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Jan Pt. IV
by The Glove

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Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 2 parts for faster page loading.

"Jeff truth or dare?"

"Dare" was his answer.

"I dare you to French kiss your sister."

Jeff got up, went to Diane, tilted her head back and lowered his lips to hers. She surprised me by opening her mouth before his lips touched hers. Jan and I watched as siblings tongues found each other. Diane put her arms around Jeff and pulled him close as their tongues intertwined.

Jan reached under the table and dug her fingernails into my thigh. They both were breathing a little faster as they broke the kiss.

"Jeff you did like that didn't you" asked Jan?

"Yes I did Mom" was his answer.

Diane won again.

"Jeff, truth or dare."


"I dare you to French kiss Mom."

"OK Mom"

"Sure, it's only a game."

Jeff went to his mother and lowered his mouth to hers. At first only their lips touched. Then Jan reached up to the back of his head, pulled his head toward her and slipped her tongue into his mouth. Jeff gasped and quickly his tongue went into her mouth. As they kissed Jeff's hand slipped down and cupped his mothers right tit. Jan let out a little moan.

They broke and Jan said "Dam Jeff were did you learn to kiss like that."

"Yea Jeff looks like Mom gave you a woody," said Diane.

The next hand Jeff won.

"Truth or dare Diane."

"What the hell, dare."

"I dare you to take off your dress."

Diane got up reached to bottom of her dress and lifted it straight over her head. I watched as she lifted her dress. First came a small white pair of bikini panties. Her stomach was flat as only teenagers can be. Next a transparent white bra. Her nipples could be clearly seen.

Jan's words "Oh my God your beautiful," were all our thoughts.

"Let's play on," said Diane as she sat back down.

Jan won the next hand.

"Johann, truth or dare."


"I dare you to take off your pants."

As I pulled my pants off, Jan was the only one who was not surprised. I do not wear underwear.

As my dick fell down Diane said, "Holly shit, now I know why you're fucking him."

Jan reached over and with her hand lifted my dick, "Yea I like it."
She leaned down and gave the head of my cock a little kiss. Diane's eyes went wide and Jeff's mouth fell open.

"Don't start something you can't finish," I said.
"We are not done yet," was her reply.

I had to sit down for my cock was starting to grow.
I won the next hand.

"Jan truth or dare."


"You may as well join me and Diane, I dare you to take your dress off."

"OK, just hope you guys can take it."

She got up, stepped back from the table. She swiveled her shoulders and hips as one then another button was undone. She exposed her very thin black see-through bra. Next came her black thong panties. The bottom of which disappeared into her crack. When she had the dress all undone she let it drop to the floor. She turned around, bent down, picking up her dress. She did it in slow motion making sure that we all were looking at her ass. When she straightened up her thong was hidden in her ass checks. I looked at Jeff; his hands were rubbing his crotch. Diane was licking her lips.

"Well, lets continue with the game," said Jan.

Jan won the next hand.

"Jeff, truth or dare."


"Would you like to have sex with your sister and I"?

"You dam right I do."

Jan then said "then why don't we stop this game and get on with it. You guys follow me to the spare bedroom."

Jan led and we followed her to the bedroom. She had prepared for this because that bedroom had nothing in it except three mats on the floor.

"Come join me," she said as she lay down.

I removed my shirt, socks, and lay next to her. She rolled over and we kissed. As our lips meet, I motioned to Jeff and Diane to join us. Diane kneeled next to her mother as Jeff removed all his clothes. He then kneeled on the other side of his mother. They both began to run their hands all around their mothers ass. They felt every inch of her ass.

As Jan felt their hands on her ass she pushed it up and stuck her tongue deeper into my mouth. Diane reached behind herself and unhooked her bra. She has small breasts and small nipples. She placed her hands under them and pushed them toward Jeff.

His mouth encircled one. The complete tit disappeared into his mouth. He sucked on it as she moaned and pinched her other nipple. When he moved to the other tit the nipple of the one he had just left was rock hard. As his mouth encircled the remaining tit she reached and grasped his cock. Her eyes closed as he sucked on her tit. She in turn started to move her hand up and down his cock.

