tagNonHumanHandsome Stranger Ch. 03

Handsome Stranger Ch. 03


After Julien and I went back to my place, we went right back to where we left off. We were on each other as soon as the door to my studio apartment closed. We spent the next three days fucking and sucking, only taking breaks for essential things like sleeping, eating and going to the bathroom. It was very lucky that I was on vacation for the next two weeks. We did shower but when we did that, it was together and there was more fucking and sucking in my massive shower as well. Marius not being with me had totally slipped my mind, which, under the circumstances, is understandable. I had a werewolf who was extremely well hung to keep my mind occupied.

On the fourth day we were laying on the couch, cuddling in between sessions when he looked at me with his golden eyes, one of his tanned hands pushing my curly blonde hair from my eyes. "Ash, I have to leave you for the night...I don't want to but tonight is the full moon. I have to leave by 2 pm. I wouldn't leave you so soon but as this is Chicago, I must travel quite a bit to get to a suitable place to change." After he finished speaking he leaned forward and brought his lips to mine, kissing me lightly at first and then with more intensity as the kiss went on. He slowly rolled me onto my back and soon was above me, holding me to his naked body as he kissed me.

I returned the kiss with fervor, my arms going around his neck and pushing my sex against his quickly growing organ, moaning softly as he started to rub along my wet lips. I broke the kiss and looked into his eyes, biting my lower lip teasingly, "Well, if you have to leave me for the night we only have about two hours to say goodbye. So we better get started." I grinned as I finished the words, my lips now against his. We began to kiss once more, more urgently now, knowing we only had two hours. As we continued to kiss, I felt him grow fully hard, pushing against my already dripping wet pussy. I moaned softly, already eager to feel his massive cock inside of me once more. He growled softly against my lips and pulled away, giving me his cocky grin. He kissed my lips quickly and then moved to my neck, biting and sucking. He slowly started to work his way down, only stopping once he got to my breasts. He took one nipple into his mouth and started to tease it as his hand teased the other. His tongue traced circles around my nipple and he sucked it softly as it did. After teasing my nipple with his tongue he added gentle nibbling to it, causing me to moan and push myself against his rock hard cock. After what seemed like hours but was probably minutes he moved his mouth to my other nipple and gave it the same treatment. Once he was finished with my breasts he started his descent back down my body, slowly working his way to my pussy. Once he reached it he teased me by rubbing his fingers along my lips, causing me to shudder with pleasure. "Please, Julien!" I called to him as he continued to tease me.

"Mmm what is it that you want my little vixen?" He asked me with a slight growl to his words just as his fingers delved between my lips and into my pussy, as deep as he could get them to go. "Is this what you want?" He teased me as he started to finger fuck me, slowly at first and then with increasing speed. As he started to pick up the speed he leaned down and took my clit into his mouth, sucking softly on it and teasing it with his teeth. As soon as he started to use his teeth I felt my body tighten and my back arch, my orgasm was near at hand, just a little bit more. He growled as he felt my body tighten and started to fuck me harder with his fingers, three of them were now deep inside of me. As his fingers worked on me his mouth was working even harder on my clit, trying to get me to cum for him. Soon my pussy tightened around his fingers and I came around his fingers, my juices covering his hand. He waited for my spasms to stop before he removed his mouth and fingers. Then he looked up at me and licked my juices from his hand. "Mmm, you taste amazing." I started to sit up so that I could return the favor but he gently pushed me back down. "Not yet, my little vixen." He grinned and leaned back down, bringing his mouth to my pussy. He licked up the juices that had spilled around his fingers and then he dug his tongue into my pussy.

"God yes!" I screamed as his tongue entered me, licking and teasing me. He swirled his tongue around inside of me causing me to writhe on the bed. After about ten minutes of teasing me with his tongue he really started to tongue fuck me, knowing that this close to my last orgasm, I would cum again very quickly with his tongue inside of me. Minutes after he started to tongue fuck me I felt my stomach tighten with my impending orgasm. My body arched, pushing his tongue farther into me and my legs wrapped around his shoulders. I screamed in pleasure as I felt my orgasm take me, my body shuddering with the intensity of it, my cum flowing into and over his mouth, dripping onto my couch. After the sensation passed, I loosened the grip of my legs and sank back into the couch. "My god, you are amazing at that!" I grinned sleepily but with no intention of sleeping just yet.

