tagNovels and NovellasThe Champagne Campaign Ch. 09

The Champagne Campaign Ch. 09


The morning dawned the way the night had passed, fitfully. Her slumber had been filled with endless erotic images of tumescent organs in her dreams. All the penises that had filled her mouth in the last weeks filled it once again. Connors, Bart, David, Scotty, and Barbacchi offered themselves in a bouquet of hot, wet, rigid organs spilling their semen over her tongue. She licked and lapped, swallowed and sucked while she lay on her belly and pumped her aching clit over her hand.

When she awoke the urge to pleasure to orgasm was so strong that she had to bring herself off again before she rose and prepared for work. She always did it in the morning anyhow, but this morning her usual orgasm didn't seem to satisfy her. She pressed another little contraceptive pill out of the package and swallowed it, and when she left for work her erotic urge still simmered in her belly. She wondered if she could she ever get through this week to that bliss at Atherton with her maidenhead intact now that her excitement was flourishing so intensely?

Strolling through the aisles at the agency she studied the girls at their desks and the guys lingering over them. Everybody knew who was fucking who and pretending otherwise. Cassie shook her head incredulously, entered her office, slipped out of her jacket, turned to her drawing board and felt her jaw drop with surprise.

The champagne flute stood squarely in its center, the little paper parasol resting neatly over the roll of paper inside the glass. With moist fingers she lifted the parasol, pulled the paper out and unrolled it.

Hi Babe,

Been thinking (make that dreaming) about another rain-check. Last time you said we could do the whole Kama-Sutra. I'm ready to start with this.


With an exasperated chuckle Cassie stared at the pictured pose from the Kama Sutra of the couple fucking doggy-style, slid into her chair and contemplated her predicament. She had succeeded in saving her vagina during the interlude in her apartment with Scotty by giving him so much oral and anal sex that he couldn't get it up again but he had been pestering her ever since. After her promise to Leo last night there was no way she could give in to Scotty, and right now there was no one she wanted to give her maidenhead to but Leo Barbacchi.

Gazing over her worktables she hoped for distraction from the unconquerable need roiling in her loins but of all mornings she was now faced with a pile of proofs for the Champagne Campaign. She perused the artwork with something between amusement and despair, hardly able to concentrate on the technical details while faced with these subtle images of her orgy with Bart and David.

Scanning the bubbles with her loupe she found her own turgid breasts and nipples, her own round shapely buttocks, the shadows of her parted labia, the ridge of her distended clitoris, and of course the impressions of David's erection in her mouth and cuddled between her labia. No matter how carefully she had dissected these images into mere suggestions in the graphics they reformed totally now in her mind, carrying her back to that night of wild eroticism before the camera.

Cassie crossed her legs under table bringing her thighs so tightly together that they pinched her labia between her buttocks, and then she began to squeeze her legs rhythmically hoping for another orgasm that would at last end this bothersome craving. It didn't take long. Only a few minutes of concentrated contractions with her thighs and the sweet spasms began in her vagina.

"Hi Babe," Scotty whispered as his hand curved around her neck. "Did you get my message?"

Cassie looked up at him in disbelief. She hadn't heard him enter but the arching of her neck under his hand spoke of her surrender to his touch.

"Yes," she nodded, "I got it, but I can't fuck you right now."

"Why not, Babe?" he pleaded, his other hand sliding under her arm to cup her breast.

"It's just not the right time for me."

"Crap," he groaned sure that he had timed his plea to her period. "When then?"

She glanced up at him, her gaze traveling over the distended hump of his erection under his trousers. Impulsively she cupped her hand under it. "Right now, if a blow-job will cool you off but then you have to leave me alone for the rest of the week."

"Here?" he exclaimed incredulously.

"In the darkroom."

"Okay, Babe," he nodded enthusiastically.

Scooping up an envelope of negatives she led him out of her office. Setting up their casual job chatter they wound their way through the secretarial desks and down the stairs to the photo-lab. There was nothing unusual in his accompanying her into the darkroom, but the moment he pushed the lock shut with one hand he was pulling at his belt with the other.

"I've missed that sexy sweet mouth of yours babe," He whispered huskily. His trousers dropped and his erection rose to her eager mouth.

