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June 23, 2014

Yesterday, I submitted "A Hereitic's Heart. While pounding away at the keyboard and following what seemed like a natural sequence, I put into the mouth of Mrs. Rogers to mention the words that Jesus was reported to have said about divorce.

Jesus is reported to have said that Moses, due to the hardness of their hearts, allowed the Jews to divorce their wives. I gave Matthew, chapter 19, verse 8, and Mark, chpater 10, Verses 5-8 as citations where this could be found.

As I wrote it, I was shocked that I hadn't noted this before: Jesus is supposed to have been saying that it was not God's will that any should divorce, but allowed by Moses in his Law.

It was only afterward that I realized that there is much more to this than just, as Mrs. Rogers says, a call to change as needed. Think about it:

This is a refutation of Fundamentalists who say that the bible is the inerrant word of God.

Jesus is here said to refute that as saying that, at the very least, this part is not the word of God.

For proof of this, see Mark, and note that Jesus is reported to have said in verse 6 that "...from the beginning of the creationo..." and therefore, in verse 9, "What therefore God hath joined together, let not man put asunder."

Mrs. Rogers says that it is a call to change where needful, the law of Moses, but that law can now be seen as:

Firstly, not all God's law;

Secondly, if not all God's law, and it is not specified as to which is of God, and which is of Moses, how can anyone know which is which;

Thirdly, it is dedinite that the Old Testament is not the inerrant word of God as the Fundamentalists aay.

This is said to be from the mouth of Jesus whom the Fundamentalist preach as their savior.

May 29, 2014

A serious question comes up of who actually wrote the Old Testament. Many say it was written by Moses, who is said to have died before the Jews entered the Promised Land.

It is supposed to have been written in Hebrew, however, it seems that there may not have been a Hebrew language in written form until about 1,000 BCE, or in the time ascribed to King David, many centuries later.

That there are many errors, plus a knowledge of things that only happened in the times of David or later, is known, and seen in the use of the name: Philistines in Genesis when there were no known Philistines.

In my latest essay, "Which God, If Any", I point out an equally damning point of the words said to have been spoken by Jesus of the end times and his return being in his generation, and that this did not happen (it is in three of the four gospels).

What I did not add, and possibly should have, is the various endings of the gospels, all of which offer very different occurrences as to what happened after Jesus is reported to have risen from the dead.

They are very, very different, including who found Jesus resurrected and what he was supposed to have done afterward.

These are things not spoken of in the pulpits--they simply pick one version of what happened (as the movies do). They don't acknowledge that there are various and conflicting versions. They only want to keep you enthralled with what they want you to believe without question.

Frankly, as said in the essay, no one actually knows who wrote the gospels, or most of the other books. They just want people to believe as the illiterate people of old believed.

There is little question that initially, Christianity was a cult without proof of anything they told anyone, just vague promises that were feel good, hoped for endings to their difficult lives in service to the master of the day, be he or she king or queen.

The so-called "split" of the Protestant churches from the Catholic version was mostly a matter of form, not of substance--they pretty much used the same books with the same words in their so-called "Canon" (which, incidentally, wasn't officially approved until five centuries after Jesus is said to have died).

Any questions to help a lesbian in need with regard to this, please feel free to email or PM, but please, no "die-hard believers" (read: Fundamentalists) need write or comment.

Apr. 24, 2014

Were it not for Fundamentalists pushing from their pulpits, and also in the media, trying to shove their beliefs on everyone, and doing so with great malice as you'll see near the end of the present essay, I wouldn't have written and had this essay posted.

However, even politicians, high and low, are in on this vicious act, all the while some trying to say that God loves everyone, it gets to be more than a little too much.

I have, in the past, by virtue of what I inherited from the culture I was born into, also had such beliefs: namely that the God presented in the bible is the one true God, and Creator of all, including the first humans, Adam and Eve.

In the course of trying to be as good a "servant" of God as possible, it slowly dawned on me that not many others felt the same way, that it was just about all a social network that included very little of trying to be as was in the bible.

Confused, I tried to find a church that was truly "Christian" and literally trying to follow the ways of Jesus. That proved to be quite futile.

Oh, there were many "nice" people, but only if you believed as they did. It took a while, but I realized that that made it much as a cult, if not totally so.


It took forever, but after many years, I began to find books that were other than the "Me-too" variety as Liv, in my stories, called them. There seemed to be thousands and thousands of them, and all of them skipping over any questions that surely had to pop up in their minds.

Again, why?

I found that there are many who question the bible's veracity, and many of those were/are in fields that bring what the bible say into question. Yet, due to the culture that is prevalent here, they have kept quiet so as not to raise the ire of the vocal masses, namely die-hard bible believers, and the scrourge of any who tried to question the bible's veracity, those that are called Fundamentalists.

The odyssey I went on took a long time, and I read many books. I found that they are now many in number, but still no match for the voluminous quantity of those Me-too books. Still, they are out there and growing.

Best of all, the books I have read made it easier to solve the riddle of the bible itself--it is mostly a horrible mish-mash of stories that have literally been invented by men, and often edited over time, and that is readily seen if one will but realize what they are reading.

There are two general proofs of this, and they are substantial:

There is no real foundation to the Old Testament, as I've shown by the bible itself and:

The New Testament is predicated on the Old Testament. Saliently, the words put into Jesus' mouth did not, and have not, come to pass, nor was what he said intended to happen at a much later date as some now say in contradiction to what they attest are the words of Jesus himself.

The Old Testament is said, by Fundamentalists, to be the literal word of God from which "Family values" as generally are left to be assumed to be taken.

However, the God presented in the Old Testament is shown as a capricious, vindictive, and genocidal God, caring only that he be foillowed without question or deviation in any way--and yet he deviates often, and very maliciously.

How could any God be as this one is presented and still be considered a loving Father?

What I tried to do in this essay is to look at all that was not factual, and most of what I did find that wasn't factual was proven to be so by the bible itself.

Now, with our instant news capability, they are trying to build a culture of the God of the bible only, and hatred of any that differ from what they think of as being God's ways.

That includes, by too many, death for those who are lovers of those of their own sex, which incorporates lesbians, gays, and also transgenders, transsexual, those literally born intersex, and transvestites.

It is to the point of hatred, and in hatred there is no love of anyone.

The things to note are two-fold:

Ignorance and greed.

That ignorance of what is really in the bible, and its volumious errors, must be challenged, and stopped. As much as possible, the eyes of those who agree with the Fundamentallist preachers, must be reached, and it starts with those who are its victims.

Greed, which is nearly the same as the love of power, is also to be detested, but it is not within the reach of my capabilities to attempt to combat by anything that I could write.

If you have been made to feel guilty for having within yourself the tremendous pull to love another who is of the same sex as yourself, and have forced, by culture and, or family, to endure the vitriol of the preachers with their threats of hell-fire, and made to feel ashamed of being as you are within you, and to feel gulty for being born as you were, read on, and please, do veryify all that I say. I invite close scrutiny of my words.

Knowledge of the truth of the lies is vital for your sanity, as well as the shedding of the shame and guilt that have been heaped on you. The path to any truth must literally be laden with facts.

May you find the love your heart desires, and know the peace in your heart that you are doing as you were born to do.


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