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First Night Chapter III
by AnonSky

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Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 3 parts for faster page loading.

Both boys laid down and Traci resumed sucking and tonguing Ron's rigid prick while Tony played with her pussy, running his finger in and out of her pussy hole which was rapidly becoming soaked with her juices. Traci moaned softly around Ron's thick prick as Tony slipped two, then three fingers into her pussy, stretching it wide. After a couple of minutes, Traci pulled her mouth from Ron's prick and turned to Tony.

"Lay down, Tony. Ron fuck me while I suck Tony. I'll do you both at once," whispered Traci huskily.

Traci knelt between Tony's outstretched legs and took his large prick into her mouth. Ron knelt behind her, and rubbed his prick, wet from her sucking, over her slit and then slipped it between the engorged pussy lips, thrusting deep into her wet pussy. Traci moaned softly as Ron rammed his prick into her as deep as he could. She lifted her head from Tony's prick, "Oh Ron," she murmured, "that's it fuck me hard...I want it as deep as you can get it. Oh damn, it feels good as Tony's prick felt in me."

Ron gripped her hips and began to take long deep strokes into her pussy, his balls slapping against the top of her pussy and her clit each time he hit bottom. Ron's prick was not quite as thick as Tony's but it was just as long. She could feel the head of his prick almost come out of her pussy and then ram back deep into its wet depths. Each time he did, Traci moaned softly, her moans muffled by Tony's prick in her mouth.

They quickly established a rhythm, Traci's head going down on Tony's prick as Ron thrust his prick into her pussy, pushing her forward, and her head coming up, with her body moving backward slightly, causing her pussy to chase Ron's prick as he drew it back for another thrust into her throbbing pussy. After a few minutes of this, Ron gripped her hips tightly and began to thrust into her as rapidly as he could. The faster and harder Ron drove his prick into her aching pussy, the faster she began to tongue and suck on Tony's prick. Traci's moans were getting louder even with Tony's prick filling her mouth, and the moans were causing Tony to feel a sensation or vibration over the head of his prick. It finally sent him over the edge, spewing his cum into his sister's mouth.

When the first spurt of Tony's cum hit the back of her throat, Traci felt the tensions in her own body peak and felt her orgasm begin in her pussy, around the huge prick pounding into it, and then sweep through her body. Traci lifted her mouth from Tony's prick and cried, "Oh God, YESssssssss, Oh Ron....Yesssssssss," as Tony's prick continued to spew his cum out, onto her face instead of in her mouth. "Oh God, DON'T STOP....DON'T STOP," cried Traci.

"I'm cumming," moaned Ron as he pulled her hips against him, burying his prick deep into her pussy as his prick erupted, pouring his cum into her throbbing pussy. "Oh shit, Oh God, that's fucking great...great," muttered Ron, as her pussy milked his prick, squeezing out the last of his cum.

With a soft moan, Traci lowered her mouth onto Tony's prick and gently sucked it, trying to drain it of any remaining cum. Taking his prick in her hand, she rubbed the head of his prick over face, trying to wipe up the cum he had unloaded on her face, then licked his prick clean. When Ron withdrew his prick from her pussy and collapsed on the carpet beside them, Traci gave Tony's prick one last lick and a kiss and then laid down between the two boys.

When Traci started giggling, Tony asked, "What is it Traci....what's so funny?"

"I was just thinking that the only thing better than a big hard two big hard pricks."

Both boys laughed. "Traci, you were really great," said Ron, as leaned over her and gave her a quick kiss, teasing her lips with his tongue, then licking some of Tony's cum off her chin and kissing her again.

Traci chuckled, "That's Tony's cum you're licking off my face."

"I know," said Ron. "I bet cum would taste even better coming out of your pussy."

"Do you want to try find out," whispered Traci, kissing Ron back, running her tongue into his mouth.

"Sure. Get up and straddle my head....sit on my mouth," said Ron.

Traci giggled as she straddled Ron's head, lowering her pussy onto his mouth. "Oh God," she giggled, "this feels so wicked." Then as Ron's tongue began to lick and probe her pussy, she gasped, "Oh damn, but it feels so damn good," she moaned as she pressed her pussy down on the intruding tongue. Then Ron's tongue found her swollen and engorged clit, still sensitive from the screwing she had just received. When Ron started to suck and nibble on the sensitive clitoris, Traci cried out, "OH MY GOD, I'M GOING TO CUM......Oh Ron...suck harder....harder. OH YEESSSsssssss......YEESSssssssss. Traci felt a strong warm gushing feeling in her pussy and knew she had flooded Ron's face with her juices and his own cum. She slowly collapsed to the side off Ron's face and moaned, "Oh God, Ron that was wonderful." She leaned over and weakly kissed his lips, tasting her own juices and his cum on his lips. Then she turned to Tony and gently kissed him, running her tongue between his lips.

Pulling back from the kiss, Traci asked, "Did watching that turn you on, Tony?"

Tony chuckled, "It sure did. I knew you were a moaner, but I didn't realize you were such a gusher, until you flooded Ron's face. I could see his cum and your pussy juices running down his face and neck, even in this candlelight."

