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Mrs. Walsh


Just after my relationship ended with my girlfriend, she began spreading the word that I loved to be fucked by her strap on. Word like that travels at an unbelievable pace. In no time at all, it felt as if everyone I knew had heard the news. When I learned what she had been telling people, I thought my world would come to an end. Obviously, that was something I didn't want just anyone to know. It took me nearly a whole year before I began hinting about it with her, and she was my girlfriend at the time! I was beginning to consider moving to different town when the most surprising thing happened.

I began getting phone calls from her friends asking if it was true. Most times they wouldn't even let me answer before informing me how hot they thought that was. A few of them even told me that they would love to take a strap on to a guy sometime. I wasn't sure if they were hinting they wanted to do it to me, or their significant other.

That changed when I picked up the phone to be greeted by Mrs. Walsh's voice. She was the aunt of my ex. I'd met her on a several different occasions. She didn't waste any time when she asked if I'd meet her for coffee that same afternoon. I'd always found Mrs. Walsh captivating. She had a way of attracting my attention. The way she held herself and looked at me, it was as if she could see right through me. A few times the looks she gave me even frightened me a little. Without hesitation, I readily agreed to meet with her.

I arrived at the coffee shop 15 minutes early to find Mrs. Walsh already seated with a steaming cup in front of her. She wasn't a typical beauty. She was a full-figured lady of about 45 years. Her jet black hair hung down her back in big waves. Her skin was pale and flawless, completely free of freckles or blemishes. Her eyes were light blue and framed with long lashes. Her chest was massive and protruded out farther than her belly, both of which kept her from sitting too close to the table. Her hips were wide and overhung the sides of the chair. She wasn't sloppy looking, she dressed in a business suit. Black pants, black jacket and white blouse. When she rose to greet me, I noticed her shiny black heels had a skinny heel that elevated her even higher above me. Mrs. Walsh was nearly a full head taller than me and at least twice as wide.

Over the next hour we spent together that afternoon, Mrs. Walsh told me she was aware of my love of being taken by a strap-on. She also told me she had fucked a guy while in college with one. While staring right into my eyes she told me she would love the opportunity to put a strap-on to good use on me. When she asked if I would be interested in an arrangement like that, all I could do was slowly nod my head up and down. She smiled and told me she'd be at my door the following day at 5:00pm. There was a little chit-chat after she'd made the date with me, but it soon ended and she insisted on driving me home in her big, black, plush Buick. Sitting beside her in the passenger's seat of that big car, I began to feel even more inferior around her.

The next day at work, I faked being sick so I could have time to prepare for my 'date' with Mrs. Walsh. On my way home I picked up a disposable enema, a flowery scented douche, some fresh lubricant and some wet wipes from the pharmacy. I'm pretty sure the lady at the register gave me a wink while counting back my change. I was so excited about what the evening held in store for me that her wink didn't even make me blush, I don't think?

Once home, I changed the sheets on my bed, they were washed the week before, but I wanted everything to be perfect. I then stripped, gave myself an enema, then the douche so I'd smell nice down there. I then took a long hot bath, shaved away what little body hair I had, and washed my entire body twice. After drying myself, I rubbed my body down with two coats of moisturizing lotion and slipped into the short, silky black robe my ex left behind when she moved out.

It goes without saying, but I had a million butterflies in my stomach and every single nerve ending in my body went off at once, when I heard a soft knock on the door. I tiptoed to the door and looked through the peephole. Mrs. Walsh was standing there waiting for me to answer. I stepped back and opened the door for her. She nodded her head approvingly when she saw me in the robe. My desperate eyes wandered over her while she stood in the hallway. Her long black hair was pulled up into a tight bun on the back of her head. She wasn't wearing much make up, she didn't need it. The flowery, sleeveless summer dress she wore emphasized all the right places. Her gigantic chest and wide hips pushed against the layer of cotton in a way that was hard to tear my eyes away from. Standing there nibbling my lower lip when I realized she was still in the hallway. I know I blushed a little and quickly invited her inside.

