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Thanks for chronology of the stories. It is beginning to make sense and order now for me.

started out interesting

then degraded into unbelievable B/S.


Thank you for sharing your gift!


Best one so far

This is the best one so far . Really good , no condom for you my friend

Great story

Everything about this story is solid. Well written, awesome editing, easy read, and most of all believable. Well done, to me, the best story of the day.


I'm with FlatOut - this is hideously bad. Should never have seen the light of day. You must have been suffering some serious head trauma to have written this drivel. I'm gone too. Delete this embarassment and burn any copies.


When you read other stories by contributing authors, did you make the incredulous discovery that those authors were capable of connecting several pages together so that even when the story was a simple one that it had some flow to it. Take maybe an hour to think about that! Maybe YOU might be able to copy the concept. Just a passing thought. Looking forward to another half page some time this month. Corvette John in Rainy Seattle

Anonymous 02/15/18

My father died in my arms with Mom and brother in the room. Mom died with her sons in the room. Little brother died from surgery complications with his wife, daughters and brother in the room. Your statistics are terribly flawed.
I'll agree that marriage is not for everybody. It is for couples who are ready to commit their lives to one another. A marriage is like a child, frail and fragile at first, in need of love, support and devotion from both husband and wife. Then some bastard comes between the husband and wife and hands the wife a gun. She walks up to the baby and shoots it in the head, killing the poor marriage. So, when cheating wIfe begs her husband to take her was just sex...I'll make it up to you...I'll never do it can see how meaningless her words are. Reconciliation? You've got to be kidding.


Thank you!

I’m so happy you liked it. This is book 4 in the Casual (sex) Gamer series and we have 1-3 posted here as well. There are 9 published books in the series and here is a link to the reading order and book covers:

Wow , raw , almost feral !

You are the one Lady ! All of this wonderfulness of another " Readship " day that was brought to life by your sheer will ! That would be about as much as anyone could possibly ask of any one person , but no , there's also this !
There's a lot packed in a small package. Didn't they used to say that about Dynamite as well ?
You ARE the Bomb Randi ! Loved this .

I loved this story.

I don't usually read in the romance section but this story transcends the usual "romance" stories. Now, that's just me, I don't knock anyone who reads in this section. The history was pretty accurate, as far as I could tell and the thread was compelling. Thanks for sharing this with us and don't listen to the ones who tell you that you are too good to be writing on this site. I like you here just fine.



Yeah I have to agree with everyone else here. The art is nice but not necessary to the story. Perhaps you will find another artist in time but no NOT let this story die here. I like the twist of both Matt and Denise being under lock and key. Jon should keep them there. Even if he keeps Denise after Jon's contract expires.


Wow! A great Idea to begin with but you built on the premise perfectly. The ending was a nice touch. Many stories end with a cliffhanger that doesn’t really make you want to read more but with a joke at the end it is a very nice personal touch. -Clay


but when Cupid aides and abets the true lovers unite, TK U MLJ LV NV

Boring as hell and predictable

And I do not why for the life of me authors continue to write these LW stories where they get married but some how the husband ever gets around to asking any details about what the wife did or who she dated before they got married.

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