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hey all- lucy here

I'm really sorry that some of the scene transitions aren't exactly clear! I forgot that Literotica formats line breaks in slightly unexpected ways. I'll be sure to fix it in future submissions.

Thank you...

Thank you for a wonderful story.

Great story!

I have been reading and enjoying many of you stories since I stumbled across your work, and this is one of my favs! The huge cock element, the roughness of the sex, the unleashed sluttiness of the wife, the secretiveness of the wife, all combined to leave me shooting cum everywhere. If only my ex had behaved like this, I think we would still be married. I know it has been many moons since you wrote this, but I would love a sequel, and I do not think I am alone. I half expected the son and father to dp the wife, and I can see Daryl showing up with a bigger dicked friend or two, and making the wife their fuck toy for a weekend, since the husband didn't raise heck.


Fabulous! Brilliant! Superb! etc. etc. etc.

Can't write anymore, gotta go and change, then have a shower, a cold one!

Just love this story. It’s one I come back to time and time again.

Their problem seems to only affect them

But we do not know if her lover is going to go out of joint with his family, I hope that he doesn't burn the meat.

Leaving out the numerical problem, they both did it and one would not even cancel one. This had everything to be a strong BTB, But they reconciled, which is their choice!

For once

I am in complete agreement with Reed and Joe. The "you" killed it before I even had time to not like it.


What a great story, so different, so hot


the cheater and the cheatee, will the twain ever agree, TK U MLJ LV NV

No weapons test?

I agree with an earlier post about no testing of the new weapons. No matter how much they trust Dana, no-one with combat experience would go into battle without at least knowing a weapons capabilities. How hard does it hit, range, over heating, all are need to know before the weapon is used the first time.
I can only assume Tefler will have them test fire on the way to the battle.

Hot story

I enjoyed reading this story. I'm wondering how he is going to explain the cum in his sister's bikini bottoms. Also will his brother fuck him too the next night.

Good story

That was a very good read. I enjoy all your work, but this was especially intetesting. Don't know much from this Donut dude, but he seems to be an idiot. Keep in writing please.

@Anonymous Re: InterRacial Category

The difference there, is that IR is the whole point of the category, so it is expected. 99 times out of 100. IR is brought in simply to make the cheating somehow "worse."

Make no mistake, I have NO problems with IR, it's when it's used in a deliberate attempt to stir things up that I object.

I’ve reread this story a few times and this is my favorite chapter out of the 3 available! I cannot wait for the next update!

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