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Bonnie and Ron Pt. VI
by Doug4Dirt

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Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 2 parts for faster page loading.

[ Editor's note: This story contains golden showers / brown showers content. If this turns you off, you may not want to read further.

<Later that evening>

The telephone rang at about 9:15. "Oh, good, you're there!"

"I told you I'd be here, what's up!"

"You better be, she said yes, and she's in my room with me right now!"

"Did she say yes to everything, does she know I'm coming?"

"I guess she'll know you're cuming when I feel you in my ass."

"No, does she know I'll be there in the room with the two of you?"

"Yes, and . . ." "Oh, Diedre, I love it!" "Hurry!" With that, the telephone went dead, so I assumed that I was invited.

I let myself in, and could hear the muffled sounds of two women. Entering the bedroom portion of the hotel room, I spied a near-naked Bonnie and Diedre toying with each other on the king-size bed. Diedre's mouth was on one of Bonnie's breasts, and her hand was inside Bonnie's panties. Bonnie was on her back on the bed, holding Diedre's head with one hand, her other hand joining Diedre's, as they both fingered Bonnie's pussy.

I undressed as I watched Diedre rise a little from the bed and move her mouth down Bonnie's stomach toward a now exposed pussy. Bonnie had pulled her panties aside to permit better access. Diedre raised to her knees off the bed as she moved toward Bonnie's crotch, and had her ass pointed in my direction. Bonnie acknowledged my presence with a wave of her free hand, motioning me toward the bed.

As I joined the two women on the bed, Diedre looked over only slightly, made eye contact with me, and then dove back toward Bonnie's pussy. I moved up behind Diedre and cupped her small bra-covered breasts, positioning my dick into the crack of her still panty-covered ass.

"That's the position I want!" "Don't you dare stick that thing in Diedre's ass first!"

"I wouldn't think of it, Bonnie, but I had to start somewhere."

Diedre was now fully occupied with Bonnie's pussy, Bonnie having removed her panties and changed her position on the bed to allow better access. Bonnie's eyes were now starting to glaze over, as I watched Diedre lick and suck her pussy. I unclipped Diedre's bra and began to play with two very stiff swollen nipples. My cock was now fully wedged into Diedre's ass crack, the string of her thong panties being the only thing between her asshole and me. Not fully aware of how this should play out, or what my role should be at that point, I occupied myself as a nominally active observer.

"Oh, Diedre, eat my pussy, make me cum, that feels so good!" "That's it, finger me, finger fuck my ass, lick me, make me cum, oh, yeah, oh, oh . . ." Bonnie's orgasm was obviously approaching fast. "Now, oh, that's it, lick my clit, oh, yeah, fuck me, oh, make me cum, I need to cum, eat my pussy, oh, fuck, that's it, I can feel your hands, oh, yes, that's great!"

I moved away from Diedre's ass, and positioned myself close to Bonnie's face. She was nearing an orgasm, and her legs were thrashing the bedspread. Her own hands fondled her breasts, pinching her own nipples, trying to heighten her own senses.

I looked back to observe Deidre and could see the source of Bonnie's impending pleasure. Deidre, as I had once before, had one of her delicate hands wrist deep in Bonnie's butt. Different from my situation, though, she had the other hand firmly up Bonnie's pussy. I had a vision of her shaking hands with herself inside Bonnie, as she methodically licked Bonnie's clit and pussy slit. I brought my dick closer to Bonnie's face, and she turned her head and opened her mouth. As her tongue snaked out to lick the drop of pre-cum, I continued forward and she wrapped her lips around the head. I began a slow fucking motion into her mouth, in and out. She didn't even move her hands from her tits, continuing to pinch her own nipples, twisting and squeezing them.

"Um, oh, eeeee, um, um . . ." Bonnie's mouth being now occupied by my dick, her squeals of pleasure escaped from deeper in her throat, and I could tell by the contractions of her jaws that the end was near. She removed her hands from her tits, and used both of them to hold the back of Diedre's head. As Bonnie bucked into her climax, my dick slipped out of her mouth. "Oh, yeah, Diedre, fuck me, oh, suck my clit, yeah, I'm going to cum, yes, yes!"

