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Very nice. Short and hot.

Meaningful sex

lasts forever in one's memory --well done!


I can't wait for the next installment! Seems like a TV series, jumps ahead to draw back and explain...

Keep it coming

If she is that easy

It has happened before and will happen again, Jim knows her turn on and will tell others and set her up for his friends and customers. She will go shopping on her own during the year more and more often.... so I hope Tom gets a new wife for Christmas.... the old one can no longer be trusted..... good writing but I have a problem with weak willed sluts...I have worked with the destroyed lives they left in their wakes

and then...

When first written, this seemed like a setup screaming for a continuation. It still does. (Hint, Hint)

Reality check

Taking fantasy to far can destroy a family. He failed and learned two lessons number one don't make wife feel degraded and the second you need to truly support spouse. When he didn't go to awards ceremony, when he could have taken a vacation day was pathetic. He never even asked even when she went to him and let him know it was important to her. He was very lucky to have a special wife that showed him his mistake without cheating. They will prosper from the new strength that is coming from the trial, they walked through.


This story was great. We need a few more chapters telling of their summer fun!

What a beautiful and romantic way to end this story!

This writer should seize the opportunity to write a book: "1001 ways to be romantic to your loved one". Just in this short story he showed 3 or 4 of those 1001 ways.

I can't believe...

...that she was pregnant and didn't tell her husband before the miscarriage or after it... was that because it wasn't Steve who made her pregnant?


Impo was right that you omitted too much, even for a flash story. Also, the ws aspect really makes this fetish when the cuck aspect is factored in--his sexual excitement at his wife's infidelity. Also, you did not account for the aftermath of Sam, who had been invited in by wifey being naked outside and wifey having been slapped--what, that evens things off?

Sandra! The only woman having fun!

She was the only woman that had real fun and took care of 3 of the men.

brought to mind

John Huston in 'The Paper Chase'. "You will teach yourselves the Law, I will teach you how to Think"......... thanks for sharing.


Is any need to save this marriage? She doesn't love her husband anymore. She has found a new beau. The husband is a drunk and a cheater. The children are grown up and already out of the house. So why pursuit reconciliation? No matter how this ends these questions will always be there.

Another word bomb, from Pakistan.

Pooja? Really? POOja? Too funny.

All Indian husbands are wimps and cuckolds, and all Indian wives are whores.

Happy St. Pakistani Day.

Love the story

I love the series and pray for a another, fan for life!

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