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Dave Meets Vicki
The Whole Story: Pt IX
by Rick

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Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 2 parts for faster page loading.

As they re-entered the disco, the throbbing beat and loud music assaulted them. They returned to their table and ordered another round of drinks. Vicky snuggled under Dave's strong arm that surrounded her soft shoulders. They kissed and relaxed in the afterglow of their release. The scene before them had not diminished in its sexual intensity. Men and women danced and flirted to the heavy throb of the rock music. Bodies gleamed with the sweat of lust and endeavor. As Dave and Vicki sipped their cooling drinks, they began to touch and caress each other anew.

The MC announced the contest for the sexiest dance couple would begin at midnight. If any couple wanted to participate, they needed to register with him before 11:30. Dave kissed Vicky, pressing his broad chest into her breasts. His tongue explored her soft mouth. His hand slid up and down her smooth thighs. Vicky held her handsome lover close in her arms. When their kiss ended, Dave smiled coyly at the beautiful blond in his arms.

"What?" She asked with a grin.

"Oh nothing." He muttered looking over the pulsating crowd.

"Tell me!" Vicky commanded impatiently.

"I was just thinking about us entering that contest, honey. I got a picture of us doing some very naughty things for this bunch."

"Dave!" The blond responded in mock surprise. "Do you think I'd ever get involved in such a thing?" She teased.

"Hell yes, woman. You and I both know we'd win that money easy. The only question is how far would we go to do it?"

Vicky stuck a manicured nail in her mouth and thought for a moment. "How far would you go, Dave?" She asked with a raised eyebrow. Her fingers played lightly over the bulge in his tight slacks.

"Vicky, I enjoy making love to you so much, I really don't care when or where I am. I guess, if you wanted it, I do anything you wanted, anytime."

"Well, we don't have to start by making love, darling." Vicky responded. "After all it is a 'sexy dance couple' contest."

"Yeah, but we both know that title's only a cover for the real reason of the contest, and why everyone's here tonight. We are all hoping for that little extra."

Vicky grabbed Dave's hardness. "There wouldn't be just a 'little' extra, big boy."

"What do you want to do, Vicky?"

"I say let's try and see what happens, partner!" Vicky jumped up quickly and led them back to the floor for some more dancing. She shouted in his ear, "If we're going to compete, we'd better both be psyched for it!" She started to grind into his body with the rhythm.

"Don't worry! I'm already ready!" Her yelled back over the deafening sounds. His face was lit up with his wicked smile as he tipped his hips at her, simulating flaunting his cock. She pressed her pelvis against his, and nodded.

Later, they got in line to enter the evening's dance contest. Some of the other couples continued to sway to the music. Others caressed and fondled or kissed each other lightly. Dave noticed his competition. All the couples were fairly good looking, but he didn't think any were as handsome as Vicky and himself. As he counted the couples, he noticed the dark couple they had been with earlier were several couples behind them. In all, there were twelve couples in line. Dave began to think that with the other couple's previous lack of inhibitions, this contest might really become interesting. His cock jumped in his pants.

Vicky, who was standing in front of him, leaning her body against his, felt his cock press into her ass, through the thin white mini-dress. "What?" She asked looking into his eyes.

Dave didn't reply. He only pointed at the couple behind them with a leer.

Vicky's eyes opened wide, then she giggled wickedly. "I wonder if all the other couples know what their in for tonight?" They laughed quietly. Their sexual tension re-kindled with the fantasies of what might be.

The MC took each couple's names and explained the rules. "The audience will vote for each performance by applause or noise. Each couple will have three minutes in the first round. I'd suggest to you more daring couples, that you'd wait a bit before revealing your strategy. Some couple's have performed well, but somewhat - premature. If you get my drift. They didn't have anything left when the final round came." He laughed a belly laugh. The heavy set, bearded MC continued, "Half of the couples will be eliminated the first round. They each get free drinks the rest of the night.