"Well get ready to enjoy it because I'm hot for your cock right now," she muttered lowering her mouth to his ruddy lobes swelling eagerly to her lips.

"You girls get horny when you have your period don't you?" he offered happily.

"Mmmmm." Cassie returned, captured his penis and began sucking it into its full tumescence. "I want to eat your cum, Scotty," she gasped, her hand pummeling his penis into her mouth. She could feel that he was already close to coming, only a few more pumps with her hand, and some long deep sucks and she could bring him off.

"Oh, Yeah, Baby," he gasped as the lavish jets of his semen spurted into her throat, and she finished by licking the rest off the head of his throbbing erection. Scotty sighed and zipped up his pants. "You're really hot stuff, Cassie I thought you might be. Too bad you didn't let me know before this."

"If I had we wouldn't ever have put the Champagne Campaign to bed."

"I know. We would have been too busy in bed ourselves.


"I'll stay here and make a few prints," she said wiping his semen off her face with a towel.

"Tomorrow, same time, same place?" he urged hopefully.

Cassie smiled and nodded as he let himself out of the room. Sighing she pressed her back against the door and shoved the latch shut again with one hand while the other slipped between her legs. Feeling herself through her slacks and panties was a drag and in a moment she had shoved them down to her ankles.

Naked from the waist down she leaned back against the door and worked her hand down between her thighs. Her finger slipped between her labia and found the entrance to her vagina again. It seemed more open in this position and it was easier to slip her finger up until she could feel her hymen stretching and she had to stop and settle for stimulating her clit.

But she still craved to be filled. Her free hand slid back over her buttocks, her fingers found the crevice between her cheeks and one settled on the constriction of her pucker. She shoved until it was buried in her depths, and then she tried to work her other finger in beside it.

Carefully, oh so carefully, she was still sensitive there from the stretching Margo's fingers had given her anus. Scotty's semen was all around her, and it was so sexy that she had to start fingering her clit. That was all it took to start her orgasm and when it was finished her second finger was all the way in her pucker beside her first one.

With a sigh she leaned down and reached for her panties but they were gone. Thinking she must have kicked them under the table in her excitement she leaned down and there in the shadows under the table she saw Freddie, the lab assistant. "Oh my God!" she screamed. "What are you doing here?"

"Taking a break, Cassie," the fellow laughed holding her panties to his mouth.

"Under the table?" she exclaimed snatching at her panties.

"I had a late night, and I needed a snooze. I won't tell on you if you won't tell on me," he offered.

"Well at least turn your back while I get dressed," Cassie huffed. Freddie had been around a long time. He was easygoing, affable, and good at his job. "I suppose you saw everything," Cassie groaned reaching for her slacks, but he was too quick for her and he had them in his hands before she could get them.

"No, darn it," he laughed lifting her garments to his face and sniffing. "Mostly I just saw yours and Scott's feet until you started to get it on by yourself. You sure are one sexy beautiful girl, Cassie," he added sliding out from under the table and looking up at her.

"This is so embarrassing, I can't believe it. I certainly don't have any secrets from you now, do I?" she moaned.

"Oh I don't know, Cassie. I expect you have plenty of secrets left. There's one more I'd sure like to have you share with me though. I'd like to know what's its like to have my cock in that beautiful cunt of yours."

"Oh God! Give me a break Freddie," she pleaded desperately.

"I promise I won't blab it around. I could come just looking at you. You're such a gorgeous girl. I've been watching you for months. Ever since you came to work here," Freddie offered. "You're even more beautiful naked than I had guessed," he muttered pulling his erection from his fly and stroking it up to her belly.

"You've got a thick cock," Cassie observed. If he got really excited and tried to fuck her, he would really stretch her vagina and tear her poor little hymen all to shreds along with her job.

"Long and thin is a long way in but short and thick is a better dick," Freddy grunted pumping himself ever harder and faster into full erection.

Cassie slumped into a chair and grabbed the seat with both hands. He couldn't fuck her while she was sitting down like this. She watched his eyes lingering on her breasts, moving up to her face and then sliding down to her crotch. When his hands came to the buttons on her blouse and began to undo them she didn't let go of the seat. In seconds he'd shoved her blouse off her shoulders and undone the catch holding her bra closed in front. He pushed her cups aside and his free hand flowed over her breasts and began fondling her nipples.

