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The Ancient Prophecy
Part VII: The Quest for Loyalty

by Vipers

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Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 10 parts for faster page loading.

Maya struggled to adapt with the immerse darkness around her. Her eyes could see nothing, but her ears told her that she was not alone. She could hear the soft breathing sound behind her. She tried to blink her eyes, hoping to get a better reception. It took her a while to know that she was not supposed to see anything.

She was blindfolded.

The memory came back quickly as she found her condition. Both of her wrists were bound by chains locked on the ceiling. Her legs were wide open with both ankles tied with similar manacles and locked on the floor. The binding effectively prevented any movement from her hands and feet. Then she felt the growing chill around her skin, and to her horror she knew she was naked. With such pose she knew that whoever had tied her had a full access to her helpless body.

And she knew exactly who.

"Welcome back, my dear... I do hope you're feeling comfortable..."

The sad and painful memory came back to her. She could remember being bound with similar pose in the same place long time ago. The baron then would whip her to his heart's content or hurt her beyond imagination. Or he would ask some of his men to join him in torturing her and using her body as a sex doll. She knew that she wouldn't sleep for the night for nightmares would certainly follow her.

She would usually cry and plead for mercy like a little slave. But she was not one anymore.

"As the matter of fact, I do. You should join me here." She mocked him.

A sharp pain stung her left hip and she shrieked. It was a flogger. It could hurt a slave intensely without causing too much damage on the skin. She could picture a long angry-red welt on her hip. Two other lashes followed the first one. Her body arched at the pain, but the manacles held her firmly in place. She fought frantically, but her effort only weakened her body even further.

"I see that you have a good reaction toward pain... I will make you feel satisfied..."

Then the torture continued. The baron expertly aimed at her sensitive spots, including her breasts and nether part. Maya cried in every stroke. Her body was quickly covered with sweat. Her body just jerked as her nerves cried in pain. When the baron stopped, she was crying openly.

"Now, pain-slut, let's see how wet you are..."

The baron reached out for her pussy and roughly put two fingers inside, but was surprised to find what he was feeling.

"I don't understand it... You're not wet at all!" His voice was furious. "You ask for more!"

Maya heard his footsteps, noting that he left her. A moment later he returned again, probably bringing a new toy. She winced, expecting another painful session. The pain came hard, making her cry like she never cried before.

It was a whip! She hated it, or in another way, she feared of it. The whip came again, making welts on her hips and ass. Her cry was getting more inhuman as her throat grew dry. After a full session of torture which seemed to last forever, she could only jerk her body helplessly in every stroke. Her throat could produce nothing more than a soft whine. Her body was drenched with sweat. Red welts covered her skins, sending painful sensation to her brain.

"How do you like that?!"

The baron roughly inspected her crotch, but finding the same result. He was completely mad now. "YOU'RE NOT EVEN WET!!! You refuse to surrender to me?!!"

It took all her leftover power to answer him. "I... will... only... surrender... to my master..."


The answer shocked Maya deeply. Inside this castle, they were all in danger. Even with his new power, Atrus wouldn't win if the baron had ordered his soldiers to kill them. The fact didn't surprise her, but his death would be her nightmare.

"He will have drunk the poisoned wine I made myself. Doesn't sound like a nice warrior's death, does it?" Baron Stoke insulted.

"Not really... That's why he refused to die."

Atrus' appearance clearly surprised both people. He stood on the stairway leading to the dungeon. The room was made mainly of stone. Multiple weird devices were scattered around the room, and chains were dangling on the ceiling. Maya was bound in the center of the room. Her condition shocked him, but he tried to suppress his horror, at least for now.

The baron, still dressed in his formal suit, was horrified. "You... You're dead!!"

"Not really... You can't kill me with a mere poison..." Atrus answered slowly.

"Master! Praise Guardian, you came..." Maya answered weakly.

Suddenly the baron raised his whip. "Come no closer, buster! It only takes a stroke for me to cut this little slave's neck with my whip. I suppose you won't like to see that, will you?"

He was too far. Atrus wouldn't reach him fast enough. His grip on his sword tightened as he tried to figure out what to do.

"Master... Don't worry about me... Kill him..."

"The choice is yours, buster." The baron challenged. "Drop the sword, or the slave dies."

Curing a poison was just like using rat poison. You had to know where the rats would be and applied the poison there. Unfortunately, rats were easier to track than venom. It could be anywhere inside the blood veins network. Expert healers had no problem in this matter since they could simply heal the patient's entire body rather than a certain spot.

But Anna was not an expert healer. She had to hunt the venom in order to effectively heal Misty. That was what she had been doing since Atrus left her. Sonya tried to help by massaging her friend, but even she knew it did nothing to speed the process. Anna had been in trance for nearly fifteen minutes by now, completely unmoved.

The order was clear. She was not supposed to bother Anna while she was in trance, for doing so would dangerously threaten the healing process and could even cost both girls' lives. She could massage Misty's body, but that was as far as she could go.