A spent Bonnie relaxed back onto the bed, and Diedre rolled out from between her legs, her head falling into my lap. "Hi, long time, no see!"

"Maybe it won't be as long next time."

"Looks like it's long enough to me!" Deidre took my erection into her mouth and gave me a little lick, taking a dribble of cum off the head.

"Oh, thanks."

"No, thank you!" Deidre got up and headed toward the bathroom, I assumed to wash up and remove the residue from her attack on Bonnie.

Bonnie was still having aftershocks of her massive orgasm. As she lay on the bed, she would shudder and I could see a trickle of pussy juice flow out from between her outstretched legs.

"You are going to have to go a long way to match that!"

"What do you mean?"

"Well, I just hope that your dick feels as good up my ass as her hand did, that was awesome!"

"Yeah, but did her hand shoot a load of cum?"

"No, and that's what I need now, a load of your hot cum in my ass."

Deidre came back and joined us on the bed, her thong now missing, showing off a cleanly shaved cunt, save an arrow looking wisp that seemed to point down from her navel toward her clit.

"You have one of the sweetest pussy's I have ever eaten, and the volume, I can't believe you had that much cum in you." "I thought for a second that you were peeing in my mouth!"

"Would that be bad?" "No, but its something that I like to be prepared for."

"You mean, that if I wanted to, I could pee on you while you ate my pussy?"

"If that turns you on, I don't mind, I just need to be in the proper mood."

"And now?"

"Well, I've never eaten another woman while she was being fucked, much less fucked in the ass, so if this is a night of firsts, well . . ."

"Deidre, I need to eat your pussy, I need to make you feel like I just did, I need you to cum on my tongue and let me suck your pussy!"

Deidre rolled over on her back; spreading her legs wide and looked up at Bonnie. "Eat me, I need you to make me cum, I need to feel your tongue on my clit, I need to cum, eat me now!"

Bonnie moved between Deidre's thighs and stretched up to kiss her. "I can taste myself on your lips!"

"I know, you didn't think I would wash off a wonderful taste like that, I love the smell and taste of pussy!"

The two women then kissed again, this time passionately, tonguing each other, licking each other's face, neck and ears.

I sat back and watched as Bonnie kissed lower and lower on Deidre's body, savoring the silver dollar sized nipples that crowned her almost flat breasts. "Oh Deidre, you have the biggest, hardest nipples, I love them!"

"Eat my tits, Bonnie, suck my nipples, you can make me cum by sucking my nipples, bite me, chew me, oh, yeah, Bonnie, eat my tits, eat me, oh . . ." Deidre held Bonnie's face to her chest, grinding Bonnie's mouth onto her tits, and Bonnie responded by literally chewing on her nipples.

"Oh, Bonnie, make me cum, eat my tits, oh, yes, oh, I'm cumming, I'm cumming, now, eat my pussy, lick my pussy, now, oh, please, eat my pussy now!"

Deidre released her hold on Bonnie and Bonnie dove into Deidre's crotch. 'Oh, yes, Bonnie, lick me, lick my clit, suck my pussy, eat me, yes, oh, yes, oh . . ."

Sensing a similarity in the positions of the two women to when I first entered the room, I shifted my position until my lower body was close to Deidre's face. Deidre had followed me with her eyes as I moved, and knew exactly what I wanted. Turning her face toward me, she opened her mouth and stuck out her tongue. I responded by wiping the drop of pre-cum off the tip of my dick on the tip of her tongue, and then proceeded to stick more of my length into her open mouth.

Bonnie was busy in Deidre's crotch, and it appeared that she was getting almost as much pleasure out of eating Deidre's pussy, as if her own pussy was the object of attention. One of Bonnie's hands was between her own legs, fingering her pussy, grabbing her clit, and I could see, also, being quite successful in its task. Her other hand was attacking Deidre's crotch, two fingers in her asshole, her thumb alternately strumming her clit and being used as a surrogate dick.

Pussy juice coated Bonnie's fingers and palm, as, I am sure did Deidre's pussy juice coat Bonnie's face. Each of them, almost alternately, would shudder, stiffen, and then deflate as orgasm after orgasm would rise and fall.