"The next round is five minutes. Most couples get a little more brazen in the second round. Don't be afraid of getting arrested for indecency, folks. One of the judges for tonight's contest is the Chief-of-Police. He assures me you will be allowed the utmost artistic freedom."

The contestants laughed nervously. The big man was congenial and tried to help them relax. "Now don't be afraid. Some of you just want to show off your dancin', and that's mighty fine. If you don't want to get too outrageous on this trip, you can always see how others do it and try some other night. All we ask is that you do your best, and don't quit before your time is up. Also, you won't be allowed to go over time.

"The last round will be for eight minutes. You don't have to use the whole time, but most winners give the crowd their money's worth. Just remember to relax and have fun. There's a dressing room down the hall, if you want to fix up a bit. Also there's some sexy outfits. It never hurts to have the right costume for your performance. The stage door opens from the back of the dressing room. I'll call you when you're up. There's TV monitor's in there to see the show. Probably better seats than anywhere on the floor, except for the judges'. Break a leg!"

The big man gracefully slid out the door, leaving the group to their own devices. They all went to the dressing room as directed. Vicky walked over to the racks of bright, skimpy costumes. People combed their hair, and fixed makeup. Vicky waved Dave over. "Look at these, Darling!" She exclaimed. She held up an imitation leopard skin bikini and matching briefs for a man. "Let put these on under our clothes. We'll dance together for a while, and sometime during the first set - say about a minute from the end - wee can begin a strip-tease. These will look great!

Dave smiled an nodded. He took the skimpy briefs into the men's dressing room to change. Vicky said she'd meet him in ten minutes.

Unknown to the contestants, the operators of the disco had been watching many of the better performances though hidden video cameras. They staged the sessions so that the better performers on the dance floor came up later in the set. They had already seen Dave and Vicky's little performance with the darker couple and had picked these as the last two couples to perform.

The show started. Tension was in the air as the first couple danced onto the stage. The MC introduced each contestant and asked for applause. The first couple was somewhat shy at first, but soon the throbbing beat and cheer of the crowd had them keyed up. Each couple danced, in turn, some tested the waters with lusty kisses or lifted skirts. One couple really got into their dance and ground their pelvises together sexily. The crowd ate it up. The last couples looked at each other knowingly. The announcer called for the dark couple first. They were Joanie and Marcus. Dave and Vicky realized it was the first time they'd heard their names.

They danced well together. Each move was carefully coordinated to allow for maximum body contact. Both partners made sure to grab and fondle each other openly. These moves weren't crass, but just substituted for the usual hand to hand moves. The crowd went wild. Their set ended and they returned to the dressing room. They hugged Dave and Vicky for luck, sweating from their performance. Joanie's nipples were hard, and showing through her thin blouse.

The MC introduced Dave and Vicky as the last couple. The striking pair started with some very professional dance steps. They twirled and moved across the flow with fluid sensuality. Each time they came together or embraced, they held that position for a moment. They slid their bodies against each other like two large sleek cats. The crowd clapped to the rhythm of the music.

The intensity of their embraces and suggestiveness of their body movements grew throughout the dance. With arms held back, so the audience could clearly see, they rubbed their pelvises and torsos together. Vicky hooked a leg around Dave's while he hunched between hers. The crowd began to chant for more. They kissed. Their tongues visible to all in their own dance between the handsome couple's lips. Dave pulled Vicky's white top off, revealing her leapard skin bra, and tossed it toward the dressing room. The men in the audience roared for more. Vicky unbuttoned Dave's shirt, revealing his muscular chest. The ladies' response was just as lusty as the men. The dancer's pressed their chests together. Vicky rubbed her full breasts over his flexing pectorals. Her tiny leopard skin bra barely held her firm tits.

