tagNonConsent/ReluctanceLovely Dove 03

Lovely Dove 03


Miles gripped the steering wheel, car still sitting in the driveway, and took deep breaths. Hannah's pleading, her muffled screams, echoed around the inside of his head. His dick gave an interested twitch and he huffed. This girl was going to be the death of him.

Or maybe just the end of him. It wouldn't take long for her to be missed, not with parents she presumably kept in contact with and a roommate who cared for her enough to cart her home and put her to bed.

He swore softly and started the engine. There was also another factor to consider - he'd texted his address. That was a mistake he shouldn't have made. His phone was a burner, but hers wasn't, and if she was reported missing they would surely pull the records.

That's what you get for thinking with your dick, Miles thought, and pulled out his actual phone, scrolling through his contacts one-handed as he backed out of the driveway. He needed to get out in front of this before it could come back to bite him in the ass.

The easiest way would be to dump Hannah somewhere and go to ground, but that thought didn't sit well with him. He'd spent a good decade and a half at his job. He enjoyed it, and the money it brought in, too much to abandon it now. Even leaving that aside, he had no desire to give up his new toy when he'd only just started breaking her in. In fact, he reflected as the dial tone buzzed in his ear, he had no desire to give her up at all. Maybe he'd keep this one.

The phone clicked. "Hello?"

"Jackson," Miles said, the grin on his face transferring to his voice. "How've you been?"

"Same old," Jackson said. "Good to hear from you. I was sure that job of yours had sucked you into a black hole of number crunching and insider trading."

"That's illegal," Miles said, and they both laughed at the joke. "How's your girl?"

"Kinda boring now that she's settled in," Jackson said. "I mean, don't get me wrong, fucking her never gets old, but I miss when I still needed to put her in her place now and again."

"I may have a solution to that, if you can make a few calls and do me a favor," Miles said. He craned his neck to glance over his shoulder as he entered the freeway, darting in between a couple other cars. "I've got a new one."

"Oh yeah? I thought you usually left a few months between them. Didn't you just ship the last one out a couple weeks back?"

"This was too good to pass up. I might have fucked up on this one, though, and I need a big favor if you don't want me to end up in Rikers."

"Damn, that bad, huh?" Jackson asked, and Miles heard a creak like he was leaning back in his chair. "What did you do, kill her?"

"No, nothing like that. What a waste. You remember I was telling you that idea I had with the chastity belt?" Miles asked.

"Yeah - wait a second, you can't tell me someone actually fell for that," Jackson said.

"Oh yes, she fell for it. She must have been thinking she would get whatever I wanted over with and go back to her life, without having to deal with the police and everyone else telling her how stupid it is to get so drunk you pass out on the train." Miles heard Jackson snort out a laugh and grinned in response. "She may not be all that bright, but she's perfect - responsive, sensual, rebellious. She'll be a treat to break in."

"Yeah, so, how'd you fuck it up?" Jackson asked.

"Texted her the address," Miles said, and made a face when Jackson groaned on the other end. "I know, I know, I'm an idiot. Now I need my place to disappear."

"Can't make a whole house disappear," Jackson said. "You got it above board, you've been paying taxes on it, that's a fuckload of paperwork and some of it's going to have physical copies printed and filed in triplicate."

Miles sighed. He was afraid Jackson was going to say that. "What about the text, can that go away?"

There was a short, thoughtful silence. "That's... doable," Jackson said. "It's tough, but doable. Nobody's onto you yet?"

"No," Miles said. "I only just got her today. She won't be missed until tomorrow at the earliest, and I'm going to take care of that. I can give you a few days."

"It shouldn't be that hard," Jackson said. "Send me her number, I'll get it done. You probably still want to take her somewhere else, though. If she does get reported missing, Long Island is the first place they'll start looking."

"Oh, I know. I'll take a nice vacation upstate, and spend some quality time teaching her where she belongs. Before I go, though, you want to come over and try her out? As payment for fixing my fuck-up."

"What's she look like? My type?"

Miles smiled wryly. Jackson liked dark, exotic-looking girls with big breasts. "Not at all," he said. "Blonde, petite, perfect tits. You'll never believe this, but the slut begged me to make her come - that when I'd barely touched her yet. Then she got off again when I was fucking her. She's going to be my best yet, I think."

