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Bonnie and Ron Pt. VIII
by Doug4Dirt

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Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 2 parts for faster page loading.

"Oh, that's her idea also, but we've never used it for what she intended."

"And what was that?"

"What do you think, for fucking!"


Donald walked through the clear glass door and turned on a variety of the controls, causing a cascade of properly adjusted water to flow. Ron and I followed him in, and he motioned to the various soaps, shampoos, and lotions that lined the cubicle. We each found a shower location and began to wash. I watched each of the other two, as we showered as if it were natural for three men to shower together. We all had our rituals, which areas we washed, in what sequence. I also couldn't help but envision the uses of the lounge in the middle of the complex.

"You mean that you've never used this?"

"No, I've never had the desire to do it with Bonnie in here, although didn't you say that you saw Donna and Bonnie in here yesterday?"

"No, didn't see them, but they gave me the impression this was where they started." I walked over to the device, noticing its curvature, leaning over, trying to calculate how each of the obviously sculptured contours worked. "What, how does it work, it looks like it can accommodate a number of positions?"

"Yeah, I think if you put your head in one place, depending on the angle, it moves the rest of your body into the proper alignment for sex."

"Well, what if I laid down, say, like this?" I climbed onto the device, and placed my upper body, face down, into one of the sculpted locations. It positioned my face slightly over the edge, and raised my ass into the air. "Hey, it looks like you could get a double header from here," I joked, looking over my shoulder at a now closer and curious Donald and Ronnie.

"Yeah, you could suck a dick and get fucked in the ass at the same time, that's really cool." Donald, you want to help him try it out?" "You know, he's ass fucked your wife, her mother, you, and me, and I'm not sure he's got it enough himself, what do you think?"

"Okay, yeah, but, how do you want to do it?"

"Well, I already got a piece of ass, so to speak, this morning, and you already got a blowjob, how about we switch?"

'Okay, sounds good to me!"

"Well, do I have any say in this?"

"Why, you got a problem with that?"

"No, but make sure you use some lotion on your dick and my ass!"

"No problem."

Donald walked over to one of the cabinet units and grabbed a bottle of lubricant, as Ron positioned himself in front of me, jacking off the beginnings of an erection. "You know, I've always liked the way you suck my dick, ever since that first time, at my house, I've wanted to feel that way again."

I looked up at him and simply opened my mouth and stuck out my tongue. As I felt Donald's fingers start to probe my asshole, I swallowed Ron's cock into my eager mouth. I lifted my right hand and cupped his balls, and snaked my left around his ass. The shape of the lounge supported my upper body weight and gave me full use of both hands and arms. Donald now had three fingers in my ass, and I could feel his erection bumping up against my ass cheek.

"Oh, man, that's great, yeah, suck me, yeah, Donald, give me some of that." Ron reached out his hand and Donald handed him the lubricant. I pulled my right hand back, and Ron filled it with lotion. With my left hand I spread Ron's crack apart, and brought my right hand back under his crotch, rubbing the lubricant over his asshole. '"Yeah, finger fuck my asshole while you suck my dick, that's it, oh, man, is that really two fingers?"

Donald positioned himself behind me, my ass crack opened by the design of the lounge, as two notches into the base allowed me grab a toehold. I felt his dick begin to penetrate my resistance, and shoved back against him. "Man, you want it bad, don't you, well, here, take my dick, take it up your ass!" With that he shoved and I could feel his full length probe into my ass, as the hair of his thighs brushed my bare ass cheeks.

I continued to suck and tongue Ron, as he fucked my face, my fingers in his asshole giving me leverage to pull him into and then back out of my mouth. "Yeah, fuck yourself, fuck my dick into your mouth, suck me, eat me, oh, that's it, I'm gonna cum in your face!" I felt him start to swell, as my actions began to churn his cum out of his balls. I fucked his ass deeper and harder with my fingers, while my loose fingers tickled at the sides of his sack. "That's it, yes, oh man, fuck my ass with your fingers, suck me, here it comes, yeah, now, oh, fuck!"

I pulled Ron's dick deep into my throat, the angle of the lounge giving a straight shot, and felt his cock pulse with his orgasm. Donald's rhythmic stroking into my ass pushed back as I sucked the throbbing dick that filled my mouth. "You better get ready, because I'm gonna cum in your ass!" I could feel Donald's cock engorge as his orgasm reached its peak. "Here, take this, yeah, fuck, oh, yes, fuck!"

