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First Night Chapter III
by AnonSky

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Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 3 parts for faster page loading.

Jenny chuckled, "Ron was only good for about two strokes before he started cumming, but he got better later on. I had my first orgasm that night while actually fucking, and I liked it....better than when I fingered myself. We screwed three times that night and I sucked him off once, my first time to taste cum. We were lucky. We didn't use any protection, rubbers or anything. We didn't give up fucking each other, but we were more careful after that first night. Up until a year ago, Ron was the only guy I'd ever screwed."

"Damn, you've been screwing Ron for what, almost four years? It makes me wish I had known earlier how Tony felt about me," whispered Teri. "Maybe I wouldn't have put up with that jerk I was going with as long as I did. But, how did you and Tony get started?"

Jenny laughed softly, " That was a case of mistaken identity. All through high school, I'd date and we might get into some heavy petting, but I'd never let anyone screw me. I might give the guy a hand job, or, if I really liked him a lot, I'd suck him off, but never any fucking. I kept my reputation spotless in that area." Jenny looked at Teri and chuckled, "It didn't mean I didn't want to though. I'd get in some nights from a date, so hot and horny, that I would damn near rape Ron, I wanted it so bad."

Jenny took her arm from around Teri's shoulders and turned to her, facing her more directly. "Teri, I hope this isn't bothering you. I can be pretty blunt at times," said Jenny softly.

Teri squeezed Jenny's waist gently, she could feel the long nipple of Jenny's right breast pressing into side of her breast. It felt very erotic. ", Jenny, it doesn't bother me. Really." Teri chuckled, "If anything, it turns me on. Go ahead."

Jenny let her right hand rest on top of Teri's thigh under the water. Jenny gave Teri's thigh a gentle squeezed and said, "Okay, I just wanted to be sure."

"One night last summer," continued Jenny, "I was out with Jerry Turner, we'd been going together for several months. I almost broke my rule that night. We were parked and had been necking pretty heavy. I was sucking him off while he finger fucked me. Just before he started cumming, I asked him to go down on me, to tongue me. He started cumming in my mouth and while he was cumming he had the gall to tell me wasn't going to go down any girl." Jenny chuckled, "If he had, I think I would have fucked him that night, that's how bad I wanted it."

"I had him take me home, so I got in about midnight. Everyone was in bed by then. Our house is a rambler, built like a boomerang. My parents bedroom is at one end, while my room and Ron's room is at the other end by the garage. It gives me and Ron a lot privacy."

Jenny chuckled softly as she continued. "It was pitch black that night, no moon. I was mad and still so aroused that I could hardly wait to feel Ron's prick in me. I started stripping off my clothes as I entered the house, by the time I got to Ron's room I had them all off. I crawled into the bed and grabbed his prick. Ron usually sleeps naked and he was that night. It was so dark that I couldn't see anything, but I could feel his prick getting very hard, very fast. I told him something like, 'Don't say anything, just lay there. I'm going to fuck your brains out tonight.' Then I climbed on top him."

Jenny looked at Teri, smiling. "It was Tony, but I didn't know know how much alike they are in their build. I didn't know he was spending the night....I couldn't see anything in the dark. I thought his prick felt a little different, a little bigger round, but I thought Ron was just reacting to me. Anyway, I got on top and slipped his prick into my cunt, it went in very easily, I was soaked in pussy juices. Even then, I knew it felt a little different, seemed to stretch my pussy more, but I just ignored that and started fucking him as hard as I could. I was so worked up I started cumming almost immediately."

Jenny squeezed Teri's thigh, "I got a very good screwing. I was cumming for the second or third time when I felt him start to cum. When he moaned, I knew it wasn't Ron. Then Ron turned on the table lamp. He had come in from the bathroom just as I was climbing on Tony, he had just stood there, in the dark, and listened to the whole thing rather than stop me."

Teri laughed, "Tony didn't tell me about all that. What did you....were you angry?"

Jenny laughed, "No. It's kinda hard to be angry in the middle of a fantastic orgasm. When Tony started cumming, he grabbed me by the hips and really started fucking me. When the light came on, I was in the middle of another climax, a really good one. I didn't care who it was at that point. Besides, I'd always liked Tony. I really didn't mind. I was so worked up that night that even if I had known Tony was staying over, I still might have jumped in that bed and screwed both of them." Jenny shook her head, still chuckling softly, "It ended up being quite a night. After that we usually got together, all three of us, at least once a week and sometimes more often."

"God, Jenny," murmured Teri, "the way you tell it makes me wish I had been there." Teri let her arm around Jenny's waist float up some until her hand was lightly cupping Jenny's left breast. Teri could feel the long nipple rubbing against the palm of her hand. Teri chuckled, "Judging by how stiff and hard your nipple feels, I'm not the only one that got turned on by your story."

Jenny looked at Teri, studying her eyes, and then leaned toward her, gently kissing Teri on the lips. "You'll be there the next time," whispered Jenny, as she slid her hand on Teri's thigh up to Teri's mons, cupping Teri's vulva in her hand as she slipped first one finger, then two, between Teri's pussy lips and gently probed her pussy hole.