"And you're keeping her all to yourself," Jackson said. "Yeah, I think I'd like getting my dick in that. When is good for you?"

"Tomorrow," Miles said. "I have to work with her today. She still thinks there's a chance she'll get away from me."

"Can't have that," Jackson said, with a laugh in his voice. "All right, I'll call ahead."

"And I'll get you that number as soon as I get back to the house. Thanks Jackson. You're a good friend."

"Hey, it's the least I can do with all the pussy you get me," Jackson said. "Stay sharp."

Miles hung up, some of the stress rolling off his shoulders. If anyone could make that text disappear, it was Jackson. His day job was at a major network management firm, and most of his job was security auditing. He hacked other people's systems for a living to tell them how much their security sucked. It shouldn't be too difficult for him to get into the cell provider's records and delete one text message. Now he could run his errands without feeling like he needed to look over his shoulder every few minutes.

Training girls into perfect slaves for rich buyers was a reward in and of itself, but Miles had to admit he'd never been as excited about a girl as he was about Hannah. She showed all the signs of being a challenge, but he was convinced that once he was done with her she'd answer to his every whim and be glad of it. He worked his way through his shopping list with permanence in mind for the first time, fantasies spinning out in his head until he had to stop, adjust himself in his slacks, and think of unsexy images.

When he returned to the house, over an hour had passed. The inside of the house was still and quiet when he entered, a palpable hush like the calm before a storm. For a moment, Miles thought Hannah actually managed to get herself loose.

It was a foolish thought. Miles nudged the bedroom door open silently to find Hannah right where he'd left her, stretched out on his bed like an offering. The almost inaudible buzzing of the vibrator punctuated her shuddering breaths. Her blonde hair was tousled, spilled across the pillowcase, both from their earlier round of sex and, Miles was sure, her attempts to escape the cuffs. She had tear tracks streaked over her cheeks below the blindfold. The gag forced her jaw wide, her lips slick with spit and stretched across it. Miles's breath quickened as he fantasized about those lips wrapped around his cock instead, even though he knew she would need work before he could get that anywhere near her teeth.

Her breasts drew his gaze downward - they were round and perfect, pink nipples hard from the cool air, and before he could stop himself he crossed to the bedside and cupped them in his hands.

Hannah slurred something behind the gag and tried to jerk away from his grip. Miles sighed and slapped her, open-palm, not hard enough to leave a mark but certainly hard enough to get her attention if the way she froze and gasped was any indication.

"I can see you need to be reminded how this works," Miles said. He touched the side of her cheek, reddening slightly where he'd slapped her, and slid his fingers down to press over her fluttering pulse. "Allow me to clarify things for you. Every part of you from those big brown eyes to this slutty cunt is mine. I will touch you when I want. I will fuck you when I want. You will come when I want, eat when I want, sleep when I want, and speak when I want." He wrapped his hand around her throat, his dick twitching at the whine of distress she made through the gag. "Usually I'll train a pretty thing like you up and then sell you off to whoever bids highest for your pussy, but I like you, Hannah. You're always going to be mine."

Hannah tried to protest, her words muffled and unintelligible behind the gag, and Miles tightened his hand around her throat, choking the sound off. She yanked at the cuffs, nostrils flaring wide, trying to suck in air and failing. Her struggles got weaker, and just when she was on the edge of passing out, Miles loosened his grip and she coughed into the gag, heaving breaths in through her nose.

"Here I thought you were a smart girl. Didn't I just tell you that you only talk when I want?" Miles gripped her chin and ran his thumb across her spit-slickened lower lip. "I can be very good to you - or I can be your worst nightmare. It depends on how well you behave."

Hannah's breathing evened out, no longer desperate from lack of oxygen, and her limbs trembled. Miles could see that his words were sinking in, that she was beginning to realize he was not going to let her go, that she was never getting away from him. She turned her face to the side, pressing it into the pillow, and her shoulders shuddered with a sob.

"Shh," Miles said, and climbed onto the bed beside her, smoothing her hair away from her face and tucking the errant strands behind her ears. "My beautiful dove. Only do as I say, and this will be much more pleasant for both of us."

