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Dave Meets Vicki
The Whole Story: Pt VII
by Rick

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Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 2 parts for faster page loading.

The sex club was at the back of a regular bar. The front was a real scuzzy joint. The bar smelled of stale beer. The patrons leered at Denise as she flounced through the smoky room. She did not avoid the rough hands and fingers that pinched her firm ass and groped her perky tits. One stiff digit thrust brutally into her damp little pussy. She stopped while the owner slowly withdrew the gnarled finger. The tip was wet her dew. The big, red-necked trucker thrust his finger under his nose. He gave a sniff, then licked it lewdly. Slowly Denise turned from the leering man and walked to the door at the back of the bar. The bar tender pressed the release for the lock, and the woman went into the hidden room.

The atmosphere in the Club was entirely different from the dingy bar. The appointments were plush. The rooms were darkly lit, but after a period of adjustment, one could see the lewd scenes, both in expensive erotic art and sexual activities of the members. The few patrons that were clothed were well-dressed. The doorman greeted Denise with a knowing smile. "Good to have you again, Ms. Forbush." He uttered in a low formal voice. He bowed before the sexy woman. His formal tux contrasted with the nudity of the patrons. He and the bartender were the only club staff that were fully clothed. The Club employed men and women who served the needs of the exclusive clientele. The official title of the club was "The 'H' Society". The "H" stood for Hedonists.

The Club was equipped to service the most outlandish whim of its patrons. There were sound-proofed rooms equipped with an assortment of black leather devices for S & M and B & D. There was a large jacuzzi. The rest rooms were lavish. There were rooms with one-way mirrors for those who wished to view others covertly and those who wished to be viewed. The society maintained several masseuses, who were trained in several disciplines of massage, both erotic and relaxing.

There were several rooms decorated with exotic scenes for all types of fantasies. There was the Jungle Room, the South Sea Island Room, the Prehistoric Room, and several others. With a few days notice, a member could reserve a room, and specify a special decor for a slight honorarium. The Club used several professional services to maintain and remodel the facilities. Usually, the principles of these services were members of the Club.

The Club had an extensive erotic video library. The multi- channel sound system allowed patrons to select their favorite music in each room or environment, with or without erotic sounds in the back-ground. There was a fully equipped studio for recording video sexcapades. The dance floor looked like some of the state-of-the- art discos in town. Flashing lights, throbbing rhythms, blaring rock music blasted the writhing bodies of the nude dancers. Patrons were pampered and encouraged to enjoy themselves with each other or the staff as they felt the need.

Each member paid a large monthly fee for Club upkeep. The staff were tipped liberally for their expert services. The tips were charged to the member's account. A member was allowed to invite a limited number of "guests," one at a time. The member was totally responsible for maintaining club security and making sure each guest conformed to the "rules." An additional charge was incurred with each guest invited.

The bar was fully stocked with the finest beverages. There was no charge for the drinks, but the bartender did receive tips. The bar tender maintained a watchful vigil over his precious charges, making sure no one exceeded their limits. Intoxicated quests were immediately asked to leave, and a taxi was provided. The doorman was a large man who took care of any "difficulties" with ease. His expertise in the martial arts was legendary.

The Club was housed in a large multi-story building that housed the bar. Other than the delivery and fire exits, there were no other means of access to the private establishment. The owners had wisely included several politically powerful entities in the charter membership, virtually eliminating any interference from the less liberal citizens in town. Outside of the exclusive membership, and a few elite "guests," no one in the community had any inkling of the existence of the Hedonists Society.

Over the years, the membership had grown. Even those members who had moved away had maintained a special "absentia" member status at a slightly reduced rate. The exclusive services offered by the club were well worth a special trip once or twice a year. The Club format had been "franchised" and several satellite "Societies" were meeting in other well-known cities. A member was allowed to visit these establishments with the same privileges. A "visiting" member had to make an appointment to attend a "meeting" before access was granted. This allowed Club management time to check out the visitor's credentials. Members were expected to make a reservation for a Club visit, with the exception of the several big events to which all members were invited. Reservations allowed the atmosphere to remain intimate and uncrowded.