Dave's hand cupped Vicky's ass cheeks, under her dress. They stood and swayed to the music. Vicky deftly unzipped and unsnapped Dave's slacks, with a tug they fell to the floor, the crowd went wild again. Dave looked at the women while he finished kicking his pants aside. He turned toward the crowd and flexed his crotch at three women leaning at the front of the stage. Vicky danced in front of him, as if to keep them away. Dave swiftly jerked her mini skirt down to her knees. Everyone laughed and applauded their antics. They danced a mock strip-tease for a few moments, ending the set with a close, heated embrace - still keeping the beat with their body movements. By the time the music ended, the whole crowd was on its feet, roaring their approval. The dancers bowed and quickly picked up their clothes to return to the dressing room. The roar of the crowd continued for several moments.

The MC brought all the performers back to the stage for a final vote. Six couples were selected for the next round. Both Dave and Vicky and Joanie and Marcus were picked for the next set. The eliminated couples congratulated the winners and returned to the bar to finish watching the show.

Tension filled the air of the dressing room as the remaining six couples prepared for their next performance. The sensuality of the moment could not be mistaken. Each couple stayed apart, discussing their strategy for the next round. The ladies adjusted their hair and makeup. More of the group had selected costumes from the rack, and were dressing rapidly.

Dave noticed a box behind the rack of sexy costumes that no one had bothered to look in yet. It was full of leather goodies. Dave selected several items for he and Vicky. One was a leather cock holder with harness for him, and a leather thong which split up either side of Vicky's pussy. He took her off to the side and showed her his discovery. "Here!" He exclaimed, "Put this on under your bikini panties. We'll start this set with out clothes on. We can dance like this for a minute then switch to the leopard skin suits. I thought we'd dance for a couple minutes in them, and then switch to these leathers." Grinning impishly, he looked into her eyes for a response.

Vicky held up the thin straps that formed the harness she would wear, then looked at his selection. "It seems like you've got a lot more to wear than I. Where'd you get this?"

Dave pointed at the box. Vicky walked over to the box and rummaged for an alternate costume. She walked back to Dave with her hand behind back, and a big grin on her face. "I like this better!" She said, holding out a man's leather harness that covered nothing. The straps were situated to help display the balls and a studded cock ring held the wearer's penis for display. "Your plan sounds good. I'll follow you for the changes. My only other question is how far do we go?"

Dave looked at the other couples. The announcer called for the first couple. The tension mounted and Dave could tell all the contestants were ready to go farther, it would just be question of who started the trend, and how far they went. "I see we're up last again. We'll just wait and see." They finished dressing and went to watch the other teams perform.

The first couple danced well, and followed Dave and Vicky's idea of changing to a skimpier costume, midway through the set. They were good but too reserved sexually to be a real threat. The next couple was more daring, but they ended their set still fully clothed (although in skimpy swimwear). The crowd was eager for more.

The third couple kept up a frantic pace throughout the dance. They too finished with sexy, sheer sleep wear. But she had exposed her large tits, briefly. She also had grabbed his cock, through his sheer shorts. A wet stain appeared at the front wear his cock head touched the thin red material. The crowd responded with wild applause and shouts. He grabbed her big tits from behind and shook the bare knockers at the crowd. She hunched her ass against his groin. Their dance ended, and the crowd applauded lustily. Dave and Vicky looked at each other knowingly. The MC announced, "Now that's more like it, folks! Let's keep up that kind of action, dancers."

The fourth couple took the stage. They were a handsome black pair. He was tall and muscular. She was very well-built. Her tits and ass thrust out proudly. A large bulge tented the front of his shorts. They wore matching gold swim suits. The maillot material glittered as they moved fluidly across the stage. Every few steps, they would close and embrace. His thick hip muscle would bunch as he hunched his stiff rod into her gold covered crotch. He would almost limbo under her, as she flexed her hips in a fucking motion. They flashed large white smiles at the cheering audience. Still the audience chanted for more.