I fucked Deidre's mouth as she lay at Bonnie's mercy. One of Deidre's hands strummed her own nipples; the other held Bonnie's head to her crotch. Bonnie shook with another orgasm, and Deidre, sensing correctly, removed her hand from Bonnie's head. Bonnie raised up and looked at me. "I'm ready for you, I need to feel your dick in my ass, I need a hot cum shot and I need it now!" "Deidre, come over here, lay under me, eat my pussy while he fucks my ass!"

Deidre accommodated Bonnie's request and the two women commenced a classic sixty-nine position, Bonnie on top. In this position, Bonnie's asshole was at the perfect height and angle for me to fuck her. "Now, stick that thing in my ass, fuck my butt while I finish her off!"

Bonnie spread Deidre's legs wide and lowered her face to Deidre's crotch once again. I looked down between Bonnie's ass cheeks and looked Deidre in the eye. "Finger fuck her ass again, get her ready!"

Deidre complied by reaching up and filling one of her hands with Bonnie's pussy juices. As Bonnie squatted, Deidre began licking her clit while she stuck one, then two fingers into Bonnie's asshole. Bonnie responded by burying her face even deeper into Deidre's pussy. As Deidre fingered Bonnie's ass, I reached over to the ever-present lubricant bottle and began jacking off with the lotion.

Deidre withdrew her hand and used both now to spread Bonnie's ass cheeks, giving me a perfect target. I positioned my dick at the puckered entrance to Bonnie's ass, and with one thrust, was balls deep. "Oh, yeah, oh, that feels so good, I needed that, I need your dick in my ass, oh, fuck me, cum in my ass!" As quickly as Bonnie came up for air, she was back down into Deidre's pussy, using her own hands to spread Deidre's pussy lips, exposing her swollen clit, fingering her pussy and asshole.

I started slow, steady strokes into Bonnie's asshole. She was so relaxed that I could actually pull fully out and reinsert without a concern over any sphincter restriction. As I stroked, Deidre kept up her attention to Bonnie's clit, and I could tell by the shakes and shudders that both were enjoying success on each other's senses. Stroking in and out, in and out, I wanted to extend the period of time between original insertion and my own climax. In our position, it was easy to change my momentum, speeding up to maintain my erection, slowing as I felt the urge coming closer.

"That's it, fuck my ass, I love to feel your dick in my ass, take your time, I could go on like this forever, oh, Deidre, that's it, eat my pussy, lick me, oh, yes, stick your tongue in my pussy!" Bonnie had raised up and was now grinding her pussy into Deidre's face as I continued to fuck her ass. "Deidre, I need to pee, I need to pee on you, I want you to eat me while I pee on your face, please, oh, yeah, lick me, oh, I going to cum again, oh, I need to pee, oh, yes Deidre, suck my pee!"

With that, I looked down and, for the second time in my life, watched a woman urinate. Bonnie lifted her crotch up off the bed, away from Deidre's face, and a small, yellow warm stream of urine shot out. "Oh, I can do it, I can pee, oh, Deidre, is it okay, can I pee on you, can I pee in your mouth?"

"Pee on me, Bonnie, let it flow, I want to watch you pee, I want to taste you, oh, yeah, that's it, let it go, pee, Bonnie, pee on me!"

Deidre's urging must have had a relaxing effect on Bonnie, as the small stream turned into a torrent, with pee going everywhere, splashing onto Deidre's face and upper body, my legs, Bonnie's thighs, everywhere.

"Oh, that feels so good, I've never peed in bed before, oh, Deidre, thank you, oh, that's so good!" With that, lowering her head, Bonnie returned to eating Deidre's pussy. Just as she buried her face between Deidre's thighs, she looked at me: "Cum in my ass, now, I need to feel it, this is so great, fuck my ass now, shoot your cum in my ass, I need it, I need to feel your cum!"

I began to exaggerate my strokes, speeding up the tempo and extending my reach. Deidre looked up from her urine soaked vantagepoint and watched my balls swing back and forth in front of her. I felt her tongue, then lips, and then, finally, her whole mouth engulfed my sack. She used her tongue to massage my balls, rolling them around in her mouth.