She had to arch her back now it felt so good, lifting her breasts and nipples into his hand and his ogling eyes. His face reddened, and the veins stood out on his forehead when the first drops of pre-come dribbled from the opening in his glans. His eyes dropped to her crotch and he started to move to get between her legs.

"Put your cock between my tits, Freddie, I want to squeeze it with them," she offered eagerly. He needed no urging and in a moment he had straddled her thighs and shoved his erection between her breasts. Cassie captured him and squeezed with her firm little boobs while he rubbed up and down between them. Her nipples contracted with excitement and she stared down at them when his glans pushed up to her face.

"I'll suck it if you'll just hold it there," she murmured continuing to squeeze him between her breasts. Lowering her mouth to his organ she worked it over passionately. "Have you got a nice load of cum for me, Freddie?" she gasped seizing his dick with her hand and jacking it into her mouth.

For an answer his cock convulsed shooting a liberal wad of cum up over her cheeks. She sat quietly then listening to him groaning through his orgasm and when he was finished her breasts and neck were coated with the hot sticky stuff. "Satisfied?" she smiled when it was over.

"I could never get enough of you, Cassie," he groaned.

"Well I have to get dressed and get out of here," she answered going to the sink to wash Scotty and Freddie's semen from her face and bosom. She saw that Freddie's penis had subsided satisfactorily by the time she was dressed, but he hadn't bothered to put it back in his pants. Even soft it was pretty big.

"Same time, same place tomorrow?" Freddie pleaded opening the door for her.

"I'll think about it," Cassie shrugged and escaped for the moment.

For the rest of the day and that evening she did think about it, not just whether she would be there for Freddie, and Scotty, but what it had been like to experience all the erections in her life, and what it would be like to have them experience her totally.

Lounging on her couch in her apartment she studied the pictures in the Kama Sutra again, her mind playing over the reality of the sensations of having those organs in her mouth and up her tush, her imagination toying with the experience of having them all in her vagina, her pucker, and her mouth at the same time.

Cassie sighed with mingled desire and despair at the thought of Leo's bull in her vaginal doe, but the memory of having that much penis to play with roused that old familiar thrill of excitement in tummy again and it took only an instant for her hand to slip beneath the waistband of her slacks and slide beneath her panties.

'I have to get so I can fuck cocks like that,' she moaned slipping her finger down to her vaginal opening and beginning to work it back and forth. ' I have so much cunt juice,' she muttered, her finger instantly wet and slippery. The couch creaked beneath her. The tempo of sounds from the cushions mounted to the thrusts of her hips upon her fingers. Faster, faster, harder, and then the cry of her orgasm burst from her lips at the thrill of her climax.

Gasping from her exertions and her orgasm she rolled over on her back. Her vagina throbbed deliciously but it was still bound by the encircling ring of her fragile hymen. She lay on her back fondling herself in the afterglow of her orgasm.

It felt good to play with her labia even if her clitoris was so sensitive she couldn't touch it right now. Spreading her petals she slid her finger down to the little urethral bump just above her vaginal opening and played with it while her other hand pushed all the way down between her buttocks so she could touch her anus.

She had been so surprised that she had enjoyed being fucked there by Bart and David and Scotty, and they all had driven her into amazing anal orgasms. What would it be like to have one of those erections in the pictures beside her shoved up into her pucker and another one probing into her vagina she wondered? If two guys did it she would have to lie on her belly so her ass would really be up in the air.

Or maybe it would be better if she laid on her back on one guy's chest so he could play with tits and shove his cock up into her pucker from behind while she spread her legs over the other guy's shoulders so he could fuck her cunt, and then if there was a third guy she could suck him off while the other two guys fucked butt and cunt. That would make Conners, Bart and David happy. Scotty would just have to wait his turn.

Cassie rolled over on her belly again and reached back to her anus. It was so sensitive to be stroked like that. She circled and circled the opening until she could feel herself fairly bulging with anticipation, and then she slid her finger in and began to pump it softly in and out.

