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Darlene's Story
Part II: Caught In The Act (Revenge)
by Gregory Lee Hunt

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Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 2 parts for faster page loading.

( In Part 2 Darlene decides to become a participant in the sex play with Greg and her husband. She uses and sexually dominates Greg while punishing and humiliating her husband )

In spite of all of their careful planning and the elaborate security measures they'd taken to keep their sexual encounter clandestine, Brian Carr and Greg Hunt were caught flagrante dilecto (in the act). To make matters worse, the person that had caught them was none other than Brian's wife, Darlene. She smiled mischievously as she sauntered over toward them from her hiding place. Each one wondered how much she had seen and what she was thinking.

Well! Well! You boys have been busy playing haven't you ... there was a look of mock indignation on her face ... and what kind of naughty games have you been up to? Greg was just about to explain, when she hushed him and continued her teasing remarks.

Ooh my, those pretty panties look so good on you, Greg! Wherever did you buy them? I think I'd like to get a pair like that for myself. Maybe we can go shopping together sometime. Let's take Abby along when we do that, shall we?

Greg's already flushed face turned an even more intense shade of pink.

Darlene stood next to the settee. An enigmatic smile once again traversed her beautiful face. Her red hair was tousled and askew, a curl draped over her forehead. She looked playfully coy and impish. She was ogling the two semi-naked men who were now standing together facing her. Their faces were flushed in obvious chagrin.

She turned around, looked over her shoulder and nonchalantly ordered one of them to unzip her dress.

It's sooo hot and uncomfortable in here. Steamy almost from all of the hot action. I suppose that if I want to feel comfortable I'll just have to get rid of this dress. One of you unzip me!!

Without a word, her astonished husband stepped up to the task. He stepped back and stood next to Greg while Darlene pulled at the dress, letting it drop from her shoulders to the floor. Stepping out of it, she turned to face Greg. She was wearing only her panties and bra. Her body was fleshy and flabby.

Greg smiled remembering that he had known Darlene for almost twenty years but that he had never seen her this close to being naked. In the last six or seven years she had become morbidly obese and because of that she'd also become overly modest in her dress, unwilling to allow any of her body to be exposed or accentuated. If seemed as if she was afraid for anyone to see how fat she'd become. That was odd he thought, she had been blessed with large, no that was an understatement, with huge beautifully shaped breasts. He recalled that when she was a younger woman, Darlene had a 'drop-dead' figure. In fact, she had a body that would make a man spring an instant hard-on just thinking about it. It was the kind of figure that teen-aged boys jacked-off to while reading Playboy Magazine. Several years ago he remembered sitting in Brian and Darlene's den casually browsing through a Carr family photo album. He came across an old photograph of Darlene wearing a figure hugging one piece bathing suit. He studied the picture carefully, surveying her long curvaceous legs, flat belly and of course those incredible tits. Back then she was obviously proud of her assets and didn't mind flaunting them. He nearly creamed in his pants, she looked so sexy in that photograph. Why, he wondered, had she allowed herself to become so fat? Even so, her breasts appeared extraordinarily voluptuous as the pillows of flesh protruded from the black Wonderbra that matched her nylon 'big-boy' panties. Watching her flabby and out of shape like this was uncomfortable for both of them. Greg's initial rush of astonishment turned to embarrassment and then to empathy for this woman who evidently wanted to join the action. She made a couple of pointed comments about this being her only chance to enjoy intimacy with her husband, but she also welcomed the opportunity to romp with her best friend's husband. She unsnapped her bra and let the cups release her full breasts. The circumference of the rosy aureoles surrounding her long taut nipples impressed Greg. He yearned to flick a finger at them, knowing a jolt of energy would zap Darlene all the way to her pussy. He wanted to be the one to excite and arouse her. He wanted to make Darlene lust for his touch, rather than Brian's.

