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Dealing Nikki
by Bill F.L.

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Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 2 parts for faster page loading.

Benny wasted no time in shucking his clothes. Now nude, his twanger semi-erect, he stood triumphantly over the humiliated blonde.

"How the mighty have fallen, the former Ms. Playmate of the year is now Ms. Plaything of the year."

He could easily read the look of disgust and revulsion covering her disbelieving face.

"Think your better than me, don't you? Think I'm not good enough to fuck you? Well, I'm going to fuck that look right off your face, Ms. July 1999."

Benny had never seen anything so beautiful....or vulnerable in his whole life. The fig of her slit looked like an open wound. He had obsessed over Nikki for two long years, now she was his, completely at his disposal. He took his time, appraising the former playmate's most intimate charms before proceeding.

He inserted his index finger into the nook of her lewdly gaping vagina. Nikki emitted garbled protests through her gag.

"Still in denial, huh baby? Don't think this is really happening to you, do you?"

He probed her love channel with the entire length of his finger, delving into and testing the soft inner tissues of her passageway, her protests now sobs of despair. Benny was reveling in Nikki's misery, she had never hidden her disdain for him and had only tolerated him because of Johnny.

"Baby, don't cry, just kind of pretend that I'm your new gynecologist." Benny chuckled at his own funny remark.

Benny looked into Nikki's now sullen eyes, her eye lashes were saturated with tears, a mixture of eyeliner and mascara running unheeded down the sides of her face.

"Not so much in denial anymore, are we cunt?'

Benny reached down and untied the scarf and removed the panties from Nikki's mouth.

"When you put these pretty panties on this morning, I'll bet you didn't think they would end up in your mouth."

Nikki was no dummy and knew she had to handle this situation with kid gloves if she was to escape being a sex-toy for an eighty-year-old Chinaman.

"Benny, I know you've got me, I mean you've got me really good, you can do with me as you please."

These words from the untouchable Nikki Page sent blood coursing through the veins of his penis and gorging it's throbbing bulb.

"Think about this Benny, wouldn't it be nice to just set back and relax and let the Playmate of the year make you feel good....feel good all over? How many men would kill for that? Look at what I have to work with Benny, just look at my legs, they're gorgeous, you know they are. I could squeeze them around you while you fuck me. What do say Benny?"

Benny laughed out loud.

"What I'd say is that I'm getting sucked in by a centerfold model. No academy award for you Nikki, no surprise you didn't make it to the big screen."

Nikki was nearly frantic.

"For god sakes Benny, untie me....please don't let them do this to me...we can run away together...I'll stay with you always...forever...I'll be good to me...I really will."

Benny was grinning. "And why Nikki, because I'm so handsome?"

The blonde hesitated. "No Benny, because I will be so grateful. But what's the difference? Either way, your still fucking a centerfold model every night...err.....or being sucked off by one or whatever else you want...I will do anything you ask...anything Benny ...think about it."

Benny gave her a ray of hope.

"I'll think it over but I need a good fuck before I can decide, you think you can do that for me?"

The beautiful young blonde's pulse was racing a mile a minute.

"Yeh Benny, yeh, but shouldn't we get out of here while we still have time?"

Benny assured the frightened girl that they had plenty of time. "You just follow directions and you may just get out of here. Now open your mouth."

Without question, Nikki obediently opened her mouth. Benny inserted the saliva drenched panties back in her mouth, pushing them deeper than necessary, causing Nikki's throat to gag and retch from the unwanted intrusion. He spoke to her as he tied the retaining scarf at the back of her neck.

"Such a fuss over a pair of panties, what are you going to do when your deep throating me?"

He once again marveled at the glorious sight before him, Nikki Page's perfect. unattainable snatch, laid out like a piece of raw meat. He moved the head of his dick up and down the outer folds of her sex, moistening the lips with premature ejaculation. Benny could see Nikki's eyes, shut tight. He ordered her to open them and when she did, he rammed the full length of his rod into the depths of her arid inner sheath. She groaned, making low, throaty, guttural sounds into her gag.

As instructed, Nikki's eyes remained open during her entire rape. Benny pumped her with relentless, piston like motions, his gloating eyes never leaving hers.

"Remember what I promised Nikki?" "I'm going to fuck your brains out and if you know what's good for you, you won't forget it."

With his words, tears welled in her eyes, her titties moved rapidly up and down as she fought to hold back her sobbing.