Simultaneous orgasms, one in my mouth, the other up my ass, caused an unseen, but clearly felt third, as my cock shot a load into the area between my stomach and the lounge surface. Ron pulled away first, his cock dripping one last drop of cum onto my chin. Donald shoved into my ass one last time, emptying his balls into my asshole, and then pulled out as well. I just lay there, feeling the warmth of my own cum against my lower body.

Ron and Donald walked over to their respective shower areas, and began to clean up from their assault on my body. I lay there in the pool of my own cum, feeling Donald's cum drip out of my asshole, and continuing to taste Ron's on my lips and tongue.

Bonnie and Donnie got home, walked out to the pool and found their mother, still asleep in her orgasmic bliss, still glistening in the dried and drying cum and pussy juice that coated most of her body.

"Those assholes, look what they did with Mother, do you believe this shit?"

"Yes, I do, knowing your husband, my husband, and your brother, I have no doubt about what, or why they did it." "Plus, knowing Mother, I bet she was a willing participant." "You know, just thinking about what they did, don't you know that was something, look at her, she's still smiling."

"Come on, let's go change, and get out here and enjoy the sun."

"I've got a better idea, you want to take another shower together, you made me hot, watching you try on all those sexy clothes at the Mall."

"Yeah, that sounds great, I want to try out another position on your, what do you call it, lounge?"

"I like to think of it as a functional sculpture."

"Oh, whatever, but I like it, what ever you call it."

Donald and Ron must have missed the sisters as they came in through the garage, as they had gotten in Ron's car parked in front and gone to play tennis.

Donna and Bonnie undressed in Bonnie's bedroom, eyeing each other as they removed one article of clothing after another. Naked, they joined together at the door to the Master Bathroom, embraced, kissed, and began to fondle each other's body. "You know, I could get used to this, you feel so soft compared to a man, I like the way you know what I want."

"Yeah, if it wasn't for the need for a dick in my ass or pussy, sometimes I think I could do without them."

"Well, there are devices that are reasonable substitutes!"

"Yeah, but until they come up with one that can shoot a hot load of cum, I guess I'll keep a real man around, as a distraction."

"Who the hell is that?" "I thought the guys had gone out?"

As Bonnie and Donna entered the still steamed up shower, I was just starting to recover and stir. "What are you doing in my shower?"

"Well, Ron and Donald and I came in here after we went swimming . . ."

"Yeah, and fucked our Mother silly!"

"Hey, she was a completely willing participant, as a matter of fact, she kind of choreographed the whole thing, so to speak."

"And what does that mean, smart ass!"

"It means that she was literally begging for it, and then told each one of us where we were to put our dicks."

"And you three 'gentlemen' could only accommodate a lady's wishes!"

"You, all three of you, are just real assholes!"

"Well, there's more to that statement than you might think."

"Will you stop talking in riddles, just what has gone on here this morning."

As I began to recite the entire story of Beth's solo performance, our triple fuck, and then, to Bonnie and Donna's astonishment, my own double fuck, they were lathering each other up, almost as if I were merely a voice, and not in their presence.

Bonnie leaned back onto one of the walls of the shower. "Oh, Donna, I love it when you wash my tits, you know just how hard, and then how gentle to be." "That's it, oh, yes, rub my nipples, make them hard, yes, squeeze me, pinch me, oh, I think I'm going to cum, make me cum, Donna, please, now, oh, yes!"

Donna had both her hands full of her sister's tits, massaging them, tweaking the rock hard nipples, squeezing and pinching. As she manipulated Bonnie's breasts, she had slid her thigh between Bonnie's, and started to rub her pussy on her sister's upper leg as well. "Oh, Bonnie, you have such a beautiful body, I love to rub your tits, oh, feel how wet I am, I'm going to cum, too, cum on your leg, yes, oh yes!"

I watched the two women hunching each other's thighs, their mouths finding each other, their tongues fencing and darting, Bonnie's hands now grasping my wife's ass cheeks, grinding her pussy into her own. "Oh, Donna, oh, baby, yes, I'm cumming, yes, oh, now, feel it, oh, yes!" The two women collapsed with the release of their energy, Donna pinning he sister to the wall with her dead weight.

