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In all the stories, the old man gets a young woman and he gets the need to breed. Total BSC.

Kiss of the Moon

Loved every moment...the dynamics of the pack...the individuals that brought a chuckle...drama, sorrow, highs, lows....this story had everything. Good job, thanks for keeping us engrossed.


Super sexy story... love your desire to be bred and lust for primal Dick

Another nice but unfinished story!

posthumous thanks to a-non-e-mouse

G'day mate. (You do sound like an Aussie - full of shit!)
I took your last review so seriously that I shot the wife, buried the kids, burned my house down and killed myself yesterday.
Your literary world is obviously too good for the likes of me.
Have a great day!

Where’s the B?

“Not Guilty” by Harddaysknight is a classic bit of LW humor that offers the epitome of ironic twists to LW tales. As hubby explains, “Revenge is screwing your wife's lovers' wives. Sweet revenge is something even better, and I am fortunate enough to experience that incredible high." Thus the tale offers two wonderful ironies: 1) the cheated-on hubby uses “an unspoken agreement” to open the marriage and out-cheat the cheaters; 2) Sweet revenge… well, I’d prefer not to spoil it, so I won’t. But the actions of hubby in this tale were proportional and to scale… the wife hid her affairs… so did hubby (well mostly).

Note that “Not Guilty” is a LW spoof rather than a BTB spoof… because Harddaysknight’s tale also lacks a “B”. Since wifey wasn’t a “B”, hubby did not use BTB tactics. This balance helped make the humor work.

I’m not sure where the author (dimaggio5) is getting his/her perception of BTB stories, but usually they require wifey to be a “B”… A “B” is part of the name, “BTB”, and thus a required element of a “BTB” tale – and presumably, any attempt to make a humorous spoof of one. One would reasonably expect a “B” to be an openly unrepentant cheating wife that shows not only horrific disrespect but also complete lack of remorse for her infidelity. Where’s the “B” in this story? Absent one, you just have an idiot hubby doing idiotic things (i.e., no balance)… Hence, the attempt at irony falls flat.

Further, the Harddaysknight story’s protagonist is clever and interesting which also makes the story much more interesting. Who wants to read a tale told from an idiot’s perspective? I seriously am curious as to why dimaggio5 wrote this tale from an idiot’s perspective. I guess I suggested an answer above; it was an attempt at irony that fell flat.

Better luck with the next tale.

Problem with the ending

Unless Julie and her family are very well connected politically, John would never have lost everything. Nor would he have been untouchable by better attorneys if his wife had cleaned out the joint accounts beforehand, because that's evidence of fraud.

Categorisation of Story

I am new to this site and I so I checked what you have said Anonymous. I went to new stories and under each story it clear states how each piece is categorised with a description without me having to open any of them. MY description clearly states "gay and straight romance". Anyone specifically looking for gay stories no doubt uses search words as well, which will also find it. And anyone who doesn't want a gay story can avoid it. Pretty simple. The novel and novella category is there for a reason.

last anon> I checked out that Citrus manga. Doesn't look bad, though they're not blood related (step-sisters), so it's almost like a classic yuri story.

The characters and situation remind me of that Visual Novel game over on Steam - Love Ribbon. There, the girls actually are real sisters.

In both cases, there is a large difference to Table for Two - Em and Steph didn't just meet, not knowing about each other before. They've lived together for a long time, so their relationship has to be different. More like a close friendship turned romantic, rather than a sweeping romance like Citrus and Love Ribbon.

I thought about such future-vignettes. It's not a bad idea, we'll see. I have to wrap up the main plot first.

At the moment I have no specific plans for further stories.

Thank you for your comment.

Re: Anonymous "Naw, not very realistic"

So, you are saying that you not only dumped your wife of seventeen years without a word, but that you also called your own daughters "little cunts," abandoned them and won't say a single word to them, either? Your brother had to step in and take care of your duties as their father, because you were so unmanly as to abandon them. I can understand a man dumping his wife if he caught her cheating on him, but no male who abandons his children can ever be considered a man.

That sounds completely faked, and the only thing which would be more pathetic is if it were true.


illiterate cuck shit.


From the Titanic to the Lusitania? A dark and sprawling epic? I must say that you've set the hook well. Time for a big glass of sherry and a comfortable chair.

The Best

Thank you so much for the beautifully well written story.Loved it.You are my favourite author.Not a bad idea to have your stories as movies.Keep giving us more.

Please don't abandon the story :(

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