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First Time In Panties


So, I was 27 and had just moved in to my girlfriend's place. She worked during the day and I worked from home. One day, I was feeling extremely horny and grabbed one of her Vic Secret catalogs. I was not only drawn to the beauty of the women, but the panties and lingerie caught my attention even more. I found myself mesmerized by the sexiness of it all, and wanting to feel it on me. So, I walked over to her panty drawer and started going through them, feeling the softness, the sheerness, and then I noticed....the stretchiness. I started rubbing them on my cock, the softness making me harder than I ever was before, but I wanted more...so I looked in her closet, and there they were, tiny little black vic secret vstring thongs....rolled up in a ball, the same ones she wore the day before. This would be perfect I thought, as I picked them up, shaking in anticipation of how naughty I was about to be. I slid my own pants off completely, along with my underwear, and slid one leg through the panties, then the other, and then slowly slid them up my legs, noticing how I had to wiggle my butt to get them on. Also, noticing how my hard cock could not be contained in them. And that "annoying" thong? I loved how it felt in between my butt cheeks. I felt so sexy, so feminine, and had pre-cum oozing from my cock. I laid back, pulled the panties to the side, and stroked my cock, rubbing faster and harder until I was ready to cum. Uh-oh I thought, where do I shoot my load? But it was too late, as I exploded all over my belly, chest, and yes, her panties. I felt ashamed but turned on at the same time. So turned on, that I wiped up some cum with my finger and licked it off. Little did I know that I had just peeked inside the door that I have since opened wide!!

I started coming home early just to put on her panties and masturbate. It was consuming me. At the same time, I realized I had tapped into a whole other side of mine, one that fantasized about sucking a guy's cock. NOt that I looked at guys and thought they were hot or not, but the idea of sucking a cock, started to sound more and more like something I could really see myself doing. Of course my wearing her panties only led me to wanting more, so I started trying on her outfits, damn petites!! But it didn't stop me, as I now started venturing out of the house while wearing her panties under my regular clothes.

So a few years go by and I have only gone so far as to wear panties and talk to a few guys on the phone while wearing them, telling them how I would suck their cock and maybe even let them fuck me. One suggests we meet. Uh-oh!! Was I ready for that? Not only does he want me to meet him, he wants me in panties and stockings, and even suggests I shave around my cock to look a little more feminine. Well, I try shaving, and love the look and feel, especially the feel. Then I get the idea of guying to the store to buy my own panties and stockings, since my girlfriend's stocking wouldn't fit me, plus I was afraid I would ruin them!! I can't even describe the level of excitement I experienced when I went to the store for the first time, knowing I was buying something sexy for me!! Once I bought a few pairs of panties and a pair of black thigh highs, I raced home and slid on the thigh highs.......what an incredibly sexy feeling!! And now the idea of being dressed for a guy, kneeling down in front of him and taking him in my mouth seemed like the logical next step, and I sooo wanted it. I started tasting my own cum more and more, and even played around with my butt, sliding a finger inside as I stroked my cock from time to time. Finally, the guy I have been talking to (met him on a phone chat line) invites me to his house...his wife would be at work, we'd have the house to ourselves. Nervously I accept his invite, and he tells me to make sure I am shaved smooth, wearing the stockings and panties, I eagerly agree. More on what happens at his place in my next posting. Stay tuned!!

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by Anonymous

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by BadMarie07/28/13


Its always interesting how the silkiness just grabs and brings out a whole new side in a guy willing to slide on a pair of women's panties. Now just a thought to all those out there that also wear nylons...more...

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