tagNonHumanThe Phaedrah Chronicles Ch. 3

The Phaedrah Chronicles Ch. 3

byFurry Darkpaw©

I woke up, the light of the morning sun warming the fur of my face. The scent of lilac and musk tickled my sensitive nostrils. I stretched out underneath the soft coverlet and hugged my pillow closely, pricking up my ears and listening for sounds of any nearby activity. I caught the faint murmur of voices below me and recognized them as belonging to my two new friends. Silvermoon's words were hushed and insistent, whereas Mare was answering in a flat monotone. My tail thumped absently against the mattress as I strained to hear what they were saying.

(Yes, I have a tail, fuzzy ears, and a coat of fur that covers my whole body. Let me introduce myself, my name is Phaedrah. I was once a software designer in that world which you call reality. Let me tell you something. That world is not only one of many, but it is also quite boring and mundane compared to the one the consciousness of a certain Brian Murdoc woke up in after the accident. I remember swerving off the road in a moment of distraction and poof (!); here I was in a different reality, inhabiting a body that (despite it's obvious erotic advantages) was not what I would term comfortable.

I am a furry. To be more specific, I am a hermaphroditic, canine furry. It is most unsettling to wake up in a body that possesses the sexual plumbing and adornment of both genders. But, I must say, my breasts are most fetching, and I am endowed with much more "package" than I have a right to wish for.) I stretched and yawned, deciding that it was time I moved my lazy carcass out of the bed. My toenails clicked against the wooden floor as I padded naked over to the doorway and peeked out into the hall. It was deserted so I ventured softly out and down to the stairwell, where I could here the voices more clearly.

"You are stalling, my pony girl. Tell me what I want to know at once!" Moonstar's strident tones echoed up the stairwell. "Was it a virgin, or not?"

Mare's softer voice was harder to hear. But with my heightened canine senses, I easily made out her reply.

"Yes, my mistress, the little one was indeed a virgin. And I have what you require locked in my jewelry chest." Her tone was sad.

The confusion I felt at Mare's miserable tone of voice was cut short as a thin silken cord tightened around my neck. I barely had opportunity to slip my left fore paw in between it and my throat before my world became focused upon one thing, trying to breathe. The edges of my vision began to darken and I vaguely felt myself being pulled backwards toward the other end of the short hall. I then remembered the sullen clerk from the night before and his obvious distaste at the sight of me. I also remembered that his room was three doors farther down the hall than Mare's room. I redoubled my efforts to struggle free but the cord was digging harshly into my forepaw and neck. I flopped around enough to loosen the cord as my attacker tried to get a better grip on me, and twisted away from him. I instinctively snapped at his hands and kicked out with my sturdy hind legs. My perverse luck helped me evade death once again, as the night clerk was launched back into the wall. His hands were bloody, and he was gasping for breath. I felt a brief flare of pride for being able to defend myself successfully as my inertia carried me toward the opposite wall, and the open garbage chute. I fainted in terror before I hit bottom.

I awoke to darkness…and stench; a repugnant, foul, and inescapable stench that began to permeate my very being. Finding that nothing was broken, I attempted to navigate the garbage piles toward any means of escape. This involved much slipping and sliding until my fur was matted and sticky with slime. Then, as suddenly as I had arrived, I escaped my rubbish filled prison by falling through rotted gating over the cart access. I found my shabby, high-smelling ass out on the busy, midmorning street. After losing the tip of my tail to a wagon wheel, and a notch from my ear to some mangy, flea-ridden cur (growl!), I tumbled over to the other side of the street and into a quiet alley. I huddled, naked and smelly, behind a row of rain-barrels that lined the narrow, dark alcove. I had figured on watching the entrance of the boarding house for Silvermoon or Mare to show up outside in search of me. I changed my mind when a soft, tremulous whisper from the dark end of the alley made my blood run cold.

"My, little one, you look more wretched than even I feel. Come closer, and let's have a gander at you." I blinked into the shadows and sniffed the air. But my eyes didn't reveal any secrets and the smell of the garbage that still clung to my fur was overpowering.

"W-who are you?" I growled. I stood and took a stance that Silvermoon had taught me, head down and shoulders canted to present a smaller target. "Speak! I have no patience for tricks or flattery!"

