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beware of tropes

It was a good read but over long and hamstrung with all the LW tropes you insisted on using. The blameless husband. The absurdly complex revenge scheme timed to the minute that nevertheless works out perfectly. The heartless conniving wife who is nevertheless contrite at the end, having been bested by said blameless husband. The adoring daughter. The impossibly great boss and his magic company. Ouch.

You could easily have cut 3 pages out of the story and still had room to explore the wife's headspace. We are to believe that she deprived not just her husband but herself of sex for 17 years because she didn't want to tell him she didn't want more kids. Come on! If she was fucking other people the whole time there is no hint of that in the story. And your ending simply reinforced the weak plotline. "It was never you?" Of course it was him. As soon as the daughter was old enough to cope on her own wifey hopped right into bed with the neighbor and connived to humiliate her husband and refuse him sex, only stopping when she was caught. These are not the,actions of a woman wracked with guilt over her secret tubal ligation, but you offer no other insight into her thoughts and actions.

And finally I agree weith the others who objected to the gratuitous and dishonest conservative politics you inserted into the story. If political views are not germane to the story leave them out. If they are germane at least deal with them honestly.


Agree with the four previous comments , enough said.


I truly loved your story, it's the first one i'm reading from you, but will definitely check out more of them after this. I liked every word of it


Damn good series. Thank you for the time and effort you have spent on it.

ALL Downhill from here!

I have to declare I do not like or in any way enjoy the 'happy" or hapless cuckold theme. Try to find a positive continuation and conclusion that does not end in one of the usual disaster cliches! It's not original to pound an 'approved cheating' or out-of-control 'hotwife' theme. There are more than enough of such sick and unnecessary stories on here.

Maybe a good editor?

Would have improved this messy little tale. But it's the overall premise that didn't work for me. You have a happily married couple that, after infidelity ruined their first marriages are now considering engaging in acts similar to ones that caused their divorces. And you don't think that's beyond stupid? Have they gotten bored with their sex lives and marriage? Because they're heading down the road to another divorce. What happens when he realizes he IS jealous? What happens when she finds a man with a bigger cock and realizes her husband will never be able to satisfy her sexually going forward? What happens when she brings home some nasty disease and passes it along to hubby? What happens when she finds someone with more money or that she simply sees as her "soulmate"? This story is a recipe for disaster. I think she's looking for a way out of their marriage. That his submissive side is something she finds repugnant. Even for a fictional story, this is an awful idea. Poorly thought out drivel. Try again.
1 star


I must say, after suspending reality, this story is hot and believable in a weird sort of way. Don't stop now!

Great story

A fantasy I have about my own lovely wife. Keep these great stories coming

Slightly Ashamed

I may have came 30 seconds in. Your voice is just absolutely perfect. And! I came again when you said "i'll make you mine." Yes please! Sign me up! ♡♡
Definitely a clip ill have no shame in returning to. Youre perfection.

Gutless Anony (5/12/18)

You're a pretty big man for insulting someone you don't know for comments that have nothing to do with what you're insulting him for. Do you get off thinking about how big an ass you make yourself to be just because you figured out how to use a keyboard? Based on your comments, you have never been with a female you didn't pay for, and most likely she charged you triple to get past your ugly face and B.O.

Damn a mud

I haven't heard about anyone into that in a long time. A friend of mine said that he hooked up with this muscular hung white guy who screwed him real good. Afterwards, the guy got in the tub, laid down and asked him to poop on him.

A little AC/DC

I started sucking cock as a teen but stopped as I got older. Got married and enjoyed a sexy wife who had an affair, with my knowledge, while in Germany. Came back to the States and found porn shops with glory holes and started sucking cocks again and enjoying the feel of a thick cock filling my ass with warm slippery sperm. Good looking crossdressers and Tgirls as still erotic to me and maybe if I stayed single I would have started crossdressing too. To be honest, back then I would have looked hot in most female clothing and heels. I'll never know.

Yes, your story is a very well written one plus the hot scenes that build in our head to a high peak, thank you !! Yes, we need more hot sex scenes plus some added details now of what brother and sister look like in every detail. That they hopefully decide to stay together as lovers and eventually tell their parents they are together. That no matter what they will stay together. More hot sex scenes please ... thank you !!

Another Excellent Story

I started reading this tale and some names started sounding familiar. For all who might not know check out another fantastic story from Malraux, Jonas Agonistes.
You will find another great tale.

Well Done sir...

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