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Dave Meets Vicki
by Rick

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Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 2 parts for faster page loading.

Vicki was an exceptionally sexual individual. Her breasts, nipples, ass and cunt were highly erogenous. Many times she had cum when a date had licked or sucked her nipples or finger-banged her, in the back seat of a car. And she could cum several times, if her lover allowed her time to build to the first climax properly. Lately her dates had seemed hurried, and she had to resort to her own fingers - which never seemed as satisfying. The attention she was getting from Dave far exceeded any past experience she'd had with foreplay.

Dave changed the flow of his massage slightly. The young woman was obviously aroused. "Shit! She's one hot bitch, man!" Dave considered, "Look how that string disappears in her ass crack! Man, I wish that was my tongue!" He looked down at his cock. A drop of pre-cum was developing at the tip. As he rocked forward to massage Vicki's neck, his cock rubbed her ass crack. His uncircumcised prick unsheathed itself with each forward movement. The pink head glistened with sex slime. He broadened his massage to include the sides of her rib cage. The tips of his long fingers glanced over the sides of her bulging tits. Each time his fingers slid over the firm globes, he applied slightly more pressure and moved his hands closer to her covered nipples. His actions weren't obvious to the rapt woman. The time between each cycle was long enough to allow her to think the action was purely natural. It was! He naturally wanted to touch her tits.

In addition, Dave slid a little further down her smooth thighs. This exposed her buttocks which he had been covering with his body. Actually, his cock was now closer to her seeping snatch. The long strokes up her back, to her neck, brushed his cock against the tender skin along her ass and in between her pussy and anus. Dave began to knead the pillowy ass cheeks of the blond sex goddess. He knew the thick muscles of the ass were especially sensitive to massage and critical to tension release. She moaned under the new actions of his hands. The pre-cum dribble from his leaking member was being rubbed into her tender crotch.

Dave deliberately stopped all the action while he picked up the baby oil bottle and unscrewed the cap. Vicki's prone form wiggled in anticipation. She arched her ass lewdly toward the muscular young man that crouched over her perfect body. She rubbed her flatted nipples against the fluffy terry cloth beach towel. She pressed her mons against the hard concrete apron of the pool deck. She needed to be touched, filled, and fucked. "UMM!" She hinted at her arousal and impatience.

Dave pointed the clear liquid at her flexing ass cheeks. He glimpsed the bikini string sawing against her puckered ass hole as she squirmed with need. Her sexual aroma filled the air around the couple. Although Dave could not see it, the lips of her sex pulled at the string that was wedged in her moist pussy. Her clit was fully erect. Her body was flushed from head to toe. Suddenly Dave squirted the warm liquid direct at her clinching anus during one of the brief moments he could see it as she arched luridly toward him. The few seconds of reprieve had cooled her skin from his massaging to allow the contrast of the warm liquid to cause her to jump, as it splashed on her ass hole and cheeks. In her sexual frenzy, the warm liquid felt like hot cum blasting onto her ass hole. "Oh shit!" She exclaimed excitedly, "God, that really feels..." She tried to recover from a near orgasmic explosion. Her ass hole tingled. She held perfectly still, trying to control the heat that was growing in her young loins. "...good, Dave." She finally finished. Her face was flushed with sexual excitement.

"I'm glad you like it, Vicki." Dave smiled calmly. He figured this bitch would beg him to fuck her any minute. It was this thought that almost brought Dave to a screaming cum. The vision of the beautiful woman lying under him as he slammed his hard cock into her slippery snatch just about made him cum. He shook his head, and tried to relax. A full four inches of hard cock lay on her pulsating ass. The rest was wedged painfully in his tight shorts. He wanted to take off the constricting cut-offs, but didn't want to break the woman's concentration, or scare her off.

