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First Night
by AnonSky

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Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 3 parts for faster page loading.

"Oh Jenny," moaned Sue. "Oh God, that feels so good."

With that encouragement, Jenny spread Sue's legs even wider and began to furiously tongue and suck Sue's pussy.

Sue moaned. "Jenny, get up here....I want you...I want to be able to hold you...make love to you," Sue murmured huskily.

Jenny quickly scrambled up onto the tub decking and stretched her wet, dripping body atop Sue, with her head between Sue's thighs and Sue's head between her own legs. Jenny almost cried out when she felt Sue's mouth on her pussy, thrusting her tongue deep between Jenny's pussy lips. When Sue's tongue found Jenny's clit, she did cry out.

"OH....OH MY GOD," cried Jenny. "OH Sue...Sue." Then she jammed her mouth against Sue's pussy muffling her cries. Jenny felt Sue begin to finger fuck her pussy as she continued to suck on Jenny's clit. Jenny copied the act and inserted one, then two fingers, into Sue's pussy and started finger fucking her as fast as she could.

Jenny felt Sue's fingertips with their cast grasp her buttocks and spread them apart. Jenny was startled when she felt Sue's tongue licking and probing at her asshole. Then, when she felt the tip of Sue's tongue pushing and penetrating partway into that tight orifice, she moaned softly. "Oh God, Sue. I didn't know....Oh God, that turns me on," murmured Jenny as her body responded to Sue's tongue rimming her asshole.

Jenny tried to reach Sue's asshole with her tongue, but with Sue lying flat on her back on the deck she couldn't do it. "Roll over....roll over on your side," Jenny said as she gripped Sue's buttocks and slid partly to one side, pulling Sue's lower body with her. Now with her head between Sue's thighs she could reach her goal, the puckered little rosebud that was Sue's asshole.

She copied Sue, and began to lick the little rosebud. Then, spreading Sue's ass cheeks, she began to try and thrust her tongue into Sue's ass, gradually penetrating the tight puckered lips. Jenny heard Sue moan softly as she thrust her tongue as deep as she could. It was getting easier. She could feel her tongue gliding between the puckered lips, being squeezed by the muscle protecting, controlling them. "My God," thought Jenny, "I'm actually sticking my tongue up her ass, and it feels good - it feels wonderful."

"Oh Sue...Sue," Jenny moaned, her face pressed between Sue's buttocks, as Sue tongued her way from Jenny's ass to her clit and assaulted the sensitive organ once more.

Jenny could hear and feel Sue moaning against her pussy as Sue tongued her clit and massaged it with her lips. Jenny let her tongue glide back to Sue's pussy and found that Sue's clit was even larger now, engorged with blood. Jenny sucked it and the surrounding tissue into her mouth, flicking her tongue over it as rapidly as she could. She could feel Sue's legs tremble, then Sue's thighs clutched her head, holding it in place as Sue's orgasm swept through her body.

Sue's orgasm triggered Jenny's, and she cried out, pressing her mouth against Sue's fragrant pussy, as her body trembled and then relaxed.

Jenny rolled away from Sue, turned and stretched out on her stomach beside her, draping one arm over Sue's breasts. "Oh Sue, I didn't mean to do just seemed to happen," Jenny whispered weakly. "I had my tongue in your pussy before I even knew it was happening." Jenny chuckled, "God, you got me so turned on when you tongued my ass. I can't believe I did it too, really did it like that."

Sue turned to her so they facing one another and gently kissed her, running her tongue into Jenny's mouth, gently teasing her tongue. Pulling back, Sue smiled at her. "I'm glad you did. Your fingers were driving me wild while you were shaving me. I wanted must have sensed that."

"You just looked so beautiful. I never realized a woman's pussy could look that beautiful...that enticing." Jenny gave her a quick kiss. "I'm glad I did it....glad you liked it. I've only made love with one other girl. I wasn't sure I was doing it right."

"You did fine," Sue said chuckling. "In fact, that was the best rimming my asshole has ever gotten. I'd give you at least an 'A' if not an 'A+' on that session."

Jenny laughed, "I wish all grades were that much fun to get."

Sue pulled Jenny to her and kissed her, deeply and passionately. They were lying there still embracing one another, kissing gently and talking when Teri came in.

"Well...well," Teri said, kneeling beside them. "When I said get better acquainted, I didn't know you'd take me so literally."

Jenny sat up and held up her hands, palms up, "It was kinda accidental, Teri. Really."

Laughing, Sue sat up also, "But, it was a nice accident."

Teri laughed and began to undress. "Well we can still soak in the tub, and you can tell me all about it."

They got back in the tub, sitting close together, with Sue between Jenny and Teri. Jenny explained what happened.