Benny's pent up lust was boiling now, pain shooting through his aching testicles each time they slapped against Nikki's tight, one in a million ass. But it was a good pain, one that Benny wanted to last forever. But that was not to be. With the extended enjoyment of the impending explosion, Benny knew damn well that it was the best fuck of his life. Maybe it was the fact that Nikki was a world class beauty, maybe it was the revenge factor and maybe it was the fact that she was trussed up like xmas turkey that turned him on so much. It was probably a combination of all three.

Nikki could hear the increased laboring in Benny's now rapid breathing. She knew now, if she had known all along, that Benny was about to fulfill his promise, to exact his revenge.

And he did. With each of Benny's piercing, downward thrusts, Nikki could feel his discharge spraying the soft inner walls of her abused vagina. The debased, young blonde beauty had been reduced to a mere pleasure reciprocal for Benny's enjoyment. Only when he had deposited every drop of his semen into the depths of her bowels did he withdraw.

Benny reached down and removed Nikki's gag, she turned away, not wanting to face her rapist.

"AH! ah!, don't be shy Nikki, look at me."

Reluctantly, Nikki turned her head, sniffling a couple of times to stop her nose from running. Benny gloated over the bedraggled blonde and spoke to her in his best, I told you so voice.

"Now Nikki baby, tell me what I just did to you."

Nikki's voice was low but intelligible and clearly one of defeat.

"You fucked my brains out Benny, just like you promised you would."

Benny, still naked, was seated in a large, stuffed arm chair. Nikki, naked and bound was kneeling between his outstretched legs, her eyes were closed, her head bowed in submission. Benny had been quite inventive with his rope work. Nikki's ankles were bound and at the moment she was on her knees, with her buttocks sitting squarely on her trussed up ankles. Her left hand was behind her back and tied wrist to ankles. Her right hand remained free.

Benny stood up, standing directly in front of the kneeling girl.

"Look at me Nikki."

The young blonde slowly raised her head, her deep blue eyes, once sparkling and alive were now dull and lifeless. Benny stepped forward, his heavy hanging scrotums now resting on Nikki's chin.

"Nikki, do you remember when you kicked these babys?"

Nikki swallowed hard. "Yes."

"Are you sorry that you did?"

"Yes Benny, I am, I'm really sorry."

"Well, I think that it would be nice if you apologized directly to them and ask them for forgiveness.

The blonde did not hesitate, she spoke to them as if they were a person. "I'm sorry testicles, I'm sorry for kicking you....please forgive me."

Benny smiled. "Now, use your mouth to give them a little TLC."

Nikki raised his flaccid penis with her right hand and went to work on Benny's scrotums. She used her tongue like a lap dog, licking and licking until his balls were shining with her saliva. She lavished them with succulent kisses and then took each of his sacs, one at a time into her mouth, massaging it seductively with her soft, warm tongue.

Benny sit down, leaning back in the soft, comfortable chair. Without words, Nikki knew what was expected of her. Instead, she pleaded.

"Please Benny, lets get out of here while we still can, once we're in a safe place I'll suck your cock all night long, I promise."

"We've got plenty of time and hell, I don't even know if your a decent cocksucker or not. "I'm not going to buy a pig in a poke, so I'd get busy and strut my stuff if I were you."

Nikki gently pulled back the foreskin on Benny's still flaccid penis and squeezed the head between her pouty, Kim Bassinger lips. She then took the entire length of his deflated cock into her mouth. Nikki could immediately feel the organ come alive, growing and moving like an angry serpent.

She then withdrew, again taking the bulb of his cock between her lips and then bobbed her head up and down over the reddening crown, her silky blonde hair waving around her head like caught in a wind storm.

Nikki then wrapped her palm around Benny's member and darted her tongue in and around the open slit. She could feel the girth of his penis widen in the palm of her hand as her tongue worked it's magic.

Nikki could taste the salty secretions escaping the narrow hole, reminding her of the degradation that was sure to follow. This morning she would not have thrown water on this smelly turd if he was on fire and now, almost unbelievably, she is prepared to suck his prick to a climax and swallow his load of hot cargo.

Benny's manhood was rock hard now and curved like a giant saber, it's head glistening with premature semen. Nikki held his straining erection in her hand and took the dewy coated knob into her mouth. She began to suck and move her lips up and down about one half the length of Benny's rod.