After his hormones were under control, Dave renewed his massage. Vicki relaxed and settled back into the rhythm of his firm manipulations of her body. Dave began with her oil slick ass. He scooped up the errant lotion with his finger-tips. Lightly brushing her crotch. She tried to spread her knees a little to give him greater access to her tender sex. He spread the warm liquid over her hips with his palms. Then he stretched his hands over her firm buttocks and began to roll the flesh between his fingers. His thumbs slid in sync into her tender ass crack. He topped off the stroke by sliding the slick fingers up her back, across her shoulders, and down her ribs, pulling lightly at her firm tits with each stroke. Her tits were slowly being pulled out from under her. The action felt good to Vicki. Her tits were large and firm enough to make laying on them (especially when she was aroused) slightly uncomfortable. The towel brushing on her nipples felt good too. At this point, she would have allowed the considerate man to do anything he wanted to her sexually vibrating body. She wished he do "something" soon! Vicki was not aware that with each of his return strokes to her trembling butt, he tugged gently on the loose bows that held the skimpy material over her mons.

Dave spent several strokes on her ass, almost grazing the tiny black string with his thumbs, where it rubbed her puckered brown hole. As his hands slid out of her crack, he lightly tugged on the string to make it rub the sensitive zones more. Her inner thighs were getting wet as the sexual lubrication spread from her vulva with his actions.

A master of sexual preliminaries, Dave slid further down her form, and continued the full massage with her thighs and calves. The sex crazed woman didn't know how much longer she could keep from cumming. She determined to try to make this man rape her with her actions of encouragement, but she wasn't going to tell him to fuck her. At least, not yet! Dave massaged the tender area beneath her buttocks, deeply. His fingers practically touching her nether lips. Her juices covered her inner thighs and his probing finger tips. He covertly brought a juice covered digit to his nose and inhaled the bitter-sweet odor. He touched the tip of his tongue to the gooey mixture of oil, sweat and sex. "Umm" He thought hornily. "That's eating' quality pussy." His hands returned to her long, tapered legs. His fingers worked on her ankles. He lifted one foot, and rested the elegant appendage in his crotch on his warm, throbbing member. Her rubbed his thumbs into her arches and rolled the cute toes between his fingers.

The young blond had begun to pass the limits of her sexual control with this latest onslaught of her tender anatomy. As the man slid off her thighs, she spread her legs at the knees, shamelessly. She wanted him to see her needy pussy. She wanted him to smell her sex. She wanted his fingers, cock, or tongue in her now! She squirmed on the beach towel, arching her shapely ass toward his face. She raised up on her elbows and her turgid nipples grazed the rough cloth as her full tits swung free. She tossed her blond mane and moaned in need.

Dave's cock rubbed the woman's instep as he ran his hands up her long, tanned thighs, slowly. He squeezed her ripe ass cheeks firmly. Then he spread them lewdly, exposing her tingling anus to the cool breeze that fluttered over the torrid couple. He held her ass cheeks apart, and slowly ran his thumbs along the black bikini string from the back edge of her seeping pussy, over her puckered hole and out of the scented crack.

Instinctively, Vicki's feet quested out his throbbingly exposed cock and massaged it. Pulling it free of its cloth confines. It took the sex wild woman a few seconds to realize she had her tormentor's penis in her control. When she finally did realize it, Vicki manipulated the pulsating sexual organ with her slippery feet. Her toes curled under his heavy balls. She captured the pleasure pole between her insteps and slowly jacked the monster. A long drool of pre-cum ran from the angry, red knob hole to her tingling soles.

Dave's hand slid up the torrid woman narrow waist and flared out over her shoulders. He slid his hands firmly down her rib- cage, along the taut tit sides, not stopping until her ripe breasts fell into his questing palms. Her rock-hard nipples pressed against his pinching finger-tips. "Umm!" They moaned in sexual unison.

As his hands finally fulfilled one of Vicki's fantasies, she arched that supreme body to allow full access to her chest, and raised her butt for the added attention she craved in her lathering groin. Her knees were spread. She wanted to maintain her pedal contact with his sexual sword. Her ass cheeks were spread, and beckoning the young man to take his fill. Her pussy was gooing its juice down her long, tanned thighs. The black string of her bikini gleamed with her moisture. Her pussy was totally exposed now. Only the thin black cord, which buried itself inside the inner lips and tormented her throbbing clit with teasing touches, covered any of her sex. The outer lips were full and distended, nature's method of guiding a rampant cock into the pleasurable fold of a woman's needy cunt in times of arousal.