As soon as she closed the door behind her, she got right down to business, "So, where will I be fucking you? The bedroom? Or right here?"

I was caught off guard, I wasn't expecting her to be so direct. After stuttering and stammering for a few seconds I squeaked, "Um, wherever you want to."

She didn't even look at me while she set her rather large bag down on my kitchenette table. Her hand disappeared for a moment inside the bag and when it came out it was holding a black strap-on that was a little thicker and much longer than the one her niece had fucked me with on numerous occasions. Mrs. Walsh's strap-on was also shaped like a real penis complete with a rather large scrotum, which would be new for me too. She set that rubber cock down on the table I ate at every night. And while still standing just inside my door, she bent at the hips and undid the buttons on her summer dress all the way up to her waist. For the first time I got a glimpse of those thighs, one of which was roughly as big as both of my thighs. Grabbing the strap-on, she stepped into the straps and pulled it up her legs.

She stood before me in that pretty dress with a big black cock jutting out from her waist. I swear I almost squirted just seeing her stand there like that. She placed her hands on her hips before stating one simple word, "Robe." She slowly raised her hand, palm up waiting for me. Up until that moment, a grand total of 3 people had ever seen me naked, her niece, my doctor and my mother when I was really young. Needless to say, I was suddenly tremendously nervous. It took every bit of courage I had to untie that silky belt, slide the robe off my shoulders and then lay it across her hand. I thought I might throw up for a minute there. But I accomplished the task, and I only covered myself up with my hands for a moment.

Mrs. Walsh barely took notice of my erection or my hairless body. She stared into my eyes and said, "I think the bedroom will be nice for our first time together. Lead the way."

I spun around and before I even took a step, Mrs. Walsh slapped my right cheek really hard. I jumped and made a funny high pitched noise before I almost ran into my bedroom. The lubricant was on the nightstand right beside the wet wipes. When she noticed how prepared I was, she smiled for the first time since she arrived.

After patting the bed with her hand, she said, "Face down, ass up right here."

I jumped up on the edge of the bed. My knees resting on the very edge and my feet dangling back toward her. As soon as I dropped my shoulders to the bed and I arched my back, I heard her utter, "Very nice."

Grabbing the lube from my nightstand, she squirted a big dollop of the cool gel right onto my quivering, wrinkled hole. Her finger touched me and I began to leak my excitement onto the bed. Drip after drip of my precum fell from my penis as she rubbed the lube around my hole. When it was smeared all over, she pressed her fingertip against me and my nervous muscles refused to let her in. She giggled softly to herself before forcing it inside me. I moaned a little and my back arched even deeper. After sliding that single finger around inside me for a while, a second digit soon joined it, followed by a third.

As soon as those three fingers withdrew from inside me, I felt empty and more desperate than ever. I strained to look at her behind me when she said, "My niece told me you kept yourself clean, but I wasn't expecting you to leave nothing on my fingers. I'm impressed. Oh, what is that smell? Flowers? Did you douche for me?" She took a wet wipe and cleaned off her fingers.

Goosebumps rose up all over my body when I admitted, out loud, that I had. I told her I used both an enema and a douche. I wanted to be really clean for her. I gave up trying to look at her. So I knelt there with my privates on display to her while she told me how pleased she was.

"You did nicely. I'm delighted. Most boys wouldn't think about things like that. Of course, most boys wouldn't shave off their body hair either, or greet a woman at the door in feminine robe, or let a woman fuck them in the ass. No, I'd say you are a very special boy. And my niece was insane to ever let you go."

Mrs. Murphy then took all four pillows and made a pile right in the middle of my bed. "Here we go, get your hips up here, face up. I want to look into your eyes the first time I penetrate you."

It took me a few minutes to get into position. My ex had never fucked me face up before, this was going to be new to me too. Mrs. Walsh had me adjust myself several times to get me right where she wanted me. When I was ready, my hips were raised way up, my legs were spread wide to help keep my balance, and my very erect and leaking penis was dripping down onto my stomach.