Teri moaned softly into Jenny's open lips as Jenny's fingers entered her pussy. Turning toward Jenny, Teri pulled her against her breasts, feeling Jenny's long nipples pushing against her own tits. Teri kissed Jenny, running her tongue deep into Jenny's mouth, their tongues teasing one another. At that moment there was a loud clap of thunder and lighting was visible through the skylights over the hot tub. Startled, they could hear rain, quite loud now, hitting the skylights above them.

"Jesus, that startled me," said Jenny. "That sounded like it hit real close."

"We better get out of this water," said Teri, rising and helping Jenny up. They both scrambled out of the hot tub just as Tony, Ron, and Traci entered the room.

"Uh-huh," said Tony, grinning at them. "What do we have here....two naked girls....some fun and games?"

Teri laughed, not at all embarrassed. "We were just talking and what not." Teri noticed that Ron was already getting a large bulge in his shorts.

"Yeah," said Tony, "it's the 'what not' that's interesting." They all laughed as Teri and Jenny proceeded to dry themselves with towels.

Just as Traci started to say something, there was flash of light and a terrific crack of thunder that literally shook the house, causing Traci to give a short scream of fright, and then the lights failed.

"Okay...Okay, don't panic," said Teri. "I know where the candles are."

Teri got some candles from the kitchen and lit them. The candles and the lighting flashes gave enough light for them to move about. They all gathered in the den. Teri and Jenny were still nude.

"What I was going to tell you before the power went off, is that the weather service said we are under a severe thunderstorm alert and a tornado warning," said Traci. "It just came over the TV."

"Jenny, maybe you and Ron ought to spend the night here. There's no sense in getting out in that weather....we've got plenty of room," said Teri.

Jenny smiled and stood on tip-toe and gave Teri a quick kiss. "You're right....that's a good idea. Let me call the folks." Jenny looked at Tony, Ron and Traci in the dim light and grinned. "I'll use the hall phone. When I come back if anyone still has their clothes on, they're going to be sleeping alone tonight."

Jenny and Teri both laughed as the other three started to hurriedly get rid of their clothes. Teri went with Jenny, carrying one of the candles for light and in case Jenny's Mom wanted to speak to her. As they left the den, Jenny called back over her shoulder, "You guys see if you can't find something to do until we get back. Okay?"

As Jenny picked up the phone, she said, "Good, it's working." Jenny talked briefly with her mother and then Teri got on the phone and assured Mrs. Anderson that every thing was fine, that it just didn't make any sense for Jenny and Ron to go out in the weather if it wasn't necessary. Then Teri gave the phone back to Jenny.

Jenny talked for a few more minutes and then hung up the phone. She turned to Teri. "Now, where were we before we got interrupted?" asked Jenny, her eyes sparkling in the dim light as she took Teri's free hand. "I think the other three can keep each other entertained for awhile," chuckled Jenny as she pulled Teri into a bedroom. "Don't you think so?"

"I'm sure they can," whispered Teri as she set the candle holder down on the dresser. Turning to Jenny, Teri grasp Jenny's other hand and sat down on the bed, pulling Jenny to her. They fell back on the bed in each others arms, kissing passionately. Teri cupped one of Jenny's breasts in her hand and began to tease and massage the stiff nipple with her fingers, as Jenny moaned softly into Teri's mouth.

Teri broke the kiss and slid her tongue down Jenny's neck to her breast, taking the stiff nipple between her lips, she began to gently suck and tongue it, while massaging and gently pulling on Jenny's other breast and nipple with her hand.

"Oh Teri," moaned Jenny softly, pulling Teri's head against her breast. "Make love to me. I want you to make love to me. I've never done it with a girl....but I want to...I want to make love to you." Jenny moaned louder as Teri sucked harder on her sensitive nipple, "Oh God, Teri, I can't believe how much I want you."

Teri swung her body around so that they were laying in opposite directions. Teri grabbed Jenny's thighs, spreading them and buried her face in Jenny's pussy. Rolling over on her back, Teri pulled Jenny's hips up on her so that Jenny's legs were on each side of her head and Jenny's wet, fragrant pussy was right in front of her mouth. Teri began to greedily suck and tongue the engorged pussy lips in front of her as she felt Jenny get all the way on top of her and then felt Jenny's hands spreading her legs, then Jenny's mouth and tongue on her own pussy. As Jenny sucked Teri's clit into her mouth, Teri moaned loudly.

"Jenny...Jenny," moaned Teri, "Oh God, that feels good. Don't....don't suck my clit too much....I'll cum too quick. Oh..OH...that's it...that's it. Just a lick every now and then," murmured Teri huskily. "Like this," said Teri as she gently licked Jenny's stiff little clit and felt Jenny's body twitch. "Just tease it and play with it till you're ready to cum...till you can't wait any longer," whispered Teri as she gently teased Jenny's engorged clitoris with the tip of her tongue. Then switched back to tongue Jenny's pussy, probing her tongue as deep into Jenny's pussy canal as she could.

