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Just awful, I gave it 3 stars as a charitable offering. Please get an editor or just give it up.


The emails need to go to Dr. Peters' wife 1st thing each morning.

And the chapters keep coming.

I have finally become current with your stories. I have come to look forward to each new adventure; keep them coming. I would become very depressed should I wake up one morning and discover that there was no new chapter to this saga. I have become a fan of the crowbars.

Satisfaction X 2

Great story !40 to 55 tear old hooking up with a 18 to 19 year old holds a certian kind of majick. The static sexual electricity is obvious. My girlfriend connected with a hung 19 year old and had a wild night of sex the night we invited him to our apartment. Once he got past the idea that I would get mad at him for fucking her, it was on like gang busters. He spent a solid week with us and I felt like she belonged to him. And to a degree, she did. He did admit that he felt like he stole my pussy from me. There was a turn on factor for me because I knew she would keep him if she could. To come home to see him in a pair of boxers, her in a pair of shear panties was an attention getter for me. They had on the same thing when I left.

To anon: then wtf are you doing reading stories in the incest section?! ...and men? What about women? There are probably just as many women readers here as men! ...anyway, you know what they say about those who scream loudest.... Heh.

That aside...the story kinda trainwrecked at the end there, lol. Had a great start, then BAM! Her dad just happened to have handcuffs and a blindfold handy?? Lol. ...and taking his daughters virginity tied, blindfolded and doggie?! Wtf, lol! He's been renting his sex too long, heh.

I think the story could benefit with a rewrite. Honestly, it looks like the author just reached a point where he/she just wanted it done and threw together an ending.


well written story about stupid people doing stupid things. TK

3 Times

You caught her on 3 seperate occasions with 3 different men, planning to cheat & you forgive her coz you caught onto what she was planning before she could actually go through with the cheating. Give me a break, you are a FOOL

Wow, great start (can I give 10 stars please?)! I think this will be a story where I'll keep checking if there's a new instalment. I can't wait!


The funny thing is the people that write stories like this you themselves as the other guy when in reality they are the husband


Man, I hope you add more parts to this soon!

Excellent so far

....though holding on rating the story 'till is finished.

Sexy Rob

Give sexy Rob some hair for that delicious and muscular chest! Something for the sisters to ogle and taste!

Looking forward to seeing where the story goes from here

It feels like the story is really starting now find safety and a cure for Rose then start a family

hate such story

if there ever is a sequel, I want to see Delvon truly incapacitated, not dead, losing at least one arm and one leg and Belle then leaving him unmercillesly, and struggling to get Rob to take her back. All were in vain as Rob has moved on and got a better gal than Belle.

Started reading this and couldn't stop

Very interesting. I read all 12 installments back to back. This woman's journey is very intriguing. I wish i had waited a little longer to read this. That way, i wouldn't be stuck waiting for the next chapter.

Hurry up please. Count me as a new passenger on this trip. I'll be the one constantly in your ear saying, "Are we there yet?"

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