Benny hissed at her. "Can't take it all. huh blondie?"

Nikki removed her mouth long enough to answer.

"No Benny, it's too big, please don't make me."

Benny laughed at the frightened blonde. "It wasn't too big when I had it buried in your cunt, now was it? Do you think your the only one around here who deserves a little pleasure?"

Benny let Nikki continue until he was on the edge, right on the brink of eruption, then he grabbed her head between his hands and held her motionless.

"I'm sorry Nikki but we just can't tolerate any half hearted blow jobs." "Now, I'm going to give it to you slowly, a little at a time but believe me, you are going to deep throat my entire twanger."

Nikki's speech was garbled, Benny's hold not allowing her to remove her mouth from his prick.

"Pweez Betty, too bwig for me, cunt doot."

"Sorry Nikki, can't understand you, you must be speaking a foreign language."

Benny forced the young beauty's head downward, ever so slowly. Nikki made pathetic gurgling sounds, her throat first trying to reject the intruder and then trying to accept it. Breathing was becoming difficult, she could feel the giant piece of meat at the back of her mouth, touching the rim of her throat.

Benny was determined not to stop until Nikki's lips were nestled snugly in the midst of his pubic hair.

Once again, still very slowly, Benny forced the blonde's head downward until she was eating pubic hair. Only Benny's vice like grip kept her head in place. Nikki's face was turning red from lack of oxygen, the massive log cutting off most of her air supply.

Benny advised the desperate young blonde, her face growing even redder. "If you want to be released, use your hand to massage my testicles."

Nikki reached wildly for Benny's scrotums, fondling and teasing them the best she could. Within seconds, much to Nikki's chagrin, Benny shot his wad, his pearly essence flooding her unprotected throat and coursing unheeded into the reservoir of her belly. Nikki felt as if she was drowning, gasping, unable to intake air.

Finally, Benny released his grip and withdrew from Nikki's mouth. Her face was red, her eyes bulging, Nikki's mouth opened and closed rapidly, like a fish out of water as she gulped large quantities of oxygen into her depleted lungs.

Nikki's breathing had barely returned to normal when Benny released her from her bonds. He allowed her to set up on the bed, her head propped against two pillows. She looked exquisite, her dark, sun bronzed body prominent against the snow white comforter covering the bed. She started to speak but hesitated when Benny motioned with his hands for her to spread her legs. Without questioning his authority, Nikki spread her long, shapely legs, offering Benny full view of her blonde, fleece covered snatch.

"Benny, I don't want to end up in China, please, we have to get out of here right now."

Benny approached the bed without speaking, taking uncontested liberties with the lovely centerfold's body. He ran his hand slowly up the inside of her right leg until he reached the apex between her thighs. Nikki moved slightly but made no protest when he fingered her exposed slit. He moved up to her titties, Nikki winced in pain as he not so gently, kneaded and molded the twin orbs into various shapes of his own choosing.

He then bent down next to the naked blonde and broke the silence. "We'll play one more little game and then I'll take you out of here."

Nikki protested. "But Benny we..."

The slap to Nikki's face sounded like a rifle shot, almost knocking her unconscious.

Nikki wept in shame as she tongue licked her way up the dark crevice between Benny's ass cheeks. Benny's torso was face down on the bed, his feet spread wide and on the floor. Nikki kneeled behind him, using both hands to spread his buttocks. She flicked her tongue. ever so lightly up and down the hairy cleft, sending involuntary tremors through his body.

"Thata girl Nikki, that feels wonderful, now clean me up real good."

Nikki looked at Benny's dark, crinkly hole and sobbed out loud, her magnificent breasts dancing a tune upon her heaving chest.

"Get to it Nikki, it can't be that bad."

The mortified blonde first touched the small, rubbery ring with the tip of her tongue, as if tasting it, Then, abandoning all self respect, Nikki scoured Benny's anus, using her tongue to remove any and all traces of residue, She then forced the tip of her tongue through the tight elastic band of Benny's sphincter muscles, probing and searching for additional waste.

Benny patted a pissed off Nikki on top of the head. "Good job Nikki, I think you've finally found your real calling in life."

Benny slipped on a shirt and pants and told Nikki to get dressed while he checked for the best way out of the house. Nikki was ecstatic, maybe she was going to get out of this after all.

Benny found Johnny, Judi Lee and her two associates in the den playing cards.