I exploded, shooting a load of cum deep inside Bonnie, cumming so hard that I knocked her forward, dislodging her face from Deidre's crotch. "Oh, wow, oh, yes, I can feel your cum, what a load, oh, my . . ."

As Bonnie moved forward, I was, more or less, stationary due to Deidre's hold on my balls, and my dick popped out of Bonnie's ass. The second and third shots of cum hit Deidre, one making it all the way to her pussy hair, the other writing a pattern on her right breast. Deidre spat my sack out of her mouth and reached up to find my still shooting dick. I leaned forward and helped her suck it into her mouth, and my one last shot trickled down her throat.

Bonnie rolled over on her back, facing Deidre and I. "What an experience!" I cannot believe what we just did!" I leaned forward just a little further, and Bonnie and I kissed for the first time. "Tell me that you'll do this to me whenever we're together, tell me you love it just as much as I do!"

"Bonnie, you know this all started with me having to take a piss?"

"Yeah, I remember, at the summer house."

"Well, I've got to pee, again, right now."


"I want to pee on you, like you peed on Deidre, please, Bonnie, can I pee on you?"

"What, I don't know, that's kind of, you know . . ."

"You peed on her, peed on her face, into her mouth!"

"But . . ."

At that point, I had dislodged my dick out of Deidre's mouth and moved out from over her. "Come on, Bonnie, there's nothing to it, let him pee on you!"

"I'll tell you what, let him pee on both of us!" Deidre had worked her way around me to be adjacent to Bonnie at the foot of the bed.

"But . . ."

"Come on, I'll tell you what we'll do, let's get in the bathtub, and let him pee on us there, and then you can take a shower."

"Well . . ."

"Do it, come on!" With that, Deidre took my hand and we headed toward the bathroom. Deidre slid the shower curtain out of the way, and climbed into the tub. "You can pee on me, anywhere, in my face, on my tits, on my pussy, in my hair, anywhere, I love it, I love the feel and the smell!"

"I want you to hold it, I want you to shower with my pee, I want to watch yourself showering with my pee!"

"Now that's new, and I like it, okay, whenever you're ready!"

"Wait, wait, I'm coming, don't start yet!" Bonnie rounded the corner and rushed into the bathroom. "I want it too, I want you to pee on me, I got so turned on peeing on Deidre, I'm getting turned on just thinking about being peed on myself!"

Bonnie joined Deidre in the tub, and they moved together, sitting cross-legged, hugging each other, and kissing each other on the mouth. "Are you ready?"

"Oh, yes, do it, pee on us!"

I stood back and began to piss. An arc of yellow fluid sprang from my dick and hit them square in the face. Deidre opened her mouth and let some of the pee down her throat. Bonnie sat there, mesmerized for a second, and then, following suit, turned toward me and opened her mouth wide. I aimed straight for her, and she began to swallow.

I showered them with pee from head to toe. Taking careful aim to hit tits, nipples, tummies, navels, pussies, thighs, every part of their body.

As I finished, Deidre strained her head closer to the edge of the tub and I shot the last spurt into her awaiting open mouth. "Ah, that's so good, I love to taste the salty flavor!" I turned to Bonnie, and offered my dick to her, she accepted and sucked my limp member into her mouth, draining the last drops.

"Now, if you will excuse us, Bonnie and I intend to shower, again, but this time alone, and with fresh water!" "You are excused!"

I turned, heard the water start to run, closed the bathroom door behind me, found my clothes, let myself out, and went back to my room. The bedside clock said 1:34 am; we had been fucking for almost four hours straight. I thought to myself: "No wonder I had to pee so bad."

<The Next Morning>

"Do you know what time it is?"

"Yeah, but I wanted to get to you before things got started this morning."

"What do you mean?"

"Come to my room, now, I, I mean, we, need you now!"

"But, I'm not dressed, I haven't shaved, I . . . "

"We don't care, we need a dick, and we need it now!"

I pulled on my running shorts and a T-shirt, and ran some water through my hair. "What the fuck do they want this early in day?"

Grabbing my room key, I headed toward Bonnie's room.

My knock was immediately answered. "Hurry, get in here, look at this!"

"What is it?"


This story was split into 2 parts. Jump to any of the segments from here:
Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 2 parts for faster page loading.

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