Greg's thoughts turned downright devilish. In an instant he was feverishly concocting a plan designed to take advantage of this new opportunity while also making Brian jealous. He took off his negligee and stepped toward Darlene, extending his hands to her chest. He hesitated a moment, giving Brian time to appreciate the sight and giving Darlene some time to relish the anticipation of his touch. Then, an index finger flicked out from his thumb, striking against the side of her hard nipple. Darlene let out an audible gasp of desire.

Ooh ... that felt so nice.

Her eyes closed, she reached down and caressed Greg's manhood through his Speedo. The sensation of her nipple and jolt in her pussy and the sensuous feel of his smooth pouch brought Darlene's feelings of lust to a level that matched that of Greg and Brian's.

There's always room for one more ... do you want t' play with us Darlene? It's been such a long time foe me ... obviously it's been much too long a c'mon lets have some fun

Are you sure that you really want to play with a 'fat slob' like me Brian? ... you haven't wanted to have me in a sexual way in a very long time you know .. and by the way you weren't such a great lay either. What's the expression 'wham, bam, thank you ma'am? ,,, you couldn't stay hard long enough to get my engine really warmed up. But then I'm not a man, am I? So maybe it was more difficult for you to get and keep IT up. And as for oral sex, you never did learn how to give head ... so I never tried to reciprocate. Why should I? But as for your current invitation - sure, why not? ... I get two for the price of one ... and what an interesting bonus Greg could turn out to be. Right Greg?

She nodded and winked mischievously at Greg. Brian took that wink as an assault on his status as her husband, on his manhood, and as a dare to continue the activity with Greg. He took that dare and became determined to frolic his way into dominance over her and Greg right then and there. He went around and behind Darlene, and knelt while yanking at her panties, pulling them down around her ankles. She screeched, looking down and back at Brian's quick smirk. She knew he had taken her dare and they were both up for the challenge of winning. She forgot about Greg and started for the bed, her feet getting tangled up in the panties. She tripped and stumbled awkwardly, taking a direct dive onto the carpet. More humiliated than hurt, she raised her head in defiance and refused Greg's outreached hand. Instead, she crawled on all fours to the bed.

Almost immediately Brian was down behind her, perusing her fat ass. He seem to be taking pleasure in seeing it look this big, knowing that she had taken to eating as sublimation for sex. He actually admired her ass for being more of what he used to love. He had had a fetish for large buttocks' from his boyhood days. Darlene's ass had always been a very round and attractive one, he thought, especially when she was down on her hands and knees ready to be taken doggie-style. Brian used to love shaving the red pubic hairs around her pussy. Her smooth twat made him think she was a little girl. He began fingering her wet pussy.


Brian ignored Darlene's admonition. Instead he defied her and continued his finger play. She turned to face him. A scowl had replaced Darlene's smile. She repeated her injunction. There was no mistaking the meaning of the words or the tone of her voice.


Greg's ears perked up when he heard the authoritative commanding tone of Darlene's voice barking at Brian. He immediately conjured up a mental picture of Darlene wearing something totally different, something compelling and sensuous, something that was made out of black patent leather. He found himself getting totally turned on by that image and ran over to his duffel bag which was he had filled with a variety of 'sex' toys that he had collected and brought specifically for this evening's 'festivities'. He grubbed around and pulled out a pair of boots and a riding crop. He placed them in front of Darlene and she smiled seeming to know what he wanted. Pulling away from Brian's slippery fingers, she got up and put on the boots and picked up the whip. Instantly, she was in control of the situation. The two men stood quietly, appraising Darlene's new authority. She wouldn't disappoint them.

This is my playground now!. I'm the teacher, the principal, and the policeman. From now on, I will make the rules and I will enforce them and the two of you will OBEY THEM. Is that understood?

The two men were silent, stunned by the sudden change of circumstances.

Well! Neither of one you is deaf and both of you speak perfectly good English. Do you understand me?


That's better. Well, I was watching the two of you play and I must confess that I really enjoyed it. In fact, I enjoyed it so much that my pussy got nice and wet. So why don't the two of you play for me some more and I expect that you will put on a really good show now that you are aware that I'll be watching you.