A gentle chuckle meandered out of the shady dead end and broke my façade of bravado with ease. I shrunk a bit and sat back down against the barrels.

" I cannot hurt you, little pup. Of this I assure you." A slender white hand flicked out from the shadows and into the sunlight. It immediately began to smoke and blister. A quiet moan followed the path of the chuckle and the hand disappeared as quickly as it had come.

" I am…allergic to sunlight. Please forgive me if I don't come out to greet you. I was just curious as to your species. Most half lings aren't near as intelligent or eloquent as you. I only mean to talk, is this acceptable?" I thought I glimpsed a pale, regal face drift close to the light, but it could have been anything. I never got a chance to reply, though. A strong, loving hand grabbed me by the scruff of the neck and lifted me over the barrels.

"Phae! Me lovy! What's happened to ye? Ach, ye smell foul! What have ye been in, the garbage heap?" I found myself dangling in front of Mare's bright green gaze and comforting smile. "You'll need a bath, ye will. Come along!" she scolded. I was bodily heaved across the street and bustled into the kitchen. If you have never been unceremoniously dumped into a sink full of crockery and hot, soapy water… I don't recommend it. The effects on your dignity are quite devastating. I allowed myself to be washed and rinsed in sullen silence. But when she tickled my inner thigh while I was climbing out of the sink, I snapped at her hand and grumbled something about not being in the mood. Her eyes briefly misted over but she shrugged and smiled, apologizing primly.

" I'm sorry too, Mare…it's just that I was attacked and nearly raped this morning. The idea of any playfulness is the farthest thing from my mind." (I'm not totally heartless) " I am only concerned with his capture and just punishment."

"Aye, milady Silver has him. I believe she was interrogating him when I left to see if you had escaped outside. We should go to her before the lad is damaged beyond recovery." Mare said, matter-of-factly.

She dried me off and pulled a simple cotton shift over my body. I felt so much like a child at her hands that I was smiling at her when she helped me down off the counter to the kitchen floor. I held my hand out to her and she followed me out into the dining room and parlor. There I saw my assailant, trussed to a chair and looking a bit battered and bruised.

"Filthy mutt!" He spat at me, earning a hard slap from Sil's gloved hand.

"Don't make me cut out your tongue, Garrick. You are in enough trouble as it is." She turned to me and smiled in relief at my apparent safety and health. "There you are, little one. Are you unharmed?"

"I am ok, no thanks to this creep." I muttered, glaring at Garrick and showing him a canine or two. "What are you going to do with him?"

"That is not for you to worry about, little Phae. You just run along with Mare and stay out of trouble." She kissed my head and clucked in concern at my wounded ear, then waved us toward the door. "Mare, take it to the market and buy it some travel clothes, preferably leather. I'll finish here and join you for supper this evening at Callahan's Cross. Now shoo!"

I spent the afternoon trying on clothes and decided upon a leather harness top with a short skirt. Since I already sported a fur coat, the clothes were for mere modesty rather for protection against the elements. The top had two sewn-in sheathes at the shoulder blades, so I entreated Mare to take me to a weapons dealer for matching knives. I chose a pair of wicked looking elfin throwing blades with bone hilts. They fit into each sheath perfectly and felt like next to nothing. I was ready to take on anyone. We headed back toward the tavern as the sun was dropping below the horizon and reached it as the sky faded to rosy purple. As we entered a chorus of voices raised in greeting at Mare and she was pinched a half dozen times before reaching the bar. She laughed, slapping at their hands in mock annoyance.

"Your late, Mare. Who's the mutt?" The grizzled bear of a man behind the bar winked at me, eyes crinkling merrily. I unconsciously started wagging my tail as I smiled and winked back.

"This is Phaedrah, Cal. It will be staying for some of that awful slop you call food around here." Mare laughed at his grumbled reply and put on an apron. "You sit here and wait for Lady Silvermoon while I work, love. She won't be long." She turned and waded into the crowd of patrons, fending off playful pats and offers of sexual bliss and marriage with ease and grace.

"Here you go, pup. You might as well have one on the house while you wait." I turned to see Cal pushing a wine goblet toward me, smiling. I nodded happily at him and lapped the tart, dry vintage carefully.

I watched as Mare and small group of regulars exploded in laughter at a particularly bawdy joke, raising my cup to have another small sip.