Jenny moaned softly, "Oh Teri, your pussy is so soft....I didn't know it would be like this...this good. I wish I could get deeper into you," she whispered as she furiously tongued Teri's pussy, thrusting her tongue into Teri and trying to suck Teri's pussy into her mouth.

After a few minutes of this, Teri felt a slight tremor in Jenny's legs and then Jenny moaned, "Ohhhh...Teri, I'm going to cum."

"Now Jenny, suck my clit...suck it hard," cried Teri, as she spread Jenny's legs even wider and started sucking and tongue Jenny's engorged clit as rapidly and as hard as she could. She felt Jenny's mouth engulfing her pussy and attacking her throbbing clit as though she wanted to suck Teri's whole pussy down her throat.

Teri felt Jenny's body begin to tremble and then push down, pushing Jenny's pussy even harder against her face, making it difficult to breath when Jenny's thighs closed around her head like a giant, soft vise. Teri could feel the tremors in Jenny's thighs as the orgasm swept through her. The feel of Jenny's orgasm triggered her own, Teri moaned loudly into Jenny's pussy as she felt the convulsions begin in her own pussy and peak as she clamped Jenny's head between her own thighs.

Teri moaned softly as she came down from the peak of her sexual high. She felt Jenny's body go limp on top of her, then Jenny rolled off to one side. Teri sat up and laid down beside Jenny, snuggled up to her and took Jenny in her arms. Teri chuckled as she kissed Jenny's cheek, "For someone's first time you did awfully good."

Jenny chuckled and turned to Teri, hugging her, then kissing her, teasing Teri's lips with her tongue. "Jesus, Teri, I didn't know it could be so good with another girl. I've had guys tongue me and I've cum, but I've never had an orgasm as intense as that with them. If I didn't enjoy screwing Ron and Tony so much, I'd have to wonder if I was a lesbian...God, it was good."

Teri laughed, "I know....I think we just know what really turns us on. I just do what I think would feel good to me." Teri chuckled softly as she hugged Jenny, "After my first time with another girl, an older girl when I was fifteen, I did think I might be a lesbian. I wasn't sure until I started screwing David and decided I liked sex with boys just as much." Teri kissed Jenny tenderly, "But there's still something special about making love with a girl you really like....except for that first girl, you and Traci are the only girls I've ever made love to."

Jenny propped herself up on her elbow and looked down into Teri's eyes, then kissed her slowly and tenderly. Pulling back slightly, Jenny looked at her, "We're going to have to find some way around that stupid're the only one I want for a roommate."

"My Aunt Sue might be able to help, she's an assistant professor at the university."

"Is her name Wilson? There aren't that many women professors...I thought I knew most of them," said Jenny.

"She's probably using her married name, Sue Cabot. Her husband's a full professor there."

"Really, she's your aunt. I had her second semester, Intro to American Lit., she's really good, I liked her." Jenny paused, "She was in some kind of accident. A graduate student handled the last week of her class and the final exam."

"I know. She'll be here tomorrow afternoon, I'm picking her up at the airport in Madison...she couldn't drive here, she had to take a plane."

Jenny gave Teri a quick kiss, "That's great. Maybe she'll know a way around that rule about freshmen." Jenny hesitated, "I guess I'm just charging ahead as usual. I haven't even asked you if you wanted to be my roommate."

Teri chuckled and kissed Jenny deeply and passionately, letting their bodies meld into each other. Teri finally broke the long kiss and looked at Jenny, "If you didn't understand that answer, the answer in words, is; Yes, I would love to be your roommate."

Jenny's face lit up with a broad smile and she grabbed Teri, kissing her just as passionately. They lay there quietly, kissing softly and enjoying the feel of their bodies against one another. Finally, Jenny whispered in Teri's ear, "Do you think we ought to go check on the kids? If we stay here, I'm going to want to make love to you again," murmured Jenny as she fondled Teri's breasts. "Oh Teri, I already want you again....I want you a lot."

Teri chuckled, "I'm sure Traci is enjoying all the attention she's getting." Teri slipped her hand down to Jenny's wet pussy and fingered the swollen pussy lips, slipping a finger deep in its moist, warm channel. "I don't think they'll miss us if we take a little more time getting back," whispered Teri as she began to suck and tease Jenny's hard erect nipples."


When Teri and Jenny left the den, Traci turned to Tony and Ron, both standing there naked, sporting very obvious erections, and asked, "You got any ideas about what we can do?" Traci smiled, and took an erect prick in each hand and gently pulled them toward her. "If you don't, I do."

"I've got a lot ideas," said Ron, chuckling as he began to fondle Traci's tits, tweaking her nipples with his fingers.

Traci gave Tony a quick kiss, "Ron's company....a guest goes first," she said as she went down on her knees and licked Ron's large prick. She ran her tongue over the head and around the crown and then slipped it between her lips, taking him deep into her mouth and throat. Pulling back from his prick, she looked up at both of them. "Get down here with me, the carpet is soft enough."


This is a 3 part (so far) story. Jump to any of the parts from here:
Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 3 parts for faster page loading.

Another quality story brought to you by AnonSky.

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