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Dotti: the Family Comes Together Pt. V
by R.Neal

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Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
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Preface: The attempts to impregnate Lucy continue. While Dotti is sent to stay with friends, she does come home, and yes, there is another dinner, and a party!


Dan came down to breakfast with a renewed vigor. A peck on the cheek from Brandy, "good morning dear."

"Hello, sweet cheeks," from Lucy.

"Well , I guess we're back to the fun stage." Lucy said, "No. 7 was always my lucky number." They all laughed.

Upstairs, they undressed and prepared for plan 7. They laid Lucy down, and started to prepare her with the salve. Dan assumed his position, and Brandy held little dan, rubbing him up and down between Lucy's lips. Lucy responded, meeting the upward rubs, and finally Brandy pushed it in. As Dan started to pump in and out, Brandy moved her crotch over Lucy's face, and began to kiss Dan. Lucy took the cue and began to lick Brandy's clit. In no time, all three were timing their movements together, Dan in, Brandy down, Lucy's tongue up, Brandy's tongue in, etc. They had found the magic combination, which carried them all somewhere outside their bodies, until Dan started to come.

Brandy sprang to action, she reached down and gently rubbed Dan's balls with one hand, while gently stroking little dan with her other. Dan pushed in and froze. Lucy had her legs up for maximum penetration, with Brandy holding them up to take some of the strain off Lucy. Lucy felt Dan's fluids filling her entire vagina, like never before. She softly said .... "This is it .... I know it, I know it, this is the one"! Lucy fell back, almost unconscious. As Dan pulled out, Brandy pulled her legs, inserted the pillow, then the pad, closed her legs, and put the double pillows under her legs.

Dan, holding Brandy said, "I really felt like there was something different about that one."

"Yes, me too." reaching for little dan she said, "Doc Cox said the male testicles typically recover in 10 to 20 minutes. Come on, I would really like to have him inside me. There's plenty of time to recover for Lucy". They retired to the guest bedroom, where Brandy laid him down on his back, saying I'll get him interested. She went to the bath room, and returned with a warm wash cloth, and began to clean Dan's balls and penis. Her gentle hands, and the warm cloth soon had little dan up and at attention. She had fingered herself while washing Dan, and was very wet.

She lowered herself on little dan, and slowly pushed him in. As she went down, Dan pushed up against her. "No, let me do it." He let down and relaxed. When she was all the way down, she would stop and let her pussy muscles ripple up and down his cock. Dan had never felt anything like. It hardened little dan to a level he had never been before. On one hand it felt like it was about to burst, and at the same time, a level of sensation that was also at a new peak. Brandy would then slowly pull up to where little Dan's head was just inside her ring, then stop and squeeze the head with her pussy. Then slowly back down and stop.

Dan was in an ecstasy he had never know. His head was swimming in some never never land where he and Brandy were floating up with the clouds. He was so lost, he didn't feel the start of his orgasm. Brandy did, and pushed all the way down on him, arching her back just right to maximize his penetration. As he came, It filled her inside, flushed against her "G" spot, and she also exploded. She collapsed on top of him trying to catch her breath. After a while Dan shook her saying "I'm sure it will be at least a week before I will be ready for intercourse again"! She laughed, causing little dan to plop out, creating a great void inside her. She rolled off to his side saying, "Lunch will be at 12, with plan 8 at one", and she nodded off.

Dan wasn't sure how he made it, but he reported for lunch, sharply at 12 noon. Lucy greeted him with a warm smile, and Brandy with a little hug. "Lucy and I have made up the menu for our Friday night luau, and I'll go to the grocery tomorrow for the food. For tonight, I thought you might like Chinese take out. OK?"

"Great" from Dan.

"Um good," from Lucy. "Would you two like to try plan 8 solo, without me"? Dan and Lucy looked at each other, then at Brandy. "Why"? they said in unison. "To show how I love you and am comfortable with what we are doing". They said OK. In the meantime, I'll go out and order the Chinese, and get some more pads, there's only one left. Plan 8 was a nice quiet affair, with Dan doing all the after chores, pad and pillows.

As they laid there, Dan said, "I'd like to know about your Dad. Was he really as nice as you two have let on?"

"Oh yes. I remember the first time he loved me. Mom helped, getting me ready, and getting him ready. He was so gentle. It took him days of rubbing, before he tried to enter me. Then it was so gentle, I couldn't get it in fast enough. Mom was there all the time. It actually started before Brandy left, but they didn't want her to know, since she would be leaving soon. I was so proud to be asked to service my Dad. He still serviced Mom, and I was with them when they did it. I would rub Mom's breasts, her pussy, and Dad's privates, while they were doing it. When I came to the states for school, it was a few years before I had sex again. I liked to wore my fingers, and my pussy out, but as you know their power of recovery is unbelievable."

Lucy saw he was getting hard again, and started to stroke little dan. "When I met Brandy, it took me a long time to understand what a wonderful woman she was. Now I'm finding there are two wonderful people, It's incredible."

"You're awful sweet," Lucy said, as she continued to stroke little dan. "With only one more plan to go, I guess we can spend one of these". Dan closed his eyes as she brought him to climax, asking for him to put it in her mouth. Dan obliged, letting her suck it in and swallow it all. She continued to suck little dan until he was completely deflated, and flopped out of her mouth. She smiled, Dan kissed her on the cheek, and left her to sleep.

THURSDAY EVENING: ( #9, the last plan)

When Brandy returned from shopping, she found them both asleep. They looked so comfortable, she decided the last plan could wait until after dinner. After dinner, they retired to their bedroom for the Last plan. As she laid back ready to start, Lucy said, "We probably don't really need this, I'm sure I caught on plan 7". Dan grinned saying it wont hurt to make sure. Brandy giggled and laid next to Lucy.

Dan applied the salve, and Brandy kissed and rubbed her nipples. As Dan entered her, Lucy raised her legs and began to moan. Brandy was looking forward to getting this over with and reach down to rub Lucy's clit while she sucked her nipples. Dan too seemed to be having trouble, and so Brandy moved her fingers to squeeze his cock, as it pumped in and out. Dan finally came. Lucy wasn't sure about Brandy, but she thought she saw her react.

After the pad, and pillows, Dan went to the bathroom, while Brandy stroked Lucy's hair. Lucy said. "are you alright"?

"I guess so."

But Lucy could see there was something wrong. "Are you sure?"

Brandy said, "I guess I just got worked up when Dan came."

"Here, let me see," Lucy said as she motioned for Brandy to move up so she could feel her pussy. "My, you are wet aren't you?"

Brandy began to move letting Lucy's fingers slide in and out of her pussy, then she stopped. "No, I'M OK"! She got up and went to bed. Dan came in, kissed Lucy goodnight, and joined Brandy. It appeared she was asleep, so Dan too, went to sleep.

FRIDAY MORNING: (Brandy sees the Dr.) Brandy had collected a urine sample from Lucy, and had called Doc Cox for appointment that morning. When Dan came down, she told him she would be back later that morning, after seeing Doc Cox, and doing her dinner shopping. "Good morning Brandy. How are you?"

She didn't look good, and he was concerned. "I'm fine. Here is Lucy's sample."

"Good. You mentioned on the phone, they did complete 9 plans. Correct?"

"Yes, even thought, Lucy is positive she caught on number 7," with a slight grin.


This story was split into 2 parts. Jump to any of the segments from here:
Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 2 parts for faster page loading.

Another top quality story by R.Neal.

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