" You clean up nice, little adventurer." The wine choked me as a soft, familiar voice spoke from directly behind me. I leaned over on my stool and coughed, heaving desperately for air. Through the corner of my eye I watched him approach. He was tall, slender, and darkly handsome (I speak of his hair and eyes…his skin was very pale, almost translucent.). He reached over and thumped me gently on the back and I raised my head to get a closer look. I peered directly into his eyes for the first time and was transfixed by their smoldering intensity as he looked at me in concern.

"Are you well, Phae? Can I get you anything?" His voice ran chills through me and I backed up against the bar, drawing away from him slightly.

"I know what you are, so keep your distance!" I hissed under my breath at him, my hackles rising slightly. I glanced around the room, but no one else seemed to have noticed that an undead entity walked in their midst. I swallowed hard as he smiled slowly and stepped back.

"As I said before, little one…I bear you no ill will. Nor do I mean to harm you in any way. You really must trust me on this, if we are to be friends." He sat beside me at the bar and adjusted the folds of his long cloak with an absence of attention that spoke of long practice.

"And what ever gave you the idea that I wanted to friends, vampire?" My hackles raised more and I glared at him, defiantly.

"Please, fierce one…I yield!" He chuckled. "Allow me to introduce myself. I am Silas. I only meant that we should become acquainted, as we are to be traveling together for the next day or two."

My shocked expression sent him into another soft breeze of laughter and I looked around the room for Mare in near panic. My relief at seeing Silvermoon walk through the door was intense.

" 'Scuze me!" I squeaked and ducked off of the barstool and between the revelers toward my protector and friend. She smiled, catching my eye and walking toward me. I covered the last few feet in the air as I leapt into her arms and huddled there.

"Are you happy to see me, furry one?" She smiled and blinked in pleased surprise.

"Yes, I am extremely happy to see you." I gazed at her for a second, realizing that most of the conversation in the room had ceased. There were more than a few eyes upon us when I turned to look for a reason for the sudden silence. The only sound was Silas' damnable laughter and the quick footsteps of my beloved Mare. She plucked me off of Sil and tossed me over her shoulder like a fur wrap, walking wordlessly to the bar for another round of drinks. The murmur of conversation rose again to a slightly lower level as Sil smiled at my hanging there like a limp rag. To my rising dismay, she strode over to Silas and sat down beside him. Mare finished gathering the next order and scooped up the tray, walking past the two of them. I was firmly plopped into the stool adjacent to Sil's and told to be quiet and still. I stared mournful eyes up at Mare and she smiled softly, leaning over to kiss me lightly on the nose. Properly consoled at my indignity, I turned to the conversation unfolding between Sil and the vampire Silas.

"It doesn't know any better, Silas. It is not from this realm. You should be ashamed, laughing that way." Sil's words were stern, but her tone was amused and…affectionate? My day was not getting much better, at all.

"But it should notice the respect you garner from all those who love you, milady. Perhaps I gave it too much credit as far as intelligence is concerned." He looked at me and raised a taunting eyebrow. "I mean, it obviously thinks I have designs on its blood supply, and has been quite rude and unsociable." I snorted and leaned back behind Sil as he winked at me.

"It has much to learn, but it is surprisingly resourceful and very lovable, brother. I heard that you two met earlier, during the ruckus with Garrick. Is this true, Phae?" She turned and looked down at me, reaching out a finger and closing my lower jaw, which had dropped open again.

"Brother?" I stammered.

The moonlight found me trudging gloomily beside Silas and two pack mules down a dim forest path. The trip was uneventful and broken only by terse, staccato exchanges about essential things like the midnight meal, and when I had to go pee.

(Ex: "Vampire…I gotta go."

"Again? You just went two hours ago!"

"I go in the woods, off the trail, or I go on you leg…your choice."

"(Unintelligible expletive) fine then…go!"

…. Lotsa fun, huh?)

We finally crested a hillock and caught the first rose light of morning. Silas grumbled and quickened his pace. His haste at reaching our destination finally hit me, broadside. I felt like a shit-encrusted heel. The dawn was his enemy, a killer dressed in deep orange and gold…and possessing an inescapable pursuit. My aching bladder seemed insignificant and petty, and I started to view Silas in a different way. His insufferable patience and subtle, jibing wit had never wavered. Yet he was surely aware of the approaching peril that was sunrise. I shut my fuzzy yap and quickened my trot, not looking at Silas. I was too much the coward to witness the skin of his face and hands start to smolder instantly at the touch of the rising sun, and the fleeting wince of pain that he quickly forced from his eyes.