"I think what got me so turned on," Jenny explained, " is that I figured out that Sue was the other girl you had made love with. You said that it was an older girl. Sue mentioned sharing a room with you in the summers between school terms. I just put two and two together. Am I right? You aren't mad at us are you?"

"Of course not, silly." Sue chuckled, "And, you're right, it was Sue." Teri gave Sue a quick kiss. "With all that activity did you two have time to discuss us rooming together, or were you too distracted by other things?"

"Other things," Jenny said and laughed. Jenny then explained to Sue that she and Teri wanted to room together off campus, but had the problem of Teri being a freshman.

Sue interrupted. "I think I may have a solution for you. I just bought a house in Carlton, it's right next to the campus. My lawyer made them an offer for it Friday and they accepted it." She looked at the two girls. "It's a pretty large house. It has four bedrooms, the master bedroom downstairs and then three large bedrooms upstairs. It's much more than I need, but I needed a place to live and I bought this as an investment as much as anything."

Sue laughed, "With Phillip's money I can afford to have a maid come in a couple of times a week, and I can hire someone to keep up the yard. Why don't you two live me? Since I'm a relative that gets around the freshman problem."

"You wouldn't mind having us underfoot all the time?" Jenny asked.

Sue gave Jenny's shoulders a gentle hug, "No, I wouldn't mind. I think I'm going to be pretty lonely in that big place and the doctor said it'd be some time before my wrists will be completely healed and I have full use of my hands. Anyway, I was going to see if Teri wanted to live with me and help me out, but I think both of you would be even better. Later, if you two want to get an apartment on your own, you always can."

"I think that would be great if Jenny would like to do it...we can try it," said Teri.

"I'd love to," Jenny responded. "My Dad was going to give me an allowance of 450 dollars a month to cover my share of the rent and for food. So I can pay you some rent."

"You don't need to pay any rent. What you and Teri can do is put a hundred or a hundred and fifty dollars in the food budget each month to help cover the groceries. The rest you can put in a savings account for when you graduate, or your father can just save that much." Sue looked at the two girls, "That's the deal I was going to suggest to Teri's parents."

Jenny clapped her hands together happily, "That sounds great. I'm sure my folks will go for it."

"There is one thing, though," Sue turned serious, "it won't be quite like having your own apartment, I'm still a member of the faculty. You can't have any wild parties, or have any boys spending the night with you. No alcohol unless I serve it, and absolutely no drugs stronger than Midol or aspirin." Sue chuckled, "If there is someone you've got the hots for, you can have them over to the house, that's okay, they just can't spend the night with us."

The three talked for sometime, mainly about how all this, the sex, had come about. Sue heard about how Jenny had mistaken Tony for Ron, and Teri told Jenny about how she and Sue had become lovers. Finally though, they had to call it a night and get out of the hot tub and let Jenny get dressed.

"I wish I could stay," whispered Jenny as she kissed them goodnight.

"We'll have other nights - a lot of other nights." Sue hugged her and gave her a quick kiss. "Tomorrow night, Teri and I will come over to your place so I can meet your parents. I'm sure they'll want to meet me before agreeing to let you room with us."

"That's great. I'm sure they'll like the idea. They'll see you as a chaperon - someone to keep me out of trouble," said Jenny as all three laughed happily.

"I don't know about you," said Sue after Jenny had left, "but I'm tired. It's been a full day for me."

"Me too, that nap this afternoon helped, but I'm still a little bushed," Teri laughed. "You can sleep with me or have one of the other bedrooms."

Sue kissed Teri on the cheek and wrapped an arm around her shoulders, "I'd rather sleep with you. I've been by myself too much lately." She squeezed Teri's shoulder, "Now help me to bed. I'm going to sleep just like I am, naked."

Teri left the nightlight on in bath but pulled the door almost closed. Still naked, she slipped into the bed beside Sue and whispered, "Are you asleep yet?"

Sue chuckled. "No. The funny thing is, I'm tired but I'm not that sleepy."

"Good." Teri cuddled up to Sue, slipping one arm under her head and letting Sue roll over toward her so that they were facing one another, their naked bodies pressed together. Teri kissed Sue gently let her tongue just tease Sue's lips. Teri pulled back some and whispered, "Now, why don't you tell me how you and my parents got involved. Those were some pretty erotic pictures you guys made. As X-rated as anything I've seen on the Internet."

Sue laughed softly and gave Teri a quick kiss. "Okay. I'll probably never have any peace until I satisfy your curiosity." Sue moved to get more comfortable and put her arm around Teri as well. "Actually, it's a pretty funny story. Almost as good as Jenny's mistaken identity with Tony."