I reached behind Jan and unhooked her bra. She pushed herself up and released the bra. As soon as her tits feel free two hungry mouths replaced the bra. Jeff and Diane each started suckling on a breast.

Jan sat back on her knees and pushed their heads closer to her tits. As she did that her ass checks closed around my cock. She squeezed her ass together trapping my dick between them. She clinched and unclenched her ass making my dick feel like somebody was chewing on it. The son and daughter stopped sucking on her tits and started to lick her nipples. Jan's head was back, eyes closed, mouth wide open as she moaned.

"Oh fuck."

Jan reached down and with one hand grasped Jeff's cock and the other went to Diane's cunt. She commenced to jerk the cock and finger fuck the pussy. Jeff placed his right hand over his mother's and helped her to jerk him off. Diane covered her mother's hand with her own to help her move her finger in and out of her cunt. With their other hands they massaged her breasts, pinching and kneading her nipples. Diane and Jeff moved their mouths to each other and commenced to suck on each other's tongue. Soon their Mothers mouth joined them in a three-way tongue kiss. Both Jeff and Diane's hips were moving in rhythm with their mother's hands. We all could hear the squishing sounds coming from Diane's pussy. Jan was sliding her ass crack up and down my dick in the same rhythm.

Diane was first to pull her tongue away to scream "I'm cumming Mom, fuck me faster."

Jan pushed two more fingers into her cunt and increased the speed that she moved them in and out. Diane threw her head back, let out a small scream, and with both her hands pushed her mother's fingers into her as far as they would go. She thrust her pussy against her mother's fingers and closed her knees to lock them in.

"Fuck, Fuck, Fuck," was all she said as she wet her mother's hand with her pussy juice.

In the middle of Diane's orgasm Jeff let out a long groan "I'm going to shot now."

Jan jerked his cock even harder. He thrust his hips forward and a stream of white juice shot out and hit his sister's stomach. Jan clenched her hand around his cock to stop him from shooting another load. She leaned down and placed the side of her head against my chest. She opened her mouth and aimed his cock at it.

"Fill your mothers mouth with cum."

She released her grip on his cock. His dick shot a load of thick white cum in the middle of her face. She adjusted her mouth and the next load of cum landed on her lips. She ran her tongue over her lips to capture it as another load of real thick white cum hit. Without hesitation she continued to lick it up.

As their orgasms subsided they sat back on their asses. Jan quickly stood up, pulled her thong down and kicked it off.

She squatted above my hips, grasped my cock and guided it to her cunt hole. As my cock made contact with her cunt lips she lowered herself down. She pushed her ass down till my cock was buried to its base. She placed her hands on my stomach. Using her hands as support she moved her cunt up and down my cock.

Diane and Jeff watched their mother in awe as she bounced up and down on my dick. Her tits flopping up and down with each thrust, her nipples large and puffy. I reached for them, pulling and pinching them to full arousal. Each time that she raised up from my cock it would shine more from her juices. Jan was wild, her head rolling from side to side, mouth wide open, eyes closed, and her nostrils flared.

She continued to yell over and over "fuck me, fuck me."

My cock grew larger and larger as I felt my cum start to work its way up. I pinched her nipples as hard as I could and plunged my cock deep within her. She jammed her cunt down as we both us started to cum. I shot load after load into her pussy. She wet my dick and balls with her cum.

"Fill my cunt you mother fucker," she yelled.

I filled her cunt with my white thick rich cum to the point were it started to squish out.

Jan rolled off me and on to her back. She reached behind her knees, spread them, and pulled them high. Her pussy was wide open. A mix of her and my juices slowly oozing out.

"Somebody suck my pussy," she screamed with urgency.

