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Nest chapter - please

You write very well. I have found myself fascinated by Round out and Jay-lee; the sex scenes are an additional bonus. How will the dinner with Sally go? What impediments will arise to the course of true love? And will the relationship finally be consummated?
I particularly like your "one liners." Jane Austen did these well too!


Great read great story look forward to more

Regarding the category

1) Incest/Taboo. Do some of you see the second part of that? You, know the part that clearly states "Taboo?" I guess not, otherwise they wouldn't have posted the "It's not Incest" comments.

2) That said, while this could easily be classified as Taboo, Exhibitionist & Voyeur or Erotic Couplings may have been a little more accurate.

Did you consider that TV might not be reality? Also, it makes better sense to me that perhaps the parents have been coddling and entitling the older brother's bad behaviors which, in turn, might be why the younger brother has turned to crime.

Cum on!

Fukk me, man, that wss Fucking right on. Ouch. Etherspere of all things jammin'.

Loved her time with Adrian!

I didn't like Sean... But I loved Adrian!!! I liked that story, although I hate that of calling a woman whore/slut/bitch, but after ignoring that I enjoyed ;) I do realize that some women get turned by that... ^^'

Better To...

Die alone than to succumb to the tender mercies of a back stabbing slut like Kate. At least Evie was true to herself and to him where Kate was just a slut to the campus pussy mongers. As for love not dying if it's true? Well fuck that if it leads you to hold onto a anchor that can only drag you down.
1 Star for the melodramatic, emotionally over charged, chest thumping, soul wringing BULLSHIT!
Kate, please eat shite, run in a circle and DIE! Bitch. :)

Great story, but slutty

What a horny daughter.
Next chapter when they get caught.


Give us the story of her and Cara. Try lengthening it a bit more. Nonetheless this short piece was very SATISFYING!!! YUM YUM YUMMY


Most enjoyable read. Should have had a team member join them.

Better Story Than The Ending

Good story. Involved and for me, a good bit believable. My gripe and 4* is that it ended with about a score of 2 or 3, while most of the rest of the story was a 5. My point is this; you (and many other good authors and movies) spend 80% of the time winding up the reader, and only 20% resolving or letting down the reader. I think more attention on the rear end of a story is needed. Thanks.

This was a hilarious read.

The way you describe sexual organs is really funny. "Two foot sausage" "beefy rod" "Monsterous shaft" "fearsom weapon"

It's like you are allergic to the word 'penis'. It was a very entertaining read for sure.

You seem to have the habit of overembellishing. Sometimes simple is better. This ia a general rule of style that you want o keep in mind with any type of literary work

Made me rock hard!!

I'd love having a horny barely legal girl like Layla to use as I want for the night. I'd show her how much a 70 year old man knows about pleasuring girls

Idiotic pathetic cuckold/wimp crap!!!

Only if you are pervert or brain sick the its for you!!!

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