"It started that summer after I'd graduated from High School. If you remember, Mom was ill and Daddy sent me here to stay with your folks. I got here on a Wednesday and you, Tony, and Traci left for that two-week church camp on Saturday." Sue chuckled softly, "You probably didn't notice it back then, but I was a pretty naive eighteen year-old. My parents were awfully strict. I really hadn't been permitted to date except to go to church functions. It took a telephone call from your father to convince them to let me go to my senior prom, and even then, I had to be home by 11:30. In fact, it was your parents that convinced them to let me go to college. Your grandfather thought a woman's job centered around marriage, children, and the church."

"I didn't know that," said Teri. "I didn't know they were that strict."

"It's not that they were mean or anything like that. I just think they didn't know how to cope with a teenager at that time in their life. Mom had been in her early forties when I was born and Daddy was ten years older than Mom - they were just too set in their ways." Sue laughed ruefully, "Anyway, I wasn't unhappy, I was just totally inexperienced - as I said, naive. I think I had been kissed by a boy only twice, and one of those was the night of the prom, a good-night kiss." Sue gave Teri a gentle hug. "Don't worry, I'll get to the good part, but you need to understand that at that time I was a very different girl than one you knew when we made love the first time."

"Anyway, that first week I met the boy that lived about four houses down street - I can't even remember his name."

"Tommy. Tommy Reardon," said Teri.

"I guess....that sounds right. He asked me out on a date, a movie on Wednesday night. Your parents said it was okay if I promised to be in by midnight. We were going to a burger joint and then the late movie. Well, it turned out that after getting something to eat he just wanted to go park someplace. When I didn't agree, we got into argument and I insisted he take me home. He dropped me off about nine o'clock - remember your folks didn't expect me back until almost midnight." Sue chuckled, almost to herself. "When I came in the house, I heard your mother and father. They were in the sunroom, in the hot tub. I started to walk in and I saw they were naked - I just froze there."

Teri giggled and hugged Sue. "Oh-oh, I think I can see where this is headed."

Sue laughed. "No. No, you can't. I don't think you could guess in a million years what happened." Sue gave Teri a quick kiss on the tip of her nose and resumed her story. "They couldn't see me because of all those big plants your mother had in there around the tub and the walls. Your father was sitting on the side of the tub and your mother, Kathy, was sucking his prick. I thought it was the biggest thing I'd ever seen and she was taking it all the way into her mouth. The sight fascinated me. I knew I shouldn't be spying on them, but I didn't want to leave - hell, I couldn't make myself leave."

"I eased in a little closer behind those big ferns, crouched down and watched Kathy suck that big prick. After a few minutes, Roger groaned and said that he was going to cum. Your mother slipped his prick out of her mouth and he started cumming all over her face. Lord, I had never even seen an erect prick, much less one spouting cum all over someone's face. Just watching was getting me excited. I could feel the moistness in my pussy and it was aching to be touched. I was wearing jeans that were too tight to get my hand down in them so I opened them and pushed them down some so I could rub myself through my panties. My pussy was tingling like crazy and felt hot and soaking wet. I'd felt something like that before when I'd read a real sexy novel, but never as intense."

Sue laughed softly, "I couldn't stop watching them. Your mother got on the side of the tub and your father got between her legs and started to tongue and suck her pussy. The angle I had let me see everything. I could see him catch her pussy lips between his lips and pull on them, stretching them out. Then he started finger fucking her pussy and Kathy seemed to really like it." Sue chuckled. "I decided I'd try it, but my panties were in the way. I pushed my jeans and panties down to my ankles, stuck my finger in my pussy, and copying your father, began to finger fuck myself. They kept this up for a few minutes and when Kathy moaned that she wanted him to fuck her, to put that prick in her, Roger stood up and pushed his prick in her pussy."

Sue shook her head and gave Teri a quick kiss. "God, I was turned on. When I saw that big prick go in your mother's pussy, I put a second finger in mine. I had never masturbated before and I found that the faster I fucked myself the better it felt. I must have been a sight squatting behind those ferns finger fucking myself as hard as I could." Sue chuckled at the memory. "I remember hearing Kathy yell that she was cumming and then my orgasm hit me. I'd never had one before, and as good as it felt, it scared me. Your mother said I moaned loud enough to wake the dead, but I don't remember that. I remember losing my balance, falling backward, and knocking over several of those potted ferns. There I was flat on my back, my jeans and panties around my ankles, my hand still clutching my wet pussy, and your parents looking down at me."


This story was split into 3 parts. Jump to any of the segments from here:
Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 3 parts for faster page loading.

Another quality story brought to you by AnonSky.

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