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Great story agree with most other comments sad ending.hope for part 2 and for isabel to retrieve note and take a chance at love they both need each other and together can overcome any problems they may experience

A Matter of Honor

She thought she could save her honor by cheating while separated. If the cheating went well, she would file for divorce. If it went badly, she would return and say she hadn't cheated because their was a pause, a time out in the marriage. Women's logic, ridiculous. She didn't care about her husband. There was no love. She was only concerned about herself and her image. After what appears to have been 25 or more years together, she should have learned how to love someone other than herself. She should have learned how to care about her family, more than her ego. She hadn't, she is a loser, a shitty mother and wife.

Good story...

This is a good story. For me the best part, the part where the story won 4* was, when the cheating wife hung up the phone, understanding their marriage had no future. No excuse was good enough to save her...

Loved it, this is what I long to happen to me!

It's the start of an interesting serie. Can't wait for part 3!


My experience in dealing with women that cheated on their husbands, divorced or not has one common feeling to it. They are all unhappy people. They let themselves down and judge themselves harshly. Most women are idealists. They want the fairly tale. When they turn out to be the wicked witch instead of the princess, good queen, or even the fairy godmother - they can't live with themselves. They turn sour, they get bitter, and mean. They look for other people to use as lightening rods for their self loathing. They cannot forgive themselves anymore than their husbands can forgive them.


What a sick woman! A little extreme and somewhat unlikely in her still fucking around. Most whores would allow the divorce to proceed and take what they could from the marriage and then move on.

Next Chapter??

Are you ever going to continue this story? It's interesting enough to follow but think I'll be dead before the next chapter.

No Comment

This says it all perfectly:
"Women like her don't really know what love is, Robbie. They love themselves and they love the things other people provide for them. They are users and are incapable of thinking of others. They are greedy and ugly and deserve any misery they bring on themselves through their abuse of others. If she was sorry she wouldn't keep fucking other men. She is sorry only that she is not being provided for, that people might know the truth about her. She is sorry she got caught and that the money has dried up. If she were truly sorry, she might consider the feelings of her daughter and the fact that she is suffering without a relationship with her father. She might consider what she has put her husband through and leave him alone. She doesn't deserve him but she won't acknowledge that. In her warped, sick little world, she is the center of the universe and reality, responsibility, love, respect and honesty only apply if they suit her purposes. He and his daughter deserve better don't you think?"

Holding my breath reading this, please don't take to long with the next chapter 😁😁😁😁

Another Good One

I enjoy the husbands in your stories. They are men. They do not take shit and they do not shit on other people.

I agree

Especially with kenny. This is one mother--there are lots and lots of them--who needs her own boy's big fat cock right up between her legs, over and over again. One thing, the mommy-loving hero thinks to himself, "She sighed and closed her eyes, which was just as well, as she couldn't then see the obvious erection straining within my jeans." Now, why would a son want to hide the big hard on in his pants from his own dear mom? It's the sign of his masculine virility, of his readiness for serious action, and of his flattering lust for the body he came out of. I can't wait for the talented DD to describe, in excruciating detail, how our hero gets his big mommy-pleaser up inside his mommy, up to his balls.

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