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Dreams Can Come True II
by AnonSky

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Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 3 parts for faster page loading.

"Oh Mom, I..."

She put her fingers on his lips interrupting him. "This may sound silly, honey, but could you do something for me? It would make me feel better."

"Sure. What is it?"

"Call me Vicki when we're making love - not Mom. It may be silly, but I think I would like it better."

"Sure M....Vicki." He laughed and hugged her tenderly. "Okay Vicki, I want you....I want you a lot."

"Tony, I want you too - want you right now," she said as she fondled his hard, erect prick.

Tony had her sit on the end of the sofa bed and lie back with her feet on the floor. He spread her legs open and sat on the floor between them, placing her legs over each shoulder.

"Oh Tony, you don't need to do that. God, I'm so wet I'm dripping down there."

"That's okay. I want to try something a little different - I think you'll like it." He used his fingers to spread her pussy lips open, exposing the tender, pink flesh of the inner lips and her vagina.

"You may get a mouth full of cum from.....Oh Tony," she moaned when his mouth descended on her pussy, his tongue probing and stroking her sensitive clitoris. She closed her hands, clenching some of the sheet in her fists as his mouth ravaged her pussy. She felt him place his hands under her thighs and push them up, spreading them further apart, totally exposing her ass to him. When she felt Tony's tongue probing and licking her asshole, she cried out. "Oh My God. Oh Tony, that's.....that's....Oh God, that feels good."

Tony left her asshole and concentrated on that small strip of flesh between the bottom of her labia, her outer pussy lips, and her asshole. He tongued and sucked on it furiously, increasing his efforts when he felt her body tremble.

When his tongue began to stroke from the bottom of her pussy lips to her asshole and back, sucking on the flesh, Vicki felt a sudden contraction in her pussy and a sense of wetness there stronger than she had ever felt. Her body was reacting to his insistent tonguing with a sensitivity that amazed her. "Oh damn, I never knew," thought Vicki, " never knew my ass was such an erogenous zone, especially there. Even in the height of her sexual excitement she couldn't help wondering, "How the hell does a nineteen year-old learn all this - know what to do?"

Tony's mouth returned to her clit, sucking and tonguing it vigorously. "Tony....Oh Tony, I'm going to cum. Oh.....Now....Now," she yelled as the spasms began in her pussy..

As the tremors of her climax raced through her and her body flushed with the heat of sexual excitement, Tony rose to his knees and quickly thrust his rigid prick into her throbbing pussy. He started fucking her as fast as he could, ramming his prick deep into her pussy on every thrust. Her moans drowning out the sound of their bodies coming together, the soft slap of flesh against flesh.

Vicki felt the first spasms, triggered by the vigorous tonguing of her clit, sweep through her body, but when she felt Tony's prick drive deep into her pussy which was still throbbing from her initial climax, she felt another wave of sensation sweep over her. As Tony continued to pump his prick into her as fast as he could, she sensed a buildup of tension in her body that suddenly burst, sweeping through her body, more intense than any orgasm she had ever experienced. She just moaned loudly and wrapped her arms around Tony as he drove his prick into her pussy for a final thrust, and held it there, letting his prick flood her aching cunt with his cum.

With a soft groan Tony rolled off his mother, his prick slipping from her wet pussy leaving a trail of cum and pussy juices across her thigh. He helped her crawl up onto the sofa bed from their awkward position at the foot of the bed, and then they collapsed in each other's arms.

"Oh Tony....Tony," she murmured weakly, breathing heavily, "I don't think...." She hugged him tightly. "God, I know I've never cum like that before. I feel so weak....just wiped out."

"Good, I wanted you to have a good one," he whispered. "A super one that you'd really feel."

"Feel? That last one damned near curled my toes." She laughed softly, and pressed her face against his neck and kissed his skin. "I didn't expect you to be a virgin, not in today's world, but I never thought you'd be so experienced - so sophisticated a lover. Lord, you were doing things that your father and I didn't discover until two or three years after we were married." She laughed softly, "I'm not complaining, honey. You were great - it was wonderful."

Tony kissed her tenderly, teasing her lips with his tongue and then pulled back slightly. "I had a good teacher."

"Teacher? What do you mean a teacher?"

"Oh shit, I shouldn't have said that."

Vicki laughed. "Watch your language." She gave him a quick kiss and then whispered, "I don't mind, Tony. I know you must have had sex with some of the girls you've gone out with - I'm just curious about it - about how you got to be such a sexual Lothario."

"Well....if I tell you, you've got to promise you won't get mad or upset."

"Honey, a boy screwing a girl is the most natural thing that can happen. I won't get mad."

Tony hesitated a moment. "It wasn't exactly a girl...I mean a young girl. It was an older woman."

"Really - who? Do I know her?"

"Yeah. It was Mrs. Jackson, Beth."

"Beth! You've been fucking Beth!" she said in surprised voice. "When did this start?"

"Remember, you promised not to get mad. The first time was last year, last April."

"My God Tony, you were a minor. She was your high school teacher - you're still her student." Beth taught senior English at the High School, and since the Junior College was associated with the city school system, she also taught there. "Dammit, she's my best friend and she was fucking you, a minor and a student." In spite of her promise, she could feel her anger rising at the idea of Beth fucking her son.