There were few rules at the Club. One of which was that no person would force another to participate in any activity they did not want to be included in. No one was allowed to destroy property or injure anyone on purpose. Erotic behavior that might get "messy" was limited to special purpose rooms that were designed for ease of sanitation. Members that abused guest privileges or became intoxicated habitually were asked to resign. The staff had full authority to take control in situations that threatened the idyllic atmosphere the Club had worked so hard to achieve for its patrons. Members who abused the rules had their memberships reviewed at board meetings. Fortunately, the screening process was such that few incidents of this nature ever occurred.

Denise signed the register and went to the long mahogany bar for a Margarita. Several members came by to greet her. Club greetings ranged from friendly handshakes to french kisses and oral sex. As she sat on the edge of the bar stool, her legs were parted, exposing her hairless pussy. She sipped her drink, while surveying the activities in the Club. There were several couples on the dance floor performing dances that made the Lambada look like a high school prom. One couple in particular were quite striking in their rhythmic but sensual moves. The man and woman were both matched in size with athletic builds. Their moves were mixed with long french kisses, sexual petting, deep penetration, and oral sex. Several single members and staffers danced for the patrons that reclined around the mirrored dance floor. People wandered from place to place sampling the erotic situations like a grand buffet. Lovers of all shapes, sizes, ages and sex mingled alone or in groups around the plush Club.

Denise noticed a tall man named John, amble in from the private sector of the club. She caught his eye. John walked to the bar and placed his hand upon her bare thigh. He kissed her on the lips in greeting. His fingers deftly found her soft, moist sex. His kisses trailed down her cheek and throat to the open front of her netted blouse. Keeping a hand in her hunching crotch, he swept aside the transparent material to feast his eyes and lips upon her breasts. She wantonly thrust her chest forward to allow him better access to her aching nipples. The tall blond man was naked. His long hard penis stood proudly. She quickly unbuttoned her blouse and unzipped her skirt. These she handed absent- mindedly to the barkeep. A female staffer took them to her assigned locker. As John's head moved down her taut belly, she lifted and spread her legs. His mouth found her stiff clitoris and sucked greedily upon the bulging center of her sexuality. He lifter her easily onto the slick bar.

Another woman, standing nearby, was watching the erotic scene with obvious pleasure. She noticed John's cock pulsing with excitement as he bent over to minister to the little sex goddess. This woman was a stately brunette. Although in her fifties, her body was well maintained. Her tits were nicely formed and had little droop that was associated with age. Her nipples were long and hard. Her aureoles were very red and quite large. Her pubic hair was neatly trimmed. The hair cover only her mound. Her vagina lips were bare. Her legs were long and firm. She flicked a nipple with one hand while frigging her cunt with the other.

The brunette approached the bowing man from behind. She began to stroke his back, hips and thighs. Her hands found his dangling balls and lightly stroked his long man-hood. She knelt at his ass and licked his firm cheeks. Her tongue quested into his musty crack. She soon found his puckered anus. Her eyes watched the younger couple as he continued to french the woman's sex.

Denise lifted her legs over John's shoulders. His nose nestled against her clit when his tongue fucked into her steaming snatch. Her juices ran down her thighs and over her tight ass hole. John thrust a finger into her pussy until it was slick with her sex juices, then he slowly pressed it into her pouting butt hole. Denise closed her eyes, and leaned back against the slick wood of the bar. Her tits thrust upward, beckoning for attention. She moaned in lust.

Joan, the older woman, worked her way between the tall man's strong thighs. She licked and sucked his hairy balls. The tip of her tongue found the root of his cock. She slowly pulled his penis down between his legs until the tip was accessible to her sucking mouth. The tip of his cock was slick with precum. She lapped and sucked his throbbing knob. She alternated between sucking his cock and licking his ass hole. John renewed his efforts on Denise's sweet pussy.