It felt good but not good enough to come on, not until she pulled the picture in front of her of the girl with that huge cock up her butt. Pumping harder and faster she could almost feel what it would be like if that enormous cock was where her finger was right now. Sliding her other hand beneath her belly she found her clitoris and began to massage it. In seconds her orgasm was rippling within her and she stayed with it until her vagina was climaxing with her anus.

'God I could do this all night,' she groaned staring at the picture in front of her. 'I wonder if I can get my pucker around a cock as big as Barbacchi's even if I couldn't get it in my cunt? I would love to suck on something that big right now and swallow all that cum too,' she moaned working her fingers over her vulva. The more she fantasized the more she masturbated until an hour later she fell irresistibly into sleep and slept so soundly that she was late for work the next morning.

Between a rush of phone calls and creative conferences it wasn't until late in the afternoon that she had a chance to catch her breath and that's when Scotty made his move. He strolled into her office waving a folder.

"Freddie wants to know if you want him to make an enlargement of this," he grinned and tossed a picture onto her desk. Cassie gasped taking in the photo of her face with Scotty's erection buried in her mouth.

"Seems Freddie got a piece of our action yesterday."

"Well he got his share after you left," she commented wryly.

"Can't blame him, Cassie. You're one hell of a gorgeous girl and he wants to get in on it again today."

"This is getting out of hand, Scotty."

"C'mon, Cassie. We'll keep it between the three of us."

"You guys want me to blow both of you together? It's too risky," she exclaimed.


"Why babe?' We'll all just put in some overtime after everyone is gone. Besides you promised," he wheedled putting his arm around her shoulders and stroking her hair.

"I promised you, not Freddie, and not this week." She pouted when his hand dropped to her breast.

"Don't you have something that you need to do in the darkroom?" Scotty wheedled his fingers sounding out the shape of her nipple and squeezing it deliciously.

"Well, sure, I always do. I'll think about it, " she groaned under those delicious twinges of excitement flickering in her nipple and warming their way through her breast to her belly and into her loins intensely tingling her clit.

"If I do both of you guys I want all these shots and the negatives"

"I'll tell him," Scotty grinned happily as Cassie brushed his hand from her breast. That fondle was feeling irresitible already.

"When can we expect you?" Scotty persisted.

"I said I'll think about it, I'm not promising anything," she muttered glancing at her watch and turning to her drawing-board. It was four o'clock and the next two hours seemed like an eternity of indecision. Never she mused had she felt so horny all week in her whole life before. There was not only the spicy tension of this possible adventure but, the overwhelming anticipation of the continuing 'interview' at Atherton.

Then the thought struck her that being alone with Scotty and Freddie when everyone else was gone was not a good idea at all, not considering how horny she had been feeling all week. But all the fantasy and masturbation, and the fellatio with Scotty and Freddie yesterday seemed only to have increased her appetite for sex rather than satisfied it.

Saving her cherry for Barbacchi would even more difficult with both Scotty and Freddie all worked up and hot for her to let them fuck her. If she had given in to them earlier in the day it would have been easier to escape their demands if things got out of hand. But alone with them after working hours it would be useless to plead that they might be caught if they wanted a real fucking session.

If it weren't for those damn pictures Freddie had taken of her blow-job with Scotty she would never even consider what they were asking her to do now, but if those shots got round the agency there would be hell to pay with every guy in the place after her. With a sigh of frustration Cassie forced her attention onto her work, and two hours later she entered the darkroom and found them waiting for her.

"Here's your pics," Freddie offered waving a handful of glossies and negatives at her.

"You're awful taking pictures of us," Cassie exclaimed in mock horror as they studied not only the evidence of her blowjob with Scotty but her session of masturbation afterwards.

"This time you should get undressed before we start," Scotty suggested while he unzipped his fly "I need to see that gorgeous shape of yours."

"Oh c'mon" she moaned reaching for his belt. "Just let me get to your cocks. I'll get you hard." If she could keep her clothes on maybe she could get through this with her cherry. Freddie had already dropped his trousers and she knelt to take his cock in her hand. He was bigger than Scotty and the thought flashed through her mind that he would probably be a nice fit in her pucker. She pumped him sensuously with her hand, feeling him go even more erect and hotly hard. "Would you like me to suck you. Freddie?"

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