Mrs. Walsh smiled and told me I looked 'delicious'. She quickly undid the remaining buttons on her dress and slid it off her shoulders. Her massive boobs were contained in a very sturdy looking white lacey bra. The cleavage they created was large enough to get lost in. The matching white lacey panties were of the high-rise variety. They covered everything up passed her belly button. And of course, the wide black straps and big black cock, poking out from her waist made her a perfectly perverted vision of loveliness.

She laid the dress over the chair I sit on when I get dressed each morning. After applying an ample amount of lubricant to her 'cock', she turned back to face me and took the two steps to the bed. As she 'walked' on her knees toward me, I bounced around like crazy. It was like being on a trampoline. I was giggling wildly until she was between my thighs, then things got serious. Her weight on the bed caused me to slide toward her. She easily weighed twice what I did. I quivered with excitement, waiting for her to take me. I wanted it so desperately.

Mrs. Walsh took the strap-on in her hand and aimed it at my little hole, her free hand grabbed my hip and held it firmly. After glancing up at me, she pressed forward and I felt myself stretching open around her 'cock'. My fists were white with strain as I gripped the comforter with every ounce of my strength. I whimpered softly and wiggled around trying to relax to let it in.

Above me, Mrs. Walsh alternated between looking into my eyes and watching my wrinkled hole stretching tightly around her black 'cock'. When the fat, bulbous head popped inside me and my hole clamped down around the neck of it, I let out a moan unlike any I'd ever heard before. It was a deep, guttural sound that made her smile down upon me. She barely paused to enjoy the moment before pressing on. Inch by inch the 'cock' disappeared deep inside me. At times it was uncomfortable, but I don't think it ever really hurt. I laid there squirming around while she kept feeding more and more of her 'cock' into my body.

On three separate occasions I asked if it was almost all the way in. She replied with the same word each time I asked, "Almost." By the third time I asked, she was sounding irritated so I stopped asking. With a thin layer of perspiration covering my body, and feeling like her 'cock' was halfway up my back, I finally felt her warm body against mine.

Still her eyes wandered between my eyes and right between us where her cock was lodged deeply in me. "Now the fun begins. I seriously doubt my niece has any idea how to truly fuck a boy like you. But don't worry Sweetheart, I know just how you need it."

I reached up to touch my oozing penis, as I did she slapped my hand firmly. With a very stern, frightening voice, she said, "IF I want you to cum, I will make you cum. When we're together, you will never touch yourself or me for that matter. Keep your hands to yourself or I'll leave right now and never return. Do you understand?"

I bit my lower lip hard. Feeling like I was about to burst into tears, I nodded my head quickly and squeaked, "Yes, I understand."

Without another word, Mrs. Walsh tightened her grip on my hips and stared right into my eyes. She slowly pulled her 'cock' all the way out to the 'neck'. An evil looking grin appeared on her face just before she slammed her hips back against me. I screamed and still wonder why my neighbors didn't come to check on me. That hurt, it hurt really badly. She didn't pause before withdrawing its length again and slamming it back into me. The sound of our flesh slapping against each other echoed around the room.

It was during those first two thrusts that I learned this encounter wasn't about me at all. This wasn't about my pleasure or my satisfaction. It was about Mrs. Walsh being in control. From the moment she walked in my door, she had been in total control and I hadn't even realized it until the second thrust slammed into me. I wasn't sure what to do or how to react, but I knew Mrs. Walsh would have me any way she wanted. And it surprised me by just how okay I was with that.

After the next twenty or thirty powerful thrusts into my bottom, Mrs. Walsh was breathing heavily. She paused to put her hand under my shins and raise my legs up onto her shoulders. Wrapping her hands around to the tops of my thighs, she got back into a rhythm. She rammed that cock in and out of me at an even more furious pace. Her mouth fell open at one point and I felt her body vibrate against mine. She was in the midst of a very powerful orgasm for nearly a whole minute before she started fucking me with a renewed vigor.