In a flash Diane buried her face in her mothers crotch. She opened her mouth wide enough to cover the complete cunt. Her tongue slurped the cum from her mothers cunt. Diane forced her tongue deeper into the cunt to get all the cum out. Jan wiggled her ass in an attempt to get more of her daughter's tongue. Jan rolled back till her toes were touching the floor behind her head, legs wide apart. This made it easier for Diane to stick her tongue deeper into her mother's cunt.

"Suck my clit," she demanded.

Diane moved her mouth to her clit and sucked it into her mouth. Her mother moaned loudly and sucks her own tit and nipple. Jan bites her nipples, first one then the other. Diane has her clit between her teeth, alternating biting and licking it. Jan pushed her daughter's head away from her clit.

She screamed "You're making me cum honey."

A stream of cum shots from her pussy into Diane's face. Diane recovered fast and placed her open mouth above the squirting cunt. Her mother squirted her juices into her mouth three more times. Diane tried her best to swallow it all, but much of it ran down her chin.

Jan reached up and pulled her daughter on top of her. They lay pussy against pussy, tit against tit. Their heads moving side to side as each ones tongue licked the cum of the others face. Their lips meet and mouths open as tongues intertwine.

Jeff, with dick in hand, kneels behind his mother and sister. He spreads their legs apart. He shoves his dick into the bottom cunt first, his mother moans into her daughter's mouth. He strokes in and out five or six times. He then shoves his dick into the top pussy. His sister moans into her mother's mouth. He stroked into that cunt a few times. He alternated fucking each cunt. Jeff's cock is not as long as mine is, but it is wider. His cock is stretching each cunt to the fullest. Both of their cunt lips are rolling in and out with each thrust.

The sight of son fucking both his mother and sister got to me. I kneeled in front of the women. I lifted Diane's head, place my knees on either side of Jan's head, and position my ass right above her mouth. As the head of my cock press on Diane's lips her warm succulent mouth engulfs it. On the bottom, her mother sucks my balls into her mouth. Diane keeps the head of my cock in her mouth and runs her tongue all around it. Jan is sucks and rolls my balls around in her mouth.

Jeff drives his dick into their cunts I can feel them suck harder. Jan lets my balls fall from her mouth as her tongue darts its way to my asshole. I come up on my knees a little bid, giving her better entry to my hole. Using her hands she spreads my ass checks apart. Her tongue licks all around the hole. She then spears her tongue into my asshole. With that I grab Diane by the ears and ram my cock in and out of her mouth. When Jan spirals her tongue in my asshole I drive my cock deep into Diane's throat and shot a load of cum down it. I shot another load into her mouth. She tries to swallow it but it is too much and it leaks out of the corners of her mouth.

I fall backwards off of them.

Jan tenderly reaches for her daughter's head and pulls her mouth to hers. They share my cum between them.

Jeff continues to alternately fuck his sister and mother. Jeff is working extremely hard attempting to gratify both. Mother and daughter break their kiss.

Jan whispered to her daughter "get on your hands and knees."

Diane rocked back and gets on all fours. Jeff did not lose a stroke. He has his cock deeply buried in his sister's cunt. Jan slides out from under her daughter. I have never seen her so aroused. Her nipples were large and a deep brown color. Her eyes have a mist over look. Her pussy lips are damp and full. I can see her clit standing and raw looking. She is one horny woman.

She turns her body around and slides under her daughter headfirst. When her face is directly under her daughter's pussy she stops.

Jan reaches up and starts playing with her son's balls. She swallows them in her mouth. She sucks on them and rotates them in her mouth. With her hand she manipulates her daughters clit. Both daughter and son groan as she continues to suck and manipulate them. She removes her mouth and starts to lick Jeff's cock as it slides in and out. She used her tongue to flick the tip of her daughter's clit. Diane wiggled her ass whenever the tongue touched her. This ground Jeff's cock deeper in her cunt.

Jan takes Jeff's cock out of her daughter's cunt. She places the head of it against her asshole.

"No its too big, I have never been fucked in the ass," she screams.
"Put it in slow and be gentle honey," mother utters to son.
"OK mom."
"Honey once it's in you will love it as much as I do," mother utters.