She moaned in disbelief, long and broken-sounding. A smirk pulled at Miles's lips, and he leaned down to lick a wet trail up the side of her neck and over her ear. She shivered, pressing her face more firmly into the pillows, but she didn't flinch away from him. "Good girl," he said, puffing the words into her ear, and was rewarded with another full-body shiver.

The first time had been about showing her that he was in control, that she was helpless and completely at his mercy. This would be about owning every inch of her body. Miles skimmed his fingers over her skin, gentle touches followed by his lips and his tongue. He rolled her nipples between his fingers and then replaced his fingers with his mouth, sucking and nibbling at her breasts until she was panting around the gag, squirming like she wasn't sure she wanted more or wanted to get away.

His cock ached, pressing against the seam of his pants, but it was important to go slowly, show her how considerate and gentle he could be if she behaved. This would take her apart, turn her head around, and then he would have the opportunity to put her back together and shape her into a perfect, willing slave.

He licked and sucked at her nipples as his hand slid lower, sinking two fingers into her pussy with no resistance. "Look at you," he said, soft and admiring. "You're all wet for me. You want this, you pretty slut, and don't you dare try to deny it. I bet if I took that gag away you'd beg me to make you come again, wouldn't you?"

Hannah shook her head hard, and Miles knew she would be glaring if she weren't blindfolded. He bit down on her right nipple, tugged with his teeth, and shoved another finger into her cunt. She arched her back and screamed behind the gag, trailing off into hitching sobs when he released her nipple and spread his fingers wide inside of her.

"Remember what I said about lying to me," Miles said, and returned to gentle touches and kisses, maneuvering down the bed until he had an eye-level view of his fingers in Hannah's cunt. The plastic base of the vibrator pressed snugly against his knuckles. Miles pulled his hand back, twisted, and pushed his fingers back into her, pressing the heel of his hand against the toy. Hannah whined, trembling. "I'm not a cruel master, Hannah. You're here for my benefit, true, but I want you to enjoy yourself, too."

Hannah made a low, disbelieving sound in the back of her throat that turned into a squeak when Miles bit the inside of her thigh. "Don't be impertinent. I know you're enjoying this. Aren't you, Hannah?" He pushed his fingers in deep and crooked them in a beckoning gesture, pressing hard against her inner walls right where it felt best. "Remember, no lying."

Slowly, as if she were fighting with herself for every inch, Hannah nodded. Her thighs were shaking and she pushed her hips down against his hand, trying to fuck herself on his fingers as much as her restraints would allow.

Miles bit down on the inside of her other thigh and she cried out into the gag. "You take what I give you. Don't get greedy," he said. "Let's see just how much you can take, shall we?"

Hannah stilled as Miles nudged his pinky in beside his other three fingers pressing in slowly. He leaned forward and licked along the rim of her vagina, slicking it up and allowing him to push deeper. She made a high-pitched noise like a combination between a whine and a scream when he got to the widest part of his hand, thumb still pressing against the base of the vibrator in her ass.

"I think I could get my whole fist in this pussy," Miles said. "You've already taken four fingers. Greedy slut."

Realistically, Miles knew he would need quite a lot of lube if he wanted to fist her without seriously hurting her, and he didn't want her to associate sex with pain - not yet. It was too early in her training to have her riding the edge of agony and ecstasy. Instead, he fucked her rhythmically with four fingers, twisting and pressing against the tender places inside her until she was sobbing and thrashing against the restraints, whining high and needy.

"Do you want to come, Hannah?" Miles asked, surprised at the roughness in his own voice. She looked too good like this, coming apart. She nodded vigorously, pushed past shame and into wantonness.

He chuckled and pulled his fingers out of her with an obscene, wet noise. Hannah rolled her hips on the bed, seeking contact, and made a frustrated sound. "Quiet, brat," Miles said, delivering a light slap to the bite mark on her thigh. "You can come on my cock like a good slut."

Hannah moaned, a despairing sound that went straight to his dick.

"What, you don't like the idea of getting fucked again? You loved it just fine when it was my hand." He slapped the inside of her other thigh and closed his fingers around the base of the vibrator, drawing it out slowly, mouth watering at the way the pink rim of her asshole tightened around the toy as he pulled it loose. "Just for that, I should fuck your tight little ass and not let you come at all."