Only when I started twitching around and making faces did she slow down and finally stop. I wasn't sure if she wanted me to talk or not, but I needed more lubricant. She smiled at me and told me if I needed something I should just ask. After pulling the 'cock' all the way out, she smiled down at it and whispered, "Look at that, it's clean enough for you to kiss. Have you ever done that before Sweetie? Have you ever taken a strap-on into your mouth after it's been in your butt?"

I shivered and shook my head, "No, I haven't." The thought repulsed me, but as strange as it may seem, I would do it if Mrs. Walsh told me to. I knew I would.

"Mmm, well that's something we'll have to remedy. But another time perhaps." She then liberally re-applied lubricant to both my now gaping hole and her big, black 'cock'. Feeling her finger push lubricant inside me, her finger rubbing the inside of my body it was so terribly erotic.

After wiping her hands with another wet wipe, she had me roll over and tossed the pillows off the bed. "You know the position, face down, ass up." Without any hesitation, I jumped onto my hands and knees and then dropped my shoulders to the mattress. For a brief moment, I was able to press my achingly stiff penis against the bedding. It felt heavenly and Mrs. Walsh didn't say anything if she did notice.

The entire bed shook when she moved her body up behind me. Her hands grabbing a hold of my hips and the next thing I knew I was squealing when her 'cock' was propelled all the way back inside me. Over the next 32 minutes, Mrs. Walsh fucked me at varying speeds. I knew it was exactly 32 minutes because my alarm clock was right in front of my face the whole time. If I counted correctly, she had at least four orgasms during that time. When she grew tired, she would slow down until she regained her strength. Then she went right back at it, hammering her 'cock' inside me at a blistering pace. I stopped her once during that time to re-apply the lube. But other than that brief pause, she was fucking me. I felt drips of her sweat fall on my back. I heard her grunting like an animal when she was fucking me at her fastest pace. And the sounds of my squeaking and moaning filled my apartment. I knew she was tired. I was exhausted and I wasn't even doing the work! I hadn't even cum!

Without a word or even a warning, Mrs. Walsh yanked her 'cock' out from inside me. She scooted off the bed and was wiping the phallus clean with wet wipes before I even turned to look at her. She slid the strap-on down her legs and off. And walked out to return it to her purse. She was out there for quite a while before she stopped in my bathroom on her way back to my bedroom. I still laid there on my back. I was completely wiped out and had no idea how she was not.

When she finally returned to my bedroom, I was laying on my back with my rigid erection throbbing wildly. Mrs. Walsh slipped her dress on, buttoned it and straightened herself up. She walked to my bedside with such dignity as she leaned forward and kissed my forehead gently. "You may play with your little penis after I've left your apartment. Understand?"

I nodded. Feeling bashful for some reason I asked if I'd see her again.

Without looking back at me, she walked out of my room and said, "Perhaps."

I laid there feeling so empty and used. It was a feeling I wasn't used to and I didn't like it all. Eventually I got up off the bed and went to the bathroom to clean up. I took a long, leisurely shower and avoided masturbating, wanting to wait a little longer. After I'd stepped out of the shower and dried off, I was beginning to feel less alone. My butt was super tender and I was walking funny to accommodate it. As I hobbled naked into the living room, I saw a card on my coffee table. While picking up the card, 3 crisp, one hundred dollar bills spilled out onto the table.

A little confused, I read the card. It was a Thank You card she'd bought from a store. It was a soft pink color and the words Thank You were printed on the front in large curly letters. On the inside, Mrs. Walsh had written:

"I want to formally thank you for this afternoon. I hadn't expected the experience with you to be as special as it turned out to be. It has been years since I've taken a boy with a strap-on and I hadn't realized how badly I've missed it. You've made this lady very happy. One last thing, just before I left you on the bed with your butt gaping open, you asked if we'd see each other again. This next Sunday, I want you standing on the curb in front of your apartment wearing a t-shirt and shoes, nothing else. I'll pull up promptly at 10:00am and we'll spend the day together. I will expect you to follow my instructions and be at least as prepared as you were today. Love, Mrs. W"

Without even touching my penis, it erupted as I read the last three words of her note.

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