Dave's flaring nostrils filled with the sweet scent of her sex. His hands were filled with firm tits. His eyes drank in the sight of her beckoning ass and sex. He heard her soft moans of need. No words were possible. She stretched her ass to make contact with some part of the man of her dreams. Her bikini was loose on her hour-glass form, except where it was clutched by her pussy and the full cheeks of her fine ass. Her feet encased his throbbing hard-on. Both of the young people were rapidly loosing control as mother nature's sexual drives and instincts took over.

Vicki's yearning ass finally brushed Dave's mustache. His senses were sexually overloaded. As he rolled her aching nipples between his finger tips, and tugged on her full breasts, his nose dropped into her steamy crack. He flared his nostrils, like a stallion sniffing a mare's sex before mounting her proudly. Vicki's powerful scent filled his brain like cocaine. Dave nuzzled the soft, pliant flesh with his nose, cheeks, chin and lips. His tongue snaked out and flicked her rosebud anus. Like a lightning bolt in her loins, the touch of his burning tongue sent the sex crazed bitch into a blistering orgasm. His tongue slid lazily from her smoothly shaved pussy lips - along the gleaming black nylon bikini string - over her puckered anus - rimming the tight orifice - and up her crack to her waist.

The thrill of his oral ministrations fired Vicki's throbbing orgasm. Her loins wept sweet sexual nectar. She thrust her ass or pussy in his face as he continued to lick from one to the other. Her moans filled the air around the perfectly match couple. "Fuck!" She thought when her mind cleared after her orgasm subsided, "This is the man I've been waiting for!" She began to realize the true dimensions of his cock and balls for the first time. She felt his pre-cum ooze coating her feet and his bloated sex. His oral artistry had taken the edge off her need, and she wanted to help him with his obvious problem.

Dave's focus on the young woman's sex was so complete, that he didn't realize she had stopped shaking from her intense orgasm. His limber tongue eagerly lapped the love juices from her thighs and crotch. His nose tickled her nether hole as his mouth suctioned her orgasmic cuntal flow. As he continued his oral sodomy of the statuesque blond, his hips hunched involuntarily against her massaging feet. His cut-offs worked their way down his tautly muscled buns and thighs, gathering at his knees. His smooth sac drooped against the towel.

Vicki carefully disconnected her feet from the bronzed man's sexual apparatus. She didn't want to dampen his incredible sexual intensity. Her ass momentarily thrust into his face, "Oh, that feels good!" She thought. He reluctantly released her breasts as she slowly turned over. He was near orgasm. His eyes were heavily lidded. His lips were flushed and full. His nostrils flared like a bull. Dave's face was level with her pussy. His eyes were locked on the tuft of blond pubic hair that peeked out from behind the narrow black bikini front. He slowly lowered his mouth to the place where the young woman's vagina was parted by the string. His tongue gripped the string. He steadily pulled the string through her ass and cunt, and clear of her body. A thrill went through her sex. The sight of his sexuality and readiness renewed the tingling in Vicki's pink twat. She did not want him to cum anywhere but in her tight pussy.

She captured his face in her dainty hands, and pulled his muscular frame over her, and spread those perfectly tapered limbs to receive his sexual offerings. "Fuck me!" She whispered huskily. She tipped her steaming pelvis at Dave's throbbing cock. The smooth pubis opened like the petals of a wild-flower in the morning dew. The tumescent lips parted slowly, with slender webs of pearly cunt lubricant suspending between them. She clamped her pussy muscles, and her musky hole "winked" at Dave.

His eyes were riveted to the lewd show between her soft thighs. His cock was pulsating. The veins were full along its impressive length. The slippery, pink head peeked out from its protective sheath. A drop of clear pre-cum gathered at the little pee hole.