Hannah made a high, panicked sound and stilled, slurring something that sounded remarkably like an apology.

"Oh now you want to be good," Miles said. He stood up, stripping out of his clothes as he watched her shake with anticipation and terror. He climbed back onto the bed and slipped his hand back between her legs, pushing two of the fingers still slick with her juices into her ass. She whined in panic as he twisted his fingers. "This belongs to me just the same as your pussy. If I want your ass, I fuck your ass. Nothing you say makes any difference. Understand?"

Sobbing, Hannah nodded frantically, trying to speak around the gag. Miles shoved his fingers into her brutally, turning the words into a scream.

"No talking," he said, and pulled his fingers out, shifting between her legs. "You're getting my dick. I'm feeling nice because it's still your first day, so you can tell me where you want it."

Hannah panted as he slid the head of his dick from her clit down to her asshole and back. "Mmmssy," she slurred.

"Sorry, I couldn't understand, you want it in the ass?" Miles asked, grinning as she shook her head wildly and repeated the barely-intelligible word. "Oh, I see, you want me to fuck your pussy again. You want another load of my come inside you, don't you?"

Hannah huffed like she wanted to protest but thought better of it and nodded, her cheeks bright red.

"Well, since you asked so nice," Miles said, and pushed his cock into her hot, wet cunt. She enveloped him, squeezing him tight, and he couldn't keep from snapping his hips forward, burying himself balls-deep and closing his eyes to bask in how good it felt.

He fucked her in hard, deep strokes that pushed breathy noises from her with every thrust. The sounds made his balls ache with want, and he wrapped his hand around her throat again just to feel the panicked flutter of her pulse and the ragged gasp of her breathing. Tears rolled down her cheeks and he leaned down, covering her body with his, squeezing her throat tight as he licked them off.

"Such a pretty slut," he whispered, closing his teeth around her ear. He loosened his grip on her throat and let her gasp for air as he fucked her harder. "I'm going to fill you up again, do you like that? Are you going to come on my dick?"

Hannah tightened around him and moaned raggedly, voice wrecked. She nodded as much as she could, whining into the gag.

"Good girl," Miles said. "Good girl, come for me, show me how tight your pussy can get."

Her thighs quivered and her spine bowed as she arched off the bed, grinding her hips down against him as she came. Her cunt spasmed and Miles tightened the hand on her throat again, a long groan punched out of his gut as he pushed deep and came inside her while she was still hot and tight and struggling to breathe.

Miles took his hand away from her throat and traced his fingers over the light beginnings of bruises there, admiring his handiwork. His softening cock slid out of her and he drew back, reaching down to push some of the come that leaked out back into her pussy. "I'm going to get something to keep this inside you," he said. "You've already leaked all over my sheets once."

Hannah, still aside from the heaving of her chest, didn't make a sound. Miles grinned and reached under the bed, rummaging through his toybox until he found a good-sized plug, black rubber and big enough to keep his come inside her until he was ready to fuck her again.

She barely twitched when he pushed it in, and his smile widened. Miles lifted her head up enough to undo the blindfold, pulling it away. Her eyes were open and staring, glassy, tears clinging to her lashes.

"That was fun, wasn't it?" Miles asked, not worried when she didn't answer. All the girls went through this at first, brief periods of catatonia as they sank into despair. "I got you something while I was out."

Anger flared in her eyes, bringing life back into them, and she focused them on him, glaring. Miles shook his head, still smiling, and reached into the black back on the nightstand. He withdrew a leather collar, supple brown leather studded with gold accents. A round gold tag hung from the D-ring on the front, engraved with a capital H. Hannah closed her eyes as soon as she saw it, fresh tears rolling down her cheeks.

"Here, let's see how it fits," Miles said, cradling the back of her head and lifting it gently so he could wrap the collar around her neck. It fastened with a tiny padlock, which he clicked shut. The tag nestled perfectly in the hollow of her throat, and it covered most of the bruises on her neck. "There, that's beautiful," he said. "Do you want to see it? I'm sure you must need the bathroom by now."

Hannah glared at him wordlessly, her mouth still pulled wide by the gag, and then reluctantly nodded.

"Are you going to behave yourself if I unchain you and do as I say?" Miles asked.

Hannah huffed another sigh and nodded again.

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