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Britney Spears
by Extreme

The man ordered Britney to lay down on her back. She hesitated, but followed the man's order, because she knew that resisting had no use. The man grabbed her anckels and spread her legs wide apart. Then he lowered his face onto her pussy. The smell made him crazy. So pure, so clean, but still a little sweaty from the exhausting performance she just gave. The man loved it. He started licking her inner thigh, climbing up to her pussy. "Please don't", Britney asked, but the man ignored Britney completely, he continued to lick her outer lips. Then, with his thumbs, he separated her outer lips and started licking her clit and inner lips. Tears rolled over Britney's cheeks. As much as she hated to, her body reacted to the sexual impulses and her pussy got moist. "Wow, this little cunt is liking what I do. You are getting wet, Britney!" Britney stared sobbing, but couldn't deny the sexual arousment she felt from her pussy. The man kept licking and sucking her clit, and Britney's pussy became more and more receptive and wet. The man inserted is tongue inside her pussy and tonguefucked her a couple of times. Britney now got really turned on. Her nipples became stiff and her lips parted, the juices flowed freely. She started to moan, as she felt an orgasm approach. The man noticed Britney's reaction and increased his speed. Then he inserted a finger in her wet pussy. Britney moaned and arched her back. At this time, she didn't want the man to stop, she wanted to come. The man started to fuck Britney with his finger, while licking her clit. Britney started wiggling and moving her body to give access to the moving finger. Then the man tried to insert a second finger. "No! I am too tight, please don't!" But the man laughed and replied that pussy's were to be stretched. He increased his force and the second finger slowly joined the first. Britney moaned again, but this time not with pleasure, but with pain. The man started his fucking motion with his fingers again.

What should the man do?

A Enough playing around, start the action, fuck that bitch!

B Let's try another finger...

Another top quality story by Extreme.

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