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Just read some of your other stories

You seem to have a thing for writing about men getting cuckolded and raising other people's children. I wonder what underlying cause there is in your psyche that has you do so. Are you a child of adultery yourself?


One word to sum the whole series.

Simply - awesome!

Like it ! I love it !

I can tell that i'm gonna enjoy reading the remaining parts

1 star

It's a nice story, but I dislike the "She was drugged" angle and the way it tends to absolve the women of cheating. And as far as sticking around with adulterous women who actually gave birth to other men's children and then raising the bastards goes - I have no idea where you read about it, but it's simply not true. Especially not in the first few decades 1900s. It was a different time, sure, and people didn't go to divorce courts at the first sign of trouble in marriages, but it was a time when adultery was punished quite openly and not tolerated in the slightest.


I would give you 10 points on a 5 point scale. I think you may be a little too good but then again maybe not. You left many ways to continue this story line or just leave it a one of. If I could write half as good as you did I would be happy. Want more.


There is no character development, no sense of setting, and little attention paid to the plot. I like erotica, but there has to be a well developed story in order for it to come off right. Please get an editor and rework the storyline.


I agree that I would love it to be me on my knees in front of his cock. I love sucking cock and being fucked at the same time.

An Excellent Story

Great story !! I can hardly wait for chapter two !!

Oh hell, Kantarii, you're such a profoundly sexy & frustrating tease. You know how much I adore this story & admire your storytelling. The narrative of each chapter is perfect, the dialogue is crisp & authentic, your characters are beautifully crafted with a bit more depth to each as the story goes on. This series is just about perfect & I'm honestly loving it. Thank you for this really remarkable perspective Ashleigh & Kimberly's individual lives & their blooming relationship. Brenda. Now she is a most curious one. Can't wait to get to know her better.

5 stars. You've poured your heart & soul. Into this & I'm grateful. It's a great read & I'm learning so much about transvestites & this relationship.

mafrepler is wrong

mafrepler is wrong, the hero was incredibly and brutally wronged by both his bro and his wife.The fact that he did'nt inflict any injury on either of them for several years is due to MM penchant for men w/ abnormally low amounts of testosterone, i'm actually surprised that he ever did get violent.
I would have done my best to cripple my bro by going after his knees and elbows and would not have forgotten his groin(weapon of choice by bro to emasculate husband). I would have followed up w/ a solid beating of my whoring wife to include trying to break/crush her pelvis so she could never again enjoy sex.
I would have had to gloat at the suicide of my enemy bro(even if it lost me the woman sloan). Reasons for gloating;1- my older bro was so unhappy(after fucking my wife for 14 yrs, making me raise his baby, and fucking my ex for 20 yrs after) that he hung himself, well better late than never getting his unhappy comeuppance. 2- the ex is now unhappy cuz her husband dead, well good and tough shit. After the way she betrayed him from very beginning of the marriage, she's lucky, she had damn near 40 yrs(plus or minus) of undeserved happiness while she was cheating on her 1st hubby then galavanting in the high life w/ rich 2nd hubby. I hope the suicide of hubby#2 depresses her and she dies in a couple of years.
Hate is a necessary tool to nurture and tend if its going to keep you alive and kicking so you can inflict revenge or see "what goes round comes round" to smack enemies in the face.
little girl sam should not have pursued non bio dad, just minded her peas and ques. I'm glad the cheating bro killed himself and I hope it hurt the cheating wife more than the author showed.
I know how to hate and hold a grudge.RK

didn't get there

I did not make it all the way through. Like rubbing your fingers over rough wood and getting splinters. The writer displays almost no sensitivity, misuses words (for instance, "euphoria") and writes "excepted" when it should be "accepted". This story needed an editor bigtime. For the "author" to submit it in its unpolished condition is a sad commentary on her standards.

The least you could do after a 3 year break is give us a brief intro as to what happened in the previous chapters. Will it be another 3 years?

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ as always!

Another great chapter Fat_Dad as always and it was without a doubt well worth the wait. Great background and character development and the lack of sex did not take away from it. Can't wait to see and read Chapter 11 and what is next to come for Marsh, Becca and everyone else, just don't make us wait too long for it please.


Humor & Satire all the way! All you anonymous naysayers need to get a grip. It's a flipping story! Everybody's got their kink.

Good story

I'm bisexual and love using younger guys, especially sissys, at a young looking 55 with no grey hair it's easy to find guys around 25 that want to explore their bi side. At 8inches but not too thick and dead straight, guys love my cock and I cum a lot. Fabswingers gets most of them, I'm on as a couple as my girlfriend loves to join in when I have several bi guys over. Wish I'd realised I was bi younger, this great story made me want more!
Scott inUK

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