He slowly worked his way back up my body and kissed me so that I could taste myself on him. After he broke the kiss he grinned and pushed against me. "Mmm you taste so wonderful my little vixen. I feel like I could live with my tongue inside of you." He winked at me as he said that then rolled off of me and onto the floor. I winked back at him and followed him to the floor, kissing him passionately.

"Your turn big boy!" I grinned as I started to kiss my way down his body, stopping to tease his nipples with my tongue. Once I heard him groan in frustration, I continued to make my way down to his massive cock. Once my mouth reached there I grabbed it in my hand and licked the tip, then moved on to suck on his balls. I let my hand start stroking him as I worshiped his balls. This earned me more groans of frustration and pleasure as I teased him. After awhile I moved my mouth back up to his cock and positioned the tip at my mouth, slowly taking it into my warmth. I swirled my tongue along the head of his cock and teased the slit, wanting to tease him as he teased me. I took him slowly into my mouth, inch by inch, letting my tongue slide along the shaft as my mouth moved lower and lower. Soon my mouth met his balls, all of him inside of my mouth. I gasped around his cock in surprise, as this was the first time I had taken all of him into my mouth. After I took a moment to get used to him I started to move my mouth up and down his shaft slowly, teasing him with the sensations of my mouth. I brought one of my hands up and played with his balls as my mouth worked on his shaft. Soon though, I couldn't take it and started to fuck him with my mouth as fast as I could. He moaned softly as he felt my pace quicken, his hips starting to move to help me. Soon he was fucking my mouth with his cock as I worked him to get him to cum for me. It wouldn't take long at this pace.

"Fuck Ashlyn your mouth feels so fucking good. Yes baby like that, suck my cock!" He was moaning louder now and fucking my mouth as fast as he could so that he could cum for me. Soon I heard him scream as his orgasm took a hold of him, "Fuck! Ashlyn! I'm cumming!" True to his words I felt his hot seed blast into my mouth and straight down my throat. I swallowed as he shot load after load of his cum into my mouth. It felt like he would never stop cumming but he did eventually. As soon as he was done, I removed him from my mouth and licked up any traces of his cum that I had missed. I smiled up at him and then crawled back up to him, kissing him deeply, letting him taste himself this time. We lay there on the floor, kissing and caressing as each of us got our strength back. After about a half an hour I felt him starting to get hard again, pushing against my pussy. I moaned and ground myself into him, wanting him inside of me. "No worries babe, I will be inside your wonderfully tight pussy soon enough." He smiled at me and then rolled out from underneath of me. He stood up and picked me up, carrying me to the bed. He threw me on it and crawled up to meet me. He grabbed himself and positioned himself at my entrance, causing me to groan in frustration. As he started to tease me with his cock, I pushed my hips up and cause him to slip inside of me. He groaned in pleasure and pushed himself the rest of the way inside of me, no longer able to take anymore. He leaned down and kissed me, slowly starting to move himself in and out of me. After a few moments he looked at my alarm clock and sighed, seeing that we only had half an hour.

"Mmm baby I don't want you to leave either but I know you have to. Just fuck me Julien, fuck me hard and fast before you leave. Make me cum and fill me with yours!" As I said those words, I wrapped my legs around him and pushed myself against him. He growled and kissed me deeply, starting to piston in and out of me with as much speed and strength as he could. He wrapped his arms around me and pulled me against him, leaning back so that he was sitting and I was now riding him. Once we got into this position I started to move myself on him, almost until he was all the way out and then slamming him all the way back in. He helped by meeting my thrusts, making sure he went as deep as he possibly could in my tight pussy. After twenty minutes of this he laid me back down and fucked me as fast as possible, gripping my hips tightly as he slammed in and out of me. I screamed loudly "Julien!" as my orgasm took hold of me, my pussy tightening around his cock. I felt his cock twitch as that happened and soon we were both cumming, screaming our pleasure to the empty apartment. After we both finished he collapsed on top of me, working on getting his breathing back. I sighed softly, knowing that once he did, he would be gone for the night.

"That was amazing Ash." He sighed softly and rolled off of me, leaving me empty. He got up and started to put on his clothes. He leaned down and kissed me softly once he was dressed. "I will be back tomorrow little vixen." With that he was gone and I was in bed alone.

