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A Lunatic with a Badge
by Trish Martin

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Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 2 parts for faster page loading.

Jamie removed his hand and positioned himself between my legs and I closed my eyes feeling his cock prod at my virgin opening. "Open your eyes sweetheart and look at me," he coaxed. I just shook my head no so he slapped me and repeated, "Open your eyes and look at me when I tell you to."

When I still would not open my eyes, he continued to slap me. When the pain became too much for me to handle, I looked at Jamie with tear filled eyes. "I know babe - you feel so good to me too I could cry myself," he said changing his demeanor to the loving person again as he kissed my tears away and slowly invaded my body with his cock. Sliding his cock in until he met the resistance of my hymen he paused looked into my eyes and whispered, "I am sorry sweetheart but there is no way to avoid hurting you this once."

He pulled his cock back until only the tip was still inside me and then surged forward. Feeling as if my insides were on fire I tried to scream pass the ball gag to no avail the only sound you could hear was a growl. Jamie became perfectly still as a real lover would for a virgin crooning soothing words in my ear while my body adjusted to the invasion of him. I knew right then-and-there that Jamie was not just sick in the head. He was totally insane. In his mind, he was my lover showing me the arts of sexual pleasure, while in reality it is raping. He began to move in and out of my pussy slowly, moaning how hot and tight my pussy held his cock and how perfectly our bodies fit together. He slid his hand between our bodies to touch our entwined sexes.

As his fingers slid over my clit, I closed my eyes praying my body would remain cold and not to react. But again it had a mind of its own and lifted toward the heat of contact. "Open your eyes sweetheart I want to watch your eyes smolder as I make you cum for me." Not wanting to be hit again I did as instructed and Jamie increased the pressure of his fingers on my clit causing me to orgasm again. "Oh God your cunt muscles are so strong babe I can't hold back any longer...OH GOD.... I am going to cum...YESSSS..."

As he surged into me fully I felt his cum splash my cervix and womb. Collapsing on top of me Jamie kissed my throat and collarbone while the hand still between us began moving on my clit again sending me into another orgasm. "YES baby milk all of me let me feel how much you enjoy what I am doing to you.... So sweet..." his words trailed off and I realized he had fallen asleep. Lying there I as I was I cried softly afraid that any sudden movement might wake him and it would start all over again.

With Jamie still inside me I glanced over at my clock and noticed it was almost 7 am Jamie had tortured me for over six hours already. Exhausted and scared I fell into fitful sleep hoping I would wake up to find this had all been bad dream. It was not long before Jamie moved off me startling me awake, with his cum running from my cunt down between my ass cheeks, I glanced at the clock again noticing it had only been about fifteen minutes. He got out bed and walked down the hall, I could hear cupboards opening and closing in the kitchen then water running. He came back into the room carrying two glasses of water. Jamie sat on the bed and removed the tape and ball from my mouth. With a feeling of relief, I moved my jaw trying to work the stiffness out of it. Leaving my legs tied. He undid the cuffs from my hands and held out a glass of water to me. I reached for the glass but could not hold it; my hands were numb from the cuffs. Seeing my problem Jamie held the glass to my dry lips tilting it so I could drink.

As I drank some water fell to my chest sliding down my body and Jamie removed the glass then bent to lick it up, "Oops you dropped some," he said trying to make it sound seductive. I tried pleading with him again to let me go but he just shook his head and smiled "No way babe, you and me are meant to be together forever. Besides we have some more areas to explore, I intend to know the feel of every inch of your body before we get married." I was pushed back down on the bed and my hands secured once again in the cuffs, then he leaned back to the foot of the bed and untied my feet.

"What are you going to do, Jamie?" I asked as he raised my feet to a position above my head and tied them to the headboard. Feeling more afraid than ever not knowing what he was planning I watched his every move.

He totally exposed me to his searing gaze and his roaming hands with me unable to stop what ever his sick mind came up with. "Hmmm no tan lines on your beautiful ass. Does that mean you lay under the hot sun baring all for its kiss. Of course you do with a body like yours it doesn't surprise me." He mumbled to himself.

"Jamie please no more. Please just let me go do not do this Jamie. Please!" I cried hoping to get through to him some how.

As he looked at me, I felt I had finally got to him and he was going to let me go. He reached up, untied my ankles and then unlocked the cuffs from my hands. As I tried to roll off the bed he said "Hold on there Kelly, your not going anywhere."

"But I thought..."

"You thought I was letting you go right?" he interrupted. I shook my head yes and he laughed. "No sweetheart I just figured we would be more comfortable sleeping without you tied up. I am tired and need some sleep to rejuvenate. I told you we are going to be together for a very long time, now come and lay down right here." Pulling me back to the middle of the bed, he settled us in a spoon fashion with him behind me. Jamie reached over to turn out the bedside light. The suns rays illuminated the room through the curtains as Jamie settled down to sleep. I could not believe he was acting as if this was a normal thing between us. "Relax sweetie and try to sleep everything will be ok I promise."

