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Chain Letter Pt. IV
by Mark Anthony

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Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 2 parts for faster page loading.


The veal was absolutely delicious. The Château Latour proved a delectable choice to accompany the meal, and proved to inspire a fairly good mood around the circular, candlelit table. Fey and Andrea sat at opposites, with their respective lovers on the right. Both shared subtle moments of affection with their mistresses during the meal, sliding their legs together under the blue tablecloth while pretending to go on with the conversation. Rachel and Vivian responded to the advances of their lovers in kind, and a strange secret dance ensued throughout, Fey and Andrea exchanging secret looks while all four pretended that nothing was going on.

Discussion was light, and compliments to the chef were in order. The wine kept flowing, now well into the Beaujolais and the rosés wines, and a toast was proposed, to Fey's masterful cooking skills. Andrea savored each and every one of the wines, noting that she was becoming more and more uninhibited as the soirée progressed. Her threshold being higher than most women, she instinctively knew that the spirits would create an atmosphere conductive to seduction.

By the end of the meal, Andrea was quite wet, Rachel's agile feet having sensually demonstrated the ardor and desperation of her yearning condition. She gave away no sign of a reaction as she quickly got up to give Fey a hand to clear the table, leaving Rachel behind with Vivian as they came and went to the kitchen.

When all had been cleared away, Andrea deftly proposed that all four adjourn to the living room once again, this time for a bit of crème de menthe to pass the evening. Rachel and Vivian both nodded in approval.

They sat together for a time, back on the couches, chatting away softly as the evening wore on. Andrea sat close to Rachel on a two-person sofa while Fey and Vivian had the larger one to themselves. Gentle music played in the background, and scented candles lit all about provided a golden light and peaceful atmosphere.

Rachel and Vivian contently reclined in their respective positions. Eventually, conversation fell in a serene lull, and all four women stated at each other in contemplative silence. Vivian and Rachel were smiling happily, basking in Fey's hospitality.

There was a pause, a moment that heralded a slight, ever so subtle change in atmosphere. Both guests arched eyebrows as Andrea and Fey stood in unison, moments after CD's shuffled in the player behind, and an original piano and acoustic guitar piece suddenly filled the air. The standing pair came together, their hands reaching, their arms going around each other... like lovers answering the call of the secret song their share as their own. Andrea and Fey began rocking back and forth slowly, dancing slowly as the lovers they truly were.

It was not long before they searched each other out, their mouths coming together briefly in a quick but torrid kiss. They heard a communal gasp from their dual audience, and each turned with a smile to their respective mistresses. Andrea's eyes focused on Rachel's stunned expression while Fey noted Vivian's brief moment of astonishment. Incomprehension fled from their faces, replaced by slow realization. Andrea and Fey both winked naughtily, smiling alluring smiles.

Rachel rose from her seat first. "Why do I have a feeling..."

Vivian's voice, overlapping, "I don't believe..."

Both women were at a loss for words despite their understanding of the sudden development. They looked at each other, the existence of their mutual affairs revealed instantly. There was no furious exchange of stares, but merely a recognition of the fact. They both turned to the dancing pair.

"What's up lover?" Andrea and Fey asked suggestively, in perfect harmony, breaking their embrace to step over to their respective mistresses. Andrea slid her arm around Rachel's, while Fey came down next to Vivian on the couch, embracing her around her neck.

"You've been... plotting for how long?" Vivian asked, trying to sound incensed.

"Well... we didn't really plan it at first, it sort of just happened when Andrea... ah... 'seduced' Rachel" Fey said.

"And how long have you been... together?" Rachel inquired, now understanding why she almost always caught the answering machine when calling to Andrea's place.

"About as long as the both of you" answered Andrea, beside her. "Fey has an interesting theory about that..." she added teasingly, with a wink to her soulmate.

"Well..." Rachel said with a heavy sigh, "now I don't know whether to feel jealous or angry". There was little conviction in her voice, betraying her still bewildered condition.

"We have an ideal way of remedying to that" Fey whispered huskily, as she disengaged herself from Vivian and stood up. In an instant, the hosts had traded places, Andrea strolling over to the couch and slithering next to Vivian, her hand unabashedly moving around her narrow waist, bringing her body close. Meanwhile Fey was coming around Rachel, her hand brushing the model's shoulder as she walked past, coming up behind her. Carefully, she hugged her from behind, her breasts pressing in the lovely curve of her back.

Though uncertainty paralyzed both Rachel and Vivian for just an instant, a new awareness soon dawned upon them. Still striving to cope with the monumental changes in their lives, stirred as never before by the beauty of the female form, they gave in to their impulses simultaneously, driven by fantasies and infatuations born the moment they had discovered lesbian love. It was not a selfless pursuit for carnal pleasure at the expense of their mutual love, but a interdependent exploration of their new sexuality, with women who had once been friend and were now lovers...

