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Hot Lady
by Defon

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Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 2 parts for faster page loading.

I have been looking for my girlfriend's vibrator for a week now. I know it has got to be some where. It's gotta be under the dresser ... it has got to be here.

"Are you looking for something? " I hear my girlfriend ask me. I turn around quickly and she is looking down at me with a look of amusement. I begin to stand and she pulls out a pair of cuffs.

"Is this what you are looking for little boy?" she says with a grin form ear to ear. The grin is very playful and creates a swell in my pants. I really like where this is going ... I think I'll play along.

"Why yes that is exactly what I was looking for." As I begin to turn around she takes a short step toward me and shoves her slender hips right next to my face.

"Or is this what your looking for?". My mouth begins to water just from the thought of her in my mouth.

"Well actually that seems like a better idea." I am beginning to really like where this is going. She gently brushes her fingers through my hair and with a smile says, "well maybe if you are my slave for a little while I'll let you." As she begins to sway the cuffs back and forth I can see the excitement in her eyes as she thinks of the ways she will use me.

"As you wish." I respond and rise my hands up to her to be cuffed. She gently grabs my hand and says, "Turn around my sweet slave." I turn around on my knees and put my hands behind my back.

"As you wish my sweet owner." She secures the cuffs on each hand and grabs the bulge in my pants and says, "I like the way that sounds." Still standing behind me she gives my a slight hug and kisses my cheek. Then she gently speaks into my ear, "What should I do with my slave first?"

The excitement is really building. The thought of being in complete control of the women I love and being forced to please her excites the hell out of me. She walks around me and stares at me as I kneel before her on the floor. I could not help but think of her in my mouth and take a quick look at her slender hips. She leans down and rubs my crotch through my pants and says, "That will be your reward if you are good.... But what is this?" And she squeezes my dick and gives it a slight tug.

"It's Mr. Happy." I respond with the thought of her sucking on me. She pulls away from me and gives me a slight frown. "I thought you were suppose to call me owner..."

"I'm sorry, owner." I can't help but look at her hips and think about making love to her. She pushes her hips into my face and says, "Pleasure me slave." I hesitate... I only kiss her crotch and she holds my head in place to continue the kissing. I want to kiss her for real...and she knows it. The look in her face proves to me she enjoys watching my want her.

"If you are good enough I'll let you really pleasure me. Now eat me through my pants and tell me how good it is." She now holds my head in place with both hands and slightly grinds on my face. I begin kissing and gnawing at her pants just dying to get them off. I try to chew threw them knowing it isn't possible. She tilts her head back and lets out a slight laugh.

"I thought I told you to tell me how good it is... little boy." She stops the slow grinding and releases my head slightly. "It is good isn't?" She gives me a look of disappointment.

"Yes of coarse it is." I try to continue my attempt to remove her pants with my teeth and she pulls away.

"Now I know I told you to do something and you didn't do it. You are not being a good boy." I look into her eyes and I can see her thinking intently. "Stand up slave." I slowly stand up.. it is hard with my hands behind my back. Before I am completely up she begins undoing my pants. She unbuckles my belt and unzips my pants. She now looks at me with amusement as I stand before her with a huge hard-on in my underwear. My pants are hanging on the tops of my knees and I feel like I may fall back wards with the slightest misbalance. While continually staring at my crotch she slides her hand down the front of my underwear briefly touching my dick and then garbing my balls in her hand. She squeezes and pulls on my balls, like pulling at an apple from a tree.

"You are not a good little boy, but this my help keep me in a better mood." She says while slowly tugging on my balls. She moves closer giving my a slight hug, the entire time trying to pull me toward the ground by the balls. I dare not move in fear that she will remove her hand or worse pull harder.

"Yes owner." I say with a slight quiver in my voice. The mixture of pleasure and pain are making my heart race a thousand miles per hour. She gives my a slight kiss on my neck and says, "You seem like a good boy when I have you like this." She squeezes and give a quick tug.

I slightly bend at the knees to compensate the quick tug. "Yes sweet owner." She slowly removes her hand from my underwear slightly rubbing my dick. The absence of her hand is both missed and a relieve.

She slightly pulls away from me and gives a hard long look at my crotch and then looks into my eyes. She says, "I have an idea." As she turns to her left I see a small inventive smile form on her face as she walks away. "Close your eyes slave." I close my eyes and feel a sense of wander burn through me. In no time she is back. She moves up behind me and puts a blind fold over my eyes. Then she pulls my underwear and pants completely down to my ankles forcing me to move my feet closer together. Now I really feel off balance. I begin to kick my right leg out of my pants but my shoes are making it impossible. My girlfriend says, "What are you doing?" she then reaches from behind me (between my legs) and grabs my balls.

"Nothing ... sweet owner." I manage to say. I am really trying not to fall which is very difficult when she is pulling on my balls. "I didn't tell you to take your pants off. Now hold still." She pulls my balls out and slips a silk rope snugly around them. She then says under her breath, "I never liked that tie."

"I now have a leash for my slave. Maybe now you will be good." As she says 'good' she tugs on the tie. The tie tightens around my balls. She then slowly pulls the tie up wards and the discomfort grows until it is pain. She seems to slowly continue the upward motion and it occurs to me she is waiting for a response.

"Yes owner, yes." I blurt out as quickly as possible.

