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Very, very smooth

I enjoyed every last word, even read it twice.

dayummmmmm you are good!

My favorite voice on this site!!!!

Please continue!!!

Maybe he's their servant after he gets out???

Great build-up, terrible finish

The build-up was great, and as it neared the end I thought it would be a "Please fuck me ... to be continued" situations. But not, they fucked and it took up one paragraph at the very end. That was a very poor pay-off.


There is NOTHING better than being directed into bottoming for a hot guy - tunrs me into a real slutty boi! Can't wait for the sequel!

5 Stars

You've got great writing talent. I'm not sure about the rest of your work, as I don't read Incest, but this is excellent. You've made a very tried and old pairing concept and have added a spice of excellence to it with your words. Though, if I'm to be honest, this concept (The sexy gender-fluid demon and the girl) is pretty tame, even with dick growth and usage. However, that's just me having seen quite a lot from this specific genre.

very interesting reading, and erotic as hell. sure, I will read more of this.

good luck Bob

May you find comfort in the knowledge that your story's and memories will live on.

Follow up

Everything was fine with the story until She was outed about her lie. She should have been as truthfulnas him. She needs to be chastised every for her lie. Still it was a good story.

Mommy issues

The little girl has Mommy issues. Her birth mother couldn’t mother her properly. Now she seeks out dominant women who will let her worship their womanly curves, breasts, and wombs!

Lotsa Fun, Yes!

Interesting the details of the photoshoot and their aproximation.

I made sperm whilst reading this tale.

And that's the point isn't it.
Some of us like this type of thing and others seem to go mad after reading it. Although they must have known what it was going to to be like in the interracial cuckold section of a sex story website.
Sperm Jack

Payback's a bitch

God what I wouldn't give to see someone younger and hotter come along and scoop Kate up right out from under him. He's such an egotistical asshat. I just want to see one of his little games backfire leaving HIM burned for change.

DQS, your story style goes against the grain of most LW.

Gail was a spoiled powerful rich beeoch and a eye catching body. I would have hoped she would have suffered at some level - well it is implied in the Ghost stories. And Gail dumped him due to having meaningful conversations with a female co-worker - it never went sexual, just talk.

If you want to really do a sequel then do one that Gail pays a real price after he moved to LA. She has to come to terms of what she did that her money cannot buy. And that Cameron pays some serious price for seeking a rich married wife. You seem to not wast to BTB with Hugh, then why with Bobby. You write schizophrenicly.

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