"I wasn't really a minor, I was already eighteen. It happened that day I was cutting her grass. You remember, I wore my swimming briefs because it was so hot. You even put some lotion on my back so I wouldn't get a burn." Tony looked at her anxiously. "It just happened. I got all hot and sweaty and asked her to put some more lotion on my back - I was sweating it off. When she finished, she told me she was going to work in the front flowerbeds while I cut the backyard. A few minutes later I went in the house to get a drink of water. I heard Beth moaning and thought she had hurt herself someway so I went back to her bedroom to see what had happened."

Tony paused and looked at his mother, then resumed. "She was on the bed. She had taken her shorts and panties off and had her legs spread wide open. She was fucking herself with a large fake prick." Tony took a deep breath. "She was real upset that I had walked in on her. Well, one thing led to another and we ended up making love." Tony laughed softly. "Actually we make love three times that afternoon. I had to finish the yard the next day. After that, it just became a regular thing, a couple of times a week."

As she listened to Tony's story, she felt her anger at Beth ebbing, fading away. Beth was her next door neighbor, her best friend, and they were closer than sisters. It had been Beth that stayed with Tony that night nine years ago when she took Anthony to the airport to catch his flight. She had left when Anthony boarded the plane, and it was Beth who met her at the front door to tell her that the TV bulletin said the plane had crashed during takeoff - that there were no survivors. Beth had taken her back to the airport to confirm what they already knew. Anthony was dead. She had cried herself to sleep that night in Beth's arms, and it was Beth who held her and consoled her each time she awoke that night and realized that Anthony wasn't there, would never be there again.

Three years ago, she was the one doing the consoling, the night Beth's husband, Wayne, told her he was leaving her for a young twenty year old girl in his law office. One Beth described as a bottle blonde, with over active mammary glands and a brain the size of her clit. "No," she thought, "Beth didn't set out to seduce Tony - it just happened. Just like it did with me last night."

When Vicki didn't make any type of response to his story, Tony assumed she was angry and tried to reassure her. "Mom, she still feels bad about us. She said she felt like she was betraying you, almost like she was cheating on you. Don't get mad at her. She really loves you."

"I know, I understand." She laughed a little ruefully, "After last night, I can really understand how it happened." She looked up at Tony and smiled. "Now, I know what's been bothering her. Several weeks ago I asked her if something was wrong, if I had done something to upset her. Things just didn't feel the same between us. I felt like she had been avoiding me." Vicki sighed softly. "She started crying and said no, it wasn't me. It was her fault - that her life was a mess. She never would explain what she meant."

"Yeah, she told me about that. She said she wanted to tell you about us, but she was afraid you would hate her. She felt so bad about it that she wouldn't let me see her for almost two weeks."

"Are things back to normal now?"

"If you mean are we having sex, yeah, but she's still bothered by it."

"Tony, I'm not mad at Beth," she said as she rolled her body against his hugging him tightly. "I think Beth loves you as much as I do; no wonder she's feeling guilty about it. She's been like a second mother to you, helped raise you - you were a substitute for the kids she could never have."

"Maybe if you told her you knew and didn't mind, it would...."

Vicki interrupted him. "No, just telling her won't be enough. When one person knows another's deepest secret it puts a strain on any relationship. If they share their deepest secrets then there is a balance in the relationship - it can't be one-sided. Beth and I have always been that way. Lord, I've told her things I've never told anyone, not even your father."

Vicki sat up and pulled Tony up beside her. "I believe I know what to do." She laughed softly. "If you went over there now, after you've cleaned up, do you think you two would have sex?"

"Yeah, probably," he said in a puzzled voice. "Unless she's afraid that you might come over and catch us."

"Tell her I'm still asleep, that I was up real late last night." She gave Tony a quick kiss. "Go get cleaned up and dressed. I want you to go over there and make love to Beth." She paused and then asked, "You've already cum twice this morning, do you think you can do it?"

"Yeah, that's no problem, but I don't understand what..."

She silenced him by placing her fingers against his lips. "Honey, don't worry. Everything is going to be okay. You just go over and fuck her real good and enjoy what happens. I love Beth too much to risk losing our friendship just because she's feeling so guilty about having sex with you. I can't just tell her it doesn't bother me; I have to show her it doesn't."

Twenty minutes after Tony had gone over, Vicki very quietly let herself in the front door of Beth's home. She and Beth had exchanged keys years ago in case of emergencies. The fireplace was in the family room in the back of the house off the kitchen. She knew that would be where she would find them. She moved quietly across the foyer and down the short hall to the kitchen. As she entered the kitchen she could hear their voices and then she saw them. Beth had moved a mattress into the den and had it on the floor in front of the fireplace. They were both naked. Tony was lying on his back, his feet toward the kitchen, and Beth was straddling his hips, facing away from her, Tony's prick deep in her pussy.

Neither of them could see her so Vicki stood there and watched for a few moments. "My God," thought Vicki, "this is a hell of lot more erotic than those movies Anthony use to rent. Damn, they look beautiful together." Beth was three years younger than Vicki and at only 5 foot 6, four inches shorter, but at 116 pounds and a figure of 35-26-36, Beth was a very pretty, if not beautiful, woman by any standard one used. Vicki had seen Beth naked before, but never like this - aroused, her body almost radiating a sexual excitement. As she watched Beth's ass move up and down, her pussy sliding up and down Tony's rigid prick, Vicki could feel her own cunt becoming moist and warm, aching to be touched.


This story was split into 3 parts. Jump to any of the segments from here:
Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 3 parts for faster page loading.

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