Now with my hands cuffed behind me, my legs bound, no vision and a 'leash' I really feel like a slave. I can't wait to hear her moan with pleasure as I kiss her and bring her to orgasm. She lets slack on the leash and whispers in my ear, "On your knees slave." I begin to adjust my feet in order to go to my knees. With all the restraints it is going to be very hard to get to my knees without falling. I slightly move my feet and my girlfriend pulls the tie upward and slowly increases my pain.

Trying my damnedest to keep my balance I say, "I am going to get on my knees sweet owner." I make small steps back and forth in order to keep my balance.

"When I give you an order you respond." She says calm and coolly. She lets go of the leash and it falls to the ground. She embraces me from behind with a loving hug and for the first time strokes my hard-on. It brings me to ecstasy and quiets the throbbing in my balls. She strokes me two really good times and then stops; making me want cry out for more. She nibbles on my ear while giving my a loving hug from behind and says, "You'll learn. That is if you still wanna be my slave..."

Her embrace and sweet voice in my ear makes my heart rise. She continues to give me an embrace that can be held only with true love and gently slides her tough in my ear. Then gently messages my chest and moves down toward my hard-on and ever so gently embraces it with both hands. I can tell she is going to give me pleasure that I have longed for and then as soon as she completely has me in her hands she passes over me and says, "I wanna be pleasured first." She breaks from our embrace and her heat is no longer one with me.

"Now get on your knees little boy." She says as if she just asked, 'please pass the salt' at the dinner table. It takes me a couple mins to get to my knees. I almost fell once and she helped me keep balance.

"I will be right with you." She says with a cute little voice. Sitting here blind folded, bond and naked is really exciting. I can't help but think about kissing her for hours. Before I think I am going to explode from the anticipation. She says, "I'm ready sweet slave." I can feel her in front of me. The heat from her body is making my erection swell. She moves ever so closely to me and I can feel a skirt rub against my nose. I lean closer to push my face under the skirt and she pushes away and gently touches my nose and says, "Just wait a second." And she lets out a little giggle. She leans over me and picks up the 'leash'.

"Now move this way toward the bed." She slightly pulls my leash toward her direction and I slowly make my way. She leads me closer to her. It is difficult to keep balance so I go pretty slow. I want get there quick, my mouth is watering from the anticipation. I can't wait until I get the first kiss. She is going to taste so good... ugh.. I don't want wait. She gives a playful tug and says, "Hurry little boy she is getting lonely." She now pulls the leash with more power creating me to move a bit faster. "Yes sweet owner." I say with my heart beating so loud I could hear it in my voice.

I take one more little step on my knees and I can smell her perfume. "That's good." she says and the tension on the leash goes lose. "Now hold still." She is sitting on the bed and she released the leash and switches hands pulling it from behind me.

"Don't do anything until I tell you OK slave." I nod my head in agreement. She gently guides my head towards her. I lean in smelling her perfume and can't wait. Her legs are to either side of me and she is laying on the bed. I slowly follow her direction. I wish she was quicker , she is going so slow to tease me. Then inches from my destination she stops.

"Now we're going to play a game. When I pull on your leash you start...." She lets out a little giggle. "This is going to be fun. Now when we start I like to start fast. I want you to open you mouth and kiss her completely. Get every inch in your mouth. So you have to open wide." She lets out a muffled giggle and says, "ready..."

I am so excited I could cry. I can't wait to kiss her... she pulls the leash and grabs the back of my head with one of her hands. I open my mouth as wide as possible and dive in to quench my thirst. I move about two inches and something is jammed into my mouth. I struggle to pull back and she holds me for a second but my tongue is to quick. I push away in astonishment. She is laughing and pulls my blind fold off. I see her holding her vibrator in her hand.

"Now is this what you were looking for." I am stunned. I have not seen her toy and I didn't expect her to put it into my mouth. She quickly stops laughing and pulls the vibrator away. She shows a look of fake sorrow, "I'm sorry slave. I thought you knew. You can't kiss me until you pleasure me first." She then pulls me closer and puts her legs on each of my shoulders. "Unless you don't wana pleasure me.." she says with a slight frown on her face. I can see her Mrs. happy for the first time. Oh yes I do want to pleasure her. More than anything.

"YES sweet owner. Of coarse I do." I try to lean forward to get a kiss. She pushes my head back a little. Then she leans closer to talk to me and pulls my leash until the pain begins. "We play by my rules." And she tugs one good time on the leash and then releases the tension.

"Well I guess since you didn't like my toy I'll do it..." She picks up the vibrator and kisses it. She is playing with it like she does with my Mr. happy. She looks right into my eyes watching me pant as she teases me with her great skill.

"Now you be good and stay still." She moves toward me with her legs wide open and throws my leash on the floor. She keeps the vibrator in her left hand and lays back on the bed. Slowly she pushes the tip in to her and slightly rotates her hand. With every push and pull she moves deeper and her hips begin to move and sway ever so slightly. I am inches from this and slowly lean in to get a better look but she gently pushes my head back.

"Now watch... hmmm..and see how I do it." She is giving out muffled moans and her legs squeeze on my shoulders a little. I am dying. I want to jump her right now. The excitement is over whelming. She is now taking more than half of it inside of her and I can hear the vibrating toy work its magic. She barely moves the vibrator, allowing its vibrations to please her. She begins to moan loader and her hips are rotating more quickly. Then she begins to calm down and her legs relax. She removes the toy and looks at me with fire burning in her eyes.


This story was split into 2 parts. Jump to any of the segments from here:
Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 2 parts for faster page loading.

Another top quality story by Defon.

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