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This is turning into what will be another entry in my "All-time Best" list ...

Love the characters, development, teen uninhibited hot sweaty monkey sex
And his reaction to the attempted muscling in on him behind gf's back

stop writing

Out of the fire into the frying pan each to there own but like anon says hed b in jail for forgin his name working for drug cartel, no woman would do this 2 me id drug her an sell her to sex slaves. Actually 2 good story stangstar is back vandomonium, cuvk author r shit cant spell put paragraphs together forget name

My 52 yr old bbc HOTWIFE

You know it's very hard to explain to people and to convince them of the lifestyle. The bbc lifestyle. Those of us who live it enjoy it truly enjoy the descriptive encounters enjoyed by others such as ourselves.Believe it or not people this lifestyle does exist. Some fantasies are told but I think most are true. Once blacked ,a white wife can never turn back. It is impossible.It becomes an addiction for her. A necessity. She has to have it. It overtakes her entire being. Big Black Cock becomes an obsession. Plain and simple. A white couple can have a loving happy relationship in the day to day sense of things. However, when it comes to sex a different mentality is necessary. No man can fuck like a black man. And noan can satisfy a hot horny white wife/woman like a black man. I have witnessed this over and over for several years. It's quite amazing to watch the woman you love taken to levels of sexual bliss over and over never experienced in her life. Every time is a new experience at the hands of a black stallion and stallions. My wife loves me more now for allowing her to experience these wanton feelings on a regular basis. A happy wife is a happy life. I truly enjoy watching my mature white wife be the older white slut for much younger black men.And I know in my heart that there are many other loving husbands that feel the same sentiment. Yes my wife is in love with me,however she loves huge uncut black cock on a regular basis and I love to watch her enjoy it.One or many at one time. Wonderfully exciting to watch!!!!!

Please don't stop

I thought this was a wonderful story. Please don't stop, I can't wait to read through the next one, I'm checking daily for part 4, I'm so hooked.


Totally Awesome! Wish I could do more then 5 stars!

Love the way we changed

Jamie's mind is just changing properly. I could feel the same of the progress. Good article!

What the ever-loving fuck

Dude, you went completely off the rails. The only decent part was John having conflicting emotions at the start and his basic plan to extricate himself.
Jaime was treated like a Mexican thug because he WAS one. He demonstrated that through his connections and actions.

The DEA and Federales would not have let a cartel involved money man just hang out at the drug villa for a week, then walk away. He'd have been soooo hung up. If he was able to walk away, it would have cost him major bribe moola.

What the HELL with Gabby and her bitch (not domme) of an aunt?
Every bit as bad as the first wife. Oh, dominants can beak any promise they want, no biggie. They can fuck over your life; it's all cool because they are the mistress of you, ya worm. I'll never include another, man or woman! I'll never tell others! I'll never hurt you! LIES, LIES LIES - the hallmark of crazy evil people, NOT good dominants. No way could Gabby and Aunt Nutso control what was said and done with that info once loose. What happened to doing right be your sub, or yes, even your slave? And to bring a child into this disfunction? John may have had submissive tendencies, but they abused and distorted whatever was there. YOU, dear author turned a man with insecurities and a desire to be loved into a doormat, not a submissive.

The entire side trip into George/Vivian et al was unnecessary, non-erotic crazy poo. It added nothing and detracted mightily.

You had an opportunity to create a real and palatable alternate ending. Unfortunately, you squandered a promising start.

a love story

They have fallen in love but they do not know it.

chuk says

Well the second story mirrored the first. Just great fantastic descriptive fantastic writing. U really must continue to write more of these two and their innocent relations. U really really r good. Tks. Pls more.

Very Excellent Beginning.

This promises to be the begining of an excellent story. Well written and with intriguing dialogue. Can only hope that the promise is fulfilled.


Well written, I enjoyed it immensely!

The only reason...

I checked New Stories tonight was a hope that you finished Part 2!! Your writing is great and I like this story line. After reading Part 1 I of course went back and read with enjoyment your other writings. Anxiously waiting for more:)


What the fuck is wrong with you assholes that write about these guys getting hard watching their wives suck off other guys! Oh, you write that they get angry but then no confrontation and he just let's it slide!!!!???? Really! You fucking idiot!

I enjoyed the build-up

I find that's the best part of the incest story, the forbidden reluctance. The kissing premise was also a lot more believable that many of the other Father/Daughter stories floating around. Well done.


There definitely needs to be another chapter, maybe with all the women getting pregnant and his sister and mother joining in.

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