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Samiel Dracul
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Sex: M
Age: 23
Location: born in Venice, Italy
ICQ#: not given
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I'm 5' 3" 174lbs. I study Shaolin Kung-Fu. I workout alot, but also enjoy other things. Such as travel, adventure, and my favorite, romance.

For work I do bodyguarding during the week, and work as a bouncer at a club on the weekends.

I have wrote much poetry, some published works, and in the near future, a book. I believe passion, is an unrivaled force. One most unfortunatley ignored by some. I feel that passion like a river possessed, as it courses through me. Sin, Sensuality, desire. These are my playgrounds....

Samiel Dracul

Gin and Tonic - poetry by Samiel Dracul
Sangria - poetry by Samiel Dracul
Samiel also has pictures at

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