I slept for a few hours after he left, but after having a man in my bed so often in the last week, I couldn't sleep for long. I sighed and got up, stripping the bed and grabbing the blanket from the couch. I threw the sheets from the other day into the dryer and started the new load of messy bed stuff. I looked around my studio apartment and decided to clean while I waited for the washer. I may work retail as a manager but I have a very nice apartment. My friends wonder how I can afford it on my salary, especially with the massive bathroom and closet. My apartment is on the top floor of a building in Chicago, I owned the whole floor. When you walk into my apartment you will see a kitchen on the left, the bathroom door on the right, the dining and living area right in front of you and in the corner is my bed, dresser, and nightstands. I also have two French doors between the living area and the bedroom area, which lead to an amazing balcony. My bathroom is enormous, with a large Jacuzzi tub, a large shower with multiple shower heads, a sink and a vanity for sitting and doing my makeup. My closet is even larger. When you walk through the double doors you will see a full wall of shoes on the left, straight ahead are my dresses, skirts, and pants, on the left are my shirts and coats, and on either side of the doors are my purses. I know you are still wondering how I can afford such an awesome place at the age of 25. Well, I have a secret.

After I finished cleaning, the washer and dryer were done. I pulled the ones from the dryer, set them aside to fold later, and put the ones from the washer in the dryer. I grabbed a quick shower and then went into my closet. Behind my wall of dresses, skirts and pants is a secret door. It is multiple layers of clothes in, so none of my friends will find it while they are borrowing things. This is where I went that night. I slipped into the room and smiled. The room contained a king sized bed on a platform straight ahead on the far wall from the single door, on the left side of the door was my "work" computer, where I did my side business. Next to that and all the way to the corner are multiple dressers, one is full of lingerie of all kinds, the next is full of all kinds of adult toys, the next is full of lube, massage oil and other goodies, and the final is full of different types of handcuffs and whips. All around the room were mounted cameras, all facing the bed. If you haven't figured it out yet, I have my own website where people can pay to watch me masturbate or have sex. The different cameras are so that they can get many different angles. I sat down at the computer and checked my messages on the site, most from guys wondering why I hadn't done a show in a couple of days. I took the time and checked my special checking account where the money for this went into and was disappointed by what I saw. I needed to keep myself in shoes, so it was time to go to work. I popped online on the site and waited for a guy that passed the qualifications to message me. One soon did.

I smiled to myself as I climbed on the bed, knowing my account was about to get a hell of a lot richer. I am not a cheap camera whore. I turned on some music with the remote I kept near the bed and started to tease myself, and whoever was watching me on my cameras. Soon I was naked and on my back, with a 10-inch toy buried inside of my pussy. I was moaning loudly as I fucked myself with my vibrator, imagining that it was Marius inside of me. I was careful while I pictured this though, because saying another guys name while doing my solo act was a bad move and would lose me a customer. After awhile I pulled it out of my pussy and slowly sucked on it, cleaning my juices off of it teasing the camera. I grabbed a bottle of lube and lubed up the toy and then my asshole, looking at the camera as I did. "Want to see me dp myself hunny?" I grinned, knowing that whoever it was, would. I slowly inserted the 10 inch fake cock into my ass, moaning as I did so. Once it was fully inside of me, I grabbed the 12 inch vibrator already sitting on my bed and slowly sank it into my pussy. As I fucked my ass and pussy I pretended that the fake cocks were really Marius and Julien fucking me. It didn't take long of fucking my ass and pussy before I was cumming all over the fake cock. After my orgasm I collapsed onto the bed on my belly, both cocks still inside of me. "Did you like that baby? Because I fucking did! Mmm I wonder what your cock would feel like? Did you cum with me baby? I hope so!" I grinned and slowly took both of the cocks out of me, laying them on the bed to clean later. Once I made sure the money was there, I got offline and shut everything down. As I locked up the secret room and lay down on the couch I wondered what the fuck was up with that alley. Why had I found two supernatural creatures in it, only a day apart? Why did I feel that it wasn't a coincidence that I met them? And why the hell was I suddenly able to deep throat that big of a cock? I felt different, I didn't know why, but I did. With those thoughts I fell into a sound sleep on my couch, dreaming of getting fucked by both of those incredibly gorgeous supernatural men.

