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Please comments and give feed back good or bad.


This is something I am new too. I would like to know if you like it, or hate it. I'm a big boy I can take

Great Story

It's a shame that a few A holes messed things up for the rest of us. You're a gifted writer and I loved the story from the beginning. If you really don't want to write anymore of this story, what about a spin off in the future involving Jamie's kids starting the story while they are in high school like you did with this story. Just a thought.

Stellar from start to finish

I don't know where to start the praise for this story, from character development to the backstory, from the real-life problems to the almost palpable emotions, from simple feelings to pure-hearted love, everything was executed to perfection. Sure the stemy action was great but in my oppinion it took second place, for the blossoming love finally recognised and consumed vanquishes all.

Having such pure love with strong basis and romance implemented into such special and unusual characters takes talent and dedication, so for that I congratulate and thank you!!!

This is to good to be left as a single instalement, you simply HAVE to contuinue this! You created a perfect premise with her changing her mayor and him deciding to stay that you have a plethora of options on how to continue this jewel.

Of course I gave it 5* as a reward, thanking you and in hope of a continuation.


Vicky is DEFINITELY a KEEPER & so is John.
If Vicky & you start living together i would like to be your roommate ("life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you're gonna get").

I must admit, if i ever met John i would be seduced before he even propositioned me!

You should write Ch. 3. If Vicky is to keep her boyfriend happy she had better (a) be a good spanker, & (b) know how to use a dildo.


If the husband had asked her to dump some random friend from her life that would have been wrong.

But a cheater MUST drop any continuing relationship with their extramarital lover(s) in any serious attempt to reconcile.
Anything else is acting in bad faith, only posturing with no real intent to carry through.

Funny how so often "anything" develops conditional 'except that or....'

Enjoying your story very much.


Get some help. I think you've lost it. Nobody, but nobody can be that hateful. Why are you taking the comments so personally? Worse, why are authors allowing comments like that? Do you really need her biased five star ratings that bad? I realize that some of the anon comments are negative, but at least they reference the story, not other readers. Something wrong with this site for allowing such bullshit to continue. Maybe it's time to start reporting some of these comments. Let's see if this site has the guts to do something about them.

Pretty Please!

magev is right, your writing is excellent. You have no need to employ the "Magic Dick" cop-out compared to the challenge of creating a believable relationship that transcends his initial cruelty or giving her skills to eventually destroy him.

Diabetes here I come

Damn girl, you once more outdid yourself! Not only did you make my (rather miserable up to that point) day with another stellar instalement but you also breather a whole new life into it as well. It might seem strange that I personally preffered the argument scenes to the steamy ones. The cuddling and grinding and tongue exploration and cumming was extremelly well done and simply perfect for those two, yet it was the argument they had that cemented them as real-life people with real-life issues. This just goes to prove that you really posses the gift of talent for writting!

The inclusion of Jude was rather subtle yet had tremendous impact on the story and the relationship of B&M. Him being gay taking an immediate liking to to Brody both made me laugh, most of all when she said "he's mine", and warmed my heart when he said she shoul keep him - I sense a great bromance in the making.

Another thing I noticed is that both her father and brother need her for their special or healing time - will that be so with each sibling or are those two a special case? I find it sweet and fun as Michelle is really a great person that without much effort makes everyone feel good when in her company.

I'm now dying to know his favourite tv show....and for some reason I feel this slight cliffhanger torture is perfectly suited for the level of cynical humer in you story!

The 5* & favourites placement comes all-inclusive.


Amen. But your stories qualify in that. Would love to see something new from you.

Just my own thought

"We found a small chapel that we thought was just perfect, then spoke with the priest. He was really not happy with us getting married so soon after my divorce, but after explaining things to him, he finally agreed. "

The priest can feel quite free to go and fuck himself! How dare he think he has a vote in when two people can get married?

Sanctimonious cunt.


You write that "I live in a relationship in which neither partner delivers ultimatums"

Sure. So do I. And in one in which neither partner cheats. And in which we communicate. Are we perfect? Of course not. But we aren't broken and I hope you are in same place.

But if communication broke down and cheating occurred ( and I define cheating as breaking the rules the partners decide, not what outsiders might want) then that's different. In that situation, an ultimatum might make sense. A wronged party has to decide if he or she wants to go on or cut losses. And a demand (in response to a "I'll do anything" offer) is not out of line.

As I wrote before, Alicia should have seen that agreeing now, and asking for a reprieve after healing and showing Greg she was dedicated to the marriage was the obvious and mature way to handle it. She couldn't. And so Greg did the only thing he could. He cut losses.


Magnificent story. Love it every time I read it.

I miss the days when one could pop into LW and think that such a story might show up.

A story about retroactive jealousy?

I think this is a terrific story about 'retroactive' jealousy and its consequences. Retroactive jealousy is jealousy over a lover's sexual past. This form of jealousy can really be a torture for anyone who suffers from it - the sufferer can be free from it for weeks at a time - then a single word can plunge the sufferer into the deepest hell. See how the protagonist constantly pushes his wife with interrogations. The protagonist's not gay, by the way - just a thorough masochist. Hence the jacking off over the couple's bare feet.

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