I sat their, my full erection nodding its approval to the show I had just witnessed. Bonnie looked over her sister's shoulder, spied my stiff cock, and made eye contact with me. "Wow, you sure got excited, need to put that thing to use?"

"You bet, got any ideas?"

"Sure do, Donna, how'd you like to fuck someone in the ass?"


"With one of my 'toys', that's how."

"Well, then, who?"





"How?" My wife and I sounded like stereo speakers as we both inquired about Bonnie's plan.

"Well, I need that dick up my ass, I need to feel his cum in my asshole, and I think I know what you want to do."

"What's that?"

"Pay him back for that surprise ass fucking her gave you the other day, if I didn't enjoy it so much, I know if somebody surprised me, I'd want revenge."

"Yeah, good idea, how can we do it?"

"Here, look at this, I just got it the last week, and I've been wanting to see it in action." Bonnie pulled an 18" double headed dildo out of one of the drawers in the shower, along with a black garment of some type. "Come over here, sit back, this is going to be so great!"

Bonnie led Donna over to one end of the lounge and had her sit up on the end. "Oh, Donna, I love the way your pussy looks, like a flower, and the smell and taste, oh, let me eat you, eat you and get you wet, make you cum so that the dildo fits easily into your pussy." Bonnie bent and began to kiss and lick Donna's pussy, all the time holding the dildo in her hand.

"Oh, Bonnie, that feels so good, I love the way you know just how to eat me, oh, yes, that's it, kiss my pussy, bite me, yes, oh, yes, Bonnie, yes!" Donna leaned back and I caught her, wrapping my arms around her and grabbing her tits. "Oh, yeah, play with my tits, squeeze my nipples, make them hard, yes, that's it, oh, Bonnie, I'm gonna cum!" My attention to my wife's tits and her sister's attention to her pussy had her moaning and shaking, on the verge of an orgasm.

Donna grabbed the back of her sister's head and held it to her pussy as she stiffened to a climax. As Bonnie, straightened up, she took the dildo and plunged it up her sister's cunt. "Oh, Bonnie, that's big, oh, my, yes, that feels good!"

"Now, Donna, here, this is what makes is special." Bonnie took the black garment and pulled it up her sister's legs. She slipped the exposed head of the dildo through a hole near the crotch of rubber g-string, and then pulled it the rest of the way up to her waist, taking a little longer than necessary to make sure the fabric fit into Donna's ass crack.

"Bonnie, I feel so full of dick, it feels so good, I need one of these." Donna slipped off the edge of the lounge and stood there with her hands on her hips and almost 10 inches of dildo hanging out in front of her. "Look, I've got a dick, now I get it, I'm gonna fuck his ass with this dildo, but what are you going to do?"

"Here, both of you, come over here, let me show you how this is going to work, but, hurry, I need that dick in my butt!" Bonnie directed me to lie on my back, and as I did, I could see that the lounge had a location designed just for this position. There were indentions in the sides of the lounge that allowed me to place my feet to the side, which, as I lay on my back, exposed both my dick to attention from above, but also my asshole to attention from the back.

Bonnie crawled over me, and positioned her crotch over mine. "Donna, eat me, eat me and get me ready, finger my ass, lick my asshole, get me ready to ass fuck your husband's dick!" My wife bent over and complied, starting with her sister's clit, nibbling and licking, then proceeding upward. "That's it, oh, Donna, fuck my pussy, tongue fuck me, yes, make me cum, oh, yes!" Donna continued to eat her sister, running her tongue the full length from clit to pussy hole, to asshole.

"Suck my tits, eat my tits, chew on those nipples, help me cum, I need to cum before you fuck my ass." Bonnie bent her upper body toward my face and I grabbed both her tits and began a feast on her breast flesh. "Oh, that feel so good, eat me, Donna, oh, yes, tongue my asshole, make me wet, get me ready, oh, yes, make me cum, yes, both of you, oh, yeah, fuck, oh, now, yes!"

Holding herself with one hand, and fingering her own clit with the other, Bonnie shuddered and I looked down to see her patented spurt of cum soak her thighs and my crotch. "Oh, Bonnie, I love it when you come that way, I wish I could shoot my cum like that!" Donna lapped up the pussy juice from her sister's pussy, then moved down and began to suck my cock, licking her sister's cum, and leaving her own lubrication.

