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Come on!

Please right more chapters! This is golden stuff!

stop writing

this is the biggest piece of crap , get yourself a day job !!!

Gripping !!!!!!!!!!

This whas a totaly awesome gripping episode...... cant wait for the next


Hell Yes

I can't wait to read the next 2 chapters.


Well... A very good read... One of the best not only from detail, and description but also funny as hell. Loved it. Would love to read the attempt at a sequel...

Just hope you don't do what everyone else does: make mom and dad actually be estranged brother and sister...

Great story....

I really liked the story with a mostly real feel but I would of almost bet she was cheating. In NYC all the big midtown hotels have PIs outside trying to catch cheaters everyday. All the people I know over the years that work in companies with a large mix of male and female employees say it's a complete fuck fest. The married ones are doing the most fucking . They do it during the work day of get in early before they start. My friend was fucking one who's home life sounded similar to the story . He fucked her 2-3 times a week for a few years on and off. He would often make her blow him just as they were leaving in an empty office or supply closet. He would tell her to make sure hubby gets a taste of his load and she would just laugh and say how mean he was. She claimed to be happily married for 27 years and he had met hubby plenty of times at work parties. He set me and two others up to see at a company picnic while her family was there with her to watch him fuck her. He was rubbing his dick all over her face while she was blowing him and smacking her with it. He fucked her pussy and ended in her ass while making her lick his dick when she was done. We then all watched her drift back to her family like nothing happened. Imagine she claimed to be happily married

Brilliant story!

Really loved the sex part in the kitchen. Great story!


Is there any chance we are ever going to read Chapter 18 of the saga of Lexi?

Cliffhangers and anticipation are killing me👍💚👍

Good but ending need sooner

I enjoyed the story. Good characters and decent idea. However, my opinion, is you went too far. It should have ended at the yes yes to his proposal.
Going on to say what they did is always an oversized they lived happily ever after. Then dumping pounds of sugar and cream on top.

Very Enjoyable Read!

Boy, you did it again. What and entertaining and interesting story. But I do have 1 question, did the guy ever get his watch? Thank you for a very good and enjoyable story.

Thanks for all comments.......

good or bad. Just want to state I haven't deleted anyone's score.


Are we going back to the asshole foolscap again?

Why is it that you people feel these authors should sit back and not defend themselves when they are attacked? Did you see the comment that he responded to? The guy called him a coward in a badly written and punctuated comment. This author pointed out that fact that this guy calls him a coward, and doesn't even leave a way to respond to him.

Of course, it he was Randi or Kimi, you wouldn't have said anything.


I love the way you build tension in the story. This is really just so lovely. Thank you for sharing.

Wish it had been me

This is definitely a story where you were letting your desires drive your responses. You were lucky that this man took his time to cultivate your deep seated desires. In so many ways I wish I had met someone who would do this for me.

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