About two-thirds through the set, his hand rested for a moment on her neck, as they danced side by side. As she spun away from him, he held onto the tie of her swim suit top. The knot was undone and her glorious tits fell out of their straining containment. A loud roar of approval swept the lusting crowd. She danced to the edge of the stage and held her gorgeous knockers out to the patrons seated there. Her partner moved close behind her and fondled her big brown tits, pinching her stiff nipples. She reached behind her to stroke his massive cock, which was now peaking out of the gold shorts. His hand slipped down to her crotch and unsnapped the thong that held the golden material over her snatch. The straining material snapped free and exposed her bushy pink twat.

He stood beside her now. Their brown bodies gleamy from the sweat of lust and endeavor. She jerked his golden trunks to his knees exposing his huge penis to the women crowded at the rail. The couple remained swaying, close to edge of the stage as hands strained to touch and fondle them both. A few succeeded before they danced lithely out of the way. They ended their set totally nude, and in each other's arms. They received a huge roar for their excellent performance.

The crowd quickly quieted for the fifth couple. Joanie and Marcus wasted no time getting into the swing of things. Their costumes were short, white robes over sexy underwear. As they danced, their excitement grew. They let the tempo of the music carry them naturally to greater lust levels. Soon their robes were open, revealing her crotchless black panties and matching cupless bra. His black nylon netted shorts had a hole for his cock. His hard dick head flashed occasionally at the opening. Their dance was a story of to lovers getting ready to have intercourse. They petted and kissed. The robes were discarded. Although these people weren't as handsome as Dave and Vicky, they were definitely sexy. They moved close to the edge of the stage, stopping to fondle and kiss. The audience touches didn't seem to phase them at all. Her small breasts were full, her nipples were the largest of all the women. Her vagina lips protruded lewdly from her crotchless panties. They both ran their fingers through her sopping quim. Each lewd act was greeted with hearty applause. Their act ended with his cock and balls protruding from the front of his shorts, and her on her knees in front of him, with his cock resting on her cheek. The audience went wild. The MC had trouble getting them quiet to announce the last couple.

Dave hugged Vicky for luck. Both couples smiled and winked as they passed in the corridor to the stage. The crowd continued to applaud as Vicky and Dave were introduced. They wasted no time moving together with him behind her, simulating his attempt to fuck her. His hands squeezed her firm tits. She wiggled her ass against him and then danced away, teasingly motioning to come get her. Dave caught her again. This time, he pulled open her top. She danced out of the skimpy white garment, leaving it in his hands. The crowd laughed and clapped at their antics. Dave threw the garment aside and danced toward the woman, who was now dancing for a group of young men gathered at the stage front. When Dave caught her this time, he grabbed her mini-skirt. He pulled it down, and Vicky jumped out of the garment when it hit her knees.

Now she pursued Dave around the floor in their dance. She pulled his shirt free. Soon she had his slacks down at his knees. She tugged them from his upraised feet. The couple continued to play their version of bedroom tag. Dave unsnapped her bikini top. She held the cups over large melons for a few seconds before letting the top drop to the dance floor. Her perfect tits were exposed to the cheer of the crowd. She rubbed them and held them out for Dave to touch. When he got close, she'd dance away. Again, Vicky turned to the front of the stage. She squatted down and thrust her tits at the men standing before her. A dozen nameless hands caressed her smooth breasts. Dave moved behind the wanton woman like a large cat. His muscles gleamed with perspiration. He gripped the ties at the sides of her bikini panties, and tugged the skimpy garment free. Vicky stood in mock shock. Her hand covered her moist pussy. The crowd roared as they saw she had another garment underneath. She twirled to show her ass. Quick as a flash she grabbed the ties on Dave's shorts and whipped them free. Dave covered some of his hard cock with a hand.

They continued to move and shake to the rhythm. They moved to opposite sides of the stage front. The women followed Dave and the men followed Vicky. They moved along the stage front allowing the horny patrons brief glimpses and quick feels of their exposed bodies.