She hated to see her friend being helpless like this. She hated to cause trouble to the young priest before her. Worse than that, she felt terribly guilty for trying to kill Sir White Lion. She knew it was her biggest mistake, and if she had to make up to it, she had to do that with her life.

To her horror, she knew that they were no longer alone. "Who is it?!"

Before her, standing near the door, was the castle servant. He still wore the neat uniform, which was odd. In this hour, he usually wore casual outfits. He also didn't usually venture around the second floor much. The servant eyed her sharply. She tried to think of an excuse.

"Sir Alfred... You... you're still awake..."

"You have failed."

The response shocked her. "What... what do you mean...?"


A sudden rush of force pushed her body backwards until she hit the bedpost. The second force slammed on her lower jaw, propelling her on top of the bed. The blow made her dizzy, but she fought to regain her consciousness. The servant still stood on his place, unmoved, staring at her. A strange green glow enveloped his body.

"You have failed to kill him... You will pay with your life..."

Another invisible force grabbed her neck and choked her out of air. She grasped and struggled frantically as the force lifted her little body and drew it toward her assailant. In the corner of her eyes, Anna was still sitting in trance, unaware of the danger. If she could buy her some time, perhaps she could make up for the trouble she had caused.

The servant dropped her body on the floor before him. Silently she was grateful that the carpet was there to soften the fall. She tried to regain her lost breath as she looked at the form before her. The servant was there no more, replaced by a horrific form of a green monster. He looked like an orc she had seen in many children books in her childhood. His muscular body was covered with horns and tusks. Two long tusks grew from both sides of his head right above his ears, while many smaller ones appeared around his forehead. Long vicious claws grew from his fingers and toes. His eyes were blazing with flame.

"Who... who are you...?" The terrified Sonya asked.

"I am Desmos, the leader of the Southern Campaign and the special envoy of the Army of Darkness." He roared. "My order is to raze the town of Blackwell and take control of the fortress."

"You... you're a demon!"

An evil snicker appeared at the corner of his mouth. "Good guess. You like my horns?"

"For your caliber, you're decent. The northern baboons are a bit more handsome, though..."

The monster roared at the insult, and a bright flame enveloped Sonya's body. She cried as the intense pain soared through her brain. She expected to smell her burnt skin soon, but her bony stayed intact. Her nightgown, however, was gone, leaving her naked before the demon.

"Such a beautiful body..." The demon snarled. "I will enjoy ravaging you..."

"I'd rather die..."

"No... I suppose you'd rather see your friends die..."

The demons lifted his clawed palm and produced a bright fireball from it. Sonya realized the danger before it was too late. As the fireball soared through the air, Sonya leaped between Anna and the demon, absorbing the impact. A sharp pain ravaged her brain as the fire once again engulfed her body. She shrieked loudly and lay on the carpet, twitching from the pain.

"Bad move, slave." The demon commented. "That priest can die a painless death if you let me finish the job, but you will die a terrible death from my spells."

Sonya barely had power to defy him. "I... won't let you... touch her..."

Desmos shot another fireball toward Anna, but again Sonya caught it by her hand. She let out another cry of agony as her hand was burnt. Her bony collapsed to the ground. Her entire body was in pain that she just hoped that she would die immediately. But the demon seemed to enjoy her agony.

"Playtime is over, slave. I will have to incinerate you all, then."

A bright light appeared over the demon's palm as he concentrated all his power in his hand. Sonya watched him in horror, knowing that she or the priestess wouldn't survive this one. She didn't mind to die; she would be happy to die if that would make up for her crime. But she knew that she couldn't leave the priestess to die. She could only hope that her ashes would somehow soften the power.

"I'm sorry, Sir... Ma'am... I have failed..."

The bright light blinded her as the magical fire burned through her body. The pain was so intense that she had no chance to cry out. The sensation was strange. There was the sharp pain, then a slow relief. She could feel tendrils of cool and soothing energy enveloped her body. I am in heaven...

When she opened her eyes, she was surprised to find that her body was still intact. Instead, it was glowing in green. The glow was soothing her pain and protecting her from the fire. When she looked back, she found the priestess touching her back, channeling the power around both of them.

"Ma'am...? I'm alive...? Misty...?"

Anna smiled. "You're still alive. Thanks for protecting me. Your friend is safe."

Sonya let out a sigh of relief before collapsing to the ground. Anna quickly checked her and found multiple burn wounds around her body. She has protected me, and now it's time for payback...

Anna stared at the demon before her. Desmos was clearly shocked that Anna could hold his spell, although she knew it wouldn't work again. The spell was so powerful that she had to use most of her power to keep the barrier open for both her and Sonya.

"Well, I believe it's just you and me." Anna murmured.

"Yes..." He hissed. "I suppose we will have fun together, right?"

"Nah... You're not my type anyway..."

Desmos shot multiple fireballs that Anna evaded easily. In return, Anna chanted her magic missile spell. The magic missile exploded harmlessly on the monster's chest.

"Lowly spells have no effect on me! I'll show you how to do it!"