With his mother's help, bit by bit the cock enters her asshole.

When half of it is in, mother asks, " how does it feel now"?
"It's so fucking tight, I cant hold out too long," Jeff replies.
"I'm getting to like it," says Diane.

She begins to push her ass backwards.

"Honey, hold still, let her fuck you till she is ready."

After saying that Jan places her mouth over her daughter's cunt.

"Oh yea mommy, eat me."

Jan slides her tongue deep inside and slurps away. Diane moves her ass taking more of the cock up her ass.

"I'm ready, fuck my ass."

No more encouragement is needed. Jeff plunges his cock in and out of her ass. Jan moves her mouth from cunt to clit. Using her teeth she skims them across the clit.

"Fuck me harder, shove that fuck'n dick up my ass."

Jeff digs his hands into her ass cheeks and bangs it in and out. Diane drops her head so that her mouth covers her mother's cunt and licks her.

"Ohhhhhhh suck me honey."

As Jan said that, she plants three fingers into Diane's cunt.

"Ohhhhhhhhhhh yeah."

With her other hand Jan sticks two fingers up her own asshole.

As I watch the family fucking and sucking my cock gets hard again. I move behind Jan. Sitting on my ass I positioned myself so that my cock is even with her asshole. I pull Jan's fingers out of her asshole and replaced them with my cock head. It goes in without any resistance. Her cunt juices are running freely covering her ass. In this position I can only get half of my cock into her but I fuck it nonetheless.

When Diane realized that I was fucking her mom's asshole, she put her mouth to the side of my cock, and started to suck and lick it. Jan did the same for her son's cock.

Jeff who has been fucking longer then I bellowed "I'm cummmming."
"Fill her ass full of cum," said Jan.

He pulled Diane's ass back and at the same time plunged forward, sending his cock deep within her bowels. She screamed as an orgasm hit her at the same time. Jeff shot a few more loads of cum into her. On the second one she was in such a state of ecstasy that she sank her teeth into her mothers thigh.

Diane and Jeff fell off to the side, Jeff's cock still buried in his sister's tight asshole.

Once they were off, Jan rolled over to her knees. With her head on the mat she reached behind and spread her ass cheeks wide. On my feet I bend over her ass and rammed by cock into her asshole. I buried it in her ass to the base.

"Ram it in, fuck the shit out of me," she shrieked.

I placed my hands on her back for balance. I fucked her like the bitch she was simulating. My hips drove my cock like a piston. In and out, in and out, in and out. I wanted to drive my cock all the way to her womb. She released her ass cheeks and drove four fingers into her cunt. Her fingers matched the same fast pace of my cock.

"Cock sucker fuck me harder," she shrieked.

My cock ballooned up. I lifted her ass of the ground as I shot load after load into her shit-hole.

As cum shot into her she pushed her entire hand up her cunt. I felt the pressure in her ass and shot another load into her. I pulled my cock out. Jan felt me pulling out of her ass and she swiftly pulled her hand out of her cunt.

"OHHHHHHHHHHHH, Yeaaaaaaaaaaaa," she screamed as her cunt quivered and she sprayed her juices out.

We all collapsed in a mass of arms and legs. The room smelled like sex. We all were too tired to move. I think we all feel asleep.

When I woke up Jeff was still next to his sister. I put on my pants and shirt. As I walked into the living room I saw Jan sitting on a chair. She was still nude. She looked at me smiled.

"I enjoyed that very much.' I hope you won't think bad of me but for the last few years I have wanted to fuck my son and eat my daughter."
"You know me and my philosophy, if it feels good do it. In fact I will be more then happy to join you anytime."
"Thank you and I hope this will not be the last time the four of us get together."

Jan got up hugged me and we kissed.
She whispered in my ear "I love you."

To be continued...

This story was split into 2 parts. Jump to any of the segments from here:
Note: This story was originally submitted as one long story
and it was only broken into 2 parts for faster page loading.

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