Vicky allowed her hand to drop from her crotch, exposing her blond pubes and hairless quim. Likewise, Dave moved toward her allowing all to see his impressive manhood. They moved together fluidly. Their hands roamed freely over each other. They pressed their genitals together and hunched. His cock gleamed with her juices, but he did not enter her joy hole. His uncircumcised penis was a novelty. Women screamed for him to return to them. They waved money at him like a male stripper. Men did the same for Vicky. Although they both danced to the stage front briefly, they stayed out of reach. They realized their set was ending.

Dave crouched on the stage. His stiff cock protruding lewdly between his legs like a bull. Vicky swayed up to him. Her bare pussy was only inches from his face. Dave stuck out his unusually long tongue. The statuesque blond danced forward, allowing the tip to probe her puffy vagina lips. She felt the contact of his tongue surge up through her stiff clit and into her nipples. She rubbed the aching tips with her hands. After a few seconds, she mashed her pussy into his face. They held this position for second and she drew away. A moment more and she'd have cum. Dave cock was jumping from excitement. His mouth and tongue were wet with her love juices.

Dave stood before the beauty. His hands were on his hips. His muscled jumped and flexed to beat of the music. Like a slave girl, Vicky dropped to her knees. Her perfect ass was exposed to the audience behind her. She crawled toward the imposing man. The cock thrust at her face. A long drool of pre-cum formed from the tip. She held out her tongue as she moved her face to his crotch. He flexed his cock and the tip flopped on her exposed tongue. They turned sideways for the crowd to get a full view of their finale. Vicky swallowed Dave's cock with ease. Her nose pressed into his pubic hair. The noise of the crowd was a constant roar. Many of the audience were also exposing themselves, or performing other lewd acts. Dave bent over and picked up the voluptuous blond by her waste. He turned her upside down, burying his face in her snatch as she continued to suck his cock. As the music ended, he put her down gently. Both were breathing hard. It was plain to see they were close to orgasm. But the restraint was incredible. The crowd cheered as they bowed and quickly gathered their things.

The MC announced a fifteen minute break before the final showdown. He also announced that Vicky and Dave, Joanie and Marcus, and the handsome black couple, Tiffany and Leroy, would be the finalists. A waiter brought free drinks back stage for the performers. All were sitting and relaxing when the MC poked his head in. "Fine job people!" He encouraged, "Keep up the great work!" The couples relaxed, and talked in hushed tones. They continued to fondle and caress each other tenderly. Their arousal was maintained. The first couples had seen Dave and Vicky's performance. They had been stimulated and knew they'd have to give it all to beat the handsome couple.

As time drew near for the last set, they all went to the door together. Handshakes, hugs and kisses were shared all around. Although diverse, as a group they were extremely attractive. The MC called for the start of the final dance set, and announced Tiffany and Leroy. None of the couples had changed. They returned to the stage as they left. Somehow, the nudity of the black couple was perfectly normal. The crowd was at a fever pitch. Seeing the gleaming black bodies of the first dancers, a roar filled the establishment again.

They walked out onto the stage with her in the lead. His mighty cock stood proudly pointing at her chocolate ass. She stopped suddenly and his penis slid between her legs. His long member protruded from beneath the front of her hairy snatch. Tiffany leaned back, her hand pressed his cock into her snatch. He filled his hands with her "Hershey Kiss" tits. She tipped her pelvis and moved her hand. The crowd watched and hooted as his ebony weapon pierced her sheath. They moved and danced to the beat. When they got close to the front of the stage, fifty hands raised to touch them. She bent forward. Her tits dangled over the heads of the men in front. The black stallion pistoned his mighty hips, feeding all of his monstrous cock into her. Women stood agape at the size of his tool. The pungent odor of their sex filled the air.



This story was split into 2 parts. Jump to any of the segments from here:
Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 2 parts for faster page loading.

Another top quality story by Rick.

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