Desmos imitated her spell and suddenly the bedroom was filled with swirling magic missiles. Anna dashed wildly around the room, but one of the missiles hit her stomach, followed by three others. She crashed, luckily, on the bed. The blow made her dizzy, but she quickly regained her strength. Desmos, on the other hand, didn't even attempt to attack while she was paralyzed.

"A lowly priest like you is not a match for me!"

Anna hurled a fireball toward the demon, but Desmos created a similar spell with more intensity. The two fireballs exploded brightly, but the demon's spell got through and exploded near Anna's belly. The force propelled her light body on air and she crashed on the far wall. Her body was in pain as it slumped back to the carpet. She tried to regain her strength, but the demon gave her no chance. Desmos raised his arm and a bright flame was formed inside his open palm. Instantly another sharp pain soared across her nerve. She found herself landing before the cupboard. On the big mirror she could see the burn marks all over her body.

"I hope you like my sunbeam spell." Desmos snickered. "Nothing can stand on the way and survive. You will be fried to death. Now surrender to me and live."

"I'd rather die..." Anna answered weakly.

Desmos laughed, then produced another bright flame in his palm. "Ashes to ashes, dust to dust. Be prepared, foolish human!"

The flame grew brighter, and she knew she would not survive it if it hit her. Her power was completely drained that she couldn't even make the weakest barrier. She had only one chance for her plan.

The ray flash soared through the room toward her, just as she had expected. Anna had no more power to do any spells, but she could still move her body. As the beam grew near, she jumped out of the way with all her might. The beam burned through her skirt, but missing her flesh, and hit the target she had hoped it would: the mirror. Built to reflect beams, the mirror did a fine job in reflecting the sunbeam spell back to the caster. Between her dizziness and the pain across her muscles, Anna could hear the Desmos' cry as the spell reduced the demon to ashes.

If you can't overpower them, you can always outsmart them...

Then the bright flash vanished, and the bedroom was silent once more. Before the door was a pile of black ashes, the remains of the demon. Both slave-girls were still unconscious at the corner of the room. Anna crawled toward Sonya to examine her. She also had burn marks all over her body, especially on her hand, but she would survive. She had protected Anna with her life. Anna invoked all her remaining power to heal the girl's wounds.

Faintly, she could hear clashes of metal outside the castle. The invasion had begun! She had fought a demon and had almost lost her life. Now she had to stop an invasion. She struggled to stay awake despite the exhaustion and dizziness from the last battle. She had to find Atrus. The village of Blackwell was at stake. If they failed, the village, or worse, the entire Southern Aragon, would be lost.

Slowly, she made her way toward the door.

"Take a good look at her, Baron Stoke." Atrus said slowly. "Tell me what you see in her."

"If this is a trick, Ranger, you will not succeed." The baron warned.

"It is not a trick." Atrus answered. "Tell me who you see in her."

The baron eyed him for a while before turning to the hanging Maya. Her body was full with bruises and welts. The pain was excruciating, but she stared at him defiantly. Whatever Atrus was planning, she hoped he knew what he was doing.

Suddenly a spark of fear flashed in Stoke's eyes. "I can't believe it... JOHN MURDOCK!!! You... YOU'RE DEAD!!!"

Baron Stoke lashed his whip wildly, but in his bewildered state he missed Maya's neck. He didn't have a chance for the second lash, for he found the tip of Atrus' demonic sword near his neck.

"Drop the whip." Atrus said coldly.

The baron hesitated and stared at Atrus. Atrus won the contest, for his eyes were blazing with anger. The deep blue glow and the chill from the sword defeated even the strongest pride, and the baron dropped the whip. With his sword Atrus cut the chains and caught Maya's limp body. Her body was in pain, but she managed to stand on her own. Atrus offered her his blade, which she gladly accepted.

The baron stared at them in confused. He especially looked at Maya in fear. There was a sword hanging on the wall near him, but he didn't even try to reach for it.

"My nightmare..." he muttered. "You've finally come..."

"You are my nightmare!!" Maya cried. "What you've done to me... How you've ruined my life... I WILL NEVER FORGIVE YOU!!!"

The baron let out a small laugh. "You're just like your father..."

"You... you've killed my father!" she lifted her blade. "Master Atrus, let me finish him..."

She had expected Atrus to try to stop her, but he stepped aside. "Very well, Maya. Follow what your heart tells you. End your nightmare right now."

She looked at him, shocked, then tightened her grip on the blade. "You have killed my father... You will pay for your sins..."

"Do it, Miss Murdock..." The baron challenged. "Make your father proud!"

And the blade flew toward the baron, only to strike his left shoulder. Baron Stoke cried in pain, but stood erect as if the blade did no harm to him. He was indeed shocked with her futile attack.

"What's the matter?!" he cried. "Are you afraid to kill me?!"

Maya stared at him defiantly. "Killing you will not make my father proud. Doing so will only make me another killer. I do not wish to follow your filthy way. I love my father, and I have made him proud."

"Your father has turned you into sin!!!"


This story was split into 10 parts. Jump to any of the segments from here:
Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 10 parts for faster page loading.

Another top quality story by Vipers.

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