I woke up to three fingers inside of my pussy and a mouth sucking on my nipples. I moaned as I opened my eyes, smiling as I saw Julien's blonde head on my chest. "Mmm is it tomorrow already?" He didn't respond, just kept finger fucking me and sucking on my nipples. I didn't care if this was a dream or not, all I knew was that I wanted to ride Julien's massive cock. "Switch me places." He raised his head and nodded, letting me stand up as he lay down on the couch. Slowly I straddled him, glad that I fell asleep naked. I grabbed his cock and positioned it, lowering myself down onto him, moaning as I did so. "Mmm I so missed this cock inside of me." With those words I leaned down and started to kiss him as I moved myself on his cock. Soon I was fucking him as fast as I could as he met each of my thrusts with his own. I was moaning and screaming his name as we fucked, my body quickly approaching a climax. This was probably why we didn't hear the door open behind us. I knew he was close and increased my speed making us both scream as we came. I shuddered and fell on top of him, my breathing heavy. "Mmm I missed that." After a moment we both heard someone clear their throats behind us, causing us both to stiffen at the sound. I sat up and turned around and gasped, Marius was standing there staring at us in shock.

"What the fuck is going on here Ash?" His cheeks were full of color, which meant he had fed recently and was also not very happy. "I leave you for a few days and when I come back I find you fucking a dog!" I couldn't say anything to him so all I did was stare at him, not sure how to begin explaining this. Then I heard Julien snicker underneath of me and once he started, Marius started. I looked back and forth between the men, confused.

I quickly got off of Julien and threw my robe on, staring at both of them. "What the fuck is so funny?" I asked them, my face getting red with anger.

"The look on your face when you saw me love, that is what is so funny."

"What the fuck? Do you two know each other?" As I said this I began to wonder if it wasn't a coincidence meeting both of them in the same alley. "Is that why I met both of you in the same alley?!" As the night before I began to wonder what the hell was up with that alley.

"Sit down, Ash we can explain." Julien said it so calmly that I just couldn't say no to him. Plus, I wanted to know what the fuck was going on. Marius sat down opposite me in the other armchair and Julien stayed on the couch, grabbing the blanket and covering himself up with it.

"When you met me the other night that was pure luck to be honest, humans are not supposed to be able to see that alley. You see, it has a glamour put over it because it is how we pass from the human world to our world, which is a secret town here within Chicago. I did not understand how you were able to see it that night and that is part of the reason I had to leave. I had to find out about you and see how you were able to see that alley. It was a coincidence that you met Julien the following night in the same alley, but we do know each other. We have for five years since he got bitten. When you two came back here, he recognized my scent in your apartment and called me the first chance that he got. I gave him my blessing to continue to fuck you because you were obviously enjoying him and seem to have an appetite for sex that one of us alone would not be able to conquer. So he stayed with you. I knew he had to leave last night due to the full moon and I had intended to come back to you, but something came up and I had to see to that. Once that business was done, well, I got online to check some things and an ad for a camera site came up on my screen. Immediately I recognized you. I had to find out for sure so I went to the site and well, that was me you performed for last night. I could tell you were thinking of both of us." He paused as he looked at me, smiling a little bit, remembering watching me fuck myself in the ass and pussy.

"So what did you find out? How was I able to see that alley? And why didn't you tell me that you knew Marius, Julien?" I looked at both of them, still a bit angry but more so curious.

"He did not tell you because I asked him not to. I figured that if he told you, you would feel guilty and not continue to enjoy yourself, and that was what was important to me. Well, that, and that you were safe." He paused again and nodded his thanks to Julien before continuing, "As to what I found out well, it was shocking to say the least. Have you felt different since you met both of us?" He asked me this softly, watching for my reaction, I could only nod. "Well that is because you are not human either. Not fully anyway. You are part fae and part witch. Your mother was a fairy and fell in love with a wizard. It was forbidden and soon after you were born, they were discovered. They had managed to get you out in time, but alas, they could not save themselves. They were killed that night and you were an orphan. Luckily, you found a great family who loved you as their own. Strange things probably happened around you when you experienced strong emotions when you were younger but you would not have known why. The fae part of you is why you love sex so much and why guys are so attracted to you, you put off this kind of pheromone that attracts males to you and sometimes even females. It was why we both fell for you so quickly. It is also why you do so well at your side job. I have been looking for a teacher for you if you'd like. They will be able to help you control your emotions and the considerable power that you possess. The reason your power started to really awaken now was because you have been with two supernatural creatures."

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