until that day when you said hello."

Jan nodded. "Yeah, Mark had the same idea. We're already in our early 40s and have been too busy to vacation in exotic places and have the kind of adult fun we had in Mexico. Mark works hard at the law firm. He is determined to be a partner, but it takes a long time, you know. You have to bring in a lot of business before they will consider making you a full partner."

"Well, let's be sure to have a good time on this trip, honey. Brian won't be gone too long. Meanwhile, we can enjoy a nice soaking bath and pick out something sexy to wear tonight, okay?"

Jan smiled. "That sounds yummy. The tub in the guestroom looks big enough for two. I'll get Mark into it with me," she giggled.

"You haven't seen the tub in our master bedroom yet," Dorothy countered. "Come and look. The three of us can get in it easily!" Dorothy led Jan into the master suite past the big king size bed to a huge bath area. The tub was like a large hot tub surrounded by mirrors.

Jan's mouth fell open and she gasped. "Good grief, your tub is gigantic! You're right. In fact all four of us could fit in there."

"Why don't you go fetch Mark and I'll fill the tub. We'll give it a try right now," Dorothy suggested as she began to undress.

A few minutes later, Jan returned with Mark. Dorothy was bent over the big tub shutting off the faucet, her curvy bottom in view. "Amazing," Mark stuttered as he saw daylight shining through between Dorothy's legs. "It's the biggest tub I've ever seen."

Dorothy turned to them smiling. "Last one in is a party pooper!" She stepped over the edge and slipped into the warm water. Jan quickly stripped while Mark fumbled with his shoes and socks. Jan joined Dorothy and they both watched as Mark finally got his shirt unbuttoned and his briefs off.

"Get in the tub and sit by me," Dorothy urged. "I want one of you on each side of me, please."

Mark settled into the water and Dorothy put her right hand on his upper thigh. Her left hand came to rest on Jan's thigh and she lightly caressed her guests. "You two can bathe me first, then we can take turns with each other."

Quickly picking up a bar of soap, Mark turned and began lathering Dorothy's shoulders and neck. Jan hesitated, not sure how she felt about touching Dorothy's bare body. Dorothy sensed Jan's concern. "Mark, you can wash my chest and Jan can do my back, okay?"

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