A staff member noticed the ensemble that had formed at the bar. Denise was one of her favorite patrons. Vanessa was a tall black woman. Her proportions were amazonian. She was an exciting contrast to the little white woman, when ever they matched for sex. In spite of her size, Vanessa was adept at reading the mood of the partners she was involved with, and blended masterfully. She sensed the gentle nature of the trio's love making. This was not a brutal fucking that sometimes happens when partners have developed a long overdue need. This was the sex of experts that have been recently satiated, but require the finesse and nuances of deft manipulation and exquisite sensory fulfillment. Vanessa knew this at a glance.

She climbed up on the stool next to Denise. Her long ebony fingers softly tickled the smaller woman's breasts. Denise's eyes opened a slit as she felt the expert touch of her friend. She smiled dreamily, basking in the glow of the total oral ministration of the blond man worshipping at her venus mound. John's mouth was now including her anus in his oral adventure of the sprite. Denise moaned as Vanessa lowered her thick red lips to a turgid pink nipple. The negress nursed at the firm white breast. She sucked avidly. Her sucking was like a nursing baby, seeking its mother's milk. Vanessa had developed the ability to allow her own milk to flow at her own disgression. She loved to suckle her own huge melons. Her milk was a special bonus for her patrons. Vanessa's smooth chocolate colored cheeks concaved as she suckled Denise's bulging mammary. Her pink tongue flicked the hard nipple. Denise lovingly cradled the amazon's head as she gazed upon the contrast of Vanessa beautiful face and her smooth breast. Occasionally, her suckling lover tried to suck her whole tit into her sucking maw.

John's tempo at Denise's gushing groin increased as the older woman's oral assault upon his manhood began to build a fire in his loins. He slid two fingers into the tight little snatch. His suckling on the wanton woman's oversized clit duplicated the amazon's suckling at her breast. He concentrated on the miniature penis. His head bobbed as if her was sucking cock. A third finger was probing her anus. The juices from the little woman's drooling vagina lips coated his fingers for lubrication. He opened his eyes to see his partners' wanton activities. He used his free hand to pet the black beauty that had joined the party. His hands hefted her milk-filled tits. When he squeezed the turgid nipple, a squirt of creamy liquid dribbled over his fingers.

Joan's nose was buried in the blond man's puckered anus. She loved his heady mustiness. His thick cock slithered in and out of her lips. Her tongue snaked out as far as she could stretch. With her face pressed into the handsome man's ass, and her tits mashed into the back of his hairy thighs, she displayed her butt for anyone to see.

The torrid scene soon attracted a crowd of admirers. Another man brought a stool around behind the bar. Denise's head swayed from side to side as it hung over the edge of the bar. The short man was slightly overweight. His body was thick with muscle, also. He was a dark, black-haired man. His thick hair covered his body. His cock was not very long, but it was thick. The broad head of his cock had a flared ridge that separated the head from the shaft. The hole in the end of his penis was very large. This was the Club member known as the "Satyr." His sexual exploits were well known, because of his uncanny ability to cum numerous times, releasing copious amounts of thick, pearly cum. His control over his sexuality was legendary. He could fuck for hours, and had worn many a pussy raw with his endless, bull-like thrusting. The Satyr's huge hairy balls dangled from the thick, black mane of pubic curls that surrounded his stubby manhood. He approached the roman-like orgy with a leer on his swarthy face. The Satyr could not be considered handsome, by any definition, but he exuded some unknown sexuality that women were hard pressed to deny. His lewd remarks to women were inevitably received with coy giggles and wet panties.