Feeling his breath on the back of my neck repulsed me and the way my body reacted to him made me totally sick. I forced myself to relax and began working on a plan of escape. When he went to sleep is when I would make my move. Lying next to him, slowly breathing, I feigned sleep as I watched the numbers on the clock change waiting for the right moment. Finally, after an hour his breathing slowed into an easy rhythm and his body relaxed. Wanting to be sure he was asleep, I waited until another hour had gone by with no change. As a test I slid my legs forward to the edge of the bed and stilled. He did not move. I then moved the rest of my body to the edge and slowly slid to the floor, not daring to move I watched to make sure I had not woken him. Again, there was no change in him the clock read 11am. I quickly stood grabbed the gun and headed for the door stopping only long enough to grab my robe from the floor in the hall. Just as I was even with the bathroom door Jamie's casual question stopped me dead in my tracks, "Where ya going babe?"

I spun around and leveled the gun at his chest, "Stay away from me Jamie or I'll shoot I swear I will!" I cried. With every step he took toward me I took one back.

"No you won't babe, you enjoyed what I did to you as much as I enjoyed doing it!" he stated with a smile.

"Please Jamie don't make me shoot you. Just let me go ok and we'll forget this ever happened." I pleaded as my back hit the front door.

"I don't want to forget this!" He bellowed and rushed towards me. I had no other choice I pulled the trigger. Jamie stopped and laughed. I fired repeatedly but the hammer came down on an empty chamber every time. "You really think I'd leave a loaded gun lying around." He laughed then hit me with his fist throwing the back of my head against the door. I slid to the floor seeing stars but willing myself not to black out. "You bitch now I'll have to punish you. I can't have you trying to leave me like that. I am going to show you what happens when you disobey me," he said continuing to rain blows on me.

I tried to crawl away from them but he grabbed me by the hair dragging me back to the room. He threw me face down on the bed and climbed on my back holding me down. Jamie yanked my hands above my head securing them in the cuffs again and retied my feet. Screaming for help hoping someone would hear me but knowing no one would because my house sat far back from the road in a stand of trees that muted sounds. Pausing for breath, I went to let out another scream, seeing his opportunity Jamie shoved the ball in my mouth again and secured it with a new strip of tape. "Jeez Kelly why would you want to do something that would cause me to have to punish you. I can't have my wife thinking that I don't mean what I say now can I?" Jamie's voice sounded contrite almost as if he was sorry for having to punish me. If I had not been so scared, I probably would have laughed.

The first sting of his belt surprised me and I tried to cry out, wriggling back and forth trying to get away from the pain. Realizing I could not get away, I tensed up waiting for the next blow. When it came, it was harder than the first as was every one after that until it felt as if my whole backside were on fire. The blows stopped, I whimpered in pain as I felt Jamie's cock slam into my pussy. He fucked me fast and hard to bring himself to a quick orgasm. He climbed off the bed and I heard water running in the bathroom. When he returned and sat beside me on the bed he was the sweet Jamie again mumbling softly how sorry he was for having to punish me but I had to realize when he said something he meant it. He put a cool washcloth on my back and began sliding it over the welts his belt had made saying, "Before my leave is up Kelly you will have realized I own you and there is no escaping. You'll come to enjoy us being together and even look forward to this." I passed out again from the pain he had inflicted. When I came to it was dark outside; he had removed the washcloth and was rubbing some type of ointment onto my back, ass and thighs.

I could feel him growing hard again as his hands worked on my ass. He slid an arm under me and lifted my waist off the bed sticking a pillow under it. With my ass raised in the air, he began massaging it again. "Your ass is so beautiful Kelly, firm and tight. So red and succulent like a sun ripened apple." Jamie squirted some KY on me letting it slide down between my butt cheeks then he began running his finger between my cheeks. Slowly he started applying pressure to my puckered opening trying to invade my virgin ass. I began to struggle with all my strength trying to roll my body away from his hand. Jamie straddled my legs to keep me still. "The more you struggle Kelly the more painful it can be, but if you lie still and relax it won't hurt for long."

There was nothing I could do to stop him. Therefore, I prayed he would just get it over with quickly. He inserted his lubricated finger into my ass slowly pausing every so often until my muscles relaxed. At first just using one finger, he moved slowly in and out of my ass. After a few minutes of this he inserted another finger and then a third, it was uncomfortable but as of yet not too painful. While one hand worked my ass the other rubbed my back "Your gonna love this baby. I'm gonna make you feel real good and cum like you never have before." Wanting his words to soothe me, he kept his tone just above a whisper. When he removed his fingers and positioned his cock at the entrance to my nether region I visibly tensed.

"Relax honey, your man will take care of you I promise," he said again rubbing my back. Just as he started to move his weight forward, my telephone rang, so he paused. I looked at the clock and it read midnight, of what day I was not sure. My machine picked it up drawing my attention back to who might be on the telephone. When the beep sounded Tom's voice came on saying Hi sweetheart...just called. The next thing I knew was searing pain as Jamie surged forward and imbedded his cock to the hilt in my ass.