"Now, I need it now, Donna, put his dick in my ass, oh, yes, that's it!" "You know, I've never felt that thing in my pussy, not even once, what does it feel like, is it good, Donna, does it feel good?" Donna was playing with my dick, running it the full length of her sister's slit, tickling her clit, spreading her pussy lips, then running it up to her asshole. "Put it in me, Donna, don't tease, let him fuck me, just once, put it in my pussy, wet his dick with my pussy juice before you stick it up my ass."

Donna did as directed and Bonnie sat down on my dick, it sliding easily into her soaking pussy. I could feel Donna's tongue as she continued to work on her sister's asshole, licking from my balls, up my shaft, to our junction, and then just a little past. "Bonnie, her looks so natural in your pussy, are you sure you've never fucked him there?"

"Positive, this is a first, and oh, what a first, I am full of dick, and it feels so great." "But, now, I need it in my ass, I don't want his cum in my pussy, oh, Donna, I don't want to, but take it out, take it out and stuff my asshole full of dick." I felt Donna's hands pull my cock from her sister's pussy, and felt the head begin to penetrate a very familiar asshole. "That's it, hold him still, let me fuck myself on his dick, oh, yes, I love your husband's dick in my ass, yes, there, a little more, now, yes, oh, yes!" Bonnie was fully impaled on my cock; all nine inches were in her butt, still feeling great after all these times.

"Now, Donna, fuck him in the ass, use the dildo on him, fuck his ass!" My wife bent over and began to lick my upturned asshole, lubricating my, although I had not bothered to do that when I had surprised her.

"Oh, baby, that's great, oh, yes, you've never done that before, that's it, yes, is that your tongue in my ass, oh, yeah!" Donna licked and spit on my asshole, getting me ready. "Any time you're ready sweetheart, I'm ready, fuck me, fuck my ass, oh, yes, gentle, that's it, don't get in a hurry." Donna slowly slid the dildo into my asshole, and hesitated as I caught my breath. "Ah, there you go, slowly, slow, in and out, that's it, oh, yes, oh, baby!"

"Are you in him, are you fucking his asshole, oh, yeah, I can see it, fuck him Donna, fuck his ass, make him shoot a big load up mine!" Bonnie had turned at the waist to watch her sister slide the dildo up my ass, and then bent back over to feel mine in hers. "That's it, big sister, as you fuck him, he's fucking me, yes, that's it, fuck him, yes, oh, yes!" As Donna rocked into my asshole with the dildo, she would push my hips up and my cock would push into her sister's asshole. It was almost as if I was just an extension of the dildo.

Bonnie had bent back down, and was again holding herself up with one arm and fingering her clit with the other. I returned to my attack on her tits, chewing on her nipples, sucking them into my mouth and holding them. With my hands, I was helping Bonnie bounce up and down on my dick, grabbing her hips and keeping her in rhythm with her sister's strokes. "Oh, yes, fuck him, Donna, fuck his ass, I can almost feel you fucking my ass, it's like that's what you're doing, do you want to fuck my ass, too, oh, Donna, I love it!"

"I'm gonna cum, oh, my, oh, Donna, fuck me, fuck me and make me cum, yes, deeper, that's it, now fuck, fuck, fuck, oh, fuck, I'm gonna cum!" I shot my load into Bonnie's asshole, and Bonnie, simultaneously, sprayed out her pussy juice onto my stomach, and over her hand. She collapsed and my dick popped out of her asshole. Donna continued to stroke the dildo in and out of my ass, and cum continued to flow out of my dick. "That's enough, that's good, Donna, you can stop now!"

"No, just a little more, I'm going to cum, just a little, yeah, that's it, oh, my, oh, fuck, oh, yes!" My wife stiffened and jammed the dildo deep into my asshole one last time, and then backed away. I looked up to see her leaning back against the wall of the shower, dildo still sticking out, as if she had a perpetual hard on. "Do you believe that?" "I can't believe I just got off by fucking my husband's asshole!"

"I can, I know I can almost get off just thinking about having my asshole fucked, I bet if I really thought about fucking someone else's asshole, I could get turned, too."

"Well, now you both know why I love it so, either way, ass fucking is the ultimate turn on!"

This story was split into 2 parts. Jump to any of the segments from here:
Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 2 parts for faster page loading.

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