"Ms. Lee, I can't think you enough for your generosity, it was most delightful."

Judi stood up. "By the way, where is the charming Ms. Page?"

Benny chuckled. "She's in the bedroom, waiting for me, dumb broad thinks we're going to run away together. She offered herself to me, heart and soul."

"Oh, she did, did she?" Judi questioned. "Well, I think I will pay her a little surprise visit."

Judi carried a small, doctor like bag with her and Benny followed the diminutive Chinese girl to the door of the bedroom. Being a good eight inches shorter than Nikki, Benny ask her if she needed any help.

Judi Lee spoke in no uncertain terms. "Believe me, I won't need any help. You can come in when you hear me knock on the door."

Curious, Benny put his ear to the door. He could hear Nikki scream. "You're not taking me anywhere."

That was followed by a couple of banging noises that sounded like scuffling. Then there was a few minutes of silence.

A loud, blood curdling scream sent shivers through Benny's body. He listened intently against the door and could make out crying.

Then a second scream of agony, as fierce as the first, followed shortly by a knock on the door.

When Benny walked in, Judi was rummaging through her black bag and paying no attention to the bound, gagged and naked blonde laying on the nearby table. Nikki's wrists were secured behind her back with nylon rope, her ankles crossed and also tied with nylon rope. A wide piece of black tape was plastered across her mouth. She had purposely been deposited on the hard surfaced, wooden table, where she lay on her side, rather than on the bed.

Nikki was crying uncontrollably. When Benny approached her he could see driblets of blood trickling from both nostrils.

"Hey, Ms. Lee. you gave her a bloody nose."

"Yeh, and if you took that tape off, you'd see that she has what you Americans, I believe refer to as a fat lip."

Benny chuckled. "Probably slow her cock sucking down a bit, I'll bet."

Benny circled the table to view the prostrated blonde's back side. He almost went into shock. Both of Nikki's thumbs were sticking out of her hands in the wrong direction.

"God!!! What happened to her thumbs?"

"I broke them," was Judi's callous reply.

"Man you play rough. Now I know what all of the big time screaming was about."

"I'm from China Mr. Benny, not America, Ms. Page will not enjoy herself in my country."

Judi walked over to the table and as one would simply rearrange a piece of furniture, she pushed Nikki's knees up to her chest. Everything between her rear cheeks was open for their inspection. The plump, slitted lips of her vulva peeked enticingly from between the backs of her thighs.

The beautiful centerfold could only lie there in pain as the young Chinese girl showcased her most intimate charms. She pulled her buttocks apart, stretching the puckered skin of her anus in vulger fashion, then pinched together the tender lips of her vagina until Nikki whimpered into her gag.

"Those are what you American men are interested in, cunts and asses but you'd be very surprised at what turns an eighty year old Chinaman on, and indeed, so will Ms. Page, I'm afraid."

Judi Lee removed a hypodermic needle from her bag, purposely holding it in plain view of Nikki as she tested the plunger. squirting two drops of the fluid harmlessly into the air. Nikki protested vehemently into her gag as Judi circled the table. The young, cruel oriental girl unceremoniously plunged the length of the thin, sharp needle into the exposed flesh of Nikki's right buttocks. Nikki's scream of anguish was muffled by the broad piece of tape across her mouth.

Johnny and Benny watched from the second story window as the long black limousine with tinted windows pulled into the driveway at the back of the mansion. Shortly thereafter, a gorgeous blonde was escorted from the house by two oriental men, her bound wrists and nudity hidden beneath an expensive fur coat that reached just about to her knees. With one escort on each arm, she moved unsteadily between them, stumbling in the white high heel pumps that she wore.

The oriental chauffeur held the rear door open and was waiting when they arrived. Although the blonde's head hung loosely, her chin almost touching her chest, she balked as they tried to put her in the limousine. Using the back of her head, one of the men pushed her forward until she was bent at the waist, causing the hem at the back of her coat to raise right up to the bottom of her ass cheeks, revealing the most beautifully sculptured pair of suntanned legs that anyone will ever see. The ones that captured old Hugh's heart, the ones that belong to Ms. July 1999. He easily threw her head first into the rear seat.

Johnny and Benny watched as the limousine drove away. Johnny turned to Benny.

"Come tomorrow, there's going to be one very happy old Chinaman.

The End?

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Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 2 parts for faster page loading.

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