Vicki wrapped her long legs around the sex stunned man. She firmly pulled his ass toward her yearning cavern. Her hand grasped his penis. Her hand was cooling to his burning need. The thick shaft jumped in her small hand. She rubbed the tip over the sex slick lips and opening of her vagina. She even teased the sodden man by momentarily brushing it across her tingling anus. She had never had a man there before, but this man had her ass singing for more attention. That would have to wait. Right now, she needed the thick cock inside her tight twat! She eased the head into her hole. Her muscles spasmed, trying to swallow the burning rod. Her legs clamped him to her, impaling her little box on his long, hard staff. She groaned with approval, shutting her brown eyes.

Dave closed his burning eyes as the pretty blond piloted his organ into her burning sex. He was on the edge of sensory overload. He wanted to hold his orgasm, at least, until she was satisfied. Her inner muscle control was more than he could stand. If he allowed her to continue to milk his tool, she would force him to cum in matter of seconds. He decided to bring her to a crashing climax with him.

Dave began to rock his hips slowly. Each plunge slid his sex slick monster deeper into her little pussy. Finally, his balls slapped against her pulsating pooper. His pubic bone mashed her erect clitoris. Dave held his penis inside her without moving for a few moments. She felt fuller than ever before. She began that maddening "sucking" with her talented cunt again. "OK, bitch!" Dave swore, "You want fucked. This is a fuck!"

Dave pistoned his hips. His long rod slid all the way out, her muscles clamping - trying to hold his bloated cock-head inside her cunt. The he drove his ramrod brutally into her hole. She had trouble adjusting her clamping muscles and relaxing them to allow his easy entrance into her "secret garden." This made her womb even tighter. Dave began what could only be described as a "monster fuck" of the hapless young woman. Her teasing had driven him to edge of self-control. His loins were bursting. He slammed his red hot cock into her slimy hole relentlessly. He gripped her calves and raised her legs up to his shoulders. Her ass and pussy were wide open to his ruthless sexual onslaught. Her juices overflowed her pumping cunt. Long strands of the foamy residue hung from the young stallion's bloated balls. He grabbed a tit in each hand, squeezing and manipulating the firm flesh until they glowed. He felt a searing sensation begin in his anus, rush to his balls, and erupt along the length of his spasming penis. "Here it comes, woman! I'm going to fill your little hole with my jizz. You'd better cum now, bitch!" He ordered the breathless blond.

Vicki's pussy was on fire. Her pussy lips dragged at the monstrous cock as it devastated her talented quim. Her juices covered the man's groin. They pooled in her own upturned ass. As his fingers found her ultra-sensitive, bloated nipples, her climax exploded, with his filling of her stretched pussy. The feelings seemed to snap like sparks from her nipples, ass hole, pussy, and clit in a split second. His crude remarks stimulated the climatic explosion in her body. She felt his load of man-cum filling her little pussy. "Yea, man, fuck my pussy! Cum in me like bull! Shoot your load, Dave. Oh fuck, I'm cumming, honey! Fuck!" She grunted as he continued to stab her cunt.

On his last orgasmic spasm, Dave thrust his mighty organ against her womb opening. She felt his seed shoot into her depths. His balls rested on her anus. He ground his pelvis against her clit. Their sexual slime covered their groins. He released her legs and slid between them. His tongue found her sweet oral snake and finished their sex play with a deep, french kiss. She wrapped her arms and legs around his taut body. Their sweat mingled and dripped from her tits, belly, and neck.

For a few moments, they rested in sweet bliss of sexual fulfillment. Vicki caressed her lover tenderly. Her fingertips ran over his ass and back. She loved the feeling of his weight on her body and his still semi-hard cock inside her. She felt safe and secure in this man's embrace. She hadn't felt this good after sex, in all her experiences.

This story was split into 2 parts. Jump to any of the segments from here:
Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 2 parts for faster page loading.

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