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Thoroughly enjoying the story so far but hoping the chapters get longer. Keep it up, love the direction this is heading.

Baby steps

The first time you pillow talk your wife - telling her you are excited by the idea of her getting fucked by another man.
Watching her giggling and excited with just a dress and no underwear on as we wait for a friend to be the first other man to fuck her.
Watching him take her upraised pussy bareback because her inner slut is fully in control.
Watching her gauge your reaction to her cock hungry behavior.
Watching her become easier and easier and looking forward to meeting horny strangers.
Having her hold and feed you your first cock.
Both of you looking forward to being had by the same lover (or him and his friend)

yeah, author, pay some attention and you'll be okay

At least your heart's in the right place. Moms who mess around with their boy's penis are the best moms of all. Interesting about that female cop, who talks so openly about her son's balls. She seems to be on intimate terms with them--just the way a mother should be. This newbie author has some noteworthy kinks. So I for one am looking forward to what milfson's got to say in the next installment.

The Circle and now this

I have been trying to recover from "The Circle" ending but this is going to save the day!!

Years later, still one off my favorites

Still hope that one day this story will continue...
Especially that bachelor party!


Its just the kind of holiday I imagine! Thanks for writing.

Italics are distracting

"" represents dialogue you don't need italics

Same with bold lettering

"I followed and she looked at me before saying "make me your whore... I'm a cheating slut... A dirty bitch and I want you to treat me like one."

Meh. Every man already knows that every woman has this inner desire. We just have to wonder who's bitch her fiancee' was pounding while his bitch was lending herself out. But I'm sure they all lived happily ever after.

That was a joke, just like your cartoon story.


i read this hot Story at work and liked it. as i said it earlier, you have an exotic Setting when it Comes to Location and the main actors of the Story. i liked the way he seduced her and all that erupted as he made her a woman. ist a litte sad that they were divided at the end and that she is now 30 and mainly because of him she has not found her lovely husband. that Shows us that this unique relation is hot but at the end not good for her.

Need to finish

I would like to see you write a second story to this, where the nice and kind husband learns his wife is sucking this guy in his home and about the fuck at hotel. I like to see how you finish it. Thanks, Clint

Original Idea

I like the idea of this story. Original and creative. The mother using her son to get ahead at work is a nice change from the over-done concept of using women to further the males career.

A fine story

up until the last half page. Instead of developing why they wanted to be with each other, you had them rush into things despite and agreement to just go slow. Then you ignored the story of the two county slimeballs and tied up that end in two sentences.

good story

i like your exotic Setting and also the fact that she is so sweet yet so pure and un corrupted. 5 stars-

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