Vivian closed her eyes as she felt Andrea's lips brush over hers, while Rachel looked on hungrily at the erotic spectacle, moaning as Fey's hands cupped and massaged her ample, sensitive breasts.

Lust and passion overtook them all.


In a quick motion, Fey grasped Rachel's shirt and brought it over her breasts. Her hands returned forthwith, fondling the hot flesh, feeling the nipples harden even as she stroked them.

Andrea took it slow, parting the fabric of Vivian's dress gently before lowering her mouth to the gentle slope of her quarry's bosom. Her tongue slid gently out of her mouth, leaving a thin trail of saliva down the tan and smooth skin, and around the curve of Vivian's breast. The latter moaned approvingly, and caught her breath as Andrea's lips parted widely to take in as much of her tit flesh as she could.

Rachel was similarly powerless to keep her arousal in check, her head tilting back as Fey continued to expertly massage her breasts from behind. She pressed back against the woman's bosom, bringing her hands over Fey's and guiding them as they kneaded the firm flesh. She felt the woman's hips gyrate against her ass, and locked her legs in place, giving Fey something to stroke against. The feeling of the woman's pelvis rubbing against the curve of her rear was maddeningly intense.

Vivian's dress was boldly parted at this point, both of her breasts hanging free, her chest heaving as Andrea continued to suckle like a sapphic succubus. The warmth and heat of her cunt was spreading inside her, to all parts of her body, igniting an inferno that was quickly consuming her. Andrea's hand adroitly slid under the loose and draped dress folds, and searched for Vivian's wet hole. The latter could do nothing but fall back into the couch, lost in a haze of burning desire.

Rachel's breath was coming in rasping inhales and exhales, Fey's tongue licking the lobe of her ear while one hand pinched her nipples and the other surreptitiously slid under her short skirt, feeling for her seeping, hot pussy. The g-string she wrote was nimbly slid aside by Fey's fingers, and a low husky groan rose from Rachel's throat as she felt her clit being stroked ever so gently.

Andrea's fingers, slick with Vivian's abundant juices, penetrated deep inside her, bringing her nearer and nearer to a sharp and fierce climax. She could not believe how quickly things were unfolding, how completely overtaken and consumed by lust she had become.

Vivian screamed aloud, incoherently, in the throes of wanton lust, and shook as she capsized into oblivion, Andrea's fingers pumping furiously in and out of her, her teeth biting down on her nipples as she came. Wave after wave crashed into her, tearing her apart.

The cries were soon answered by Rachel as she, too, tipped over her own threshold and no longer held back. Fey's bewitching embrace had stripped away her sense of restraint. Her body responded instinctively, the fervor building inside her as Fey continued to tease her clitoris, as she continued to pinch her nipples, as she fondled the hoot flesh of her breasts, as she whispered of her impending night of passion even as she thrust her delicate tongue in her ear...

She climaxed, the strength leaving her legs, her body shaking with unthinkable pleasure. She gave herself to Fey, to the beautiful woman, lover of her lover, to the servant of her mistress. She felt her juices drench Fey's busy fingers as she continued to scream, between short ragged breaths, drowning into a sea of orgasmic ecstasy, before collapsing back into Fey's supportive arms.

The room fell silent, but only for a few moments...


Their bodies were pressed against each other's, spread across the spacious double bed, searching, feeling, yearning.

Andrea's face was buried in Vivian's pussy, licking with abandon, her tongue sliding in and out of her flowing crevasse, while the object of her affection moaned and shook with every lick. Her naked skin was slick with perspiration, the agony of the delightful torment taking its toll on her voluptuous womanly form. Meanwhile, Fey and Rachel were locked in a deep soul kiss, their tongues intertwined in a sensuous dance while their hands and fingers were buried in each other's throbbing cunts, effortlessly sliding in and out, their bodies shaking in unison as the mutual stroking brought them ever closer to a simultaneous orgasm.

They had made love for hours, and there was yet no sing of relenting or cessation, the passionate fire consuming them whole without burning itself out. Their screams of glorious bliss echoed in the room as three of the women shook in the throes of lesbian climax. Andrea dutifully continued to lick Vivian's delicious essence from her dripping slit as the lawyer reclined back in momentary exhaustion, while Fey and Rachel smiled as they continued to kiss, unwilling to break even for an instant the intoxicating communion of their yearning mouths, their hands relaxing to a soft caress of their pussies, bodies glowing with the warmth of newly consumed passion.

Hours... hours spent in loving worship, an odyssey of sapphic discovery, a communion of sacred pleasure, between women... between lovers well acquainted and newfound companions exploring each other's bodies...

They remained, all four, still for a time. Then, Rachel, Fey and Vivian moved of their own accord, while Andrea remained motionless. Then, as she tried to shift, she was gently restrained. All three women positioned themselves properly, before descending upon the lone woman, fingers, hands and arms gently taking hold of her.