Telling them she was now going to oversee the execution of their plan for having sex with each other, she commanded them to continue fondling each other. Brian and Greg stood facing each other and began kissing and fondling.

Brian, get down on your knees!

They listened carefully to each of her commands, that were followed or accompanied by a crack of the whip. She made them engage in deep French kissing, nipple teasing, and they had to assume a variety of cock sucking positions and simulate giving each other blow jobs, while she commented derisively on their form or technique.

Ooooh my, my, my, you seem to really enjoy sucking cock, don't you Brian. We've been married almost twenty years and I never knew that until tonight. You're a real life cock sucker aren't you... my macho husband Brian?

Yes dear! I mean Ma-am Brian's reply was sheepish and genuinely humble.

Oooh and you too, sweet, sweet boy Greg ... you really love to lick on that big meat lollipop don't you? What do you think Abby would say or do if she ever found out that you like sucking cock and getting fucked? Tee ..Heeee...Heee....ha ha ha !!

I don't know ma-am ... you're not planning to tell her .. are you? Greg seemed genuinely worried and concerned.

No. No. I promise that I'll keep tonight's activities just between the three of us ... for the time being, that is.

As Darlene openly watched, she laughed at them and verbally mocked and berated them while she put them through their paces. Ironically her verbal taunts seemed to inflame them even more. Their erections throbbed in response to every one of her demeaning onslaughts. She made a mental note of that and filed it away in her memory for future reference. Finally, she grew tired of watching them give each other pleasure, now it was her turn to receive some pleasuring! She instructed Greg to kneel and when he had she walked over, stood directly over him with her thighs spread widely apart. She commanded him to eat her pussy while Brian was forced to watch.

Greg took his cue and began a slow tonguing of her labia probed to find her clitoris. As it began to fill with blood and harden he increased the tempo of his tonguing. The scent of her pussy was almost heavenly and she tasted even better. He inserted his tongue into her slit and began exploring. Darlene's body trembled.

Oh yes .. ooohhh yes Greg, that feels so good. I love what you're doing. I want you to eat me with the beautiful educated mouth of yours. Fuck me with your tongue. Yesssss. More, do it more ... Ah yes that feels sooo good...

She howled with delight and cracked the whip next to where Brian was standing. The sound of the whip cracking so close to his naked body made him flinch. Meanwhile, Greg seemed to be enjoying his new status as favored man for the job, while her husband, the asshole had to standby and watch helplessly. Brian looked like a virile stud, but actually was a wimp. But that had worked to Greg's advantage too, so Greg was still in a winning position, and besides he enjoyed eating out.

Finally, Darlene shoved her dripping wet cunt onto Greg's face and wriggled enthusiastically with undulations that matched the action of his tongue as her long awaited orgasm surged through her body in search of an outlet.

Oooh god that's so good Greg ... Oh..ooh..OHHH...OHHHH... please ... my gawd that's so good. Yes ..YESS... Ooomiiigodd...YESSSSSSSSssssss aaaahhhhh...

It found its vent audibly, with Darlene moaning and groaning with each new wave of ecstasy came over her. She made Greg feel proud. When she was sated, she fell back onto the bed, panting and gasping for air. Greg stood up and looked at Brian who appeared to be in awe of what had just happened with his wife.

Greg's chin and cheeks were covered with her cum. He smiled to himself, satisfied with how he had just gotten her off.

Remembering the derogatory remarks that Brian had made about her abilities as a fellatrix, Darlene wanted to demonstrate not only how wrong he was in his assessment, she also wanted to humiliate him at the same time. In fact, she wanted to use the advantage that she had just gained to exact her revenge on Brian while having her fun with Greg. It was also critical for Greg to recognize his own part in all of this --- after all he had been a willing participant in everything that had happen this evening. Darlene quickly hatched a plan.


This story was split into 2 parts. Jump to any of the segments from here:
Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 2 parts for faster page loading.

Another top quality story by Gregory Lee Hunt.

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