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Some words from wistfall1:

All of my works have been to counter the falsehoods that the Fundamentalists try to shove down our throats, namely that the bible is the inerrant word of god.

It all started with my two-part story, "The Devil's Gateway" (from a quote sttributed to an ancient "church father", Tertullian, who also invented the Trinity of father, son, and holy ghost in one person which the Catholic Church adopted and passed on to just about all other churches, Protestant and Independent).

From this, they attempt to freeze the inexorable march of knowledge (as they did with Galileo) and equality which they've been waging against same-sex marriage from Proposition 8 in California, to today's battle for same-sex marriage, which is being won, albeit piecemeal, through federal courts.

These Fundamentalists assert that their so-called "inerrant" (error free) bible must be followed as the explicit law of god for all of humanity. They do a marvelous job of blindly denying evolution to the point of absurdity.

They try to fight every advance in evolutionary theory with seemingly great knowledge, as well as push to have same-sex marriage prohibited, but they make one fatal mistake:

They do not address the stupendously great errors in the bible. In this, they avoid delving into with a willful blindness that they try to plant in us as if it is a real gene in our makeup--a virtual social-cultural gene through which they've worked to imbue us with for two thousand years.

They will not look at, nor address how two and a half million people could be controlled and directed as in their so-called Exodus from Egypt (their bible doesn't address this "minor" fact).

They do not answer when that Exodus occurred, nor why the bible factually gives one date and strongly indicates another (see my stories and essays for incontovertible facts from the bible itself).

They don't address how their bible many times states Philistines are in the time of Abraham and his sons hundreds of years before they were known to exist.

They don't explain how it is that Egypt controlled Canaan past any time that the Exodua was to have occurred, or that Joshua was said to have subdued it.

They definitely don't acknowledge that the "Resurrection" only came into being with the book of Daniel in the Old Testament, or that the book of Daniel wasn't written by any Daniel, much less that it is an error-filled book that reads like a chronologically bad historical novel.

I have pointed out multiple mistakes in both the Old and the New Testaments, none of which they can defend, and definitely seem to refuse to look at, or admit to.

As of now, same-sex marriage is legally allowed in 36 of our states (soome bible belt areas, Michigan and a few others still contending against it).

The lies that these Fundamentalists propagate are being felt in our age of expanding knowledge and awareness and they are still attempting to keep us bound to their superstitions.

It is time to free our nation of the theological serfdom that is from of old.

It is time to recognize that there is too great a similarity between what the Taliban and ISIS (or ISIL) share with the Christian Fundamentalists, and now those in Nigeria who seem to specialize in taking children. The Christian Fundamentalists fight to keep women subdued to their misogynistic patriarchcal ways and to wear virtual burkas in submission to their lies.

Women are to be silent in the churches? How is it that I Corinthians, chapter 11, verse 5 can speak of a woman that "prophesieth" should do so with her head covered if she is not to speak in church. It is a contradiction in terms.

The bible is full of errors and contradictions. It's time to know and to tell of the truth of the lies that Fundamentalists refuse to look at.

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