Andrea sighed as she felt herself being transported in a heaven of rapture and exhilaration, sensations visited upon her body by three very sensual women intent on worshiping her form with unrestrained passion almost too much for her to bear. Her arms came to rest over her head, arching her back and giving full access to her soft and supple tits, while her legs were gently parted, her moist pussy glistening in the candlelight. Fey's lips slid over her trembling mouth, initiating a long, sensuous kiss, while Vivian teased each of Andrea's nipples in turn with a tongue both eager and nimble. Meanwhile, farther down, Rachel's hands were sliding under the smooth skin of her rear, raising her pelvis, while she felt the familiar but no less erotic feeling of a snaking organ caressing the puckered opening of her asshole. She was entranced by three mouths, praising the temple of her physical form with lips, tongues, saliva, sending her soul and mind reeling.

Fey's tongue slid deeper and deeper into her mouth, and both women enthusiastically joined in a mutual and amorous exchange that enflamed the measure of their passion a thousandfold. In the meantime, Vivian had ceased her teasing and now suckled at Andrea's breasts in earnest, like a woman possessed. Every lick, every bite send shivers down Andrea's spine, and she proceeded to cradle each orb of flesh even more lovingly as she continued to suck with libidinous abandon. While she did so, Rachel's careful exploration of her mistress' ass gave way to bold and unabashed thrusting, her probing and saliva-coated tongue slithering in and out of her rear like a snake forcing its way into a small hole. As her left hand continued to cradle and support Andrea's lovely ass, her right hand was busily stroking her pussy, smearing her juices all over her outer lips and mons. Occasionally she would pause from her rimming to slide one of her fingers in her mouth, or to partake of Andrea's cum !

from the source with a lick, before returning to the sweet orifice she revered orally.

All three women continued for long minutes, working hard to bring Andrea, perhaps the one responsible for introducing them all to a new and extraordinary form of love, to the edge of her greatest orgasm yet. All three pressed on, tentatively, careful not to precipitate things, bringing her higher and higher into unexplored realms of ecstasy, adoring every minute and second of their task.

There was only so much Andrea could withstand... Lying on a bed, ravished by three beautiful women hell bent on making her cum, she felt herself break away from all things physical as the crashing wave of her climax came upon her. Sensations beyond her ability to describe left her gasping for a breath as lightning fused up and down her spine, exploding every nerve in her body. Her hips bucked, her chest arched outwards, her head swung side to side, tears drowning in the beads of sweat which had formed on her skin. Fey, Rachel and Vivian held her in their arms as she continued to climax on and on, for seconds, and minutes, the multiple orgasm continuing as they persisted with their affections.

Andrea felt herself sliding into a semi-conscious state, aware of the presence of her lovers around her and nothing else... she had known bliss beyond imagining, and felt more love for Fey, Rachel and Vivian than anyone else in her life. She smiled weakly, hoping to recuperate quickly, and visit upon all three others the same kind of joy she had experienced...



Love getting you down? Can't find the right person to share your life with?

Close your eyes and wish for your true love!

Send this e-mail to three of your girlfriends... and your wish shall come true!


"What are you doing?" called out Fey, walking up to Andrea. She was wearing a short white bathrobe, water still glistening on her warm skin. She slid a hand from behind and cupped Andrea's breast through her light blue nightgown. Behind them, in the bathroom, Andrea heard the sound of the shower running, and moans from Vivian and Rachel.

"Just sending a message. Seems like the appropriate thing to do."

Fey smiled as she read the words on the computer screen. "Playing Cupid, I see."

"Strangers really. Maybe someone out there needs the kind of luck I've had in finding a soulmate."

Fey shifted around and responded to Andrea's declaration with a soft kiss.

"So I guess you won't be sending a copy to your sister in Minnesota?"

Andrea elbowed Fey playfully in the ribs. "Hey-she's married with two kids. I'm not going to mess that up!"

Fey giggled happily, and kissed Andrea again. "Alright-but hurry will you? Vivian and Rachel are getting antsy again, and I may not be able to handle both of them!"

She sauntered back into the bathroom, while Andrea's eyes returned to the screen. She randomly handpicked four or five female names and electronic addresses from a 'searching-for-love' web site, pasted them in the e-mail's recipient field and sent them via an anonymous account. The message vanished from her screen, and Andrea briefly wondered about the magic which had come attached to the mail she had received, so long ago it seemed. She wondered if a bit of that magic would not travel along with her message... wondered if a woman like herself had not, months ago, sat in front of a computer, in the wake of a new understanding of her deepest passions, sending out a message such as this...

She smiled as her thoughts returned to Fey and the others, and rose at once, the fabric of her gown tugging gently at her stiffening nipples and sending shudders of excitement all the way down her moistening cunt. She leisurely walked over to the bathroom, her spirit soaring in the wake of love...



This story was split into 2 parts. Jump to any of the segments from here:
Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 2 parts for faster page loading.

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