My insides felt as if they were on fire as I struggled to remain conscious I could hear Jamie bellowing, "I am fucking your sweet virgin girlfriend Tom and she is loving every minute of it. She is my sweetheart now Tom you will never get her back. Looks as if I have another one to take care of just like I took care of Tony for ya babe." No longer able to bear the pain of his onslaught on my body I slipped into sweet oblivion. When I came to, I was lying on my back with Jamie asleep top of me. I could feel his still hard cock in my pussy. I looked around the room moving only my eyes and noticed the sun was up. As I looked at my clock to see the time, someone started banging on my front door. Jamie stirred and yelled for who ever it was to hold their horses, kissed me and said "Good morning sexy," as if he had been doing it every morning for awhile. I watched him get up and put his pants on in no hurry what so ever. He walked out of the room closing the door behind him. I looked around to see if there was anything close that I could use to make noise. As I turned my head, I noticed that the ball was no longer in my mouth but there was still tape on it. I began moving around on the bed trying to get my mouth close to my hands so I could get it off and scream. I heard Jamie open the door and heard Tom ask him what he was doing here. Jamie must have walked out on the porch after that because all I could hear was the murmur of their voices now.

I knew if there was any way for me to survive this I had to get the tape off and get Tom's attention. The stockings around my ankles stretched a little more with each tug and Finally, I grabbed the tape. Ripping it off my mouth, I screamed with every thing I had in me. I heard someone say "What the..." and then a scuffle as the two men battled on the porch. In what seemed like forever, it was over and I heard footsteps racing toward the bedroom door. I held my breath not sure, which one would be coming through the door, just praying it was help and not Jamie. As the door flew open I screamed and closed my eyes trying to curl up in ball. When I felt someone touch me I flinched and pleaded, "Don't hurt me anymore PLEASE Jamie I'm sorry I won't scream again I promise."

I heard Tom's voice as if in a dream saying "Kelly it's me Tom. Your ok now." When my hands and feet were free I threw myself at Tom and held on tight crying. Thanking him repeatedly for rescuing me from Jamie. In shock now I could distantly hear Tom talking to someone. Then the voice I knew well hollered "You can't do this Tom, she wanted me to do it. She begged me for it the whole time. Even cried out in orgasm to fuck her harder Tom. You hear me Tom she loved having my cock inside her."

I cried out and tried to burrow further into Tom's embrace. "It's ok Kelly he's hand cuffed to the bumper of my car he can't hurt you anymore." Tom said softly in my ear, keeping his voice low so as not to frighten me anymore than I already was. Off in the distance I heard sirens approaching and Jamie still hollering outside.

The next thing I knew there were a million voices talking at once and hands were trying to pry me from Tom. I went hysterical and refused to let go of him so the paramedics suggested he ride in the ambulance with me to keep me calm. At the hospital I caused another riot when strong hands physically removed me from Tom causing them to sedate me so they could examine me. I awoke to a dark room and began screaming when I felt the restraints on my arms and legs. "Help me please, somebody help me. Don't let him hurt me any more, Oh God Someone Please Help me." Still half asleep I struggled when someone touched me until I heard Tom's soothing voice saying "It's ok Kelly your in the hospital." The door to my hospital room burst open and the room was flooded with light when doctors and nurses rushed in. I looked at Tom with tears streaming down my face and holding my hands up begged, "Please Tom take these off Please." Looking at the doctor Tom asked if it was ok to remove the restraints. "They are there so she can't hurt herself," The doctor replied.

"I promise I won't move just take them off. He kept me tied the whole time Please, Please I am no danger to myself I promise." Feeling sympathetic, the doctor gave his ok and Tom removed them.

The next weeks were a blur. Jamie received life plus ten years in prison for the murder of Tony and raping me. Tom moved me in with him as soon as the doctors released me from the hospital to help me cope with and heal from my ordeal. I asked Tom once while I was in the hospital why he came over that Monday and he told me Jack had called his house when I had not shown up for work that morning. Tom said he had tried calling my house for over two hours and all he got was a busy signal. The operator told him the telephone was off the hook and he got worried. Jamie had tortured me for over forty-eight hours.

That was 5 years ago. Jamie was killed in a prison fight two years after he was sentenced so I breathe easy knowing I no longer have to look over my shoulder in fear of seeing him standing there. There are still times if Tom makes a sudden move toward me I shrink away or raises his voice I scream and cower but those times are getting further and further apart as time goes by. I still have problems completely trusting a man in a police uniform but Tom is helping me with that. He has also shown me that there is beauty in the bedroom with a man not only horror and we are married now and I am expecting our first child in two months. I thank god every day that the lunatic with a badge lost and I survived.


This story was split into 2 parts. Jump to any of the segments from here:
Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 2 parts for faster page loading.

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