"How much farther, vam…er, Silas?" I stammered. I was rewarded with a genuine smile that caused his face to transform. The cold turn of his chin became the solidity of strength. His spare, austere features softened to gentleness and affection as he pointed to an ancient stone and timber barn lying off the track to our left. I nodded and guided the pack mules toward his chosen sanctuary.

I led the mules into the abandoned barn, tucking them into stalls and unpacking them as he climbed quickly into the darkness of the loft. My eyes followed him as I wondered at the sheer courage it took for him to vow his life to my protection, when simple, gentle daylight could be his very destruction.

"Silas?" I called, brushing down the last mule and tucking the feedbag around his ears.

"What is it, little one?"

"Um, do you require anything?"

"No, dear Phae…I am fine, now." A rustle of moving hay marked his turning to look down at me through the loft entrance. "But I thank you for asking…"

"Um, where do want me to sleep, Si…?" I looked around for a convenient corner with some comfortable straw to bed down upon.

"Silver said that you would have to sleep as near to me as you would allow, little one." I looked up and met his burning yellow eyes with my own amber ones as he gazed at me from his lofty perch. " It is your choice, furry friend. But I must go to bed, now…the dawn approaches.

I went to sleep watching the sunlight paint streaks of brilliant reality on the floor of the barn.

I awoke to moonlight and arousal. There were hands at my breasts and a very insistent but nice movement at my tail end. I thought about protesting but the feeling was so nice that I soon forgot what I was going to protest. I arched my back and pushed my breasts into the questing fingers and was rewarded with a dancing tattoo of pleasure around my sensitive nipples. I (?) pushed my ass against Silas' hips and thrusting member, reaching between my legs and stroking him softly.

(Hey! I say…. what's this??) **Hush human, this is the way it's supposed to happen**

I tried my best to ignore the inner voice that spoke to me, attempting to twist away from him, but a force took hold of me and held me against Silas, his stony erection pushing against my feminine opening. He slipped inside of me and my protests changed from strident dissent to moans of need.

"Oh, no…. I'm not built for this, Si…Um…(Uhh!) *sigh* (Oh, my…)"


"Yes, little one…"

"Don't stop?"

I don't know why, but his thrusts set me on fire…my whole body flaring into a bonfire of sensation. I pushed my hips into him, engulfing even more of his sizable cock within me…my own erection brushing sensuously against my belly. I reached down and touched myself timidly as he pushed further into my feminine opening. I smiled in delight as my forepaw met his hand on my throbbing maleness, and we started to stroke me...together.

" *Gasp* Silaaaasssss! This is not happening!" The macho facet of me railed against the pleasure I was feeling.

" Do you want me to stop, little pup?" His smug tone was insufferable, but his cock felt so good in my new opening.

"Stop and die, Silas…you started *moan* this…"

His thrusts were becoming stronger, faster. I met his plunges with uninhibited glee, grinding myself against him. I swung my legs over his shoulders and grabbed his hips, and pulled him deeper into me.

I looked up into his pale, handsome face and howled softly at the twinges of pleasure that began to grip my body. I cried in desire and release under his relentless thrusts. Pushing up against him to make (my?) orgasm build to even greater heights.

We pumped my own cock furiously and I slammed my hips into his thrusts…moaning at my impending climax.

"Now Silas! Now!" I could not believe the words that issued from my mouth, but all thought was washed from my brain as a feminine orgasm ripped through me… I watched as my rebellious organ swelled and waved in the air, pulling tight against my stomach. My eyes rolled back in my head as I came from my pussy and my cock…drenching his burning shaft and my heaving belly with my juices. I huddled against him and massaged my own cum into my soft belly-fur, sighing in spite of myself. I am/was not gay or even bi in my "real" life...but this experience was entirely different. My eyes drooped as I spontaneously kissed Silas on the neck and chin. Sleep came very quickly for me that dawning. Held in Silas' arms and feeling safe and secure for the first time since I awakened, I dreamt of being part of this realm forever, for the first time.

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