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Skipped about 3 pages of unnecessary wording, could have been condensed into 2 pages.

@ annonymous re: Query

The reference to a young buck is in response to the guy she had sex with in the hotel just before receiving hubby's voicemail in part 1 titled Last Call by the same author.

Because I don’t respect them

Normal people will read my “political commentary” and dismiss it as a stupid joke. Trump supporters are the only people dumb enough to take it seriously (because they are the only people dumb enough to take Trump seriously). I don’t care if I ruin their story experience and in fact I’m glad. As for “we just came here to have fun,” making fun of Trump is fun for me and I write these stories primarily for my enjoyment.

Some dumb fucking shit. I don’t know who is the winner when you have a stretched out pussy. Why ruin a good girl when you could have a toothless whore?

Need more

I so want to read more of this and see where the adventure goes


You seem to like the idea of breaking a woman's nose.
Bill...are you thinking of breaking Kate's nose????
LOL if you do. My advice. Duck, turn and RUN fast! Oh, and change your underwear.
Ha Ha


What a massive waste of time.

Not bad

It's true that getting fucked up the arse is better than receiving a cock in the mouth, but that can be left to another sequel. What the author has delivered here, is a description of throat fucking that I really enjoyed. Keep it up, Popper_Papa!


I hope he dosent take her shit for much longer i get the feeling hes gonna end up with helen i actually hope he does i really hate the bitchy sister

At first I figured this story would be gross....not into father/son stuff. After reading the whole story I found it to be really nice and tastefully done. I do hope there is more cumming, maybe hormones, boobs or maybe the daughter joins. Thank you very much for sharing this.

Female on Female

For a woman who is straight and has been abused by someone, I hope that something drastic happens and she freaks out with the Domme. I hope she doesn’t just magically find out she is bi. She expressed a real concern and hadn’t called to complain to him the whole time. If this goes south, the Battaglia is going to have a real problem, and Cat will run again.

There is nothing wrong with asking questions of things in life. She wouldn’t be there if she didn’t love and trust Matteo. However, her distrust has been a survival tactic for her, and it is one of her strengths. It is also one of the reasons both Matteo and Rocco love her. Cat has already shown that she is willing to try new things, but she should also be able to pick who she truly submits to. Just her Doms, and she needs to be strong enough to lead everyone else.

This is your book, and it will be great no matter what, but the reality is that Cat’s character is amazing the way it is, and it bugs me that to be “good enough” she might have to change who she is, when in reality, the whole reason she left Rocco is because she didn’t think he was proud to be with who she really is.

Thanks to Everyone :)

To all those who have commented...
Thank you all so much for your support. I have a third chapter rolling around in the back of my mind but some other works to complete first.

Watch this space - and thanks again :)


Do all the women in these stories jump to a wrong conclusion and the first thing they do is jump in the sack with another guy? The guys will spy and plan and trap the women in a compromising situation. The women think 'instant revenge' is the best way to go. This is the absolute worst thing you can do to a guy. The "I saw you talking to another woman so I'm going to fuck your worst enemy" scenario is the dumbest thing you can do. It will never work, for you or him either one. The only person who gets anything out of it is the asshole she fucks. Excellent writing but an old conflict that doesn't work.

needs work

it was way to weird you should work on it btw are u a boy or a girl

The dynamic you've created with the abusive relationship is something not a lot of authors have the balls to depict, and I commend you for it.

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