Satyr climbed up on the stool. His groin was even with Denise's face. Her head hung over the bar. Her eyes were partially closed in sexual reverie. She smelled the musky smell of warm manhood, and took notice of the penis that moved toward her parted red lips. Her tongue flicked out to swipe the wet tip of the dwarf's wide probe. He flexed his hips, pressing his cock into her mouth. Denise's pretty kisser was stretched to maximum to engulf the bulging manhood of the demonic little man. His huge, hairy balls bounced on her nose. She could smell the residue of several pubic aromas on his balls and cock. "The Satyr has been busy, tonight!" She thought, sucking his wide prick to the root. She held the wide rim around the head of his cock with her pearly white teeth so he would not slip from her suckling maw. He made little rocking motions with his hips as he fucked the nymph's pretty face. His loud grunts and lewd directions to the group were mixed with the soft moans of delight of the fuckers.

"Suck my cock, whore!" He ordered gruffly, his leer widening. "That's it, big boy!" He called to John, "Eat her little pussy. Suck her clit, man. Fuck! Look at this black bitch suck tit!" His meaty hand caressed Vanessa's smooth cheek. "Yeah, baby! Flick that pretty pink tongue over this cunt's stiff nipple." He leaned over to watch the older woman kneeling at the blond man's back side. "Eat his ass hole, slave. Stick your stinking tongue up his shitter, woman! Yeah! Lick his balls. "Finger fuck this amazon you fucking cock hound!" He commanded John, "Put your fucking finger in her sloppy cunt. Shit, bitch, present your sweet black ass to the big man. Don't you want a stiff finger in that steamy twat of yours? Fuck! That's it cunt! Bight my cock head. Look at her go, folks! Hey! This bitch has got a free tit. Who's going to fuck this whore's nipple?" He grabbed the bouncing boob, and shook it at the crowd.

For an instant, no one moved. The crowd was frozen with the lust of the scene. The tempo of the sex partners changed as soon as the Satyr took control. John's mouth was pressing hard into Denise's sweet vagina. His fingers were buried inside Denise and Vanessa. There was an interesting contrast between the two women. Both women gripped his fucking fingers with their intelligent pussies. His cock and ass hole were throbbing. The older woman was shamelessly fucking his anus with her stiffened tongue, while jacking his penis in her hand. Her other hand was buried in her own vagina. Vanessa slid her hand down beside John's, at the nymph's crotch. Her long black middle finger joined his inside Denise's gushing gash. Satyr pulled on the stiff nipple mercilessly. The breast elongated obscenely. The nipple, held by his stubby fingers formed a long, pointed cone. She mumbled a grunt around his thick, mouth stretching organ.

When the Satyr offered the perfect tit for a fuck, Jennifer, a small, thin woman who looked like a librarian, dropped her hand to her hairless, wet vagina. The Satyr's quick eyes saw the involuntary movement. He knew the reserved woman would never have sex with another woman on her own. She was too shy. He had accidentally discovered her unique sexuality. She had buried deeply her extreme sexual nature. The Satyr had fucked her on a whim, once. As he began his usual degrading comments, the skinny bitch had become a volcano of sexual fervor. She had fucked him ceaselessly for hours. He fucked her in every hole and in all types of positions. The woman was almost his sexual match. She just needed that special "switch" to be turned on for her to start.

"Come here, Jennifer." He commanded, snapping his hairy fingers. Her eyes widened as all the crowd took notice of her for the first time. "Get your skinny ass up on this bar, bitch!" The dish-water blond stood for a second. Then she proceeded to climb up on the bar beside Denise. Her movements were like those of a zombie. Although Jennifer was thin and pale. She was not without sexual attractiveness. Her lack of make-up and grace made her seem undesirable. The Satyr had realized her real nature. Her breasts were average, and had a little sag. Her nipples were quite large, almost like little sacks at the ends of her pale tits. Her aureoles were dark brown, wrinkled and huge. They covered almost one-third of her breasts. The Satyr felt a woman's aureole size was directly proportional to her sexual nature. Her hips were nicely formed. Her long neck and thin limbs made her seem ungainly. Satyr didn't care. He'd fuck her or anyone else that would hold still long enough.


This story was split into 2 parts. Jump to any of the segments from here:
Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 2 parts for faster page loading.

Another top quality story by Rick.

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