Traci laughed, "Well, all I know is I liked felt great."

"That's what counts," said Tony. "Hey, do you think we ought to check on Teri and Jenny....they've been gone a long time."

"I don't think so," said Ron chuckling. "Jenny said for us to find something to do....I think she and Teri may have had their own plans." Ron looked at Traci and then Tony, "I think Jenny and Teri really clicked with one sure looked like they had something going in the hot tub before the storm hit."

"I think you're right," said Traci. "Anyway, there's something I want to try when you two get your batteries recharged."

Tony laughed, "Oh yeah, what's that?"

"You'll probably think it's silly, but I was wondering if both of you could fuck me at the same in my cunt and Ron in my ass. Ron's prick isn't as thick as yours, I think it would go in my ass a little easier."

"Sure, we can, but aren't you still a little sore from this morning?" asked Tony.

"Just a little bit, but I want to try it if you guys are willing. Have you ever done it like that?"

"I've screwed Jenny in the ass a few times and so has Tony, but we've never tried that," said Ron. "I'd like to try it...if it hurts too much we can always stop."

"Good," chuckled Traci as she sat up and lowered her head to Ron's limp cum covered prick. "Now let's see what we can do about getting you two recharged up and ready to go," she said, and began to lick and tongue Ron's semi-hard prick while fondling Tony's prick and balls with her hand.


Teri and Jenny could hear the low moans coming from the den before they got there. "That's Traci," said Teri, blowing out her candle. "Let's see what they're doing."

They paused at the den door and watched. Tony was lying on the floor on his back with Traci on top of him, his prick in her pussy. Ron was kneeling behind Traci and had his prick in her ass, stroking it in and out. They were unaware of Teri and Jenny watching from the doorway.

"Oh shit," moaned Tony, "I can feel your prick, Ron. I can feel it each time you push it in."

"I know...I know," muttered Ron. "I can feel yours too. Oh God, I'm not going to be able to last very long at this rate," Ron moaned.

"Don't cum yet....not yet," whimpered Traci. "Ohhhhh, it feels so full." Traci pushed back on the two pricks pumping into her holes, wanting them even deeper. "Oh, fuck me....fuck me hard."

Teri leaned down slightly and whispered to Jenny, "I believe we can say that my sister's asshole is definitely one of her erogenous zones."

Jenny chuckled, and silently mouthed, "Oh yes."

"Ohhhh....Ohhhh," Traci was moaning almost continuously. "Ohhhh....I'm going to cum. I'm going to......OH YES.....YESSSsssssss.....OH NOW....NOW," yelled Traci.

"Oh shit, I'm cumming too," said Tony. At the same time, Ron moaned loudly, obviously spewing his cum deep in Traci's ass.

All three collapsed loosely on the floor in a tangle of arms and legs, laughing weakly at their own exhaustion.

Jenny and Teri walked on into the den. "I see you guys took me seriously, when I told you to find something to do," said Jenny laughing softly at the tangled bodies on the floor.

Teri laughed, "Why don't you guys hop in the shower together and get cleaned up. Meet us in the kitchen. We'll have a late snack and work out the sleeping arrangements. It's getting pretty late."

In the kitchen, Teri, with Jenny helping, quickly fixed up a plate of cheese, ham, baloney, and polish sausage with crackers and bread, and opened two bottles of wine, one red and one white.

"The boys may rather have beer," said Teri. "If they do, there's some in the frig."

Traci, Ron and Tony came into the kitchen a little sheepishly. "How long were you and Jenny watching us?" asked Traci.

Jenny laughed, "Well, now I know what a 'sex sandwich' is. You three seemed to be enjoying it quite a bit."

Everyone laughed and set down around the table. The snacks were soon gone and they sat there chatting about anything that came to mind.

"I hate to be a party-pooper, but it's getting awfully late, and I don't think the power is going be back on any time soon," said Teri. "There're four bedrooms, so how do you guys want to divide up?"

"These three are so compatible," said Jenny, chuckling as she indicated Tony, Traci, and Ron. "They can go together if they want to, and I'll sleep with you."

Teri laughed, "That makes sense to me. You guys can use Mom and Dad's room with the king size bed. Jenny and I will use my room, it's a queen size."


Jenny and Teri snuggled up to one another in the bed and kissed tenderly. Neither one had bothered to put on a gown, they were still naked, and enjoyed feeling their bodies pressing against one another.

"Do you think they'll go to sleep?" whispered Teri.

Jenny chuckled, "I doubt it. You know what they say about teenage boys, they always have a hard-on." Jenny hugged Teri, "That's why I wanted to sleep with you, I'm tired." Jenny gave Teri a quick kiss, "Also, it's been one of the best nights I've ever had....I didn't need anything more."

"I know what you mean, I feel the same way," said Teri softly as she kissed Jenny, gently stroking her neck with her finger tips. "God, I hope we can work it out so we can room together."

"We will. We'll figure out some way....wait and see." Jenny kissed Teri tenderly, "Now just hold feels so good to just be here in your arms."

This is a 3 part (so far) story. Jump to any of the parts from here:
Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 3 parts for faster page loading.

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