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Jane T. Rolly
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Sex: F
Age: not given
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My description of Jane
by "Bill", a regular Literotica fan

I see the lovely face of a young woman who is happy with herself; who loves life and living it. Her eyes are the point of focus when you look at her. Her eyes are slightly wide set with well defined dark brows forming perfect arcs above each eye. Even in her photo, the eyes seem to be looking intently at the viewer as if evaluating the character of the person observed. Her gaze seems quite direct and unashamed. While she professes shyness, the eyes don't hint at it. Rather, they smile at you. Her nose smoothly and gently rises from the space between her eyes and is pleasantly shaped seemingly very slightly upturned at the tip. Her broad brow is smooth to a very distinct demarcation where her hairline begins. Her hair dark, possibly black, is almost straight falling just short of shoulder length with the ends curled slightly under. The style almost forms a helmet about her head framing her face quite nicely contrasting with her fair skin. Her moderately full lips open easily showing her rows of perfect teeth in a radiant smile that warms the heart. The smile emphasizes the contour of her cheeks with creases following a line from just beyond the corners of her mouth toward the edges of her nares blending to a smooth contour about a half inch from the nose. The general shape of her face is smoothly rounded curves from her forehead downward below her ears. The jaw line is almost straight from below her ears to the point where the soft smooth curve of her chin begins. Her neck appears slightly thin, definitely delicate and of nice proportion to her face and head flowing smoothly into her shoulders. Her skin appears smooth and unblemished. Although she wears little to no makeup, her lips contrast strongly with the lighter shade of her facial skin.

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